Game, The - Second Chance Lyrics

[The Game]
L.A.X niggas... yeahhh...

Y'all know who the fuck I am...

I'm free as a motherfuckin' bird I swear
Disappear in thin air, there go Game, nigga where
Posted on the block in them black Airs
In that all black Phantom, hug the block like a bear
Yeah, that V12 is roarin'
Flyin' through the city with the pedal to the floor then
I put them 26 inches on the curb, tell the hood I'm back
Give me a corner let me serve
Swerve, I'm still dope that's my world
All I did was switch the kitchens
Did some tracks on the birds...
Irv, I Gotti know I'ma murderer
Half these niggas beffin' with me
I never heared of them
If I was the old me I would murda them
Matter fact, if I was the old me - I would Curtis them

[Refrain x2]
You look like you're in another world
But I can read your mind
How can you be so far away
Lying by my side

I never would've dreamed in an a million years I'd see,
So many motherfuckin' people who feel like me, who share the same views
And the same exact beliefs, it's like a fuckin' army, who marchin' in back of me
So many lives touch
So much anger aimed, in no particular direction, just sprays and sprays, and straight
Through your radio waves it plays and plays
Till it stays stuch in your head for days and days
Who would of thought, standing in this mirror bleachin' my hair with some peroxide
Reaching for a t-shirt to wear, that I would carapult to the forefront of rap like this
How could I predict my words would have an impact like this
I must've struck a chord, with somebody up in the office
Cause congress keeps telling me I ain't causin' nothin' but problems
And now they're sayin' I'm in trouble with the government
I'm lovin' it, I shoveled shit all my life, and now I'm dumping it on...

[Refrain x2]
You look like you're in another world
But I can read your mind
How can you be so far away
Lying by me side

[The Game]
Cos when the sun comes up from behind the sea
Niggas see my behind the B
ENT. don't stand for entertainment
Stands for zero to sixty, anybody see Game went?
To the hood, parked crooked behind that chained fence
And I'm going down behind my dogs, but I ain't Vick!
Tell me one album I put out that ain't sick?
No I'm not the doctor, but I produce the same shit

Look at these eyes, baby blue, baby just like yourself
If they were brown, Shady loose
Shady sits on the shelf, but Shady's cute, Shady knew, Shady's dimple's would help,
Make ladies swoon baby, ohh baby, look at my sales, let's do the math
If I were black, I wouldn't of sold half
I ain't have to graduate from Lincoln high school to know that,
But I could rap, so fuck school, I'm too cool to go back
Gimme the mic, show me where the fuckin' studio's at

[Refrain x4]
You look like you're in another world
But I can read your mind
How can you be so far away
Lying by my side

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Game, The Second Chance Comments
  1. Perfect Fitness

    2020 Albania

  2. Tonito Sumi

    This video pops up when you type second to Eminem

  3. Nora Helen Skog

    Why isnt this on spotify?😢


    its not an official remix, is fanmade

  4. bandidos elb

    Albanian here 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱 where it my shqipezz

  5. Killuminati Killuminati

    2019 🇦🇱

  6. g99 gang

    Kjo ka qen kenga ime e femiris dhe akoma esht dhe sot❤️❤️❤️

  7. Bernhard Klykens

    Is this on Spotify?

  8. Michael Anderson

    shits fake

  9. Aldo Aldo

    Big like from Frankfurt.. ( shqipe 🇦🇱🇦🇱👐👐)

  10. Panajoti Vlore

    The game namber one

  11. Emiljan Bali Emiljan Bali


  12. NB_Bull Channel

    Dope remix

  13. clive zoski

    Best song by eminem and game please says not a 're mix but a actual song

  14. Nabin Dutta

    ah man i was tired looking for this song since a year. Didn't know the name yet. but thank god ive finally reached

  15. Gear Krigger

    The Game and Eminem my fav rappers!!!!!!!

  16. Michal Martinik

    Guys .... anyone have DJ BigCold Remix - How High Red man ft. Method man?
    I cant find it.....


    no pal , i dont have it

    Michal Martinik


    I am looking for it on Europe Google, youtube , Facebook but its not there. Maybe USA internet...
    It was one of the best remix i ever hear.

  17. AL3X BDK

    Nice bro you can check out 2pac ft eminem second chance that i made

  18. Anantam Bisht

    It's fake as fuck

  19. Muana Fanai

    I like how Game shows Rezpek to Em in an interview or errtime he talk bout or mention his name his always shows Rezpek to him n em should also shout-out Game....Black man rezpek white man diz shit is hard to find...

  20. Unikkatil

    Albania <3

  21. Nate Dogg

    Respect Albania💪💪💪

  22. Felix Antonio Rosario Del Carmen

    the mey tu ., 2amor meter 5kim

  23. Türker Şen

    2018 ??

  24. Beats Mario


  25. Marbi Zhuzhi

    bravo o bish shum e bukur

  26. Dj Hustler

    I automatically knew the lyrics this is Game and dam I felt the same

  27. Timothy Harper

    What is the real name to that opening song by the game

  28. motivation discipline


  29. Silver

    Shqipesss <3

    joan otrotr

    super keng

    Enea Alex Jorgo

    E fut dot n spotify ??

    The Don

    Gjigand je

  30. Ptr Dng




  31. Türker Şen

    Hello from Turkey. Albanian friends.

  32. Edison Bregu

    It s the first rap song that i have listened and i just understood that i love rap BIG ALBANIA


    Love the video hey im a producer check me out at and get free beats monthly

  34. WeirdosZONE

    ca boni ma shqipe?! :P

    AKstel Official

    digjoim musik vlla :D

  35. Taxir Gonzalez

    Respect from Uzbekistan

  36. Zile Zika


  37. Rivers

    Super. Thjesht super.

  38. Rei Tafaj

    qr krejt komente shqiptar (Albania mkujto koht e vjetrra qe sja disha emrin po e kisha tpreferume)

  39. Rob Nyce

    dj bigcole strikes again

  40. Rim Prela

    This song is even sadder when you realize

  41. Ηρακλής Μανδραγόρας

    official video MY ASS

    The Real Gatsby

    Well its officially 'a' video :/

  42. Kira Howard

    Rap God's!

  43. Vite Dritë

    Nje super remix pa Eminem do te ishte cik kot ...EM i jep shume energji kenges ...ALB 4EVER

  44. Cade Scott

    The chorus makes me cringe tbh

  45. Pro Creator

    Big Albaniaa #OTR

  46. Egli Goce

    Ore, ca behet keshtu? Shqipe kudo. Hell yeah!

  47. Kevi Kevi

    Shqiptar kudo <3

  48. Margil Bejko

    originals songs titles pls

    Giancarlo Firipuci

    EM - white america

  49. albi bala


  50. rohgenextfan

    Is this an actual song or a mix?

    AniH 24

    +rohgenextfan mix

  51. Oliver Hernandez

    I love Eminem but like no homo shit

  52. Valeria Stella

    I love you Eminem ;*

  53. Valeria Stella

    Very beautiful ;&

  54. Doc Holiday

    i'd say this is one of my top 10 songs ever and i just heard it.

    Bogdan Ionescu

    ur fcking retarded bitch..this is a piece of shit mix

    Doc Holiday

    @james cameron you'd do a lot better. go ahead mate. lol.

    Hyper Cat

    you know its fake right?

    Doc Holiday

    @Hyper Cat yes. but it's still good.

  55. Kristjan Ljuljic

    Big love sent from Montenegro,but yet,Albanian from Montenegro...Respekte Shqipe :D

  56. Space Sailor

    Big love from Albania to mother America 
    EMINEM = King of rap

    Tommy Gunn

    Y be a king when u can be a god

  57. Eazy Yuu

    Is this an actual song? Or a fanmade one? o.o

    Ryan Peek

    Fan made remix. The video is a mix between "like toy soilders" and "sing for the moment" I would name the songs but it's too much work. Here's a tip. Anytime it has "dj" or anything like that or some shitty ass chorus. It's a remix.

    Eazy Yuu

    Ahh, I probably should've listened to the whole song, I've never heard of "Sing for the moment" So It made me assume it could've been real. Thank you for informing me though!

  58. Real SlimShady

    kjo osht e mixume shqipez konga e eminemit qe po nihet qetu osht "white america"

  59. giorgi2211

    whats the name of chorus song?


    @giorgi2211 Beverly Craven - Promise me. cheers


    +My5tic thanks bro

  60. Gilbert Agimi

    The Shqipes be feelin' this. Albo till I die.

  61. Lindi London

    Great music Video

  62. Lindi London

    My favorite song.(Albania)

  63. Buddy Acm Holly

    Albania <3

  64. Tomas Tommy

    Albania lale Albania Everywhere  :D

    albi bala

    +Tomas Tomy po lale

    Émîñ Ém

    Albania <3

    Tomas Tomy

    +Tomas Tomy <3

  65. Space Vagabond


  66. Ledjon Hoxha

    doni shqiptar te tjere  EMINEM THE BEST

  67. Grupi Finance

    Albania :) <3

  68. D K

    Jebem li vam majku u picku, BIG LOVE FROM REPUBLIKA SRPSKA! 

  69. Daniel Reoch-Brehaut

    can't find this song anywhere. What album is it from? please


    its a fake song.eminems verse is from white america and i dont know games verse.but someone just put the two verses on a beat.eminem nor game made this song together


    @FurqanPlaysGames Big Dreams-TheGame, Wite America-Eminem, Promis me-BeverlyCraven

  70. Makaveli T.

    ALBANIA <3

  71. oOOkHA LidOOo

    khalido _ DZ _

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    haha Shqiperia number 1

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    owww gjithe komentet qenkan ALBANIA :) 
    feeling a bit Proud ab this :) even i dont know the reason why :) :P

  74. Fernando Daulle

    yeah big like for albania 

  75. ThisIs BujjaR

    KOSOVA ?

  76. Mr LUCKY


  77. Kris Ignatov

    best song

  78. Angelic Redneck

    How canya be so far away laying by myside.

  79. Nikola Lucic

    like toy soldier

  80. unknown rider


  81. PappaDock AP


    Steve Kardynal

    vlora ;)



    brajaN K

    @Miscrits ON ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah xDDDD LLONXHA XD


    @brajaN K Maqillari :p

  82. soni topuzi

    Albania <3 Eminem 

  83. Mohammed Hafez

    game verse plz

    Lucas Rhyner

    Mohammed Hafez big dreams

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    Albanian Mafia 

  85. boran bori

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    Eminem Videos: Like toysoilders and Sing for the moment
    Eminem Vers: White america

  87. toros5

    The Game - L.A.X. Files - LAX [dirty version] Game- Lax files, and btw this remix is shit

  88. YungHiadla

    this electronic voice fuck it all up

  89. Bluntz

    fake as shit

  90. kursad vural

    paul walker ll come back with his 2nd chance

  91. chamroeun sriang

    cool song

  92. Odion Creates

    Not a real song. that's Eminem's verse from the song called, "White America"

    mihai Szollosi

    still, good song man

  93. Firstname Lastname

    eminem's flow is weird, because of the beat

  94. iGettBunzz


  95. Александър Стефанов

    The Best ! :D 

  96. Genet Tsegaye

    Game has an recyceld nas flow. 

  97. KCentRhymes

    I heard the fast 6 version and it made em angry cause this is so much better