Game, The - Never Be Friends Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yeah yo I walk through the valley of death
vest on teflon now I'm approached In my hurricane sweats
black chrome on my shoulder, big wheel till It's over
he never got to see me put black chrome on the rover
readin your obituary, wishin we never met
so I wouldn't have to shed tears or wake up In cold sweats
lookin at this bottle of hennessy wishin you never left
wishin I chased your Monte Carlo down and gave you my vest
or better yet, I wish they never let you out
and I never got that phone call tellin me that you out
wish you never signed the release form
I wouldn't have to clear this sample
or use this track to say rest In peace for him
you wanted to know If Dre and Em felt you?
they did and before I could tell you somebody killed you
I feel pain for everybody whoever knew the real you
call Nas let him know I got a Ill Will too

[Chorus x2]
My nigga, If you look In the mirror
would you see things clearer?
my nigga who I live, who I live for
my nigga
and you know where you headed
do you know who you are
and why you do the things you do?
my nigga

[Verse 2]
Niggaz politicin' wanna know why I'm rhymin different
my best friend got murdered nigga my mind is different
If you ain't never spend no time In prison
you can't understand these bars or the lines I'm spittin
niggaz rilin' me up, lets go find the victim
I can't do It homie thats the reason shyne In prison
and through devine Intervention
10 plus years doing crime In the trenches
multiplied by the time that we spent In the kitchen
I'ts a life worth of hard livin
cuban cigar tippin, 12th grade ditchin
purple served by the jar sippin
If you lost a homie, you know freindship is God given
I done seen the church so much, you'd think I was born Christian
I done seen more dead bodies than a mortitian
seen niggaz In and out of county blues like they was born crippin
so I'ma keep on livin
cuz when I'm gone niggaz ain't gon do shit but fuck my bitch and pour liqour

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
What If you was me? and you had to sit through an entire funeral
while the pastor readin your homeboyz eulogy
I'm already dead, what the fuck you gon do to me?
keep talkin shit I'll empty my clip and G-unity
gimme a minute to say my grace with God
I see your face in the mirror
I came a long way to talk and tell you
your moms is missin you
your pops is missin you
just saw your baby pictures In your grandmothers living room
Face is missin you
homie Wink is missin you
thank God you left us memories and songs to listen to
Vale is missin you
the hood is missin you
let my son graduate high school, and I'ma come visit you
the world is missin you
Eminem was feelin you
Dre said he felt your vibe the little time he spent with you
pour the henny out cause he ain't here in the physical
they say real men don't cry but nigga I'm missin you

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Game, The Never Be Friends Comments
  1. Tyler Altieri

    2020 still here

  2. Coinkidink Fella

    Damn that pic of Game when he got shot at 00:50 is haunting

  3. forbidden coast

    Rip billboard aka 4 bent

  4. Savage Lifestyle

    Dedicate this to wack 100 nigga if u looked in the mirror c things clearer when u say the things u say makes not a real nigga my nigga

  5. Jim Jones

    Rip still listening in December 2019 Rip 4 Bent

  6. Killa Squad

    RIP to all my loved ones im coming to see yall again

  7. Rare Moon

    Whos beat is this?? This is the almighty

  8. Savage_Rez

    Fuckin love when classic rock gets remixed like this. This joints better than sing for the moment by Eminem.

  9. DOUTCH (b2b)

    still knocking N 2019 - 2020
    fav song he made Until he
    dropped west side

  10. TheCityofGod

    My nigga, if you look in the mirror, you can see things clearer, my nigga who I knew ...
    Do you know where you’re heading? Do you know who you are and why you do the things you do?

  11. Rizzy Nisar

    RIP IMY THE GAME miss you bro one day we will be together I.A until then rest easy

  12. Sleezy Guapo

    2019 we still here 🥀

  13. damutae612

    rest up Jay.... I love you bruh... 😔💔this shit fucked up.... 😞

  14. STR8- XQTIC


  15. Jayy Gunnz

    Still listening to dis in june 2019. R.i.p. to all my fallen soldierz.

    Jake Hynes

    Fuck yeah bro

  16. Smite Trash

    RIP derek M

  17. sberkleyscoop

    2019 but still bang this ever so often...I can go back to the time when I was banging this song in the whip on repeat

  18. bob brothis

    Cip j boy

  19. Count Money

    Niggas politicN wanna kno y im rhyming different..MY BEST FRIEND GOT MURDERD MY MIND IS DIFFERENT. #HurricaneGame #ChuckTaylor

  20. Tony Cervantez

    Since 2006 Knockin

  21. Gabe Segee


  22. kaykay wilson

    2019 anybody?

  23. youngmoney565

    Rip nipsey hussle 😢

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  26. 90's Kat

    Rest In Peace cuz.. Nipsey Hussle🙏

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    Man this song remind me of my dad. I miss that nigga. #LongLiveBluto🤟🏽

  29. Canadian Youtuber

    I like the original beat



  31. TmC Void

    Still slaps

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    The best rapper

  33. Jimmy Patriot

    The Game poured his heart and soul into this track. That's why I'll always have love for Game. #Ggggunot

  34. Dany 100

    Kould never b friendz.

  35. The Chef

    Billboard : "When he made it he came back and got me like he said he would" Games a true one

  36. June Bug

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  38. Eddy V

    2019 anyone?

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    Still slapping this in 2019

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    R.I.P. Shane Angel Williams 12/11/1990 - 12/11/2006

  41. Chris Mcdonald

    2019 and still going strong! This is Game at his best.

  42. Melvin Woods

    R.I.P. Tiny smiley b Inglewood Families 4 Life

  43. Melvin Woods

    2019 West coast

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    2019!!!! We could never be friends

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    Still Bumping in 2019

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    Remember being in high school watching the documentary DVD that came with the album this and Trae the Truth same thing different day birdman n lil waynes like father like son wss all I wss fucking with at the time all relatable reality rap at the time but the scene where Billboard 4Bent started spitting that verse/freestyle n kept spitting that hot lyrical gangster shit the game needed at the time I feel he would of been bigger than game like a nipsey or Kendrick status and all lyrical threat to whoever in the game don't call me a conspiracy theorist but I say it was illuminati and game got jealous knew his spot wss in danger n thru connections he made from being around FiF and Dre he took advantage of it took a 7-10 year oath sacrificed his closest friend go 20 million plus and almost 10 years fame album sales a name you have to mention wheneveryou bring up West Coast music

    jj e

    Know it's a long paragraph and if read to fast or incorrectly may not make sense and still might not if comprehended n but THINK DEEP TO SELF about it and it'll make ALL The SENSE IN the Trust like you do GOD

  49. International Jujuman

    Still here end of 2018.. soon to be 2019. Happy New years to yall and stay blessed bruddas 🙏🏾💯

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    Man this was dedicated to one of game best friends billboard

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    Bored, 😂 but I'm happy to be here I guess.

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    Never be friends 😤

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    This shits hard
    One of the greatest game songs for sure
    Game put it down when he came out

    Ełvíś Aårøn Prėsły Good ol Boy

    Juan Garcia yea cuz it’s Aerosmith dream on

  61. Ryo wazza

    Still listening this in 2018! Deep song and great sound!


    still love this shit ❤️ love tha lirycs,love this beat sampled from aerosmith dream on

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    Rip BILLBOARD 👌🏽

  64. salazarpeter

    I’m pouring liquor out cus you not here in the physical

  65. not available

    "Wanna know, why I'm rhyming different, my best friend got murdered nigga my mind is different"

    I've been comming back to this slap every now and then for like 7 years now, still goosebumps

  66. isaiah lewis

    Ima keep on livin because when I'm gone niggas ain't gonna do shit but fuck my bitch and poor liquor

  67. J Law

    Reminiscing good times with game on this one in high school lol

  68. BigDaddyM

    Remember when game put out classics...We had Pac back for a short period of time

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    One of the realest gangsta BILLBOARD in the Piru Nation RIP

  70. Garrett Jacus

    The best song game ever made

    Ełvíś Aårøn Prėsły Good ol Boy

    Garrett Jacus ikr dream on Aerosmith

  71. Westbound Promo

    billboard wouldve killed dah rap game by now r.i.p

  72. Ritchie Porter

    If You Dun Lost A Homie Then U Know Friendship Is God Given🙏🙏🙏This Song Remind Of My Big Homie Wild Nights Runnin Wild In East Oakland California

  73. Ed G

    One of the realest songs ever. RIP lil bro.. RIP Paul... RIP Frederman .. 90% of people don’t know what real friendship is like .. east side Compton

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    RIP Isiah County AKA “L” Looney Toon 2-28-1992 6-12-2012

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    RIP Billboard for real this fucked game up hard u can tell

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    original song is from aerosmith-dream on

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    Still rockin to dis 2018. From early 2000's r.i.p too the homies thats past and gone. Farrockaway nyc


    yes sir!

    W Hurndon

    Back when Game spoke from the heart


    Sean Kaine man I was 15 when this dropped. Chicago man.


    2019 listening in Romania

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  87. KRAZO G


  88. BigDaddyM

    Depressing ass track. But thats why its good

  89. DowleBFC

    It's a shame Game no longer makes music of this standard

  90. Carlos Kulato

    I always remember u fam, especially about 5 years ago I should of went with u to Vegas maybe I could of save you...😒love u Les-dawg 🖖🏼💪🏽

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    Shit still 1 of the hardest song songs I heard about a homie🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Ełvíś Aårøn Prėsły Good ol Boy

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