Game, The - Swerve Lyrics

Aye Pops
They love that sofa shit
I mean he do this shit 'cus he love it
I mean he did this shit 'cause you couldn't find Just Blazin
We go
Just a fine nigga.

[Verse 1:]
I'm back, open the door nigga,
All this bout the verse, what is it for nigga?
I ain't Jay-Z nigga, I'm still poor nigga
Hey y'all stat, welcome into the store nigga,
My baby mama hope my feelings got me sore nigga,
But that's cool 'cause I'm bad to my core nigga,
What's up? 40 glock you want some more nigga?
Game don't fall off, Game get bored nigga
Compton, got it coming out my Porsche nigga
I'm like Cassidy with 25 million
Stack it up, that's like a project building
Get back with 50 but I can't 'cause I killed em,
Wait, have you seen him?
Not out proper, nigga living on that mill cart
And my nigga Boosie still ain't got a car to swerve

Said my nigga Boosie still ain't got a car nah, swerve
My lil nigga Boosie still ain't got a car nah, swerve
Say my nigga Lil Boosie still ain't got a car nah, swerve

[Verse 2:]
So take a shot at any of my little niggas, it's raw nigga,
Fuck a gun, we bring hammers, like we throwin nigga
My nigga Pops got beats you can't ignore nigga
Said my nigga Pops got beats you can't afford nigga
Wake up double the kush, we by the shore nigga
It's 3: 40 now, back in Compton by 4 nigga
105, doing 105, shell slides like dubs in it,
I'm so good with the razor
Take the heart, break the soap and carve doves in it,
I got your bitch no club fin it,
I wear raw, bust a nut in me
Disrespect intended however you spend it got sucker in it
'Cause none of ya'll from out here,
You think you run out here, have your ass on a run out here
You a bum out here, and no don't call Biggie
'Cause we in the fam and then we bout to bust a big Q, swerve

Said my nigga Boosie still ain't got a car nah, swerve
My lil nigga Boosie still ain't got a car nah, swerve

And all these lame niggas droppin Gucci flat top fuck that, swerve
Say my lil nigga did smash a car and we gon swerve

Hey Pops, you a motherfucker for this shit,
I told you what I'm a do,
I'm a talk to you motherfuckin slow about
4 and a half more bars
And I'm a let that bitch breathe,
So when my nigga Boosie get out the motherfucking joint,
Then catch some shit on one these motherfuckers
So full of shit

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Game, The Swerve Comments
  1. Aceboogie972

    “I’m like Cassidy with 25 million, stack it up, that’s like a project building”

  2. Julxay

    “We do this shit cuz we love it ... I mean we did this shit cuz we couldn’t find just blaze”

  3. J Peaks

    still waiting on boosies verse


    J Peaks 😂😂

  4. Adilson Camacho

    That 50 line

    rayshawn howard

    Adilson Camacho he said that because he still had beef with 50 and 50 Cent didn't put out nothing in 2013 so yeah that 50 Line was dope and I like when he said 40 Glocc you want some more nigga because a couple years ago he f up 40 Glocc by the bushes and that beat made the song More fire game doesn't need a dr. Dre beat this is pops beat and it's fire game as a person if he can't get a dr. Dre beat he knows where to go

  5. bluevegeta 16

    beat is so dope

  6. João Victor

    40 Glocc you want some more nigga?


    Who produced this for game

    RapNerd Leeb

    Pops 2oolman


    JUIC3INK pops and 2oolman I think

  8. GSD#1

    Dope track kills it

  9. Isaiah Dooley

    That beat tho

  10. De Melo

  11. Che Bugginz

    Golden !

  12. droke

    fuck it... First