Game, The - Fuck Your Feelings Lyrics

[Intro - Game:]
Me and Tune just got two twin Ferraris
(Like fuck ceiling )
Two ounces in my double cup
(This shit gone kill me)

[Bridge - Lil Wayne x5:]
Fuck your feelin's, fuck your feelin's, nigga fuck your feelin's

[Verse 1 - Game:]
Yo, bitch, I signed my section point, I'm with them niggas (yeah)
Is that Drizzy bitch? (Yeah)
I'm with Nicki like (Yeah)
And these bitches be tellin' they niggas I'm crazy
Don't fuck with that nigga, he went at Jay-Z
Then he went at Curtis, now he Patrick Swayze
Every night I got your bitch in my section
I do it at live and I do it at toxic
Do it at supper, I do it at dream
No we ain't at Houston, but I got that Rocket, go!
And I'm feelin' nice, somebody mixed my pills right
And I'm gettin' all this money, and its fucked up Trinidad lost his deal right
No Ceilings! Got the drophead for my children
Dr. Dre just made a billion!
And he sent me to tell all you niggas man

[Bridge x5]

[Verse 2 - Chris Brown:]
Any bitch that I'm with, she just hop in the whip and she get in the grave
Pimpin' is pimpin', I make a commission, they die pussy, pay
My dick like a chopper, I load it then cock it then bust on your face
We know that you pussy my nigga, we know that you ain't catchin' no fades
Bulletproof windows is tinted, my nigga, while all your shit rented
You should rent it from me cause I crash as soon as I spin it
That's why they bring all the bitches
Don't bump the DJ my nigga
You really care 'bout this bitch
My dick all up in your sis

[Bridge x5]

[Verse 3 - Game:]
Started with documents
Reincarnated Pac and Big
How do you think I got your bitch?
I am 2Pacalypse
Got more winners than Popovich
Yeah my bitch will pop a bitch
Pull up like Skrr
Now your bitch out her skirt
I made her twerk
Now she selling my work
Started with Hannah Montana hoes
Now I'm fuckin' all of Nick Cannon hoes
I made her go down down baby
But I don't speak no country grammar though
I got the antidote
I know some Fu-town niggas that'll bust your head like cantaloupe
You pull out your camera my cannon blow
2014 Hannibal
Lil nigga

[Bridge x5]

[Outro - Lil Wayne:]
I fuck yo bitches, fuck yo bitches
Fuck yo niggas, nigga, fuck yo niggas
Soo Woo!

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Game, The Fuck Your Feelings Comments
  1. Ali Nehme

    Lol he said fuck your feelings like 30 times just to make sure he got his point across lol

  2. C. Len

    Fuck dem feeling shit! My anthem!

  3. steph Hawk

    October 15 2019 On repeat!

  4. Martinez Nadia

    Anyone 2019

  5. Yagirl36 B

    2019 this shit still screamin out my speakers :*

  6. Langton Imedi

    2019 here

  7. kendriauna hawkins

    Only real niggas listen to this shit

  8. Naor Moreira

    still bumpin

  9. smoker tune

    This song is crack! 2019 bitche

  10. Lunganj Mtetwa

    2019 who's still with me 😎

  11. KAYNT Pro

    здарова славяне, кто из 2019?

  12. Tayfun Y

    Chris Brown's Part 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Gidi Gidi

    how tf this aint blow????


    Gidi Gidi good question

  14. Michael

    This shit gon kill me.

  15. salazarpeter

    Fuck your feelings .. Amen

  16. Robert Haworth

    Every song on this album goes hard

  17. Bill Ratchet

    Listen to this song if a female ever gets you in your feelings and it will make u feel great I promise

  18. Social Savings

    4 year's later who still bumpin this 😎

    kaleb rae

    @Social Savings ME the game is my shit

    Aaron Snyder

    Bout to be 2019 play boi!!!!!!

    Murat Yolcu

    Me my niggah

  19. Kathy Grom

    Game smashed this shit real rap

  20. That Nigga Dustskii

    Fuck yo feelings

  21. Snake Pliskin

    Best game song ever lol still slap this took me back a few years

  22. mark hunter


  23. Mr. Sausage Fest

    Well this song makes its message pretty clear. I think I'll go somewhere I'm more appreciated now...

    Noc Seti

    🤣 🤣 🤣

  24. Lionel Griffin

    son yall bitch about. song stfu n fuck yo feeling

  25. NayNay Blaq

    fuck yo feelings rns!!!

  26. Top Fox

    💧💦💦💦💦fuck ya feelings

  27. King Diizzyy

    nigga fuck yo feelings

  28. Danyel Jefferson

    this is my shit

  29. Flame


  30. Bigdickgenius92


  31. stacey vela

    Fuck you feelings

  32. Queen Baker

    this the shit

  33. Blue loyalty

    The Game Is The Greatest Rap Artist In The World Of Hip Hop Rap Music
    Fuck Yo' Feelings
    Is The Best Rap Song By The Game

  34. Jena McCoy

    I love the sog

  35. Christopher Fischetti

    This what I wanna say to everyone

  36. Abuchi

    Straight up the whole song is just lil Wayne saying fuck yo feelings

  37. Tacoreyan Allen


  38. Elijah Kelley

    Fuck Yo Feelings by Rap Artist The Game and In My Feelings by Rap Artist Kevin Gates Peep That $Hit Out

  39. Killian Hogan

    lil Wayne sounds like Ace hood in this its savage!! XD

  40. Donald Steward

    the game fuck yo feeling this shit do go hard hell yeah love this song too death yup

  41. Latroy James

    Bardia background music is so good I have no clue who they were in the morning to all the best way for a few years ago quite good and bad times and the other hand the whole time in my room and my friends are so many times

  42. J86I

    fuck yo feelings tho smh

  43. josh bermudez


  44. Travon Meadows

    this shit goes fucc who dnt like it lol

  45. the kid

    yio das spitin fire

  46. Brad Smith

    Lmao everyone like I hate autotune, this is like probably the first song that game has done with autotune excluding the ones with future, if your rating this song yeah it's not brilliant because it's repetitive but games lyrics again are on point, 2008 to around 2011 he weren't straight but this latest album shut you all the fuck up

  47. William Hundley

    Dare anyone to count the # of times used in less than 3 and half minutes lol


    75 give or take a few, just from

  48. PrankMemes

    If only tune had a verse :(

    Ryan Fisk

    Who's tune?


    @Ryan Fisk Tunechi as in Wayne


    He got the hook

  49. Haven Burrell

    lol i play this song every time my friends be fighting about stupid shit and tryin to bring me in it I'm like nigga fuck y'all feelings

  50. lavar lavar

    the game like 9th best rite now who agrees facts rite their

    Lionel Griffin

    hand. dlwn

  51. Taret Terat

    Fuck Autotune

  52. Kyle Twist's Gaming

    I feel like the music industry has gone downfall because some people Can't Use Auto Tune right make a #1 Hit Single

  53. XDranzer000

    what is the sound at around 0:18 called? It sounds like a very melodic drum/bass sound and damn it's on nearly every hot trap songs ! That thing is dope !

  54. King Carl

    No Fuck this song

  55. Capreshia Price


  56. K Mandalenakis

    Game went 100 - 0 real fast. Funny how in 2004 i thought this nigga would become a legend.

    Almighty Rapaholik

    @Johnny Mav IKR LOL

  57. Natalie E

    My shit.

  58. Kizzy Butler

    Fuck yo feelings! $$

  59. PuppiCorn

    Okay,I get it already lil Wayne Godamn

  60. Mellafluious Music

    Game killed that last verse

  61. Jafar S.

    Nice hook

  62. Joelle Ryan

    Valentine's 2015 anthem..,

    Duce Vasquez

    Right! Lol

    Ryan Fisk

    That right haha.

  63. Mellafluious Music

    I understand why some people might dislike this track.
    I dont likr chris brown or wayne and the stupid auto tune.
    But when it comes to lyrics game killed this song.
    Game isnt fallin off.
    Hes just featuring way to many wack rappers.


    omg this is AWFUL!! fuck you game! your epic mixtapes in the past was fucking RAP GOLD!!! now you shuttin shit down with this crap, FUCK YOU!

  65. Deyona Hampton

    Like lil wanye said "F**k YO FELLINGS

  66. shitozeruel

    Is this music? Hahaha wtf is this ? All i heard was "nigga" x 1000 haha

    Ryan Fisk

    I get it. Just because all that heard was the n word in the song, it's terrible.

  67. DJ Mexicano de TX

    Game - Fuck Yo' Feelings  Screwed&CHopped

  68. Nasir Jones

    str8 GARBAGE

    Tacoreyan Allen

    +Nasir Jones -Uhh no tf it's not Gar6aGe.

    Ryan Fisk

    It's actually NOT garbage, it's a really good song.

    Murat Yolcu

    str8 bullshit comment fuck yo feelings bitch

    Alan L

    Nasir Jones
    Fu** Yo Feelings!!!!

    Nick Esau

    Nas when the last time u had a good song 2002

  69. Bedside Productions

  70. Malcolm Ruckett

    Lmao can you people just listen to the music and stop fucking crying. Made this song specifically for you all. 😂 Fuck yall feelings

    ATC colleg

    You have to have feelings its only way to live this kinda weird laammee

    Gabe Lopez

    right fuck your feelings

    Gabe Lopez

    right fuck your feelings



  71. Marcus Prasad

    whats with all the auto tune Game?? leave that to lil wayne... 

  72. DuckTheWorld

    funny ass song

  73. DevonA Johnson

    Go hard

  74. Michael Oso

    what a sweet song.. I think this is a love song.

    Ryan Fisk

    It's might be. I'm guessing.

  75. Tyler Williams

    This song is a1 .. nigga fuck yo feelings

  76. Liza user


  77. Johnnie Murdock

    jesus christ are you fuckin' kidding??? from the documentary to this watered down, shitty ass bullshit?? what the fuck? the epitome of a bitch made sellout.

    Johnnie Murdock

    Fuck you, and this pussy ass song.

    Ϩhay ღ Bling

    Fuck Yo Feelings!

    kay Allman

    @Vladimir Kalashnikov FUCK ALL YO FEELINGS

    Johnnie Murdock

    @kay Allman
    Very fuckin' original. Clown ass nigga.

    Ryan Fisk

    Fuck yo feelings, you hater

  78. robert hernandez

    WTF. If Game thinks this could ever compare to the documentary(original)...he's on fucking crack.

  79. Viniqua Niqua

    Fuck Yo Feelingss
    Check it out

  80. qeqeq eqeqeq

    holy shit this is fucking awful LOL

  81. MR B

    i think Chris Brown had a decent verse in this track. Wish he woulda went in a lil longer

  82. MR B

    my favorite track off this album!

  83. golpe baixo

    Wayne is the king


    esse refrao do Lil wayne foi golpe baixo

    nobruminatti bruno 7

    golpe baixo Aí carinha me dá um Kung Fu aí

    remy denis

    golpe baixo No

  84. EightShots

    Best song on album

  85. Ryan McCulley

    i dont really mind this song but if anything like this is on the documentary 2 ill be pretty disappointed, really hope it can live up to the first


    This is a pretty old song, January 2012. Between RED and Jesus Piece release. This is a throwaway/leftover, expect it to be much better.


    @NewSongsRightNow Leftover? This club anthem? Daaaaaaaaamn... no this is my favourite song of the album and also no doubt one of my favourite Trap songs ! If they play this in a club I'd be singing and dancing everywhere !

    Ryan Fisk

    I agree.

  86. TheBluRayKid

    Rap has gone so down hill it's sad

    Brandon Paboucek

    No these guys have gone down, obviously you're not listening to good shit bitch


    TheBluRayKid explain g

    real talk with Jonathan Wilson Jonathan Wilson

    Go suck a dick bitch fuck yo feelings

  87. youarekino

    i hope the video will came song oct, 2014!

  88. Ivan Apodaca

    Hi, I am a 18yr Old Rapper.. Can you please check out my freestyle songs? Just Visit my youtube channel and tell me what you think. Thanks

    Davion Thornton

    i'm saying. ol' beggin' ass nigga get the fuck out of here!

    Ivan Apodaca

    Nigga if you dont like it den dont say shit!!!!

  89. crayzitalian3

    this song is so out of place after hearing the first 3 songs of the album

  90. wissem boukhili

    this song made say "fuck your feelings" to everybody

  91. El Don jr

    highclasss shit best song so far #fackyofeelings  

  92. Suga Shane

    Song would've been harder if lil wayne went in to

    ronnie childre

    He is in it there have a verse with Chris brown and WEEZY in the middle of the song

    Ryan Fisk

    Lil Wayne so should've had a verse in this song, instead of just doing the chorus

  93. AJ Rollins

    Shit goes hard

  94. earla dandrade

    This shit is tuff 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  95. NewSongsRightNow

    Game's "Fuck Yo' Feelings" song premiered here in full! The song features Lil Wayne & Chris Brown who both killed it! If you don't like it, Fuck Yo' Feelings!

    Ryan Fisk

    I'm pretty sure that everybody knows that both Lil Wayne and Chris Brown are both on this song AND that this song premiered in full here on YouTube.

    Skee Cinco

    +Ryan Fisk W

    Skee Cinco

    +Ryan Fisk W