Gamma Ray - To The Metal Lyrics

Coming from the streets
Fists up in the air
Generating heat
They come from everywhere

Fists are made of iron
Bodies made of steel
Dancing on a razor
Metal is the deal

We came to feel the thunder
The lightning and the heat
We came to hail the metal gods
Banging to the beat

Hail to the metal, hail
Singin' hail heavy metal, hail

The power in the music
Arising in us all
We're never gonna lose it
We're proud and standing tall
I said, hail!

If you just cannot feel it
You'll never understand
There's nothing's gonna beat it
Metal rules the land

We come to feel the thunder
The lightning and the heat
We came to hail the metal gods
Banging to the beat

Hail to the metal, hail
Singin' hail heavy metal, hail

Hail heavy metal, hail
Hail heavy metal, hail
Hail heavy metal, hail
Hail to the metal
Heavy metal
Hail to the metal
Heavy metal
All hail
Hail to the metal
Heavy metal
All hail
Hail to the metal
Heavy metal
All hail!
Hail to the metal
Heavy metal
All hail!

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Gamma Ray To The Metal Comments
  1. aitech nasus

    To The Metal Is A Totally Kick Ass Rock Song By Gamma Ray And Is A Killer Tune That Needs To Be Cranked All The Way Up To Full Maximum Volume.

  2. Y CS

    Hail to the metal!!!

  3. Giovanni Morales Camacho

    They improve older songs.
    I am one of the biggest Judas Priest fans, and I admit this song is better than "Metal Gods".
    Even Manowar's "The gods made heavy metal" (which is great) has been improved with Gammaray's "Heavy Metal Universe".
    I enjoy them all. I don't care. 🔥👌🎸🎸🎸

  4. Roman Březina

    Helloween - A Tale That Wasn't Right

  5. Luis Arias


    We've taken too much for granted
    And all the time it had grown
    From techno seeds we first planted
    Evolved a mind of its own

    Marching in the streets
    Dragging iron feet
    Laser beaming hearts
    Ripping men apart

    From off I've seen my perfection
    Where we could do as we please
    In secrecy this infection
    Was spreading like a disease

    Hiding underground
    Knowing we'd be found
    Fearing for our lives
    Reaped by robot's scythes

    Metal Gods
    Metal Gods
    Metal Gods
    Metal Gods

    Machines are taking all over
    With mankind in their command
    In time they'd like to discover
    How they can make their demand

    Better be the slaves
    To their wicked ways
    But meeting with our death
    Engulfed in molten breath

  6. Maximiliano

    Metal gods. Judas priest

  7. Nilson Silva

    Esses caras são usados pelos instrumentos!...🤘🍺

  8. guerrero de luz

    Esto es un cruce entre judas priest y manowar

  9. Lucas Seman

    Hey, guys! Power Metal enthusiast. I grew up listening to Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Edguy, etc. I wrote and recorded my own Power Metal song, check it out at your own risk, haha:

  10. Capitalista Opressor


  11. Oliveira Caruso


  12. Chuck Vanswearingen

    The old love see plat tune

  13. Javier Fernandez


  14. Grant Scott

    I have not heard of them before but they sound great. I found via their mascot Fangface which lead me here.

  15. John Walsh

    Heavy. Metal!

  16. Return to Forever

    das sind auch deutsche

  17. Robert Papak

    Metal is king

  18. Robert Papak

    We Are metal Kai Hansen wakes u the world wake up

  19. Burkay Tanır

    Riffs are nearly same with the riffs of Judas Priest-Metal Gods.

  20. Filipe Pereira

    Foi a banda que + me identifiquei de Power Metal... a voz de Kay Hansen é surreal🖤🎶

    Matheus Gomes

    Eu adoro a voz dele! É um dos pontos altos do Gamma Ray.

  21. Aase Engerdalen

    I love Gamma Ray ❤️❤️❤️😍😍

  22. Eduardo Cardona

    Tema al estilo Heavy, me recordó mucho a Judas Priest.

  23. Daniel Andres SUDA

    Original lyrics. But the music = metal gods Judas Priest

  24. Christiane Fuchs

    J adore ce groupe et les clips, c est du bon métal. Fabrice fuchs de holving

  25. Marta Roncari


  26. Damiano Roncari


  27. Nacho Barria Millaldeo

    La sencillez de estos hombres es genial

  28. The Sexy Kid Project


  29. Robert Baker

    love this song

  30. moreno recife

    Que música de ótima qualidade!

  31. Mikheil Abaishvili

    this is IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Valery Jan

    Дуже гарно.

  33. Silviya Stefanova

    Kai !!!!!!

  34. Aliabu Abu


  35. Sir Pommes

    ganz ehrlich ? Ich werde mein Leben lang nicht verstehen woher Kai trotz Kettenraucherei diese Stimme aus dem kurzen Leib zaubert. Nicht von dieser Welt oO

  36. simone crigna

    Kay Hansen the best voice

  37. edibadork

    This is really fn generic!

  38. Panzerfaust 991

    good to see behringer v-amp pro in the rack.. :)

  39. Gkfk Rjrjg

    Ibex 35

    Gkfk Rjrjg

    Ibex 35

  40. Μάριος Σίσκος

    Just perfect!!!

  41. Mau Ryu Hernández

    Meeeeeeetal Gods...judas priest?

    Thunder 88

    poweryumh74 i hear metal gods aswel as demonizer.


    I thought it & you said it.

  42. A Treacherous Foe!

    Usually, I don't like songs about rock n roll, girls or "my problems" but ... this as pretty bad ass. Nice song guys.

  43. Roberto Cruz

    Kai hansen is the boss


    Супер !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Никита Лотов


  46. Lexius Castro

    Gamma Ray was my favorite power metal band, but since they deleted one videofan on youtube , I do not listen anymore.

    Lucas Seman

    which one?

  47. Anders Midnatt

    Heavier version of Helloween. Pedal to the metal, for you're the havoc on wheels.

  48. Paulo Furtado

    "Obrigado Gamma Ray pelo HINO"!

  49. Robot-Geisha

    To make one thing clear, right from the Start; I love Gamma Ray. They´ve been a part of my life for about a decade now and have helped me through difficult times. Kai is my personal hero and favourite composer, but there´s one point where i heavily disagree with you guys:

    Fanmade Videos on youtube are (1) an expression of love, (2) made by fans who usually posses physical copies of your work and are (3) your only chance to make new friends. How else will you reach anyone new, if not through our passion and dedication?

    This is mainly adressed at Harald Krueger (who I suppose reports Youtube Videos in Kai Hansens name) and that circle of idiots surrounding the band, pressuring them to speak out against copyright infringements because it´s such an evil, harmful thing. I own entire discographies of bands I only discovered via Youtube. I´m a metallhead. I deeply love the music I "consume". Most metalheads are like me and you should just emrace that passion of ours, instead of reporting AMV´s involving your music.

    "Hey, let´s expand our fanbase by preventing random people from stumbling across our songs!" - Brilliant.

    I love who you are, I love what you do and your PR-Advisor (or whoever stands behind it) is a bloody idiot!

    The Rock Office

    Couldn't agree more. Just as a comparison, I just put together a playlist for Sabaton's latest album. The number of views that the fan-made videos (from this record alone) are raking in for Sabaton is simply mind boggling. I can only imagine that for one reason or another, Gamma Ray doesn't like the conditions youtube is offering, and therefore the Gamma Ray material shared on youtube is what it is. Personally I have gotten to know plenty bands through youtube (Sabaton being one of them actually), and then gone to concerts and bought CDs / merch etc.


    Harald Krueger only obey to hansen and group decisions,i personally got striked by krueger and him removed my strike gently after a little mail chatting,i lknow is a shame that GR materials are no longer permitted on youtube but this is what the band want,speaked with hansen too and is it what he want,sorry guys :(



    Seriously Gamma Ray guys, Instead of going after fan videos, how about reissuing some of your older works on vinyl or something? Helloween did so and it seems to have worked quite well.

  50. Dmitry K.

    helloween ХМТ


    bigger looks like JUDAS PRIEST a-la1982))

  51. Vampiro71Pisa

    Metal god by Judas....

    Agent Reckless

    +Vampiro71Pisa Reminds a bit. I found out that alot of their songs sound similar to Priest songs.

    Aliabu Abu

    Judas priest?


    *Yeah ! \m/*

  53. Vojtěch MetalFawn95 Studený

    so this pleases my heart

  54. Nikolas

    το σενάριο τα σπάει!!!

  55. Nikolas

    τέλεια τα κουστούμια!!!

  56. Nikolas

    άριστοι ηθοποιοί!!!

  57. Nikolas

    Ρέέέι... γάμα ρρέέέι!!!

  58. Blair E.K. Shaw

    gamma ray ,.blind guardian, man o war


    +Blair E.K. Shaw And Helloween

    Besne Ptice

    death to manowar

    Aaron Hilton

    @Besne Ptice Manowar are the true Power Metal innovators.

  59. Lucas Seman

    Gamma Ray is one of my favorite bands, but I don´t like these "heavy metal is awesome"-themed songs. I´d rather have a sci-fi thing, like "Somewhere Out In Space" or "Anywhere in The Galaxy". No wonder why I can´t stand Manowar, haha



    Drew Bell

    +nikolas tsopouridis Ποτανα

    Que Picardía

    Totally agree, they reached perfection both in concept and inspiration with themes like Beyond The Black Hole. Even from the cover you could anticipate the epicness within

  60. Farmer Dale

    what country are they from?


    Germany i think

    Farmer Dale

    +άνθρωπος.of.камня thanks m8

  61. Christoph Schneider

    reminds me demonizer by judas priest

    Tiago Lourenço

    Reminds me too! =)

  62. ozzyorco

  63. Tony M

    I didn't know Flake could play bass

  64. Bruce McBain


  65. DansTonMetal Webzine

    GammaRay <3

  66. Νίκος Μαντέλλος

    does it remind you of Demonizer of judas priest or is it just me? great songs both by the way

  67. silas silva ferreira

    Eles fazem obras primas do Rock.

  68. Soufiane Artwood

    2:27 xD

  69. Alain Sescosse

    it's just gamma ray ! kai hasne !!! f****k goood !!!! lov 'em

  70. Caio Cesar

    What a fucking great song

  71. Clemens Bopp

    Mey - to the Metal! Sounds great! Awesome! Great masterpiece!!

  72. Laje Maker

    Ué pensei q era power metal

    Thiago Pereira

    @Dyeison Matos Isso é questão de perspectiva, curto demais o Kai Hansen como vocalista e como compositor...inclusive Helloween só é que é hoje por conta de suas composições. Ralf Scheepers em sua  epoca eu diria que banda fazia um som tradicional dentro do Metal com umas linhas melódicas pra se diferenciar que era perfeito gosto tbm dessa época. E as bandas que tu citou aí cima eu não diria que são Power, ta mais pra Metal Melódico, claro salvo uma ou outra mais agressiva mas no geral para mim é metal melódico! 

    Dyeison Matos

    +Thiago Pereira Huum, Ralf Scheepers é monstro mesmo, se ele sair do Primal Fear a banda pode acaba, nao vai ter graça

    Thiago Pereira

    @Dyeison Matos Dificil demais ele sair, é como um Iron sem o Bruce, Judas sem Halford ou buchecha sem claudinho kkk...recentemente quem saiu da banda foi o Brasileiro/Africano Aquiles Priester, a logística ficou foda pra ele ja que reside no Brasil...queria ter ouvido um album com ele na batera do Primal Fear infelizmente não :/

    Dyeison Matos

    @Thiago Pereira Sim sim, acompanho o Aquiles tbm, melhor batera do Brasil

    Dyeison Matos

    E tem MasterPlan que é foda pra carai suaiydases

  73. Александр Н.

    Спасибо за Heavy metal!

  74. BonJoviFan13

    Does anybody know where I can find a guitar tab for this song?

  75. kai hansen

    Follow us on facebook and join the group Κai Hansen&Michael Kiske Greece team


    aber nicht so schnell, kann nicht folgen!!

  76. chordsofblack

    Love the old school stuff...


    warte Kriegst gleich dein Medizin!!

  77. Yajirobe Super Sayajin



    echt jetzt???

  78. FenderJunkie100

    Is this a Manowar cover? No? It's a Gamma Ray song? Really?


    @FenderJunkie100 Manowar? really? Don't you mean Judas Priest?


    You know, all the "we are metal" and "glory to the metal" shitty lyrics. Anyway song's cool.


    @FenderJunkie100 Look up the Judas Priest song "Metal Gods"

    Btw in this Gamma ray song they say that they came to hail the metal gods. This song is a tribute to Judas Priest.

    Kurt Goodno


  79. Domatron

    \m/( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)\m/

  80. J Ozzborn

    If this caught your fancy, check: The book of heavy metal by Dream Evil they're both like soundtracks to my life.

  81. jessiewilson3

    Remind of metal gods.

  82. Alex Gun

    "Meeeeeetal Goooods" :)
    Awsome album! The best since "No World Order"
    Pure Classic Heavy!

  83. dave murray



    Kapan Gamma Ray Konser di INDONESIA?...HELLOWEEN sudah 3X konser di INDONESIA....Kapan Bang Hansen???

  85. Emerson muñoz briones

    Eduardo Cardonarivas eso sera a tu gusto por que esas bandas q mencionas sobre todo Hammerfall se inspiraron en Kay Hansen el creador de Helloween y Gammaray, el verdadero dios del power metal te guste o no.

    seba torres

    asi mismo kai se inspiro en la potencia de judas priest y la influencia de bandas speed metal alemanas

  86. Tegan Hansen


  87. MrMegaFredZeppelin

    GAMMA RAY RULES!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  88. Oswald Montoya


  89. Jonas Pereira

    its a great  song.

  90. Lawson Russell

    Joder, todo un homenaje al metal gods de Judas priest. La ritmica, la armonia y la estructura de la cancion son iguales.

  91. George Petrov

    .. To all those STOOOOOPID people .....Even this sounds like "Metal Gods" it is on purpose !!! Kai not just once said - Im Huge fan of Priest.... and in one interview he said " I was at AC DC concert in  1980 and i saw some new band for me for  opening  - Judas Priest....and that was the moment i realize that i must do this kind of music ! "

  92. ramone


  93. Silver Dragon

    Весьма неплохо. Вокал почти как у AC/DC и сама песня позитивная.
    P.S. Студия и аппаратура у них просто супер.

  94. Berend Visser

    Yeah, saw them at D.O.A. last weekend. D.O.A. =Dokkum Open Air(Fryslan)Netherlands
    Great band, great songs, fantastic atmosphere at the festival with more great bands

  95. Eneider Colina

    1:08 cubase <3

  96. Italo Elias Vernizi

    Gamma Ray is orgasmic....

  97. Pete Q

    first time hearing this......sounds alot like Judas Priest......

  98. MTLmusicianpage

    Probably my all time favorite album!