Game, The - Moment Of Violence Lyrics

[Jon Connor:]
Yeah, yeah
Let me talk my shit
Nigga, this that 90 miles per hour on the freeway, nigga
This that motherfucking black hoodie shit, my nigga

[The Game:]
Now we been baptized in a gunfire
These cops round here too motherfucking one sided
They fucking liars
Every time I hear these motherfucker's sirens blaring
I wanna put something through that badge
Hollow tips in your power steering
We say fuck cops and then them gun shots
All night we ducking them buck shots
We hear pop-pop! Nigga hop-pop!
You ain’t strapped then homie why the fuck not?
Hearing guns cock, we hear one shot
It's a moment of silence for the whole block
Cause when one of us gone, it's like we all gone
Fuck that, yo I'm ready to fight!

[King Mez:]
Cause I'm so tired of this same old shit
Feeling like I ain't got not rights
Every time I turn around them red and blue lights
Always fucking up my night
And me wanna load up and put all you pretty motherfuckers up in my sight
All up in my sight

[Hook - The Game (Jon Connor):]
You done fucked up now
You done crossed that line
Wait till I come back
Ima bust that nine
Y'all thought that shit was fine
Till that shit go (braow!)
I done lost my mind
Niggas is bout to find out
(Somebody gone die tonight)
Fuck the police
Shit, fuck the police
(It's about to be a silent night)
All this blood on the streets man, fuck the police
(When that crowd ignite)
And unite like "Fuck the police!"
(better hug yo wife
Man fuck yo life!
Payback, payback)

I done lost my fucking son because of this bullshit
Now I'm at the pulpit because of what I did with that full clip
And the judge and the jury, so fucking full of shit
Do you know how many times
These mutherfuckers try to pull this shit?

[The Game:]
And it's fucking murder
Hide behind your badge and get away with it
Thought it was protect and serve
But half the time that's really not the way it is
But you niggas got it coming
And you so outnumbered
It's bout to be a cold ass summer


And I'll be on my knees
Praying for the day
That you remember me
You'll come back this way

And who's gonna love me now, ay
Oh daddy why'd you let me down, down
Oh did you forget I was your flesh and blood
I need you to remember me

Ooh praying for the day
Cause Mama couldn't raise no man
And though she do the things she can
Every woman needs a helping hand

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Game, The Moment Of Violence Comments
  1. Uday Thambimuthu

    Amazing track, the hard beat is the best part but the ending aint no slouch

  2. Karl Halsey

    Ok. If this was bumped on a loudspeaker in major cities at the same time we would see an uprising like no other. 🔥 🔥.

  3. Karl Halsey

    Man this song moves in a dangerous way... RIP to all those MURDERED BY THE POLICE.

  4. Rico Chills

    Bumpin this shit rn

  5. panama MCWB

    I swear I'm gonna go live in my car



    goddamn hipsters....

  6. troll face 69

    Follow the law.

    Jackt 220


    Tony Blowmo

    Follow deez Nuts 🥜

    jimmie t

    Follow the law Gods but not mans law

    Karl Halsey

    What law??

  7. Matiu N.z Te purei #113

    Dope track

  8. X-Phaze

    Who sings at the end??

    Attila sulics

    elijah blake

    Angel Herrera

    That’s Justus or “JT”. White boy from Dallas, TX


    Best part of this track.

  9. negative raDius

    Fuck the police. They don't care the young black male. There agenda is to destroy the young black male. Fuck Donald Trump

    Mark Jones

    massdstruction760 it ain't Trump every politician a mark.... look at all the killings started during Obama terms president ain't shit the big business been ran by slave owners since America begin it ain't one man's fault it's the entire mind state of the us government and the corporation that owns the government want to go after those who don't give fuck but the lower classes get at wall street

  10. Ray Baker

    Damn this is so slept on

  11. Champions141

    Real Shit