Gareth Emery - Lionheart Lyrics

I'm bent but not broken, the edges frayed
We drift out of focus, our separate ways
I see a way out and I call your name

I want us to be brave
Swim under the waves
Dance around volcanoes
And give all that it takes
Oh I am not afraid
There's no room for fear
In my lionheart

My lionheart
Will light up in the dark
My lionheart

My lionheart

My lionheart
Will light up in the dark
My lionheart

My lionheart
Will light up in the dark
My lionheart

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Gareth Emery Lionheart Comments
  1. Ikhwan Yusuf

    When you realized that Far From Home, Lionheart, and Saving Light were all having the same drop beats.

  2. Sergio Gau

    Amazing sound

  3. Velociraver

    -->--<-- these easy purchase links make my life so much easier and I don't feel like they've gotten enough love XD Thanks for making it easy to buy this great track as soon as I heard it! (It's unbelievably difficult sometimes!!)

  4. Mali Uliel

    How come this is not on asot top 50?!?!?!

  5. Atul Shah

    Love it

  6. Carlos German Ramos


    Anthony Mitchell

    Good jam

  7. Mali Uliel

    How come this is not on Asot top 50 ??? Oh yess because Armin took half of the places🤔

  8. Italogirl1000

    Super relaxing music that makes me happy! x

  9. laura martinez cortes

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge feat. PollyAnna - Lionheart 🌹

  10. Marcin Wojewoda

    one and only!! no remixezzzz!!!!

  11. Terry anampa sarmiento

    nose como llegue aqui.. pero me agrada este lugar XD

  12. Dj Haji

    Lol best

  13. Rocco Califano

    Gareth number one👍

  14. Rodrigo Zeetter

    !!!Show esse som!!!

  15. Anthony Mitchell

    This song is so awesome

  16. wpd1981


  17. Maikon Aparecido De Paula Araujo


  18. الذيب الذييبf16 wolFff888


  19. Gokul. 8075824208

    Supper song

  20. Vladimír Petija

    Im not a fan of the vocals - no offence - the dub mix would be great.

  21. Hasin Mesbah

    Gareth the new rising star.

  22. يوسف الهلالي


  23. sam krsamai

    Love you Emery & Wallbridge ❤👏👍

  24. Sylwia Z_D_R

    Great piece, I love it, best for Relax 🧡

  25. Petter

    the vocals on this one is sick. Such a nice voice.

  26. Milky Pod

    Special tnx to AVB without asot i wouldnt know about Gareth

  27. Harderstylez

    my li~on heart!

  28. ronihak1

    As always, great song!

  29. josé paulo gaspar aranha

    Fantástico! Trance vocal progressivo!

  30. Andriy

    I'm bent but not broken, the edge is frayed
    We drift out of focus, our separate ways
    I see you way out and I call your name
    I want us to be brave, swim under the ways
    Dance around volcanes give all that it takes
    Oh I am not afraid, there's no place for fear
    In my lionheart
    My lionheart will light up in the dark
    My lionheart
    My lionheart will light up in the dark
    My lionheart
    In my lionheart
    My lionheart will light up in the dark
    My lionheart
    My lionheart will light up in the dark
    My lionheart

  31. JuanMa González

    Genial , muy inspiradora , "there's no room for fear"

  32. Sultan Of swing

    2:09 here u can feel ashley wallbridge rythm

  33. Diogo Reis

    Tune of the year for me!!!!

  34. Nijas kk

    Osm songs .. Super👌👌👌

  35. Ravenchant

    Chord progression is a bit similar to Saving Light imo. But it sounds good otherwise.

  36. Brandon Lee Wright

    Eagle Heart

  37. Brandon Lee Wright

    Aka Phoenix Angel Emperor

  38. Brandon Lee Wright

    The Eagle King

  39. Brandon Lee Wright


  40. Connaire Cummins

    Watta fucking tune

  41. Glory HP

    My idol gareth emery forever love

  42. Thanya Thanya

    listening from Thailand❤❤❤

  43. Under Star

    Difficult to find music like this nowadays, please don't change , I love youuuuuuuuuu

  44. Dido William

    After lisining this track i wanna say ...
    GAME ON 💕💕💕💕

  45. Risky Thene

    that dislike is robot, not human

  46. Andrea Avi


  47. Yusuf Paiman

    Your songs are sooooooooooo fucking awesome!!!

  48. AZRAEL Pink

    Absolutely one of the best in trance. I wish I was going to see you on NY on the 31st

  49. L H

    Torquay 1998 great memories dancing !!!

  50. Adabud

    \🦁/❤️ My Lionheart Loves this tune!

  51. Jacob Dalí

    Esta canción tiene algo que me anima y me impulsa a hacerle frente a las adversidades de la vida.

  52. Suresh Steven


  53. Stark ́s ef

    Perfect ✌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼✌🏼

  54. Gabriel Roldán

    Hermoso tema! <3

  55. Jessica Belcher

    YAAAASSSS!!!! Beautiful!!

  56. Michael Simpkins

    Great Track Gareth

  57. Olhos Famintos


  58. Fher Gmz

    Wow!!! What is the name of the album??

  59. dawid rebisz

    Absolute fucking 🔥🔥🔥 track!!

  60. Znerol Uchiha

    Is beautiful

  61. Michele De Cinti

    Wonderful !!! Can't resist to this❤

  62. tyron 85 miller

    Omg been trying to find this song!!! So fucking amazing

  63. Sylwia Kramarz

    Jest Polska?

  64. Andres Garcia

    Me pregunto cuantos latinos amantes de la música 🎶 electrónica, pasaron por aquí

  65. john63249

    so this...

  66. WHY?

    tune of the year 2019 so far

  67. Jennifer Hauler

    Perfect work out song!

  68. R J

    ASOT 2019 Tune of the Year!

    Lars Jonny Eliassen

    You by Above & Beyond


    SO sad... It wasn't in TOP 50, but the song will be in Yearmix.

  69. Łukasz Gołuszka

    Perfect song!!!


    Thumps up for Gareth Emery and Ashley wallbridge

  71. Aung Plater


  72. Kalan Lindy

    Music Save My Life❤

  73. Kalan Lindy

    WTF, Why Dislike?

  74. Katarzyna Szulc


  75. Jesper Pedersen

    Gareth 4 president !

  76. Tero Ronkko

    Oh f*** that is good. Thanks!

  77. Andy 213

    Those 81 people confused disliked button with 'dis i like'

  78. Alex Tkachuk

    Absolutely Lionheart

  79. Candelaria Fernandes

    Trance is my life

  80. trancefamcanada

    Tune of the year for me so far. The visual is powerful as well and suits the song. This tune has so much heart--and it's getting me through the school year. ♥

  81. alvaro conceicao

    This is music...this is lifeeeeeee...amazing

  82. Rolan Gayen

    0:07-0:14 massive 🔥🔥🔥😎🤓😇🤗😙😚😘🤘👆✌👌👍👏👏👏❤💓💖💗💙💚💛💜💣💥🎵🎶🎹🎛🎧

  83. Fazakstudios

    Can only say "Wow!" what an incredible track! How can people do thumbs down? I love this!

  84. Al Liu

    amazing song

  85. caramelised fingers

    came here because it was on solstice's ig story. loves it :D


    Uplifting Fell The Trance 🔥🔥

  87. Rafael Lima

    69 disliked? Why???

  88. gameking008

    My goodness Gareth is so talented

  89. vallon vmh3cs

    Can't wait to see these guys in Cardiff.

  90. Silas Santana

    excelente som :)

  91. Gunstrike

    cant wait to hear this live at time nightclub!

  92. Bevan Dong




  94. Dariusz Skwarek

    This is the best songs Gareth :)

  95. Hitcher

    Pure gold...takes me back to the late 90’s almost...Gareth and ashley this is a masterpiece!