Game, The - Born & Raised In Compton (Raised As A G) Lyrics

[10 second instrumental to open]

[The Game]
Now everybody wanna know the truth about a nigga named Game
I come from the hub and every ghetto ain't the same
A lot of people already know exactly where it's at
Cause it's the home of the jackers and the crack [whispered] - Compton
Yeah that's the name of my hometown
I'm goin down, in the town, where my name is all around
And niggaz just be hatin and shit, that's a pity
But I ain't doin nuttin but claimin my city
See my lyrics are double or nothin provin to suckers I can throw 'em
Pass the natural 10 to 4 and six-eight before I go
Not really into freestylin, or tryin to promote violence
But they gotta know about the five-five-fo', so
And that's how I'm livin, I do as I please B
A young gangsta put in work on these Cali streets
And everybody knows that you gotta be stompin
If you're born and raised in Compton

[quiet scratching:] "Born and raised in Compton"

[The Game]
Nowww Compton is a place, where all my niggaz chill dog
'til I found out, the streets get real dog
'Bout a year ago, somebody musta wanted me to die
Cause they kicked in the door, and gave the young kid five
They musta thought that I was gon' play the bitch role
Cause I lived through fo' five six holes
But I ain't goin out like no faggot-ass clown
They found, they couldn't keep a gangsta nigga down
So here's the burner in your face motherfucker silly sucker
ass clucker now you're duckin cause you can't stop a Y.G.
Gangsta, cause I'm true to my game
You're lame, and thangs ain't gon' never be the same
Cause a nigga like the Game is takin over
I really don't think I should have to explain
Oh yeah I'm a dog but my name ain't Rover
And I'm the kinda nigga that's feelin no pain
Sometimes I have to wear a bulletproof vest
Because I got the C-P-T style written across my chest
A gangsta motherfucker never ceasin to impress
My name is young Game so you can fuck, the rest
I'm comin like this and I'm comin directly
Cause niggaz gettin all stirred up, I'm doin damage quite effectively
Rhymin is a battlezone and niggaz can't win
Cause I'm a gangsta from the C-O-M-P-T-O-N

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Game, The Born & Raised In Compton (Raised As A G) Comments
  1. tempy mode

    this was corny

  2. RadioFreeWisconsin

    I love early Game alot more. He had a lot more energy back then.

  3. meandhim4u

    @meandhim4u *Quick

  4. meandhim4u

    DJ QICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. KLR229

    @MyOnlyLoveMusic eazy? u probably mean dj quik

  6. ThePistolero909

    cus i was born in east la

  7. MyOnlyLoveMusic

    new instrumental sucks.... plus he stole this whole song from Eazy

    Disco stu

    What? Dj quik made the orginal song dumbadzx

  8. Ronald Reagan

    This shit is poppin even though he had identical lyrics 2 Dj Quiks Born and Raised in Compton. Matter of fact he copied off of Quik but he can do that cuz hes from there. I make no sense but IDGAF

  9. Danishia Lighten

    wooooooooooooow i luv the original but i never n my right mind thought u could destroy it this iz terrible it put a permanent frown on my face
    (y does he sound fat)

  10. Darnell Scott

    i would have to agree to dj quick had the flow and the game butched it

  11. Hosea Santana

    wat does that have to do with his voice i have raps from 97 and i dont sound fat

  12. KLR229

    @code187G cus its a very old song

  13. Hosea Santana

    why do he sound obese

  14. freakofevolution

    Man this shit sucks...DJ Quik's is way better than this steaming pile of crap!

  15. kingnba6

    before he got shot

  16. Hugo Laplante

    this IIISSSS the game. I got the CD lol fuk off all those who dont believe me... he was just younger ( I think it was before he got shot but I never searched info rly...)

  17. Aesan Pulass

    this anit game

  18. Kevin M

    wow you fools have the gauest fucking comebacks ive ever heard ahahahaha

  19. sebske

    Go fuck yourself!!!

  20. sebske

    So what Im from the netherlands

  21. sebske

    You never heard about the CPT?

  22. supitsdosh

    yo you cant find any songs from this album on fuckin limewire. whats with that?

  23. SamoaFiji62OG

    this aint the game

  24. Osama Laden

    that fool was born and raised in bellflower

  25. R.G. Stentje

    untold story 1 sounds way better

  26. R.G. Stentje

    godfather of rap?!?!hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha god father of rap.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  27. R.G. Stentje

    u r the dumbass,dumbmass!