Game, The - Rest In Purple Lyrics

[Verse 1 - The Game:]
Why everybody got to to die so damn soon?
All these legends dying, God got to be running out of room
How he die? Don't nobody even know yet
All I know is I ain't ready to go yet
So I jump in that purple Lambo
Throw in that Bryson Tiller, Rambo
After that its Purple Rain, its Purple Rain
Man its Purple Rain on repeat
First Michael Jackson, then Whitney Houston
Now Prince, its a 3 peat
And if you see me in traffic its three beeps
And you know what's crazy? He was 57 with no kids
So I'm a hug mine cause a nigga probably only got 21 more years to live
21 more years to breathe
21 more years to feel the sun rays
To fill collection pots up on Sundays
And 21 more years to wake my kids up on Monday
We all die one day
Everybody gotta go someday
Natural causes or the gun play
Since we was born we all been had it one way
Ain't no time to be asking God why
And ain't no tears man I'm a let the doves cry

[Chorus - Lorine Chia:]
Everything is purple, I see purple in the sky
I got purple in my cup and I smoke purple to get high
I say live the way you want you never know when you gong die
Maybe, maybe I'm just like
Everything is purple, I see purple in the sky
I got purple in my cup and I smoke purple to get high
I say live the way you want you never know when you gong die
Maybe, maybe I'm just like
Maybe I'm just like
Maybe I'm just like
I see purple in the sky

[Verse 2 - The Game:]
Feeling purple, might pour some lean today
When God take a star, he make a star, yeah go on, dream today
In the red Corvette getting cream with the top down
Diamonds and pearls all around your neck and that rain purple when it drop down
Yeah darling Nikki, I think its our time
I want to be your lover, then we gon party like it's 1999
Get used to the pop life, we gon live it
Celebrate it like Pac's life, yeah who else with' it?
I remember watching Purple Rain when I was 5
My mom and dad fought the same way as yours, I ain't understand why
Ain't nobody perfect, ain't none of us the same
We all wanna leave the past behind us, sometimes we change our names
Well we can't change who we are, can't take the pain away
So live your life and love your family, don't take the world in vain
I'm a light one in your memory, cause the time has come
The world lost a legend, but he up there with his son
So I'm a pour up in your memory, cause the time has come
The world lost a legend, but he up there with his son

[Bridge - Lorine Chia:]
Up there with his son
Cause you're up there with your son


[Outro - Lorine Chia:]
Purple in the sky
Makes me wanna, cry
Purple rain in your eyes
I see you up there, shine
You shine
With the sun you shine
Purple rain
When it rains purple the sun will shine
When it rains purple the sun will shine
When it rains purple the sun will shine

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Game, The Rest In Purple Comments
  1. MOU-TV

    I listened to this on the 1st of December 2019


    Wish I would’ve found this three years just herd this yesterday for the first time an shit got me searching for it

  3. Christine q


  4. Artur Desh

    "Rest In Purple."

  5. mistercuba27

    Need this instrumental

  6. Josh Amos

    I say live the way you want you never now when you gon die.

  7. Livia Pons

    I listened to this over and over

  8. South Party Rental

    Love coming from the 561 PALM BEACH COUNTY FL

  9. Max Bens

    Les plus grands de chaque catégorie musicale rendent hommage au génie de Prince, c'est très révelateur du maitre de la musique qu'il était.

  10. Pharaoh Reek

    Damn I'm mad I'm just now hearing this shit💯💯💯 Only the game!!!

  11. dayvis ocampo

    One thing about us we can't control the things happen to us

  12. Ruben Nunez

    Best tribute

  13. Roberto Ortega

    The 51 people that dislike this song have no heart for a the legend

  14. Petar Lazarov

    I love you. Love your family, live the way you want :)

  15. Christl Bickham

    This is dope! I can hear the Doves Cry Sample in the background and lacing it with his lyrics while still true to your sound very creative tribute Prince would have loved it.

  16. asdas dasdasdas

    still listening on his birthday

  17. Cameron Tarantino

    One year already 😥😥

  18. nzn nzn

    what is song of Prince whe first starting song

  19. hitek835

    R.I.P. PROOF

  20. Mike Will

    rest in pruple to all my people in the comments who lost there people

  21. Mike Will

    rest in purple to my lil cuz i luv u i c u in heaven

  22. Andre Harris

    Prince Dead Had Me Depressed So Bad I Couldnt Go 2 Sleep On 4.21



  24. Tanya Hollimon

    I knew I loved this man for a reason.The Game just said it all he gave props to daddy big time

  25. XxtbreyxX Brey

    heard this the second it came out...gave me chills down my spine

  26. Aaron Sepulveda

    say what you want about game. dude is a legend. he is the king of tribute songs and diss records.

  27. Eli Cordero

    this is 🔥, dope hook

  28. Jorge Magana

    soundcloud brought me here. Monday mood music.

  29. Jay Smith

    game is the real

  30. Don Funk

    Macht die "gute Gänsehaut" ...

  31. Mike Mccuin

    Rest in Purple Prince Roger Nelson WE LOVE YOU!

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  34. tenna prehn

    Thanks! So beautiful!

  35. lyfemultimedia


  36. Ls974Officiel

    Game killed it 🔥🔥

  37. Simon Szubert

    game does best tributs of all KING OF TRIBUTE!

  38. Wane Gates

    love this song bless game #PrinceRIP

  39. Namelus Marka

    R.i.p pac

  40. Antonio Hollins

    only haters gone hate on this. Jason did his thing on this

  41. Chillz McKillz

    fuck this inadequate bullshit. prince would shit in effigy of this garbage. fuck the game. talentless fucking piece of shit.

  42. lee noel

    i love the gameeeee

  43. get money

    Rest In Purple Prince 10000

  44. dayy day

    Nigga said throw on some of that bryson tiller Rambooo

  45. Blake Sherman

    sad as fuck

  46. mr patron

    DA Game is DA only dude who can drop a song in minutes and it will shit on half these Rappers full Album songs.

  47. aliya H

    dope tribute.

  48. UK Rap G

    Game is so good on tributes 👌🏽 he needs to do more deep songs💯

    Da Boi Jigga


    Mi vagi

    More deep songs? haven't you heard Documentary 2.5??

    UK Rap G

    Milan Gilst yh i have, more and more needed

    UK Rap G

    Milan Gilst these 'bangers' and love songs which are popular now aint my type of songs

  49. Arturo Gorman

    lit purple dawg. stay up blunt for you R.I.P. Prince dawg

  50. east side

    my nigga game did his thing this song slappin rip purple rain

  51. Artem Adybaev

    dat hooook

  52. All up in the videos....

    This was very dope!

  53. Dsteazy

    rip Prince

  54. Dsteazy

    Game the truth 💯💯✊👐🎵

  55. Lisa Ninex

    Game thank you for this. May the Purple one forever rest in peace with his son.

  56. Martin Corrales

    this song goes deep

  57. Pierra Hathaway


  58. Anubian P

    nice tribute.  thanks The Game.

  59. Alexandre MOUDIO


  60. Jayne Procela

    "Purple Rain on repeat" Amazing tribute. Game and Lorine did their thing and in one day!!!

  61. Jay Rosado

    Everythinggg is puuuuurpleeeeeeee

  62. ramon vazquez

    New fav song n trust me I like a lot of underground artist from gt garza to bodega bams to lil Keke to ybe and playdevillle

  63. Kyra Dudley

    I broke down when he said he's up their with his son who only lived for a few days my God that hit me hard I love this song song will be banging this all summer with my prince shirt and purple pumps RIP our truly beloved Prince💜🎶🎤🎹🎸 your music will live on through us your fans💜

    Optic Scouts 2

    He had lost two baby it was hard for him

  64. Chelsea Danielle

    all the prince songs he dropped he killed this song RIP Prince 😇

  65. Elliott Green


  66. Bizzy Scott

    s/o to tiller tho 🔥

  67. Osama Binladen ALLA AKBAR

    Game is the Fuckn man aye

  68. Donte Smith

    Love the Bryson Tiller Shot out... Game Rip this Tribute

  69. Purple kisses

    dayum 😭

  70. Shaun Whelan

    The game is the king of tribute songs....


    I totally agree 🔥

    Shaun Whelan

    dont know any other rapper that does them... but i can name atleast 5/6 game has done for legends over the years an the one he did for his homie billboard

  71. Ron Davis

    game killed it. but all due respect i dont think prince condone drinkin and smokin blunts to his memory as game was saying in the song....

  72. Tommy Morley

    Respect to the game

  73. Genoa Burgess

    Yessssss...Game did that!

  74. dasboot360

    He made one for Michael Jackson too

  75. prankman49

    Another group trying to cash in from the death of a celebrity. It isn't even that good, it's kinda slow and repetative and really boring!!!


    U totally could keep that negativity to yourself! Wow aman dies and thats what your on! Grow up respect the dead! Not everything needs to be said! Its a song for a person whos passed nothing more if u dont like it fine its not a chart topper but a positive tribute! Any other day u could voice it but god aman died have a heart!

  76. Timothy Viel

    Everything is Purple now....

  77. Dexter G-Boyz Channel

    all purple now!

  78. Krissy Bousquet

    love thiz

  79. goodiablo2004

    Better 4:50 minutes than anything on the radio. Hood love and Respect for royalty 😞✌🏽️

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  81. Aaron Jack

    Dope song Game done his thang and that hook was on point from Lorine Chia she has a very nice voice. R.I.P PRINCE

  82. Ernesto Ramirez

    Shit Bang. RIP to the GOATS of the MUSIC INDUSTRY!!!

  83. Terry Ryan


  84. ASMR Xi Zui

    Horrible song. Noone can make music unless its Prince. Legend gone now. The music industry should just shut down now. Thet nothing withiut Prince.

    Firas Hanif

    don't talk shit u probably don't even listen to him that's why ur here listening to game wtf


    Must be asian

    Firas Hanif

    +KpR333 lol so am I haha

  85. Mikalnasif

    Love the hook on this
    Thanks Game!

  86. Oaty Dave

    Perfect tribute, fantastic

  87. YummyCardboard

    whats song is the sample from at the start?


    +YummyCardboard Prince "When Doves Cry"


    +YummyCardboard is that a serious question?? huh


    r.i.p big bro

  89. Prolific

    Love it yo


    Rest in peace purple prince

  90. ochocerocinco Ellie

    much respect game and RIP prince sing and dance with the angelss in paradise 💜👼😇🌈

  91. Chelsea Danielle

    R.I.P Prince xox ♡ 04/21/2016

  92. UCE_ LiGi

    RIP 💜💜 play This at my Funeral Party! Lol Foh' Real💯💯

  93. Moyja Thekisa

    purple reign

  94. mightynas1

    State of mind is purple...going and roll 1 and put this on repeat

  95. Genesis M.

    10 people got their bitch taken by a man that wears her own clothing.