Game, The - Sex Skit Lyrics

[The Game:] Ay nigga park the car for me

[?:] Ay nigga, you quit jumping out the car while it's rolling nigga, you gon' get your leg fucked up nigga

[The Game:] Nah nigga, fuck you

[?:] Nigga, and hurry up, nigga, think with your p, nigga, not with your d, nigga

[The Game:] Nigga, I'ma be in and out, fool, literally in and out

[?:] I don't even take niggas to meet bitches

[The Game:] This bitch always is listening to some loud ass music
Tamika, open the fucking door!

[Tamika:] Nigga, it's already unlocked, and why you beating on the motherfucking door like you the police or something?

[The Game:] Bitch, shut up!

[Tamika:] Bitch? I ain't your bitch

[The Game:] Aight, my bad, you know I'm just playing with you.
Bitch, hurry up and take them clothes off I ain't got all day

[Tamika:] Nigga, fuck you. Don't rush me

[The Game:] Why you always listen to this shit?
Turn this shit off T-Boz be killing yo motherfucking ass, she heard you fucking this song up

[Tamika:] Ha, nigga fuck you, I can sing
Uh uh, what the fuck you doing? That's TLC, nigga!

[The Game:] Fuck all that, I'm bout to put on some oldies in this motherfucker.
Yeah, that's the fuck I'm talking bout, turn yo ass over

[Tamika:] Mm mm nigga, fuck me doggystyle

[The Game:] Doggystyle? Bitch, I ain't Snoop, I'm getting on top

[Tamika:] Whatever, nigga, just give me the dick and shut the fuck up

[The Game:] You shut the fuck up

[Tamika moans]

[The Game:] That's my pussy

[Tamika:] It's yours

[The Game:] That's my pussy

[Tamika:] It's your, baby

[The Game:] Say my name

[Tamika:] Jayceon, uh

[The Game:] Jayceon's pussy?

[Tamika:] Jayceon pussy, baby, that's yo pussy

[The Game:] You like it? (Yeah). You love it?

[Tamika:] I love it
Fuck me baby

[The Game:] You got some bomb ass pussy

[Tamika:] Well, fuck me all day then

[The Game:] Nah, watch out, I can't

[Tamika:] The fuck you mean you can't?

[The Game:] Bitch, I got somewhere to go!

[Tamika:] Where the fuck you gotta go?

[The Game:] None of your motherfucking business. I'm out, watch out

[Tamika:] So what now, you finna be out?

[The Game:] Nah, I'm bout to go get in the shower. Ay, iron my flag for me

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Game, The Sex Skit Comments
  1. All Star


  2. William Hernandez

    Sex skit
    The. Game
    The documentary


    Umm...I'm dreaming of you & me doing this skit Jaceon lol 😍❤️💋


    Game I LOOOOOVE your music! 👑😍❤️💋 I likeeeee this skit!

    Tyrese Fisher

    Fuck the game


    Game was like — don’t you know you a side bitch haha, if THAT...trippin.😆😏😈

  6. Anthony Stovall

    What's the song on the end?

  7. Erick Webster

    Doggystyle Bitch I Ain't Snoop Im Gettin On Top

  8. King Cornelius

    West coast shit

  9. cash B

    Fuxk da Game
    he ah Bitxh Blood

    Jd 123

    mad cause he fucking your bitch on this song?

  10. Sierra Salas

    What's the song in the beginning?

    Tyler Moore

    Creep by TLC

    Ryan Stills

    The Game + Dej Loaf "Ryda"

  11. happy lego nigga

    im finna buss 😩😩😣😣

    David Hazan

    Holly matte

  12. Elmer Arias

    what's the name of the song when he's fucking the girl?

    ThatMediaDude _

    +Austin Bryla no it's a remix not it

    Austin Bryla

    I figured that's just something game did or his producer did. bc I looked and only saw a few remixes they weren't even close

    Ronald Turner

    It never came out. I asked the producer for the beat, he wouldn't give it to me lol

    Adreonna Mathew

    Niqqa McNigga Tamika

    Asmar Craigs

    De La Soul- Me, Myself, and I