Garbage - Sometimes Lyrics

Sometimes I'd rather take a beating
Sometimes I'd rather take a punch
I learn more when I am bleeding
You knock me down, but I get up

Sometimes I need to forgive you
Sometimes I want to destroy
Sometimes I know it was not your fault
But I blame you anyway

Sometimes I don't like to quarrel
Sometimes I feel too afraid
Sometimes I know I'm not meant to do it
I do it anyway

Sometimes I feel so jealous
Sometimes I feel insecure
Sometimes I feel like I vanished in thin air
Sometimes I feel I'm not here

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Garbage Sometimes Comments
  1. Ron Reitan

    Garbage meets Bjork (Homogenic era)

  2. Robbie Gonzalez

    I want to make an album how should it be ✔ done

  3. Sarit Hay

    I love you guys! I absolutely adore the music you make. Thank you for getting back together. Thank you!


    Very Depeche Mode like

  5. Francisco Arturo Moreno Perez

    Silent hill +Freddy krueger

  6. Paul Bellot

    A song about life and living. Sometimes life beats your ass. Sometimes it hurts, but you go on.

    Shirley Manson is the true definition of the word "artist".

    I have seen her live, I know.

  7. Francisco Verdu Tomas

    woooow !!! really cool sound

  8. Ivan Ospina

    Their best album in decades...crazy... Strange Little Birds is one of the best albums I've ever heard

  9. Ronald Pevahouse

    when I entered the Charlize numbers off my worn watches I made them match again like earlier then looped the 17:49s back to itself a bunch then spun frog box also I waited five minutes before I ran the first froze gshock then waited another five before running the second mounted gshock then spun frog box

  10. shawn eldridge

    😕 I did not even know that garbage was still around yet I thought they had broken up years ago + also I didn't even know that garbage had put out a cd back in 2016 either got to check it out. Hopefully it's good answer other music is.

  11. Remigiusz Knapik

    Harmony reminds me "Dinosaur" from King Crimson.

  12. Daniel Arturo Fajardo Jaramillo

    this is a NEW album, indeed

  13. Matt Drummond

    Butch Vig the genius

  14. mjakeli6

    I think this is one of the best newer songs they did... kind of Nine Inch Nails influence here, I guess... and the lyrics are so good

  15. The Psychic Economist

    Still good

  16. Zap

    What moron would dislike this?


    on tour with Blondie this summer

  18. Anthony Bannino

    too much nine inch nails ....

  19. icsweg

    Me encanta , brutal !!

  20. HM kid

    ha he has no subscribers

  21. BackgroundLake2

    This needs a video!!! Dark and complex.

  22. Bj La Rue

    Saw them in concert back in July, very baddddd asssss!

  23. Sharjeel Qureshi

    This song needs to be used in a movie trailer asap

    Innez Bizkitz

    Wailay Log amen to that mate

  24. Jen Black

    Thank you!!!! I've missed you GARBAGE!!!

  25. mary

    She's a queen. I hear a little Trent Reznor influence in this.

    Frank Seymour

    mary gent I was just thinking the same thing

    Renan Aguilar-Valenzuela

    She has sung in that manner in others songs....very understated....very Mrs. MAnson...

    Elisandro De Leon

    Didnt hear that till now. Nice

  26. Bee Man

    Nice to see so much garbage fans.i always liked this bands sound.mega sound

  27. Leo Rivas

    Hoy voy a verlos, arriba Guadalajara!!!

    Alpha Gama

    Jaime Rivas no pude verlos esa vez pero volveran para el coordenada.

    cave gabriel

    Leo Rivas y q tal estuvieron???

  28. Jengirl92

    Probably the neatest, darkest, most experimental song they've ever done.

    Pascal Brutal

    I still think *As Heaven Is Wide* is darker than this. In fact, the darkest one from Garbage's whole entire career.

  29. Wm. Shawn Weigel

    They did this live when I saw them at the Fillmore in Philly last month - they were one of the best live bands I have ever seen, she moved me to tears a few times. Sex is not the Enemy was incredible. But this was .... I mean. goddamn.

  30. The Psychic Economist

    I haven't felt this way since I heard sleep for the first time on that weird VHS tape they had out back in the day

  31. Dakota Love

    This song is brilliant. Definitely the sister to one of my absolute favorite Garbage songs "Sleep". I'm so in love with this album. <3

  32. Dromader

    The name of this band continues to lie to me.

  33. Timea Kovari

    I loved hearing this song as intro at the Troxy ! ( My second live concert, although a fan of you since 1995!) Your new album is absolutely brilliant! I love you guys, especially Shirley! :) XX

  34. aymarius


  35. Ultra Violet

    I am so impressed by this song, it seems simple but so complex and omgg. thanks for another great album ❤

    Quantum Decoherence

    Right on. An impressive new entry. They just keep getting better. And don't get me started on her lyrics.