Game, The - Murder Lyrics

I don't see nothing, I heard you talking about it
Pull up with Stunna leaning in that Bugatti
No we ain't trippin', I know you ain't about it
But I got my nina, don't leave the crib without it
I don't see nothing, I heard you talking about it
Pull up with Stunna leaning in that Bugatti
No we ain't trippin', I know you ain't about it
But I got my nina, don't leave the crib without it
Murder, murder
Murder, murder
Murder, murder
Murder, murder

I got choppers on that South Beach
That pistol talk when your mouth leak
Got a black Impala on Collins nigga
Got a Glock in air, standing in the back seat, I'm wildin' nigga
Long money, fuck a rubber band
On a paper chase, I do the running man
Stealth black chopper with the infrared beam on
50 round drum, if I run out of bullets, hit a nigga with the nina
Better hit a nigga with the scope
Bet he won't talk with his back on the rope
Floyd Mayweather with the chopper
When a nigga get to choppin' put a razor blade at a nigga throat
I don't fuck with no scared niggas
I never did and I never will
Let the Glock go bang, now you Kurt Cobain
Knock a nigga right out of real

I don't see nothing, I heard you talking about it
Pull up with Stunna leaning in that Bugatti
No we ain't trippin', I know you ain't about it
But I got my nina, don't leave the crib without it
I don't see nothing, I heard you talking about it
Pull up with Stunna leaning in that Bugatti
No we ain't trippin', I know you ain't about it
But I got my nina, don't leave the crib without it
You shinin', we shinin'
You timin', we timin'
You grindin', we grindin'
We got cash money and diamonds
You shinin', we shinin'
You timin', we timin'
You grindin', we grindin'
We got cash money and diamonds

Take a nigga back to Compton and chop a nigga body up
Take a trip to East LA and chop a new Maserati up
Take my black Bugatti, [?] on green leaf
Then hit Crenshaw doin' 300, nigga Chief Keef
Ridin' down Crenshaw, stuntin' with my bitch though, ballin'
I'm from Compton, she from Watts, but we both got pistols
Blowin' trees with the top down, word to YG
If you don't want a problem motherfucker, why speak?
Niggas kill my nigga Puff, tell them niggas drop me
Keep two K's in the back, shotty in the front and the chrome side beach
No disrespect to the Dogg or the city Long Beach
But I'm the king out here, motherfucker on me

I don't see nothing, I heard you talking about it
Pull up with Stunna leaning in that Bugatti
No we ain't trippin', I know you ain't about it
But I got my nina, don't leave the crib without it
I don't see nothing, I heard you talking about it
Pull up with Stunna leaning in that Bugatti
No we ain't trippin', I know you ain't about it
But I got my nina, don't leave the crib without it

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Game, The Murder Comments
  1. Victoria Pastrana Ramos

    Can you do a part 2 please

  2. Alex Rice

    Red drink prevents death

  3. reneelhall


  4. Few Hack

    No he halps you not die of age

  5. Tracy Timmins

    Drink red stuff

  6. House Central

    the king looked at the picture and the picture was you having a knife a trying to stab the king

  7. Lumberjack king the great

    F in chat for flash. Player

  8. Lumberjack king the great

    Where were you when flash kill .. me outside with my family at new year's not knowing what flash kill was then learning a couple days later not eating Doritos because my mom is broke when video plays flash is kill ... Me nooooo

  9. Denis Pithshepole

    I see the butt In the dungeon because I can’t see his

  10. Laverne Perry

    Dang it I hate you I like the worse you’re killing the king what you might do that you knew my go to jail

  11. Mauricio Rodriguez

    10:15 what’s the song called?

  12. Ragha Hadi Kareem

    Uhhhhhh what 😑

  13. RinRin _ hi

    Cowee face

  14. Xulha Ek

    I don't know what to say but I WANT THAT GAME

  15. Twin -it

    Once I played this game and got more that 20-30 skeletons they were covering the whole room

    Twin -it

    There was no room for mor skeletons.

  16. Dawn Rea

    yo mama so evil she poisons you if you don't eat

  17. Simon Iburg


  18. D22

    the bar IS your age.i cant believe you just put Alfred in the dungeon!!

  19. gayette Eliseo

    Dont ignore alfred because he give infinite life when the bar runs out you will die

  20. Ian Jr Cayao

    When your bar is gone you can't age anymore so you will reach the throne

  21. Foolish RYThm

    I think there is a ending where you only follow the starter king till he gets to his throne

  22. Milli Lewis

    How you start that game on mobile?

  23. Alicia Kanayurak

    I’ve played this game before

  24. Colton Rance

    Could be 20 miles

  25. beefboss boy

    Redline is bad when it goes down he's stopping it so it stays up to you or the king forever

  26. beefboss boy

    The guy that gives you the red stuff and takes it away is good

  27. Bravo Stanley

    do not go to king kong

  28. rose`s animations

    NO he resets your bar so you can live longer

  29. Dàniel György

    That wasn't a throne counter, it was a life counter

    Morris Albert

    speakin of counter strike

  30. Daniella Alifano

    why is their blood?

  31. Guestplays

    I notice there’s more bodies now

  32. Tabea Game´s

    Therea another ending where you LIVE but you gitta survive as king and actually DRINK from the butler the red drink or ekse you gon die of old age

  33. AULIS A.O.T


  34. AULIS A.O.T

    4:10 DENY

  35. John Muniz

    Someone will poison you

  36. Jordy Chimichangas

    The person named Alfred the bar is your old life so if you if it ends then you die so let Alfred give you the drink

  37. EMIR_PLAYZ 2011

    2019 peeps? No need to like just reply:)

  38. theskullrepiper

    the dode was given you that red dranke so you won,t get old and die so you can finch the game

  39. Davion Palmer

    I like the ending when you are playing scary games and there's DXE Sonic and Freddy and and Slenderman and also I forgot his name oh yeah Jeff the Killer he kills himself a lot you just doing like that yeah but the rest of this movie is terrible it's absolutely terrible I hate you hate you all the games you play but you really good sometimes sometimes you're just awful you just completely turn for the worst gamer in the history of worst and good Gamers between good and bad Gamers even on the naughty list if there was Heelys you would even be between to go to bed that's how bad you are a games if there is Santa Claus even if there is any of them highly doubt it still back to you you are terrible no one likes you say just like it when you play games when when you don't get it he would send like they like it they don't they hated the hated that hate you that's why I'm going to put a thumbs down on your movie well episodes but yeah I'm going to put a thumbs down and you will be sorry for ever that you didn't notice that he's helping you idiot you can follow the first guy that you kill to his destination when he died and then you can just do is likely what he did Young Forever you hear me you could have stayed the young forever just that red potion they come from Alfred and you could have reached to your throne while dying and I could have been good could have been great I couldn't even be doing this could have just been saying wow you are a great gamer thank you for this great movie and I could have just said all the other games that you said was bad a little or kind of good but no you just have to throw it all throughout the window but because of you no one likes your movies your games that you play are you the only like the games when someone else play him like someone that's good someone that actually knows how to play it and it just turned off what I said was as soon as I thinking we're it's printing 10 minutes before it actually Prince so yeah it's doing it again stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it why are you so ugly okay works it works okay it still works I hate you so much

  40. Davion Palmer

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 27 28 29 30 35 36 37 10000 mm to m 10 million 10 million numbers 10 million and 1000 numbers I'll come on just turn into numbers already okay I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done I'm done well wow wow wow why why why come on come on come on I'm so angry angry angry so stupid so ugly shush up I hate you first child Aaliyah shut up for 50 years the first time when the lyrish up for 10 million and thousand years

  41. Davion Palmer

    Vavoom truly an idiot

  42. Davion Palmer

    The bar is your life that's why you need Alfred Are you rude explain this no just go through my other two but now there's three because of you and asking questions and stay and stuff I hate you so much of course I was liking you were even older than the first guy that you killed I couldn't take anymore of you being stupid dumb not even recognizing things not even seen them and when you see them and you think it's bad what's wrong with you you have literally died way too much and know every time when you see something that happens to your bar you think that it's bad yeah some of the things is bad the green juice and you got to make sure that they don't kill you and you got to get through the whole entire castle and then you need to get to your throne and then you'll finally get to the ending but no you just an idiot I know you're just an idiot wow it actually got all the way through and yes I'm still angry at you you stupid ugly ugly idiot idiot

  43. Davion Palmer

    Use a good person and he did do something to your bar how did you just notice that I don't know why put on the other message that I you do eat the words wasn't appearing when I was done talking you are stupid idiot that was the most of it and also jacksepticeye PewDiePie DanTDM those were the names that I give to you damn TDM from Diamond Minecart and jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie I really hate him still but I like his Minecraft thing and if you ever see PewDiePie tell him that I figure out how tell him that I figured out how to bring back is dead horse and his dead sheep number to Rainbow sheep I can bring them back you can all you need is Bones Rotting Flesh and you know those things that you get from cows other than meat will you need those from horses just bring 10 just bring up just bring a lot just bring all of the ones that you can hold in one box yeah tell him that photo shoot the same thing but with the wool and so the name tag the mudding and low sodium rotten flesh need all of those just bring them all in one box like all of them in one box and also all of them and also all of the and you're also going to get all of the mutton one box and also all of the wolf in one box and also all of the rotten flesh in the in one box as well and then just put it all where his greatest then he will come back and then put a lot more skin there was it just the thing that comes from cows and horses and forks the seat also put oh little bit more more wool as well because you need more wall and then they will be back this would make the names and put water soup where he belongs

  44. Dalton Bradley

    The red drink is good

  45. April Lawson

    u have to drenk the red stuff or u will die when u get to the end

  46. Martin Tellez carrera

    Yo the one is a good one he freezes your age so you don’t die

  47. Carson Gauthier

    How did THIS game, of all games Dlive has played, become his third-most popular video?

  48. Carson Gauthier

    He did the undying ending of this game at the end of his "The Murder of King" video.

  49. Erin Letcher

    OOF someone already said what I said

  50. Erin Letcher

    the dude with the drink that affects the bar is GOOD because it stops you from dying of old age

  51. DraCommics •


  52. Michelle Waters

    The drink guy is a heth guy

  53. Audrey Noriega

    The reason of that king not looking at you is because your cumputer is glitching.

  54. Saul Barrantes

    Yea that red drank is good it does not make you old so you can not have a heartattack

  55. Eli kachtan

    Can you look at my videos it’s called Eli Kachtan

  56. Katela Sanders

    It’s on agame

  57. Katela Sanders

    I played that game before

  58. Gacha Jay

    *get out of her kawii jester*

  59. Amir the savage

    The drink gey. Is good because it dosin make you old....

  60. Grayson Rice

    You have to drink the red drink

  61. chelsea bell

    Remember that guy that gave you a drink not the one that gave me the poisonous drink the one that toke away your bar well he cleared your old age so your wanted him to give you a drink

  62. MsMchoob MsM

    Dude the red drink was actually a potion to make him back to normal not old anymore

  63. Derrick Bosques

    COBY lmao throws in the guy lol 😂

  64. Anna Schmidt

    Go to the dungeon it immediately LOL

  65. Nate Bascombe

    No Alfred is good

  66. Ian And YTP

    Hey! Give Me Some “SPACE”! Don’t “MURDER” Me! 0:00

  67. Brianna Barwick

    I played theis game the game the scrit ending you haft to stay the hope game

  68. Aspie Film Guy

    4:09 was not expecting that

  69. Nathaniel Taylor

    Dlive being dumb and reomoving help and dyes in the end

  70. LucarioGuardianDuke 1995

    Maybe it’s just a glitch

  71. Tenya Iida

    He goes to his throne and he wears his crown with the sword he killed the first king with

  72. Tenya Iida

    There's another ending to the game

  73. Chayce Jones

    Red good green bad

  74. Kawii furry Gamer

    OMG DUDE THE DRINK MAKES U AGE LESS BURH >:^ I hope u feel same for the poor guy u threw in jail

  75. Regina Johnson

    That red stuff was medicine because if you just take him to prison you will die.i played the game me.

  76. Regina Johnson

    Have you seen when his eyes moved you could have known he would caught you. Just saying 😊😊😊

  77. greenjay 9046

    Having no bar is good!

  78. mix maks

    That guy with the red drink will stop you from being old so he saved your life f in the chat remeber him for many centrues

  79. 1,000 subs with a few vids

    3:36 my guy is a nutcracker

  80. Leilani Mcdonald

    *Infinite Hallway*

  81. Alexandre Macedo

    2019 he gives you good drink that takes away your bar so you wouldn't die because as you're walking I see your hair in the game it's like getting wider White so yeah and also you were growing a beard in the game which means you're getting too old and then you're going to die but the guy is giving you a good drink so you won't die

  82. radwa soliman

    Your stupid

  83. Leo HarmadyBrom

    The one the red drink last longer so you don't need to be old and dead

  84. Ly Cast

    I played that game on pc

  85. The UNOWN bendy The unownest / gore door studios

    The guy for the feed of mouthahye

  86. jayjayson

    7:51 freezing your bar is good because if that bar runs out you die

  87. Martin Guest

    You idiot a help to stay alive dummy

  88. jkiing


  89. Dominic Suarez

    1:15 NLE CHOPPA

  90. FireFame

    The guy that give you the drink it ceeps you form dieing of old age

  91. Tamara Williams

    Hey if you closer when "apreahed" gives him a drink he is getting old than when he drinks it he turns young again until you die

  92. joe clayton

    one of the kids was like what the fuck

  93. Russell Green

    Alfred made you younger so you can live through the game more longer

  94. 7867zak

    When he freezes your bar thats good man

  95. Jordy Chimichangas

    Hey you're great YouTuber but the guy who features your bar do not send them away that's her health so if it runs out then you're not going to the king so he freezes your boss so he can stay alive she keep on playing so little ugly the drink the guy with the red drink not three like that killed you keep the guy with red drink AKA Alfred

  96. Liam Khanthavongsa

    The red drink is good because you become young again