Game, The - Dollar And A Dream Lyrics

[Intro - The Game:]
They say it started in the East where the apple was
But out West we be throwing them apples up
They say them Fruit Town niggas gon' ride tonight
They say them Tree Top niggas gon' ride tonight
They say them Grape Street niggas gon' ride tonight
They say them Bounty Hunter niggas gon' ride tonight
They say them 6-0 niggas gon' ride tonight
They say them Cedar Block niggas gon' ride tonight
Them 1-9-0 niggas gon' ride tonight
They say them Timberland niggas gon' ride tonight
They say them Campanella niggas gon' ride tonight
Who gon' ride tonight, who gon' die tonight
Started with a dollar and a dream
Started with a dollar and a dream

[Verse 1 - The Game:]
We did it for the West, motherfucker, like Kanye
Niggas get stretched out on [?]
Got three thousand stacks, I ain't talking 'bout Andre
I put it on your head, I ain't talking no toupee
See I stayed the same, ain't go weird like Lupe
Squeeze on his trigger like ain't no more toothpaste
(You ain't gon' do shit) Bitch, of course I is
You want this money, you gon' have to drive the course I did
I got that weight foundry, talking 'bout the Porsche out here
You in the nosebleeds, come down to where the cross-eyed is
How a nigga with a rojo rag end up in Soho
Bag, any bitch walking with a solo swag
You think you ballin' in that four do' Jag? Nah
In Tom Fords with a MK bag? nah
Give you a bird's eye view of the streets
Nigga, welcome to Compton, take you in Carson next week

[Hook - The Game:]
Started with a dollar and a dream and a pistol
On the corner rag hangin', slangin' crystal
I said you gangbanging let me see credentials
And when I pull this gun out you know how this go
Started with a dollar and a dream!
(Look at me now, look at me now)
Started with a dollar and a dream!

[Verse 2 - Ab-Soul:]
I was fathered by the bastards
Pardon my mannerisms
The Curtiss magnet that managed without the metal with him
How the hell I did it? I let God ad lib it
I put that on Leetwood, I ain't lying one sentence
Bitch, I started with a dollar and a dream
We went from helping old ladies with their groceries at Alpha Beta
For a couple quarters to a baby hustling something major
We had to grow up sooner or later, but
I'm so Del Amo, my mama still stay off Anna Lee
Carson across my belly, I prove you lost already
Roccett my big brother, Bishop let the door crack
Game took me on my first tour, now look where we at
In the studio getting paid to reflect on that
Documenting true facts
Not to mention this the Documentary 2 too
You do the addition in ballerina shoes
Enough with the clever raps, it's more important than that
I put my city on the map, nigga
Yeah, I really put my city on the map
I mean, when the last time you heard Carson on the track, nigga?
Let alone when they calling out stomping grounds on the West
I'll wait
Yeah, that's what I thought, I'm the best, nigga
This the new West, nigga, respect that
It's Top Dawg, all I'm missing is the red hat
But don't question what pocket I had left, my handkerchief
I'm guilty by affiliation, in many ways gangsta
But let me explain something, a paradox if you may
I threw all my fresh Supreme Chuck Taylors today
And then I got a call from Chuck Taylor, I'm saying
The game ain't changed, we still changing the game

[Hook - Game:]
Started with a dollar and a dream and a pistol
On the corner rag hangin', slangin' crystal
I said you gangbanging let me see credentials
And when I pull this gun out you know how this go
Started with a dollar and a dream!
(Look at me now, look at me now)
Started with a dollar and a dream!

[Verse 3 - The Game:]
My first album was a set up
I was the little nigga Pac was talking to
When he said "keep your head up"
Cause he knew what I would be facing after his demise
Jayceon had to pitch them pies, better life than flipping fries
I'm the one the Crips despise
Move the Yay or kiss the sky, for having dreams that 50 died
Eulogy by Mary Blige
Hopped up in that enterprise, had to stop a genocide
Went from underdog to watching Top Dawg and Kendrick rise
Now tell me can I testify, pull over trying to rest for 5
On a block, no tint on the Wraith left these kids mesmerized
They ask me how I did it, how I got it
Say I'm king you looking brolic
I put them weights down start practicing lyrical exercise
Tell me who the next to die, probably who the next in line
They got me babbling ghost cause I'm the illest one alive
That's word to Pac, Pun, Biggie, why I stand as my city
It's wise to run a train, you couldn't fuck with me
Ever since I saved my coast, it's been born again
If I ain't shit then who the king of California then?
Who could out-rap me?
Now think about if the same nigga you bout to say can run up and out-strap me, yeah
Out-trap me, yeah, out-gat me
I mean think about it, exactly
Speaking matter-of-factly I'm down playing that actually
Call me Game I ain't one still I get paid like an athlete
Do the math after the math, Doc two in the bag
Lived up to expectations, Dre took me first in the draft
Now who the fuck want what
Nobody survives so look alive when them Impalas in the cut

[Hook - Game:]
Started with a dollar and a dream and a pistol
On the corner rag hangin', slangin' crystal
I said you gangbanging let me see credentials
And when I pull this gun out you know how this go
Started with a dollar and a dream!
(Look at me now, look at me now)
Started with a dollar and a dream!

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Game, The Dollar And A Dream Comments
  1. Henry Calistro

    End of 2019.. fire

  2. Jace Johnson

    In the studio gettin paid to reflect on that 🔥🔥

  3. Sheraz Jutt

    Tupac Mafia New York

  4. Billy Reyes

    Who else is listening to this in 2019?

  5. Henry Calistro

    Bro the documentary 2 is legendary tracklist and features are fire

  6. hiiipower iii

    Ab soul outshined Game on this song no doubt. Soulo is underrated AF and probably the most lyrically out of the whole TDE

  7. bardan885


  8. Robert R. Woolridge

    It all started with dolla and a dreaaam

  9. mproductionsmusik

    That a fucking dope and smooth track here!

  10. kikayei

    I don't care about the lyrics, but the instrumental is beautiful.

  11. Eric Blair

    get dre on the phone quick ab soul killed me on my own shit


    Eric Blair nah

    Eric Blair

    @wobz somthing somthing name drop name drop somthing somthing

  12. kingzfan2000

    i need this instrumental

  13. Dalton Hamilton

    Best off the albumn

  14. Charlie Wingate

    Shout out to the loC

  15. Third Ear Planet Radio

    Ab-Soul killed it!

    Dumile Ntame

    Dope shit

  16. Abdikadir Hussein

    Why the fuck isn't j Cole on this shit

  17. S cell

    Rubbish song and whole album shit this nigga lost it.

    Bengal Rhyner

    You're trippin, this was his hardest album since he came out


    S cell dog you trippin this was a good abulm

  18. Enrique Sotelo

    lowkey the game is fire🔥 Hey just underated from other rappers

  19. Sean Bennett

    did ab-soul diss Clyde carson?

    Paul Dashit

    No Ab-soul is from Carson, California and there hasn't really been any big names from there since Ras kas I think

    Sean Bennett

    +Paul Dashit ahhh ok thanks alot man!

  20. Aaron Myrick

    why diss lupe though? i fuck with game but that wasnt smart.

    KiNG SaVaGe

    It wasn't a diss...

    Aaron Myrick

    I stayed the same; ain't go weird like Lupe.... sounds like a shot to me

    KiNG SaVaGe

    @Aaron Myrick Nope... Lupe did go weird, as far as social media goes (but for the right reason)


    you forget game got them classic diss tracks tho

  21. travion washington

    ''When's the last time you heard CARS-ON a track?" wow.

  22. Márcio Ventura

    fucking great

  23. Tariq Abdullah

    the moment you realize the Lupe mention...was that a dis...I can't decide...

    KiNG SaVaGe

    It wasn't a diss...... Lupe is "weird" lol (In a good way tho!)

  24. Luke C

    Who can out rap me?
    who can out strap me?
    who can our trap me?
    who can out gatt me?

    he's right to be honest!!!

  25. ThePostTube

    I love the album, but I think the Documentary 2/2.5 would've played better if the tracklist was only:

    On Me
    Dollar & A Dream
    Made in America
    Crewnshaw/80s & Cocaine
    From Adam
    My Flag/Da Homies
    Moment of Violence
    El Chapo

    “The Game aint changed we’re still changing the game.”

    Ionut Lupascu

    +ThePostTube the title track (The Documentary 2) also bangs


    @PseudoIsNice Not a fan of that one tbh


    @Jezza Jacks It's all subjective though. Shit, yr perfect version of the Documentary 2 would be different to mine, but I'm glad the albums were good anyway

  26. Demolish Noobs

    yall arguing about the game vs ab souls verse , can we just agree that chorus is fire ?!

  27. Chris G.

    People sleeping on this

  28. Rashaad Haines

    Lupe would eat this track up

  29. Aspiring Martian

    The beat is J Cole so I guess The Game went with the flow




    Best Soul verse in a while

  32. Erik Ramirez

    "In the studio getting paid to reflect on that" that's pretty meta right there

  33. VVVVV

    Bass line is on point.

  34. M Lopez

    Haters are going to hate sipping on h8er-aide. mad because a hood motherfucker from the hood got it made. Rep that shit Los Angeles Southern California. Game keep it real hommie.

  35. bignegro91


  36. Fightorflight31

    How the fuck you take a shot at Lupe?

  37. Pancho Villa

    They say them White Fence eses gone ride tonight
    They say them Clanton Varrio homies gone ride tonight
    They say them T Flats eses gone ride tonight
    They say them 18th st homies gone ride tonight
    They say them 38th street vatos gone ride tonight
    They say them East Side Longos gone ride
    They say them Compton Varrio 70 gone ride They say Florencia XIII vatos gone ride tonight
    Who gone ride tonight who gone di3 tonight?

    ES WF X3

  38. Bryan Curry


  39. calibusw

    Lovely production, lovely flow, dope track in its entirety.

  40. JM C


  41. Brooklyn Born Creative Agency

    Soulo Hoe

  42. Dwight Bamfield

    Need the instrumental

  43. Z winn

    the game and ab soul are such good artist

  44. I KnowEverything

    soulooo, man, i always tought im the only one who thinks absoul is an excelent rap, looks like im not online, Soul is dope damn! he my top 2 on TDE, but sometimes its get hard to choose between him and kendrick

  45. MagicMarshN80

    Here for soulo

  46. andrew price

    B^oy TDE is the West''' #c\/Khuc\/KTown B^ound #Kharleston

  47. Sanchez Escobar

    Chuck killed da midwest beat

  48. Demilade Bakare

    What's Ab-soul doing these days smh..

    Kenon Lattimore

    Lol These Days...

  49. Dennis Wells

    niggas is corny..j cole game stealing just listen to the dam song or kick rocks god dam do people really find shit to complain about...this shit knocks

  50. 323LStriker

    The game gets down keeping g like always. Fuck haters

  51. Jose Guapø

    can everyone shut the fuck up about the flow and enjoy one of realest rappers we got left yall complain more than bitches dead ass

  52. Gab

    Game sounding like Jermaine and Soul sounding like Bada$$

    nshira sumney

    +wizkatinga ignorant fool!! for saying Soul sound like Bada$$ WAKE UP!

    Suq Madiq

    Soul been around before badass you fucking fool.


    What the fuck are you guys talking about? I just said Game and Soul are sounding like Jermaine and Bada$$ in this track. I didn't stated that Joey is better than Herb or anything like that.

  53. Gab

    J. Cole and Ab Soul?

  54. Isaiah Jones

    Was not expecting that 2nd verse from Game..went in that shit raw

  55. El 47

    ab soul's verse is fucking kraZy man.

  56. Damon 23


  57. Han P

    Game can surprise me do this actually sounds good

  58. Rashawn Frisby

    ab-soul 😔✊

  59. JayJay12

    Soul too good he held back from murdering game on his own track

    hiiipower iii

    JayJay12 but he did already lol 😂

  60. Pat Streater

    omggg what is this sample??

  61. joseph ramos

    ab soul!!

  62. Abias Fonseca

    Soul's verse is too real.

  63. Jay Rogers

    YOUTUBE: Mally Paperz. He next up!!🎥

  64. DaLeadBull

    Sick beat!

  65. bsmi1361

    Lol, calling lupe weird. I'd rather be weird then stealing flows and doing love shows on wb and vh1.. hahaha. Game funny. Give cole his flow back nigga.


    +bsmi1361 i know right! Game cool but if Lupe wanted to he could slay this nigga in 16 bars heard MURAL god dam dont go at Lupe fam


    @Hoodies&Weaponary you aint never lie, lupes word play is to crazy. Game not even close to lupe's level.

    Akil Brazier

    I love this comment lol

    Deathless Zero

    +bsmi1361 LOL he even tries to do the little singing melodys too. yeah idk why hes even mentioning lupe. way outta his league


    +conner Joey theivery is theivery holmie come on

  66. Sandman TV


  67. E Tek

    Yall need to respect Game and give him his props. He been consistent for long enough

  68. Spyro Bandicoot


  69. Lanise Howard

    Soulos flow 😍

  70. Uncle Iroh

    Came here for the soulo verse

  71. GMike duce

    the west going to lead and bring real hip-hop back!! ##westwest

  72. Carl Mitchell

    ab souls' verse was filthy whole song is dope though

  73. Jimmy Diaz

    this is what Carlos boozer does in his spare time

  74. Jimmy Diaz

    why the game look like Carlos boozer

  75. KoolKat4716

    thought this was J Cole lmao

  76. joanna

    This my fav song on the album

  77. KnoWn Reality

    started with a dollar and a dream

  78. c o r

    AB-SOULLLLLLLLLL WHAT U DOIN WITH ALL THESE PAUSES IN YOUR NEW RAPS? This is the doc 2 step it up!!! GET ON THAT SNEAK DISSIN SCHOOLBOYQ HES MAKIN YOU LOOK STOOPID. needed a better concept this was a big move for you!!

    Jesus Gomez

    +Christian Gambarrotti yea I wasn't feeling those pauses in his raps either. and wait Q dissed him? how?

    c o r

    "You be talking boss, saying big words
    Like pHilosopHies, man you weird Homie
    WHat it sounds to me tHat you broke as fuck
    And your bitcH gon' leave and tHat's real, Homie"
    from vice city. 

    Chris G.

    +Jesus Gomez cor just broke it down for you lol

    Jesus Gomez

    @Christian Gambarrotti lol yea but are we sure that was directed at Soulo? I mean they're signed to the same label and both in Black hippy together

    c o r

    @Jesus Gomez its possible its directed at someone else that raps big words and philosophies but either way id be pissed if I was soul cause thats what he does. 

  79. Emmanuel Sandoval

    YESSSS Finally Sum Good Music🙌🙌🙌

  80. rajen gill

    ab-souls tho

  81. Mikeah Orie

    Cole could have at least did the chorus on this shit lol

  82. Mikeah Orie

    Cole could have at least did the chorus on this shit lol

  83. Jack

    dollar and a dream is just a concept that he did take from cole

  84. Jack

    He been listening to j cole alot Jesús Christ i thought it was J cole for a second

  85. john van ryken

    ab-soul needs to be more known

    Philly Native

    Yeah but in this day in age his content isn't attractive to the general public he's one of my personal favorites but today is mainly drill and trap and pop

  86. Marguerite Jones

    This should have a Ye verse 1000% percent

  87. Felix Ramirez

    "started with a dollar and a dream and a pistol slangin crystal" finally good lyrics and that cali love vibe Game on point with his raps amazing

  88. Carlos •カルロス

    Ab-Souloooooooooooo HO3

  89. Omar Evans

    Ab SOUL is God his new shit gon annihilate

  90. Eric Walker

    Oh shit

  91. Kevin Ford


  92. Eric Cendejas

    Game back to his old tricks stealing flows, album good though


    +Eric Cendejas "good artist copy, great artist steal" -picasso

    D MidnightOne

    Eric Cendejas Nigga this why hip hop is black music. Cuz you don’t know wtf you talking about idiot

  93. Dee Jay

    Sound like a Kendrick track

  94. Wayne D

    as a day 1 ab soul and a day 1 game fan... i have been waiting for this for soooooo long


    this shit caught me off guard haaaard!

    Dumile Ntame

    same here mate... i was like repeat that shit drive lol

  95. Shawn Adams

    Ab-soulutley the best!

  96. bumpyface228

    Yeah Game always does that. By more importantly, Ab-Soul is a damn demon on the mic man.

  97. UZzy Beatz

    o yea hadn't heard the song the feature just ablazin