Game, The - Gutter Lyrics

Let me walk through a day inside the dope spot
Bullet proof cars like the pope got
Fingers knockin' at my door, 6AM
I hope not
That shit be fuckin' with the business when the stove hot
Well look at me in the kitchen with the stove top
Ziplock bag, distribution to the whole block
Shit the whole city
We got the Paris Hilton, make your nose pretty
Make them fat hoes skinny
You got the smoke, we supply the chimney
Then we on the porch sippin' Mickeys like I know Minnie
Bitch lookin' for mollies? Tell her I got plenty
I'm in that cherry red Chevy right outside Denny's
You know me, lowkey
Window cracked and he blowin' that Ashton Kutch
Like he macked Demi
You gun talkin'? See that black semi
Blood spillin' blood on them black pennys nigga that's gutter

Gutter, gutter
Nigga that's gutter
Gutter, gutter
Keep it gutter

Guess that's my mind frame
Niggas can't kill me cause they ain't tryna find Game
Even if they was I'm at the Staples, Louboutin frames
Feet on the wood, nigga I could trip Lebron James
I keep it hood
Bandana with that bang bang
Red rag .45, that's the same thing
I take the same route home in the same lane
Same car, same nigga, just the fame changed
I walk around like I never heard the same Game
Watch Menace To Society but caine caine
Then I became king leader of the chain gang
Still park my Rolls Royce and hop back on the same train
Then hop out on the same street
Where the dealers and the fiends eat
Where the killers and the everything in-between meet
Get your face covered with that white sheet
That nigga died over Twitter beef
Tryna keep it gutter

Tryna keep it gutter
Keep it gutter
Tryna keep it gutter
Gutter, gutter
Nigga that's gutter

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