Gardot, Melody - Les Etoiles Lyrics

Les étoiles les étoiles les étoiles
Dites-moi étoile, pourquoi je vous regarde?
Les étoiles les étoiles les étoiles
Dites-moi, étoile qui vous regardera?

Les étoiles les étoiles
Si seulement je savais
Dites moi étoile de qui obtenez-vous la lumière

Les étoiles les étoiles
Vous qui êtes belle dans les cieux
Dites-moi étoile, qui vous donnera l'amour?

The stars, the stars, shining up above
Tell me stars, who will give you love?
The stars, the stars, lights of white and blue
Tell me stars, why I look to you?

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Gardot, Melody Les Etoiles Comments
  1. Mia Jemima

    My mom literally calls this song Les toilet cause she can't pronounce it

  2. Alexandrovo Badovsky

    Can someone tell me what type of song this is? Like the genre or something, please it’s a very good song and I like these types of songs

  3. Shauntel A. Walters

    I heard this this movie in the song "Under the Starry Sky" It is so beautiful. I don't understand more than 2 percent French but I really love this song <3

  4. itzel cortez charrez

    Hermoso !!!

  5. Imy lily

    L'hymne à la beauté et à la sensualité 🌸💕

  6. Adam 3d


  7. Bertha-Alicia Garcia Murillo


  8. Adam 3d


  9. Martine La Marzina

    J'adore ! Mais où peut-on connaitre ses dates de scènes ? Amitiés musicales, Martine ("").

  10. celine lair

    French 💋so sexy language

  11. loudy loudy

    إِنَّ فِي خَلْقِ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ وَاخْتِلَافِ اللَّيْلِ وَالنَّهَارِ لَآيَاتٍ لِأُولِي الْأَلْبَابِ
    En vérité, dans la création des cieux et de la terre, et dans l'alternance de la nuit et du jour, il y a certes des signes pour les doués d'intelligence,
    الَّذِينَ يَذْكُرُونَ اللَّهَ قِيَامًا وَقُعُودًا وَعَلَىٰ جُنُوبِهِمْ وَيَتَفَكَّرُونَ فِي خَلْقِ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ رَبَّنَا مَا خَلَقْتَ هَٰذَا بَاطِلًا سُبْحَانَكَ فَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ
    qui, debout, assis, couchés sur leurs côtés, invoquent Allah et méditent sur la création des cieux et de la terre (disant): «Notre Seigneur! Tu n'as pas créé cela en vain. Gloire à Toi! Garde-nous du châtiment du Feu.
    Le saint Coran
    -Sura Aal-E-Imran, Ayah 190-191

  12. Karina Abreu

    Mds como vim parar aqui??

  13. Bruno Cirillo


  14. luRivaya

    Why not in Spain?? I can't heard it.

  15. Louise Bertaux

    Un peu Jazzy, mais bizarrement, cette chanson m'envoûte ! Bonne écoute

  16. Ines navy blue

    She is perfect !

  17. Nickolay Voronov

    Especially this "RRRap-pap-um-pap-um-titato"!! Love it.

    Christine Duval

    YES!!!!  EXACTLY.

    Bobby Morane

    You're true !

  18. chéné zabou

    joli scatt

  19. SanSan


  20. Tomas Nofziger

    Very beautiful. I love the song and your performance!

  21. polydipsiac

    She's always singing about stars or something.

  22. HunnaBills


  23. Ikechi

    Lazy twat

  24. Saiko


    Tomas Nofziger

    Vous souvenez-vous d'un chanteur de France qui ressemble à Fonzie (le Fonz) dans le film "Happy Days"? Parfois, ce type (cheveux noirs, veste en cuir noir) chantait avec une voix de fausset.

    Il a eu une vidéo merveilleuse que je ne trouve pas sur Youtube. Il a eu lieu dans la neige avec des étoiles tombées (petites). La chanson (je crois) était "Les Étoiles.".


    Tomas Nofziger pas un chanteur , mais l'acteur Belmondo ....c drole il a l'air de Mel Gibson aussi

    Tomas Nofziger

    Merci de m'avoir répondu! Le chanteur, dont je ne me souviens pas du nom, aurait peut-être 40 ans. Ou peut-être du milieu à la fin des années 30.

  25. 38051JY

    Lovely song.

  26. Didem Ceyhan


  27. Pc Konecki

    Super utworek ....lekki i przyjemny w sluchaniu .

  28. SuperYakhin

    de la TUERIE!

  29. Max Goof

    Heard this jawwn on NPR, TYBG. 

  30. artúr Neuschl

    The saxophonist sounds like Paul Desmond

    Dimitrije Mitic

    For some reason I've heard this song today for the first time. I did not recognize Melody Gardot's voice, but my impression was exactly the same as artur Neuschi's. Of course, I tried to find this song on the Net, using Paul Desmond as a keyword, without success. Finally I've found it, but this guy (Gary Foster, I did some research...) is playing a saxophone really lika PD! I am wondering how come that only artur Neuschi noticed that (123 comments, so far)?

  31. Danijela Cokic

    Good song

  32. James Lion

    Funny to think that I did an acapella versio of this. Wish I could sing as good as her though hear it here . If you Like it Download it I guess. Im just very versatile.


    you have a beautiful voice

    Tomas Nofziger

    Wow! Beautiful voice and rendition! Quite impressive.



  34. louisa Redouane

    une voix voix qui vous transporte ...

  35. MissAstrielle

    One of my favorite singers singing in my own language... Thank you Melody gardot <3

    Tomas Nofziger

    Vous souvenez-vous d'un chanteur de France qui ressemble à Fonzie (le Fonz) dans le film "Happy Days"? Parfois, ce type (cheveux noirs, veste en cuir noir) chantait dans une voix de fausset.

    Il avait une vidéo merveilleuse que je ne trouve pas sur Youtube. Il a eu lieu dans la neige avec des étoiles tombées (petites). La chanson (je crois) était "Les Étoiles".

  36. alex Renaissance

    qu'elle chante bien!!!!!

  37. Lame Rabbit

    On another childish note:
    "Jij bent echt een fucking domme tor."
    I think it's kinda sad you can only read one language when clearly your own wasn't written.

    O man i'm on fire, and this is not even my first language. Amsterdam bit.ches. I think i'm done commenting for at least sixteen years again.


  38. Lame Rabbit

    So you'll probably feel either angry or dizzy from truths that put you in your place. In the first case, you're a lost cause and probably will be impregnated by a boy that will cheat on you, or it will help you overcome the obstacle nature has bestowed on you by handing out such a puny brain, in wich case life will probably never reveal any significant thruths to you so you're okay with searching and striving for just any recognition from your peers.

  39. Lame Rabbit

    I'm starting to realize that you're most likely not even over 18 and not sure of anything you feel or think without it being confirmed and praised by your direct environment. Sorry for coming down on you so hard. But it's well deserved.

  40. Lame Rabbit

    and failing to self-respect yourself for constantly filtering every word with the limited database of words and knowledge you've got. So if your demeaning comment is coming from someone that interprets sounds as no particular language at all, but is simply thoughtless, why in godsname are you reading and commenting your petty thoughts.

  41. Lame Rabbit

    Finding this sad, just as in me finding you sad (because i'm utterly irritated that people can make such short-sighted and just plain stupid remarks without an ounce of self-doubt, making it clear that i'm plagued with self-doubt even though i try to observe human behaviour in an objective and rational matter), probably stems from your own confliction with honestly enjoying this song in a language you don't speak but wished you did

  42. Lame Rabbit

    So, the fact that she hears her own language is probably because this is the language her brain uses to communicate daily with other people, make sense of the world, self-reflect as a conscious being and exercise humour in a creative manner, so in that respect she's making perfect use of the means she's got.

  43. Lame Rabbit

    Dear xTwilightx246,
    your comment has forced me, after 16 years of using the internet, to share my opinion. That on its own is a sad, sad fact. For me. And obviously for you. I believe that it's quite sad to interpret a simple but effective joke(!) as sad. This lady probably speaks just as much, maybe less or even more french than you do. I mean look at her hair. It's just as humorous as her comment. And that's why she's grinning at my remark right now.

  44. Mme.Mundane

    I think its kinda sad that you can only hear one language when clearly your own isn't being spoken

  45. Claudia Moreno

    i have this CD and i luv it and her but this song does pretty much sound like lazy i couldn't stop laughing at the fact that im not the only one who listened to it this way.

    i know a bit childish but still too funny

  46. josé Garcia


  47. Jon Simmons


  48. jazzyjeth

    Big Melody Gardot fan

  49. janvier Samba

    pas mal pour une fin de matinée

  50. Ludos Faverus


  51. Jérôme GAYS

    Splendide !

  52. Khang Huynh

    So gooooood! Thanks 360 :)

  53. rogie750

    elle a tout pour elle, belle et belle voix aussi et a l'air humble quest ce que j'aimerais la rancontrer!!!

  54. TheAdrie92


    Bobby Morane

    Pas autant que toi !

  55. taipasboy

    Saber sua trajetória a torna mais admirável!De qualquer forma cantar em francês soa muito sensual.

  56. kots75

    Θαυμάσιο τραγούδι

  57. AramAzhari

    I listen to this song almost 10 times a day.

  58. celaeno

    I'm addict in this song and her smooth voice...


    enfin une qui ne braille pas


  60. Erwan Tanguy

    C'est le rêve de toutes personne qui aiment la VRAI musique; Seulement on vit dans une société de consommation donc il faut vendre. Seulement, ils oublient que plein d'artiste prospèrent, attirent les foules sans qu'ils aient à passer à la radio ou tv. EUX ils jouent avec leurs tripes.

  61. Elena Kar

    like it.. )

  62. lydyloolabellaloo

    "lazy twat, lazy twat..."

  63. Sharang Sharma

    le pop d'aujourd'hui est complètement incomparable à cette beauté dans la forme d'une chanson ici.. c'est encore inexpliqué pouquoi notre société refuse de l'entendre... peut-être c'est trop uncool pour quelques gens trop cool pour cela. je personnellement l'adorerai sur la radio quand je conduis vers travail le matin...

  64. Terefu Havelange

    Se laisser emporter dans un autre monde ..

  65. Erwan Tanguy

    Quelle voix! Pourquoi on l'entend jamais à la radio!

  66. michemenil menil


  67. nikki ng

    moi ki devait danser a cette chanson au ballet ARK

  68. Valentine Bo

    Jaime son accent :) et cette sublime musique

  69. showmasterd

    me too:((((

  70. kucam12

    i wish this song was at least one hour long. i just discovered her, and I can't stop listening to this song. I've tried others, but this one stole my heart. just wonderful.

  71. mikewhozit2013

    Such a good song, I'm actually transcribing the Alto solo for one of my Jazz classes.

  72. Jubru59

    Sublime musique de jazz chantée par une très belle femme, approuvez-vous ?

  73. colombe paula


  74. Minister Evil

    (Franglais:) Lazy toi, lazy toi

  75. malicie1

    @satyricon06 ah oui ? pour moi, c'est une petite poésie sans prétention qui m'emmène direct dans es étoiles . Elle les aurait chantées en anglais, ça ne t'aurais pas gêner .
    Un futur standart jazz.... parce que simple, et universel .

  76. arnver

    ensorcelé je suis par le bout de sa langue.

  77. tqudsi

    and by the way, its the first time that i respond or comment on a video or song...

  78. tqudsi

    very nice song and beautiful voice

  79. vincent giraud

    C'est la premiere fois que je ne peux pas me retenir de commenter une video... Je ne suis vraiment pas fan de ce style de musique mais je ne critiquerais ni sa voix, ni le coté instrumental, mais honnetement... y'a que Colonel reyel pour faire des paroles encore plus mauvaises que celles-là...


    Ma chanteuse de jazz contemporain préférée ... "My one and only thrill", c'est son meilleur album je trouve .

  81. smothjazzcafe

    jedna z lepszych "gwiazd "w tym czasie

  82. Callysto

    @zoubirT She's american =) but she does have a good accent ^^

  83. Shane Armstrong

    I wish I knew how to speak french so I can understand this beautiful song

  84. zoubirt zoubir

    she is not french she just speak in french ( she seem to have a little spanish accent), how ever she is talented, the stars! the stars!

  85. nnipple

    It's ok, I agree ;)

  86. Pti Bé

    @TheDarkSoul80 My bad .. fuck my english : She HAS a cute accent ...

  87. nnipple

    She *has... sorry ;)

  88. Pti Bé

    @polisherci I'm french and honestly she have an accent ...A cute accent, I love it

  89. polisherci

    how can she sing french so perfectly? I mean I'm not french, but she sounds fantastic to me:)

  90. bobcolacha


    Săltau perechi
    După un cântec
    Foarte vechi,
    O, foarte vechi!
    Mişcau cuminte
    (Un, doi, trei)
    Un genunchi
    Fără cârcei.

  91. bobcolacha

    @ratocade Caramba, parece que te gustó, Ratocade.

  92. wow1371

    3 people just simply don't have any soul!

  93. Chestnut Bowl

    @cooldudep I believe she's from Philly, PA, ot NJ, though.

  94. Pil Chun

    i love french women.

  95. quilbeuf julien

    cette version française qui suit mal
    j'aime pas !