Gareth Emery - Hands Lyrics

Hot wind blows as the night is born and the dark feels so safe
My body yearns for that need to start cause it's too hard to wait
We're going out tonight with something to prove
Take to the streets and let our demons loose

Your body moves to the boom, boom, boom
Heart pounds from across the room
No more secrets, no more lies
Blood moon rises, fire out the sky

Put your hands on me
Put your trust in me

Red moon glows and my soul is torn, let the stars seal our fate
But bodies fear that this war will end, can't live without the ache
You're reaching out across this madness for truth
Break from these chains and make my kingdom new

Put your hands on me
Put your trust in me

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Gareth Emery Hands Comments
  1. Kan Row

    CLOSE you eyes... 3:26... Fly!!

  2. HiddeHiddo

    Still very good❤️

  3. BadApple

    I'm a big fan of Gareth's work, but personally i don't like that... Matt Fax really did justice to that track and his remix is one of the best tracks i ever heard... just amazing

  4. iTRJamesEG6

    2019 stillcbumping

  5. Christian Wiegand

    We need more Songs of London thor😊

  6. Dic Broud

    😭 I want to find her 😥😢😭

  7. crueldated

    the fact that i was looking for 'thor' from marvel and found this masterpiece.

  8. Josh Cowley

    Just discovered this song. It's so good. Pretty surprising more people don't know about it! Keep up the amazing music!

  9. William Quinn

    Wow this is the best song I've ever heard!! This is so beautiful so heart felt so passionate its truly amazing and should be popular!

  10. Go69

    All hands were in the air when Gareth played this in Houston! What a fantastic fucking track!!!! Such energy. Such pure unadulterated love... I want MORE!!!!

  11. Ismael Valdez

    Hermosa cancion, sublimeee!

  12. Alexander1996

    ! Spent all summer listening to it!

  13. Jairo Tito

    London 😍

  14. Trance Light

    Beautiful voice!

  15. Christopher Rössler

    London Thor a voice like an angel <3

  16. Naman Anand

    They Call it Wizard....I Call It Gareth Emery..!!!

  17. Damn ! who cares

    Likes upon dislikes tells u the actual story about how much this song is...

  18. PINK

    Why do I blame myself for what I didn't do wrong?

  19. 쇠돌

    lyrics plz ~~~

  20. PINK

    I listen to this song to aid myself from depression.

  21. Jeremy Waters Enterprises

    I want some good pussy right now! Love it.

  22. ABM W

    Great music

  23. ABM W

    Trance 4ever

  24. Ubuntuu !

    Beautiful vocal!

  25. Jayden Boo

    Phenomenal. This is the way I feel about my future lover. The passion, the trust, the commitment. I love this song so much. 💕

  26. mauag01

    La mejor cancion del mundo sin mamadas!

  27. Henry .LT

    Congrats to me for finding another song to perfectly fit my OTP !!!!

  28. Demis Rose

    love this song. 😘😘😍😍

  29. GeneralHappyDeath

    The drop is absolutely astonishing! Like if you agree! :)

  30. Bal Krishna Jha

    obsessed with this song

  31. Matina

    So underrated music :( This needs to go more viral!

  32. JustASparkleInTheSky

    Thank you Pandora and find the difference (you probably won't)

    Captain Boromir

    Ifmy counting is correct it's number 63

  33. Ali Bakr Yousif

    I love this song ❤❤❤

  34. D C

    It Gives Me GOOOOoooSe BuMpS EvEry Time WheN She Say BooM BooM :)

  35. Ryan R McVey

    Gareth emery and his channel CLASS !!!!! long way home :)

  36. Rayana Dwimantara


  37. Nour Dalati

    just wow ...

  38. Brian M.

    Amazing track

  39. Aditiya Ramadhan

    Can't stop listening this everyday -.-

  40. Shadow Hazard

    Swear to god i thought it was Taylor Swift singing this.....

    Prithvi kumar

    +Shadow Hazard Even i thought so Lol......

  41. Δna María

    This song is too much T.T


    me enchinas la piel Emery, la rompiste con este track

  43. Reza Ilham


  44. Iqbal Zain

    Your body moves to the BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

  45. King Owl

    Totti 10

  46. rezastro

    Hard wind blows as the night is born And the dark feels so, safe
    My body urge for that beat to start Cause it’s too hard to wait
    We’re going out tonight With something to prove
    Take to the streets and let our demons loose
    Your body moves to the boom boom boom
    Heart pounds from across the room
    No more secrets, no more lies
    Blood moon rises, fire up the sky
    Put your hands, on, me
    Put your trust, in, me
    Put your hands up

    Red wind blows and my soul is torn Let the stars seal our fate
    My body fears that this war won’t end Can’t live without the ache
    I’m reaching out across This madness for truth
    Break from these chains And make my kingdom you
    Your body moves to the boom boom boom
    Heart pounds from across the room
    No more secrets, no more lies
    Blood moon rises, fire up the sky
    Put your hands, on, me
    Put your trust, in, me
    Put your hands up

    Balajied Sangma

    Thanks for the beautiful lyrics

  47. Marissa LeBlanc

    Love this!!! Would love a music video too:)

  48. victor eduardo murillo altamirano

    De las mejores 👏👏👏👏

  49. Danasaurus

    Hell yeah!

  50. Alex smith

    listen to this song with my dad all the time love it 😍😍😙😆😆😆

  51. Bushlem ㄣl

    vocals bomb asf

  52. jayesh pednekar

    ...another quality track..smooth.. easy

  53. RithySK

    Love it .... listening it every day

  54. Quang Truong


  55. Rajan Nanu

    Your body moves to the boom, boom, boom
    Heart pounds from across the room
    No more secrets, no more lies
    Blood moon rises, fire out the sky...... :) Tottally addicted..

    Clash With Martin

    Raj Tandel What Type Of music Is this

  56. thetruthhurts

    my girl turns to me and says I love the boom boom boom! we love the song thanks man.

  57. Alastor Official

    Happy to hear all this feedback, thanks guys ;)

    Alejandro F

    Alastor Official excelent work

  58. Azeckwazion

    Any recommendations for similar music? I can't stop crying... this music is ultimately perfect :'(

    Alex UnderBass

    +Alejandro Williams fuck it if its too old:-) still amazing song


    Spirals by Illenium

    Melodifying Skies

    Oh... I highly recommend and will utterly force you to listen to these songs.

    Gareth Emery - Lost
    Gareth Emery - We Were Young
    Tritonal & Juventa - Lost
    Husman - Atmosphere


    John O'callahan - Big Sky
    Armin van Buuren ft Sophi Ellis Bextor - Not Giving up on love
    Above & Beyond - Satellite
    Ferry Corsten - Made of love

    I love Vocal Trance

    Jacek Jabłoński

    Aurosonic & Frainbreeze and Katty Heath - All I Need (Progressive Mix)

  59. Alonso Mendoza

    I love it. It's a beautiful song<3

  60. Rudy Villa

    Oh my now this is an ear orgasm

  61. alex john

    JUST BEAUTIFUL. Its fantastic to hear this music

  62. jdanddpt

    I saw this live just after he released it. The whole club sang it. Kind of spectacular. Great tune! ♥

  63. Le Parfum

    holy crap!! this is not Trance

  64. श्रीkanth

    These melodies give me chills :')

  65. Francisco Reyes

    My god this this is amazing its transcendent

  66. brandnewsike

    Please don't play this shit at Dreamstate San Fran. We are expecting you to play TRANCE...

  67. Sara King Beauty

    LOVE THIS TRANCE! Saw this live and I can't stop listening to this!

  68. Ademir Huerta

    love her voice! awesome beat... puts you in a good mood.

  69. Kathryn Constantinides

    This is gorgeous

  70. Satrio Pribadi


  71. Joao Bacalhau

    Top 🙌 Just perfect!!!

  72. Dexylicious

    How is this song not popular?!
    Its so good!

    Julio Cesar Casillas Mena

    SI fuese popular, probablemente no nos agradaría tanto como ahora

    Jeremy Fischer

    If the world wasn't preccupied by stupid bolshit and tabloids of Kanye West and all these shitty artists, these gems would get alot more notoriety. I could see this being a top song even on American radio if fetty wapps black ass wasn't on every 5 minutes.

    angeline tanaka

    Dexylicious IKRR!!!

  73. Carlos Ivan Garcia Perez

    like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍☝☝☝☝☝☝

  74. italianknight78


  75. safraa wawa

    beautiful voice

  76. Nela Miller


  77. Milind Jajodia


  78. Elektrobank

    Loving it, and the vocal sound like Taylor Swift...

  79. Mohammed albaloushi

    Beautiful voice

  80. Bader Zer


  81. Kenuzah

    i love it so much
    GOOD JOBE ☺☺😚😚

  82. Денис Агеев

    качественный трек

  83. Dasher Origin

    Amaizing songggggggggggggggg love iiiiiiit !!!!

  84. Aleksander Vikdal

    Fucking brilliant! I heard it in the 6 hour vancouver mix and had to listen to this particular song a whole bunch of times.

  85. Vytautas Grašys

    oh god!!! it feels sooo goood!!!

  86. arif tamtomo


  87. youssef séfyu


  88. Jonathan Perdomo

    Me encanta el Trance de Gareth Emery, excelente Track...

  89. Cherno More

    Metropolis, Exposure, Mansion, Sanctuary, Fight the Sunrise, I Will Be The Same, Arrival, El Segundo, Concrete Angel, U, Citadel, Flash, Tokyo, Firebird, Long Way Home(The Best) and this one.
    All of these songs are amazing.

    Gareth, come back soon to Sofia(Yalta Club), Bucharest or Istanbul.

  90. Cherno More

    Definetly you are the best producer for me. Another perfect vocal track.
    This is the same Gareth Emery who i like to listen for years. You didn't change your own style for more money, which is perfect for us.

  91. Shivi Bhatia

    ur body moves to boom boom boom fucking awesome Gareth u killed it all

  92. Makoto Kanashiro

    Great music!