Game, The - Up On The Wall Lyrics

[The Game:]
Old pussy ass mark, bitch ass buster
Think you from LA cause you listen to some Mustard
This is Battlecat, my nigga Kurupt had the battle raps
We go back like four flats on the Cadillac
Nigga you ain't never been to a hood day
You don't know Ice Cube, today was a good day
You ain't never been dropped off in the jungles
Teared Khakis, red bandana wrapped around your knuckles
Me and my brother used to dip down in 'Shaw
Stopped at the Weiner Schnitzel, got socked in the jaw
By some sixties, I bombed back, the nigga pulled out
A strap, said it's 6-0, I ducked then he missed me
Now I'm back to Bompton
Before I hit the hood, a nigga gotta stop in the Swans
And pick up a sack, had fifty for an eighth
And I only had fifty, made it last all day
Smoking with the homies, My nigga G Weed from Dallas
My nigga Hooter from Athens Park stay brackin'
Fo' line, deuce line, Bray still active
And the Cedars ain't giving no passes, why we asking?

[Ty Dolla $ign:]
How you gon bang if you really ain't from LA
We spray your gang up on the wall
Tell me
And how you gon' fade if you really don't know the dance
I see you really don't bang at all

[The Game:]
Murder was the case that they gave Game
Cops on the colors cause they know a nigga gang bang
Red bandana round the rear-view
"Where you say you from, Blood?" Niggas can't hear you
Flag on the left side claiming you a Blood
Blue rag on the right side calling niggas cuz
Bout to get your mark ass chalked out on the West
This for all my niggas in the pen beating on they chest like

[The Game:]
I said I need some pussy on my motherfucking wall
And I ain't got my commissary yet
I said the next motherfucker try to steal a cigarette
He gon' get a fucking pencil to the neck

That's on the set
Ooh, I'm a Tree Top rep, all the
Homies know is shoot choppers, handguns and Tecs
Not unless my niggas really get it popping
Tree Top niggas like the Hoovers in Bompton
Big Budda, Syke o, Slim 4, [?]
Q-Ball, Lil' Wolf, TK, big back
YZ [?] three, two strap
Quisha and Miss Lisa, house, where we at
It's the gang bang capital, 2 T's capitals
Enemies know the business, this shit is factual
Bompton's most hated, fuck it, shoot out and fade it
So my mama stay awake cause her son be gang banging
You don't know about the put ons and DPs
Hanging out on the block coming through to squeeze
Some outta town niggas disrespecting
I see why Suge Knight and Big U was arrested
(Can't forget about the Mexicans)
And I fuck with the villains and the swans on God

[The Game:]
On God
I got niggas from Denver Lane that'll ride
I got esés that'll kill you at your job
I got some lueders by the Weiner Schnitzel
Hanging out with the pistols, making sure shit official
Big [?] and (they) both got stripes
Both locked up for life, so if I ever hit the pen
I got a squad, hell yeah I'm on that gangsta shit
Nigga run up, knockout, he gon' think he's slick
Hub in the dub, nigga don't even trip
I get you chased by the grapes, nigga 300 crips
My nigga Magic from Avalon, Draws from neighbourhood
Get your ass dope fiend, slipping in Hollywood
Hop from 6-0, Girch from Santana
Roc from Nutty Blocc, we tied our bandanas
And for my little nigga Frogg I gotta stay active
Blood in, Blood out, what's brackin'?

Shoutout to my big homie Bone from Athens
Ridin' down Bentral 'bout to bust a right
On Piru street and scoop this nigga Problem up, Blood

What, green light and yeah it's go time
Product out the fo', they can get it off in no time
Oh my, did it on my own, no cosign
45, devil in disguise, free dope trial
West side, ride 'em off (3rd) avenue
Go at us, have your shirt wet as Lake Havasu
Pop pop diggity drop drop, hopped in a hotbox
Smashed off, stashed the Glock, drop it off at the chop shop
Boy, dollars only thing make sense
Fo' to the duece, rest in peace 4 Bent

[Ty Dolla $ign:]
How you gon bang if you really ain't from LA
We spray your gang up on the wall
Tell me
And how you gon' fade if you really don't know the dance
I see you really don't bang at all

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Game, The Up On The Wall Comments
  1. Pulluptoya Frontdoe

    doing ten thousand birpees to this shit

  2. James V

    Should have thrown some CRIPS on this.

  3. MrBarackClinton

    Suuuuu Woooo! Roll Ball Homie!

  4. Big Triplett

    Game use to keep his flag on the left side when he first came out 🤣🤣

  5. Elijah Slade

    Beat is sick

  6. ConQuest Tony Phillips

    Niggas cant fuck with Battlecat with that flavorful funky shit

  7. california living

    On my momma nate dogg wouldve made the hook way better

  8. Makgomolela Dube

    The Game is a don.
    RIP Nipsey Hussle

  9. Firstnamelastname

    Bumpin this shit driving while smoking weed and drikin henny with ma strap on ma lap ready for whatever nigga gon try me! Nah jk im just going to school..

  10. Deondre G

    Problem went DA fuck in!

  11. Rispta7th

    Here before all da wanna be followers come 😂 on GOD

  12. Noah turner

    This shit 🔥, Why people be sleeping on real rap and rappers

    Answer: Mumble rap and mumble Rappers

  13. Noah Lawrence

    GaaaaanGsta Shitttt!! West West Yall!!

  14. Jason Shannon

    Big Battlecat laced us wit some good work

  15. leo johnson

    “WHAT!” - problem.

  16. Dan G

    Some niggas should show this song 69

  17. Guilty Pleasure Island

    Sounds like he definitely dissing East Coast niggas who bang which is surprised bcuz I thought they support him.The reason I thought they wear they rags on opposite sides is bcuz they on opposite coasts

  18. xKingXero

    jay rock should of been on this

    matthew guttenbeil

    xKingXero fuck off

  19. Lanz22


  20. megament rodrigo

    The Game...real rapper!!!....🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷☻👣👣👣

  21. jerin browder

    Man Problem shoulda had a longer verse!! People fail to realize that problem can spit 🔥

  22. Name

    One of the best songs on da album

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    This shit slaps


    Game sucks big dicks

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    Yg killed this shit

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    2018 still blasting this song on full volume for the neighbours

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    One of my favorite songs from the album. Shit is fire 🔥. Y’all need to stop sleeping on this song .

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    Too smooth... On some 80's shit....

  29. Gtd 55

    U can't hate on this whether u like bloods or not shit fire

    james howell

    Gtd 55 Produced by A Crip"BattleCat"

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    free big whooz and DA PIRU

  31. kaykay wilson

    #CedarBlock #BlackWallStreet

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    Been putting the homies on game with this song it's a banger !

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    Yg and Problem in the same song 😂

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    Rshood D-O-double G
    Their in a lot of songs together

    Top Dawg

    @Erik Hernandez this the only song


    Top Dawg E40 - function ft problem, Iamsu & YG

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    Nate dog would have been on thiz hook 4sho

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    LENNOX 13Gang

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    Shyboy Farmer stfu $crap

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    Song straight slept on

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    Recognise beat from Get down on it- Kool and the Gang

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    west coast shit!!!! bring it back...

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    I love this song ❤

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    It's a gangbanger

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    real crips and bloods from la

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    fuck dis they were doin good but they added will I am and flow is wack props to the coarse doe

    james howell

    I love Rykeem Freeman Wtf Will i am ain't even in this song

    Bam Stewart

    That nigga trippin.... Lmao

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    Sounds like a song that director Brett Ratner would produced and like.

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    this is fire too bad people sleep

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    Game Always On💯#2017🎊

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    el juego es impresionante , el mejor

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    Damn ! I can't Lie ,This Shit Hitten!!! WESTSIDE Compton all day , Rosecrans and Central Chaley!!!

    TheRealCarlos \

    Adrian Mcinnis It's Bompton fuck is you sayin

    Brenden Kakol

    DaRealCarlos \ that's how you know you a lil nigga 😂😂😂 older cats still call it Compton


    FUCK California


    DIRT McGIRT Lol that’s cute this LA nigga fuc California

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    amazing sampling! battlecat is a genius.

  52. Big Dawg

    Eastside blood5 roll down your windows let hit hard with 2 15's representing Eloy AZ Yuma up the bay area

    Mosses Football89

    bloods don't bang 5

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    Cuzz Ain't no riGht sid3 RAGz in 3loy loC NIGGA IT'S ALL RIPZ THER3

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