Game, The - Playas Only Lyrics

[The Game]
Bells, it's the new "12Play"
Bells (Game y'all) throw the pussy like Elway
Bells, I wanna see your tail shake
Bells, when you hear R. Kel' say

[R. Kelly]
Players only
We where them tricks be jerkin they bodies
Up in the club where they get real naughty
They come from here to the private party
Where there ain't nothin but - players only
Where the players be spendin a lot of dough
Honies got ass bouncin on the flo'
This is how we do behind the player's do'

[The Game]
I'm still fresh like uhh, Impala uhh
Trey's young gun still ridin the bass, drum
(Sha) Four times plati-num
"Hate it or Love It," I'm still number - one
Still in the hood one hand on my gun
And my trigger finger still make bitches come
I mean the one with the ring in her tongue
Compton R., Kelly found her in the slums
Shakin that rump, both hands on her pumps
Send her home with me, I'll have your girl yellin UHHH
Kels my bitch drunk
But her two girlfriends still wanna have, fun
Pass the blunt, let her drink red rum
Bet she ain't never seen the penthouse at The Trump
Me and R. been around the world
And we'll give it to you just how you like it girrrrl

[R. Kelly]
Girl you on a mission
Up in the club, shuttin down competition
That way you walk it, talk it, switch it
And when the doors close handle yo' business
Now make your booty go
(Boom, boom-boom-boom) break it down now
(Boom, boom-boom-boom) bring it up now
(Boom, boom-boom-boom) push it back girl
(Boom, boom-boom-boom)

[The Game]
Kels you crazy [repeats]

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Game, The Playas Only Comments
  1. Antonio Woods

    That’s my jam yo!😎🔥

  2. William Robinson

    R Kelly is always surrounded by beautiful girls COOL😂😂😂👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  3. William Robinson

    Classic r&b song I forget how the game is a good rapper and how is looks like a bad boy a guy out of prison😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌💯💯💯👏👏👏

  4. Unique McCall

    Who still rocking this in 2020 January 🙄

  5. Charles Joiner

    Just imagine if Kelly wins his case he could never make music like this again.. Damn same... Always use your big head over your little one.

  6. Sezz- Bo

    Hate him but he's some bangers
    why cudnt u keep that, 🍆in your pants Kelly

  7. H DLT

    Idk after watching surviving R kelly...some of these lines make sense in an evil way ”I'd really like to get to know her the way she warms her
    Body up now she heated got me heated up
    I can find I really wanna beat it up” yeah we know you like to beat up women physically and emotionally

  8. Hope Burks

    R Kelly did amazing job like always 2020 forever brother

  9. Shawn Ba

    Class of 2020

  10. Jimmy Edwards

    The most playa of R&B history, R.Kelly

    LIL Lean

    free rkelly

  11. Theo Mann

    Blue looks good on game.

  12. David Makanani

    R Kelly killing it

  13. Reneejaguar Jackson

    Own 'Kells' can have 'The Game' on his video. 'Playa only' 'R.Kelly' ft 'The Game'.

  14. tina anderson

    A video on the ocean I ❤️ this groupies chases

  15. tina anderson

    R. kelly lived the rich life he made his $100,00,000 stay focused on what you got to do.

  16. wr513


  17. GloriousWings Research

    Hope R. Kelly Be okay. It's a mature sounds. Welcoming u to 2020, good luck ahead men.

  18. Sam London

    Thanks to Scott Storch for making this happen.

  19. Y A


  20. Gustavo Jaime

    R kelly a beast man them side affects come with this game homie aint noone perfect

  21. Brendon Titus

    November 2019 and i still going hard🔥🔥🔥💯💯👏

  22. YungPrinceybaybee

    Classic shit 🙏🏾🔥

  23. Blam Zere

    Like 2019

  24. Carlos R

    Rkelly a hitmaker

  25. LDI TV

    2:47 Zoragy nice car

  26. Vanilla Bumblebee

    I'm completely into trance and euro dance stuff, but this track I like a lot! That means something!

  27. Dane Robertson

    Ha... this was my ringtone! Kellz still get play in 2019

  28. جمال صالح الصباحي

    هههههه الغبي انت واللي معاك .

  29. New York Pizza

    2020 we still lit.🔥

    LIL Lean

    he'll ya

    LIL Lean

    free rkelly

  30. Tiffany Maggitt


  31. Paul Taylor

    The black Charles manson.

  32. PEE A

    Free Kells asses 2019

  33. PEE A

    We here October 2019

  34. Jah Legacy

    Sick mind.... No wonder why he made sick hits ❗💯💯💯

  35. Matheus Legendas BR

    The Game estragou a música
    Sem o 50 Cent pra escrever pra ele
    Ficou um lixo

  36. teresahen

    Free Kellz mane smh

    LIL Lean

    @Jaye Santana u crazzy

    Jaye Santana

    @LIL Lean really? I'm crazy when he's guilty in all those charges and he won't be coming out anytime soon I'm crazy for speaking truth

    LIL Lean

    @Jaye Santana those were lies bro they just used man for money smh they gon wait untill he dead to say they lied about the cases that's what happen to Micheal Jackson that's what is happening to Bill Cosby when they die they gon be all sad because they missing the black people who helped them make money when Kelly die these females not gon have no money smh it's funny because he always been not guilty jusy like Micheal people wait untill Micheal died to say he did not really raped them like come on why would Micheal do that plus were tf was the parents at no were to be found smh I can go our and say Donald Trump rapped me and people gon help me because I'm a kid and he Donald Trump it's a shame other black people wanna see a black man fail and be broken down one day I hope to make a tv show called saving R Kelly Career because it's just not right so ya it is crazzy how if he did it why he not in jail for life shit is dum I can go on and on people switched up on rkelly took his money smh now man can barley afford to live any were he gets paid only 50$ to sing now and can't post bail shit crazzy
    free R Kelly before he die

    Jaye Santana

    @LIL Lean what you're saying doesn't make sense, your saying he didn't marry a 14 year old, he did molest sparkle niece, and mr. Biggs 14 year old, that's why bigg dropped him because he did him grimey on multiple occasions. And it does not matter about the money, he's guilty on everything, and as for Michael I didn't believe he touched those kids, and for Cosby those hoes wait til thirsty something years later to say he rapped them when they had that time to speak up, R. Kelly is guilty ok, he was rapping little girls, there's obviously tapes of it and the girls wouldn't lie to get money off of him. Before you talk, make sense and know your facts.

    Jaye Santana

    @LIL Lean and if they were lies why did he have to pay the girls and their parents to stay quiet... mmmmm... I wonder why? And for Aaliyah he married her at 14 so you can't possibly say that's a lie when there's proof of that

  37. Chris Burns

    This Trash!!

    LIL Lean

    u crazzy

  38. yeshuasaves13

    He used the same flow from his "How We Do" record.

  39. Rose Williams

    Can you imagine the songs he have in he has in his head now. Someone send him a kiddie drum set or kiddie piano.

  40. dschaydschee

    Minors only...

  41. Nekko Sihlahla

    Cant believe Game still took 50's flow after the shit he was talking about

  42. ANTON Komaroov

    Hate it or love it iam still number 1 lolol

  43. Kahin Ally

    Scott stroch killed the game the producer😁

  44. Nasty B


  45. Luis Sarinana

    Jimmy Marsh Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Luis Eric Sarinana Alejandro

  46. Shupikai Cumbers

    He is too talented but makes mistakes to date gold diggers. I can’t wait for him to be out of prison. I love this man he knows his music

  47. Luis Sarinana

    Ming Whitten Tailor Chozen Luis Eric Sarinana

  48. con sumer

    why cut?

  49. Jai Norman

    Kellz 💯👑 and always will always support him.

  50. Cliff Mcstark

    Students only!!!

  51. sunflower power

    Haters gonna hate that's how you know you are that one.

  52. A H

    Free R.Kelly

  53. Marcel Y.

    2005/2006 Netlog Models, gefälschte D&G Gürtel , pinke Polos, Truckercaps über die gemachte Frisur, Destroyed Jeans und Chucks in allen Farben

  54. Dany Audet

    R kelly should have said 《hope ya got your student card! 》 instead of playas😂


    As we speak R.Kelly isn't convicted smh

  55. dillan sibanda

    2019 it's still good music

  56. Jesús Jlo

    playas Onlyyy

  57. Haris Basias Music

    Scott Storch the hitmaker!!!

  58. Ambroise Anoh

    I like you Kelly

  59. Hope Burks

    R Kelly views going so high,God bless his heart.

  60. slimdeala4life

    I hope yall got your players cards... cuz yall aint getting in 0:04

  61. Danny.Dazzles

    just came across this song after totally forgetting about it! I loved it so much when I was younger! *downloading it quickly before R.Kelly gets muted*

  62. Eric Mwango

    Fire 🔥

  63. WhaChuWan

    Dont go peeing on her

  64. Cocoa Femme

    6/7/19. Party time.....SOLO!!

  65. DopeWeech

    lol game hit a lick with this verse

  66. queen Bitch Alvarez

    LOVE THIS SONG 💯💦 R Kelly❤

  67. Pau Gasolina

    idc if he raped little kids HE IS DA KING OF RNB

  68. killa khalid

    One of the most underrated song back in days

  69. Levi Lutchmansingh

    Feel like 106 & Park 2019 🔥

  70. Eric Mwango

    2019 Fire Baby!! Kell's and the G.A.M.E, haters eat a #DICK!!

    sunflower power


  71. Mara Botsinyan


  72. meatyhotpockets

    Still popping in 2019!!

    Mayovanex Rodriguez

    He'll yes

  73. mexia23

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this shit was hard

  74. Derrick McTerry

    Kells you the best

  75. Paulette Little

    I grew up in the intercity of new Jersey had a hard life I love r Kelly i seen what he been threw with i pray 4 him all the time 😍😍😍

  76. Hope Burks

    Game good in what do, God bless his heart

  77. Hope Burks

    R Kelly going to always be number one 2019 forever, God bless his heart

    Paulette Little

    Hope Burks yes he is I love him! those women all thought they were going 2 marry him! not!😅😄😁😁😀😃😃they crazy

  78. Runny kadjidja


  79. chris_brown_ #CMB

    Nostalgia 👌👏👏👏👏

  80. Inferno

    Haven't heard this song in ages love it.

    Paulette Little

    Inferno me 2 !!😅😄😂😁😀😍😍

  81. Marthe Nlend

    There is only one Kelly

  82. Hope Burks

    Dam R Kelly handsome gentalman, praying for you brother

    Paulette Little

    Hope Burks I know rite me 2 ! 😅😄😁😀😃😃

    LIL Lean

    @Jaye Santana u crazzy free rkelly

    Jaye Santana

    @LIL Lean naw crazy R. Kelly did touch those kids and he's ugly asf

  83. Hope Burks

    I didn't listen to this song for years, R Kelly, Game sounding good breaking down.

  84. Kathy L

    Sa xxss

  85. Laverdiere Mani

    T'es le meilleur r. Kelly impossible de te mute. Depuis le Cameroun

  86. T Streeter

    Well if they gave Game a card, I know I can get one.

    Paulette Little

    T Streeter u a player!!every woman nitemare !!😅😄😄😂😀😀😃

  87. Drama Lady

    Ohh sooo alt ...erinnerung nur Du und Ich auf der Tanzfläche ..wir waren einfach highlight....sonic/vloto zeit...😎😆

  88. Bryan Fury

    Just playas get to the Dark Room Baby

    Paulette Little

    Bryan Fury u need 2 stop!!😅😄😂😁😀😃😃

    Bryan Fury

    @Paulette Little Im sorry :D

    Paulette Little

    Bryan Fury thank you

  89. Nina Mitchell

    Hey kills I believe you did not do that I believe that you are a good person and did you respect women

    Paulette Little

    Nina Mitchell those women all want 2b the next mrs r Kelly!!😅😄😁😀😃😃 it ain't going 2 happen! hot tail young whores! it is what it is! pray 4 r Kelly

  90. Troy Crith ll

    God bless me 🙏🥋😍🏺

  91. Troy Crith ll

    Yeah I want to come out there on the boat with my ninjas

  92. Troy Crith ll

    It's me the game is that a violation yes it is pay me all his money r kellz

  93. Richie Pickett

    Kellz 2019 ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

    Leroy Williams


  94. Jo Mannish.

    Issa Chi Town playa and we keeping him........ If they touch Kells, we're burning the City down, on Goddddddd👿✔💯🎧🎧🎛🎚📀💿No🎓

    KC 2660

    Yeah, do that! My Kelz for life

  95. MarQ D

    Still Streamin in 2019 although R.Kelly was a well known Pedo for decades and not just in 2019.

  96. s c

    Love this so much