Game, The - Greystone Lyrics

[Verse 1: The Game]
Wake up in the morning feeling like a G
Got them number fours on my feet
And the Lakers just beat the Heat
Clippers beat the Knicks, think it's about to be a good week
Yeah I'm rich forever, you know I got them good seats
Now let's hit up Greystone, get our fuckin' Ace one
Know I'm in the VIP, throwin' back straight 'tron
Goons with me 'case we gotta get our fuckin' ape on
Nigga playin' Superman, better have that cape on
My niggas pop up outta nowhere, State Farm
But I'm cool in [?], play them Drake songs
And bring it back to the west side, play them "A" songs
Cause little mama know, we're only in here for one night...
A week though, and watch out for them wolves
Dressed up in them sheep clothes
And she don't really club, but I bet that ass a freak though

[Hook: Sam Hook (The Game)]
We're only in here for one night (a week though)
We're only in here for one night (I said a week though)
One shot of Goose, one shot of 'tron
One shot of Goose, one shot of 'tron

[Verse 2: Fat Joe]
Round of applause, baby make that ass clap
You know your man he a fraud, I gotta have that
She want a bodyguard, I'll be her New Edition
She pray for Louboutins, must be her True Religion
Now I'm lookin' for Taraji and somebody with a body like China
China? The one from King of Diamonds who designed her
I call her Barbie, pink Ferraris on her birthday
And I'm a make sure every day is like the first day
She want another round, fuck her to another round
I don't just beat the pussy, I runs it to the ground
Every day another girl and another town
I don't just beat the pussy, I runs it to the ground


[Verse 3: Young Chris]
Sunday night, Grey Stone, neck full of gray stones
Staring at the crowd, trying to see who I'm a take home
Game said "straight 'tron, " I be on that champagne
Bitches all around us, trying to watch us do the damn thang
Shouts out to Joey Crack, chicks like, "oh he back"
Welcome to my house party, OG, roll it back
Blow it if he showin' that, keep a few loaded gats
Bitch niggas showin' out, real niggas notice that
California lifestyle, fuckin' with my nigga Chuck
[?], Young Chris, nigga what, all we know is get to it
Stack high live it up, fuckin' with that Grey Stone
Everybody get 'em up, yeah


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Game, The Greystone Comments
  1. Bobpf66

    Young Chris killed it.

  2. Manuel Diaz

    2022 still banging this joint 🔥

  3. Oliver Hernandez

    Song wack

  4. M.v.88

    2017 still bumping this!

  5. D33 M1NU$

    #My  downlow monsta beat/i refuse to share it's to original for that.

  6. La Shawn Jordan

    i agree with game is seriously the greatest alive rapper

    rayshawn howard

    La Shawn Jordan i agree it's sad that he's not winning no Grammys for he's great music Hip Hop it's totally dead now you got all these new rappers out right now and they can't even rap like that and they win Grammys so yeah hip-hop is dead that's just my opinion

  7. C Blizzy

    Game is seriously the best rapper alive. Great shit.

    rayshawn howard

    I mean after Tupac yes some people don't think so I mean not every song is fire from game and I'm pretty sure that goes for every other rapper out there you're not going to like every song from your favorite rapper I'm pretty sure Tupac and Biggie had a couple of songs people didn't like

  8. NasDollars1

    best rapper better believe or die

  9. tim buysschaert

    best nummer of the mix tape

  10. koerie16

    westwest yall

  11. Tanzz XRP

    First comment bitches... alls this comment is gunna say is, GAMES KING BITCH!