Gardot, Melody - The Rain Lyrics

The rain the rain
Rain came down in sheets that night
And you and I stared out to the left and to the right
Rain came down in gusts seemed to laugh at us till daylight
The clouds the clouds
Clouds raced out across the autumn sky
And you and I fumbled for a way to say goodbye
Strangers weren't we scared to look into each other's eyes

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Gardot, Melody The Rain Comments
  1. Julz B

    She has more talent in her left pinky toe than I could ever hope to have.

  2. Ivana Pavlovic

    Love Melody, love rain...💧💙 this saxophone...

  3. jleritz

    I believe the fourth line of the song is: Rain came down in gusts, seemed to laugh at us

  4. Nancy E. M

    Those words are so so so...

  5. Stefano Munafò

    La pioggia è la forma esteriore della malinconia, scende dentro l'anima e l'irrora.
    La voce di Melody Gardot è il suono che evoca quel pianto.

  6. oscar armando pinochi

    Melody you're a delicate Melody. Keep on doing this way. I love your songs.

  7. monkeymungle

    March 2019

  8. Brian Chaboyer

    Grab Me..

  9. Brian Chaboyer

    Carried out

  10. caroline micheli

    Magnifique voix love it😘😘😘😘😘

  11. Kaisar Anvar

    I'm in tears....

  12. Tatia Kay


  13. angelmarrocco

    non 25 london southbank london 2018 see u there

  14. angelmarrocco

    in london Nov 25th

  15. Erzebet Tot Bagi

    The rain, the rain
    Rain came down in sheets that night
    And you and I stared out to the left and to the right
    Rain came down and cursed, seemed to laugh at us
    Still daylight
    The clouds, the clouds
    Clouds raced all across the autumn sky
    And you and I fumbled for a way to say goodbye
    Strangers weren't we
    Scared to look into each other's eyes?
    Strangers weren't we
    Scared to look into each other's eyes?

    Jackson Fever

    Rain came down in gusts seemed to laugh at us till daylight


    Rain came down in gusts*.... seemed to laugh at us till daylight*

  16. Pini Vardy

    Inspires me in the darkness nights

  17. caroline micheli

    J'adore quelle voix

  18. K29

    ... the rain... with which I'm travelling from years, without you...

  19. Alvin Esquilin

    She's got it...Gardot, where were you all these years?

  20. C C

    one the saddest, most beautiful songs ever written, ever sung ...

  21. Pino Lozano

    It's midnight in San Jose California...a very warm night. wishing I could hear the sound of the music brings warmth in my chest.

  22. David. Hackett

    I first heard her at a Starbucks in Denver. When I asked who it was and they told me I knew that I had to go buy it! Now I have all of hers. Her voice and lyrics are awesome! 👍

  23. Sarne Laurenzano

    this is so romantic its great.

  24. IzF Rose

    Ohh, you will be amazing with Chris Botti! I would go to your concert anytime. Just discovered this in 2017, my loss..

  25. cyriena22

    Nostalgic much.....her voice makes me feel, can't say


    great comment!!

  26. Lisa Marie

    Absolutely beautiful song and lyrics. I love the rain and its accompanied nostalgia and these words with gentle tone give it amazing justice. A fav of mine.

    Tina Davidson

    LMarieCarson, I totally agree. This song, " Love Me Like a River", and "Our Love is Easy" are a few of my favorites by her. Very soulful voice.

  27. pablo lautaro Garrido


  28. Paris Belle

    sultry... sexy voice. With beautiful inflections of depth.

  29. K29

    Deep and warm... Love that song and her charming voice ...

  30. Google Music Channel

    Melody Gardot - The Rain

  31. Souren Mozian

    this is how music should be...

  32. Tom danslalune

    Fabulous music... I love this voice, and the arangment

  33. Julian Castaño

    I would love to play it on piano, where can I get the sheet music please?

    Simon Kohli

    transcribe it

  34. Victor Formosa

    HI megranita. Cella simply can not appreciate a quality artiste like this. I think melody gardot is class.

  35. MrTWORAT


  36. Vassilya Muck

    amazed by jazz in general but melody really got this , i d marry her immediatly..


    Haha! join the queue!

  37. Phil DGX

    like the rain now . walk under the rain in Paris is romantic .

    J Wash

    @Philippe Dagneaux Lucky You!


    +Philippe Dagneaux oh you had rain two months ago in paris , that's nice :D ,paris is nice all year long

  38. Arthur Fleischman, J.Art.

    The first time I heard this song was at a hotel in Jönköping, Sweden. I stayed there for several days and before i left, I was lucky to find out the name of the artist, I first got the wrong one. Thank you for the muwsic, I love it. <3  I miss that breakfast in Jónköping

  39. Cutie Patootie

    i could see a film noir-esque MV for this

  40. Célia Salmon

    its shit


    +Célia Salmon why do u say that ?

  41. bernie flores

    good to know there is still amazing music out there.. I love this type of music & I'm so glad I discovered her.

    J Wash

    @bernie flores Me 2!

    Leonard Heanes

    bernie flores saw her about ten years ago on a British TV programme and been in love with her ever since.

  42. Teresa Afonso

    Wonderful voice, music,poem ...

  43. pattipie100

    She is really very good......

  44. Jim Lauder

    Wow, I just discovered this lady! I'm thrilled.


    MELODY GRDOT, tan fabulosaa como siempre en todas y cada una de sus interpretaciones.SENSACIONAL.

  46. Antonio Ciccarone

    I am so f'n in love with this woman.  Her talent is purely orgasmic!


    +Antonio Ciccarone her voice goes well with the blues

    Barbara Tolbert

    she sings my life

  47. GundamWing82

    Loving this song

  48. Алиса Колунова

    Melody is brilliant! This is my favouriet song.....

  49. Lytinweedle

    The Blues are alive and well :)

  50. ksena35

    Благодарю ... нежно и романтично....

  51. Swordfishstick

    Whenever you hear the stuff dominating the airways on the Radio, you are tempted to go into a "state of music today..." rant. Yet I've found that there are some great current musicians out there, it's only a matter of finding them; I'm delighted to have discovered Melody Gardot.

    Ron Olin

    I can't even listen to radio any more. I agree entirely about Melody Gardot. There are indeed many other talented artists of the present to discover- check out Beth Rowley and Lizz Wright- not to mention great ones from the past whom the current generation has not heard of. YouTube is a treasure. Too bad there just isn't enough time.


    NPR's probably the only station ever worth listening to.

    Michael Alderete

    Amen about the current state of radio in America, and about the miraculous Melody.

  52. NedsMissingTeeth

    Thank you : )

  53. DonnaD123

    First listen, brought me to

  54. Ana godoy


  55. joaquín galán

    Cada nota...cada la misma lluvia suave,acompasada...acariciando el asfalto en una noche de invierno sin caricias....

  56. SAFIR27


  57. June Lee

    Love it so much.. I could listen to this all day

  58. Fred Ramsey


    SVP, supprimer de votre page cette pub infecte bruyante de the voice(grattez et gagner),
    on peut pas l’arrêter et on peut pas écouter les vidéos sur votre page.merci

  59. mauricio pardo


  60. adélia silvestre


  61. Michael Brister

    Três horas de uma manhã chuvosa em São Francisco. Dirigindo para casa do trabalho.

  62. riquiolux

    Ohh my.....and i just cry... exquisite song, perfect !!!... thanks a lot Belle Melody♥

  63. SAFIR27

    Love voice,,,,

  64. Becky Moseby

    Does this remind anyone else of Billie Holiday's song Strange fruit?

  65. genine s

    This song always makes me think of a slim-legged dame in a slinky dress sitting in a piano bar, smoking a cigarette, waiting.

  66. Bianca Gubalke


  67. Keith Dozier

    Amazing !.. this is the junk !!

  68. hlaci

    I eat my hat! Fantastic!

  69. Alessandra Ugon

    ... I love her voice ... I could hear it for hours ... she is a very good artist ..
    Listen her soud

  70. Yolymar Poventud

    Beautiful video, marvelous song

  71. Monica Castilho

    wonderful song...

  72. LadyMeyesi

    simply splendid

  73. goldis21


  74. abhishek jha


  75. Jeffrey Bennett

    Her earthiness reminds me of Piaf.

  76. Wayfarer8

    Cigar, Single Malt Scotch whisky and this song... And you need nothing more during this moment. Great band! *applause*

  77. Natalie Danilishina

    nice video, it fits perfectly to this wonderful performance, thanks

  78. ljkw77

    Gorgeous......thank you.....

  79. Jintana Hansahiranvadee

    I am so glad that I have found your music. Very very good in all aspects. LOVE IT VERY MUCH! Thank you for sharing your love of music

  80. Jintana Hansahiranvadee

    I am so glad that I have found your music. Very very good in all aspects. LOVE IT VERY MUCH! Thank you for sharing your love of music

  81. mariadpinto

    Streets of Venice, someday I hope to get there... sultry...

  82. Dita Stonehenge

    This theme makes me feel homesick for those unforgettable rainy love nights from the past.

  83. Mood Indigo

    I am amaized that someone so young can be so talented .
    Girl with special voice and style

  84. agrippa9

    ah reminds me of Quebec City....... with it's French speaking population bistros and cafes a romantic city

  85. lbrj720

    @Inteligusclv so beautiful just makes me so emotional tears form love is all around incredible

  86. aainsomnia

    amazing voice,amazing songs she has,thank you for made my day and night....

  87. coodie indida

    Unbelievable! When I listen to this song. I just close my eyes and float around in a bubble!

  88. Lydia

    beautiful xxx

  89. PaulThePuppeteer


  90. Nicole Patreca

    thanks for posting seriously helped many people stay alive and happy. =) tyvm

  91. Nicholas Naclerio

    one of a kind. can be compared with any one who has gone before her.

  92. Babakool

    so incredibly wonderful.. she reminds me of Eva Cassidi , same gentleness and peace..a beautiful artist

  93. Jack Applegarth

    Soft and gentle as Summer rain , thank you for posting this.

  94. el_fantasma3

    besst song

  95. Liana Khutsiyan

    Beautiful photos and magical song !!!!!!!!

  96. stell gran

    Melody Gardot is gifted and spectacular!

  97. TCt83067695

    acquired taste!
    Its probably come to be my most frequently played song of the album.

  98. EarthPain

    For Pavlina!!!

  99. sheet96

    wonderful song... so sensitive and delicate...