Gareth Emery - Fight The Sunrise Lyrics

A ladder of light
The stars are behind me
A place where the clock stands still
Each whisper you’re breathing will find me
And our hearts move at will.

Every step is pulling you closer
To the promise that led me here
Take our lives to the edge and over
To a place where we hardly feel.

To the end we’ll fight the sunrise
You’re the light inside of me
And I can see the world in your eyes
I’ve been waiting far too long
For a night like this

For a night like this

To the end we’ll fight the sunrise
You’re the light inside of me
And I can see the world in your eyes
I’ve been waiting far too long
For a night like this

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Gareth Emery Fight The Sunrise Comments
  1. андрей молодец


  2. Bodybuilder X

    anyone think this looks like tove lo's high. As in this was copied by tove lo

  3. Rajiv Sorna

    she is so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. The Racing Tipmaster

    She is so good looking and she knows it

  5. transparent soulster

    I wish i could turn back time.. really golden age of trance

  6. Hakan Özdemir

    Fanstasssstic song. I've got so many good memories with it. It feels sad remembering it though :(

  7. Cloutiers Red Alert Vids

    Best looking woman ever Lucy Saunders. Love her in this video. Absolute perfection!

  8. Otávio Henrique

    Perfect ❤️ Gareth Emery 4Ever😍😍😍



  10. Rahul Barman

    Heard this song yesterday on vh1. Truly amazing...

  11. Eziquiel De Jesus Silva

    Meu estilo musical favorito e assim ❤

  12. Jezus Maria

    Piece of shit...

  13. Solumn Judgement


  14. zinou early armindz

    as from 2003 -2013

  15. Subhadip Jana

    Listening in 2018 !!

  16. XZFreestyle CJ7

    Lucy Saunders es tan waoo.. hermosa... q su voz es tan suave y perfecta,,,

  17. Jeffrey Lyons

    I like this song.

  18. Skull T Album

    Wow 1 year ago I was listening to this masterpiece 10th grade year !! Now I'm in 11th grade so much memories !!


    Skull T Album are you kidding me its just a 1 year

  19. joh KaC

    Was he dating her back then or something?

  20. Luiz Tomé

    Eu amooooooo!!!!!!

  21. Salh Omer


  22. Yvan Houle

    The girls were nice at that time.

  23. wrecklesss

    This song is amazing. The music video fucking sucks though. Do people not have an imagination when making music videos for EDM?

  24. Daniel Ledezma

    me encanta la canción , no me canso de escucharla cuando vienen a stgo de Chile

  25. Alpay Bayraktar

    The years from 2008-2012 were miraculous for Trance. What a fantastic masterpiece this track is!

    mirna islamy

    Alpay Bayraktar esp in 2011


    2005, year of classics

    Tyler MacDonald

    totally agree, couldn't agree more

    Beltkiss Sanborn

    So true

  26. Marin Ro

    Cum sa nu asculti asa minunatie si in 2016 ?!?
    This is still a great song to listen!

  27. Gerard

    Back when Gareth had his own style...

    Patryk Cebula

    He still has

  28. Erick Chemiito

    Alguien sabe cómo se llama la chica del video? ??

    Alejandro Ochoa

    +Erick Chemiito  Lucy Saunders, es quien canta la canción. Tiene otras muy buenas. :)

    Erick Chemiito

    +Oscar Alejandro pasame las rolas bro para escucharlas

    Alejandro Ochoa

    Claro, dame un seg te mando

    Erick Chemiito

    +Oscar Alejandro sale carnal

  29. MzBra66

    another beautiful song <3 Gareth you are amazing :D

  30. Thong Inthavongsa

    Marry me lol

  31. EndlesslyDxH

    One of my fav tracks by Gareth Emery 😍 Lucy Saunder's voice is AMAZING!


    EndlesslyDxH what happened to her :( I can't find her

  32. Dulce Mota

    This song gives me the chills

  33. Arron Potts

    whoa! did Gareth just pass her by? seen him a couple times.

  34. Santos Elvis Benitez Medrano

    hola atodos mis amigos x aqui les mando un saludo desde aqui el salvador

  35. Robbie Aguilera

    Me encanta la voz de Lucy Saunders

  36. poveteya


  37. Mercury Cougar


  38. Preston Laney

    can honestly say that this might be my favorite song of all time.

    no other song has given me chills so many times listening to it

    I discovered this song in 2010. I went to a show of his and literally almost busted out in tears when this song came on.

    and now i am hearing it again 5 years later and I feel like crying again. 

    so fucking good

    Miles Pritchard

    Preston Laney try concrete angel

  39. DJ TERAS

    cool song VS whores :  1-0

  40. bob byo

    great video!!

  41. andrea rossi

    Great !

  42. Fernando Rosales

    lucy has a sexy voice

  43. Max Payne

    I <3 U Lucy Saunders.

  44. foxx mulder

    the best of the best of Gareth Emery !!!!!
    Lucy Saunders have an angel voice !!!!

  45. rebecamayorgamusic

    The video is funny, she is not even that famous!!

    James Garcia

    its not about being famous its about being original


    She's certainly hot though.... :-) 

    Skull T Album

    +luckylionheart you've got seriously problems shes flat asf that aint even her body

  46. Gabriel Cruz

    Old song but wonderfull.....

  47. gary moore

    great vid ;-)

  48. chkwadck

    Lucy has 2 clips when all are drunk =)

  49. Dj Mário Afonso

    Adicionado à playlist 2nd Week Playlist (My Electronic Party) Fase 3 - DJMA

  50. Mr. Frank


  51. Mr. Frank


  52. Ross McKinnon

    Such a shame Lucy is a spitter or I would have kept her for life!


    Ross McKinnon what's a spitter

  53. mrgoodf50

    this sexy lucy is so hot and beautiful 

    James Garcia

    my future wife :p


    @James Garcia She married already haha

  54. Euphemia Jaraine



    simplemente hermoso!

  56. Leex Le

    Gareth Emery feat. Bo Bruce - U

    Computer Controlled

    I prefer this one

    Leex Le

    Secret Q - Бит feat. Quest Pistols

  57. InjusticeHater

    Great track but for the video... fur sucks (as does leather). really necessary to use the skin of tortured animals for your videos, Gareth? :/


    Your opinion is not valued in any way here. So just shut up.

    John Howard

    What about all the tortured, shaved pussies around the world?! The world NEEDS fur!

    Addison Tharpe

    I see your point but that's how some humans are. They don't care about Gods creatures to make things for fashion.


    @John Howard I agree....put Bush back in power.......


    @Nestor Mojica I'm crazy?  I'm sure you're the type of person that would see humanity die or suffer just so we can preserve some lunatics feelings about how killing animals is wrong.

    I am the crazy one for wanting to feed and clothe humanity? Yea sorry pal you are far off the mark, take your ludicrous ideologies somewhere else, in the real world there is no place for them.

  58. JAYJAY4938

    the video sucks just saying

  59. kennneth kimani

    Gareth Emery is awesome

  60. Rajdeep Sinha

    I really enjoyed

  61. ODii


  62. arabveteran95

    Yeah awesome song. The video has a nice vibe but too 'porny'

  63. parasitius

    Favorite freaking song, and seeing the video for the first time it is so depressing - like wtf man, what is this

  64. Colichón

    0:45 dat boobs

  65. Dylan Bunten


  66. Андрей Владимирович

    клип отстой, не в тему и вообще хуй победишь. а вот музыка очень приличная.

  67. indew72

    Best version of Lucy Saunders in this vid

  68. 2Wicky

    the guy opens the door with a weird face?..

  69. Chuy Murataya

    For night like this :)

  70. Tamerlan Cabbarov

    awesome !!!

  71. thelazyman34

    Whos the girl in this vid?

  72. Fred nazaryan

    This pornhub has good music.

  73. Camilo Fernández

    OMG all ur songs are so fcking good.. gj dude!!

  74. Dj Machelo

    ℒℴѵℯ \o/ ℒucy Saundℯrs

  75. Avik

    Those boobbsssss :3

  76. Jose Guadalupe

    she is beautiful

  77. ahmed mahir

    Gareth Emery is one of a kind

  78. van hieu vu

    like track <3

  79. goldenwingk

    FaceBook: Vocal Trance Connections


  80. varun s

    shes so lovable ..i am in love with this girl now <3..any girl out there with same eyes and cute face <3 .. :)

  81. ToxikGalaxy

    lmao you and me both....

  82. taief miah

    Good song.

  83. Osaid Az

    so much sadness in her eyes ,,,

  84. SogKnight

    okay, Now I really pity the Men behind the Cameras :'(

  85. SogKnight

    Dat Rack!!!

  86. NorgelLegron

    This is how you make a music video, TITTIES!

  87. Craig Guy

    Garth Emery Videos tend to do that... ALL of them

  88. Sagnik Lahiri

    I could not focus on the beautiful melody of this tune. Not your fault, Gareth.

  89. Jordan Gomez

    out of all those woman in this video Lucy Saunders is the finest!

  90. Roman Ratskey

    ohh what a tits

  91. Boyan Zhelyazkov

    1:21 - Emery I spotted you :D

  92. turnoki

    I like this video from start to end, very glamourous and song is perfect

  93. Арсений Стефаненко

    I forgot to turn up the sound and overlooked it...

  94. Ahmad Zafar

    the video director should be given an award

  95. Marceli Paiva

    Why don't you haters stop fussing around and really listen to the music? It doesn't matter if the video is porn or not, this music is amazing! And of course... The extended version is better. I think it's as heaven like as every Gareth music. Gotta love it!

  96. Shin Soo-Hoon

    The music is good but her voice sounds flat and way too much edited for my taste... The video it's just weird..... o.o