Gareth Emery - Reckless Lyrics

Pulling away, pulling away, pulling the truth out of me
Watch it unravel, coming apart at the seams
You've seen darkness and rain, heartache and pain
Nothing but memories left
You're the only mistake that I know I will never forget

I held on to your heart, and I played my part
Knowing you couldn't let go
I crushed it to sands in the palm of my hand
If only you'd just get them oh

Why did you trust me, oh
It's something so precious
Oh, why did you love me, oh
I'm sorry I'm reckless
Why did you?
Why did you?

All these things that I've done, the battles I've won
They've taken the fight out of me
A twist of the knife, now I'm just watching you bleed

You knew from the start this could tear you apart
If only you'd just let me be
You said we could be better but I know it's better for me

Why did you trust me, oh
It's something so precious
Oh, why did you love me, oh
I'm sorry I'm reckless
Why did you?

Why did you trust me, oh
It's something so precious
Oh, why did you love me, oh
I'm sorry I'm reckless
Why did you?

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Gareth Emery Reckless Comments
  1. Manuel Alarcon

    I've a questions. Why the people never give a like?

  2. Bill Sanders

    Here is a song where the man trusts his girlfriend with his feelings of love, she can't handle it, and then she blames him for trusting her. Lesson: Never be vulnerable with a woman. You can't trust these hoes.

  3. Viviane Polizzi


  4. Ian D

    Came here to fond a completely different EDM track and found this instead. Not even mad

  5. erik petrian


  6. Justin

    610 dislikes ?!?! what video were they watching.

  7. Mr B

    Brilliant !

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  9. Huqe

    It's April 4 in the calendar. That's my birthday!! :-)

  10. Ильдар Зайцев

    Amazing song, amazing voice. Stunning emotions causes the video.

  11. Violeta Zurdo Martin

    I love this song! It's something so precious.

  12. Herdi Rahadian

    Why this song is so underrated...

  13. ashique 543

    നിങ്ങൾ അന്വേഷിക്കുന്ന മലയാളം കമന്റ്

  14. こんにちはハンネ hirodesu-deep

    Cool Sounds!🎶🆒

  15. Jeanette S.

    3rd time seeing Gareth Dreamstate in 6 days my 4th time and can't wait love die and live with his set. Brings me to tears of beauty and wellbeing it's mad crazy.

  16. Hussein Jahangeer


  17. FalconXE302

    Love the song... Love the scenery... Love Gareth Emery... Love Wayward Daughter... Wow... this is simply the best... :-)

  18. 陳星宇

    After I hear the hard style version of this song , I come here

  19. mhm sur'an

    Indonesian citizens present

  20. Ojwang Bonn

    One of my favorite tunes of all time

  21. Joyce A

    I love this ❤️ song for a use to be friend. Jason Sincerely Joyce A-deg-bo-ye-ga

  22. Ed Tizzy

    Where was the Video recorded? Island?

  23. Davey Dude

    Stunning tune ❤️❤️

  24. Castle vania

    where is this recorded? the US? beutiful nature.

  25. Георгий Иванов

    В России так не умеют петь . Только воровать и убивать . Mordor

  26. Cristian R.


  27. daniel leggio

    It's not progressive trance
    It's progressive house

  28. Ondřej Milde


  29. Yadira Jimenez

    Why did I just find this song??? This song is trance but breaks me at the same time. I wanted to cry when I first heard it this morning and it’s been on repeat😭

  30. Audio Songs


  31. DJ Trevi

    Why is it that every song Emery releases is a classic. These songs never get old.

  32. enchante22222

    i would definitely advise the Ian Standerwick remix

  33. Bobby Otay


  34. Angel Roman

    SiLy ❤

  35. laura martinez cortes

    F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.O Gareth Emery feat. Wayward Daughter - Reckless 🌹

  36. MrMatthiasson

    iceland nature

  37. Canyousay Itsjustaname

    Good music. But there is an annoying whine in this version, as well as the original album video. That whine does not exist in remixes or the unplugged version.

  38. Shaimaa11 Sabry

    اي يا شيماء انا زياد انا اخوكي حلوة الصورا لي انتي حطاها

  39. Diēs aut Noctēs

    fell in love with this song on dreamstate europe yesterday, beautiful

  40. WO0 yEAHHH

    shes fucking cute

  41. Mick Hawkins

    Still love this track


    I love this theme. Amazing!

  43. Dj Tyger Bezz

  44. Alef Correia

    Este dj e top


    Magic song big liked ❤👍

  46. Vlad Isaev

    4 April 2019
    Still nice to listen

    Ludovic Zablot

    Me always here ! :-)

    Ludovic Zablot

    Me always here ! :-)


    Never been far away from here...

  47. James S

    ewww terrible singer


    dude wtf

  48. Jéderson Marques

    Aaaaa😍 como eu amo essa música❤

  49. Kelvin Flint

    Dont know why this track slipped me by. But it did
    Until today. Excellent sound

  50. Marlon Chavez

    Buenísima febrero 2019

  51. Альберт Латыпов

    Прекрасная эмоциональная песня ! Сильно !!

  52. Cristina Polo Serna

    I LOVE😁😁😁😁

  53. Javier Cristobal


  54. Hh Kk

    I love your down physical body

  55. BennyB5555

    Amazing videography!

  56. Rogerio Martins

    Simplesmente uma das melhores de todos os tempos.

  57. Chris Elliott

    I feel like this would have been a great choice for Horizon Pulse in Forza

  58. Lukasz Minge

    !!!!!!!!!!!!MISTRZOSTWO ŚWIATA!!!!!!!!!!

  59. rogar61

    What kind of D Bag thumbs down this song???

  60. Chronokun

    oh look, it's NZ, neat.

  61. Timeto Tv

    Why this song have just 2MI views? omg, I'm brazilian and I loved this song, awesome.

  62. César Vargas Espinoza

    what is the woman singer called?

  63. Piter Pamin

    Perfect. Brawo

  64. jairo tm exton

    Gareth más canciones similares!!! Eres un crack, tu estilo es único... Sigue adelante!!

  65. Steve P1

    Goosebumps everytime. Amazing, amazing, track.

  66. Jordan

    Cool didn't know this song had a music video

  67. Nio Antonio

    like it , beautiful music with nice song !

  68. Xiaomi Baru


  69. Tim Vanpol

    That voice whauw
    I like this song so much

  70. Froggy Mitch

    My first time watching this video... 😥

  71. Tan Tran

    Goodness the feels from this track.....always get me

  72. Soco Arenas

    Gareth Emery a the best song of my life. I like I like 💕👍👍

  73. Tomasz Wrutniak

    I'm so envious over all the places you see.. I don't even know where they are.

  74. Muhammad Alfani


  75. Lang Soth

    guys is that new zealand?

  76. Axalate

    Such a powerful drop

  77. luis silva

    linda melodia

  78. GordonGEICO

    I hear this song all the time on Energy 95.7-HD2 in Houston. I didn't know it was over 2 years old already.

  79. Novella 1899 EDM Tshirt Custom

    Why Did you ...

  80. Tamy Juhl

    LOVE this song!! thank you :) 🌹❤️🎶

  81. Andy Pham

    Kudos, creator of EDM!

  82. Meditation With Christopher

    Hi I'm trying to make a video of me dancing to a remixed version of this song, however facebook keeps muting the song on me! May I please have permission to use it?

  83. Samuel Rozehnal

    Love it.

  84. Mati Mali

    Topp Track by Emery

  85. Roy Kassey

    My Country 👍

  86. Santiago Ramirez

    me encantaaa

  87. Daniel Tieff

    Why is every Gareth Emery song like, so freaking amazing?!?!?!?!!!

  88. luis silva

    I love this Song

  89. Dmitry


  90. 漢森愛吃糖


  91. GLoBaL VaMPiRe

    one of the best trance djs :)

  92. Smiley Bsq

    Love this song 2018 ❤ !!

  93. Dan Hibbert

    love the voice in this tune banging belter :P

  94. Etius Wenda

    Wow, this is amazing.

  95. Ataka Reginov

    you like charlie on the beyond west series