Game, The - Bloody Moon Lyrics

Never been so hurt
There was no one to care
Since my very first breath on Earth
There was no one ever there

My father left me when I was 7, at a home
Left me but took his chrome, I looked up and blood was gone
Man, fuck it, guess in the world I'm all alone
My mother was too naive so when he left she followed along
And while you're listenin' to this song, askin' yourself why
It's really none of your business but I was there, I bear witness
To a grow fuckin' man with a bid
Unzipped his pants and I can't tell you what a pig
Me and my sister had different fathers, but I cared, and I loved her
And I'd be lyin' if I said I wasn't scared, when he rubbed her
Tip of his penis on her, she was only 11
How could you ever get a boner?
Even thinkin' about it make me hot as a sauna
Make me wanna pop him like the top on Coronas
But I was scared, ran back to my room, prayed to God
That I was dreamin', can't believe I'm this nigga's semen
Livin' with demons and it'd been that way

Never been so hurt
There was no one to care
(Don't give a fuck about me)
Since my very first breath on Earth
There was no one ever there
(Don't give a fuck about me)

These niggas can't fuck with this shit
I'll make you slit your wrist
This, sort of like the exodus
It's, you see it
The moon bleedin', it's a bloody moon
You see it
It's a bloody moon
You see it
It's a bloody moon
The moon bleedin', it's a bloody moon


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Game, The Bloody Moon Comments
  1. Fruity Nut

    Sometimes, in our little corners of this lonely universe we experience inexplicable pain, we endure unreasonable sufferings, these things build character within the human mind, shaping diversity and further continuing the inevitable cycle. The Game broke the cycle and lived to tell about it

  2. the1TJ

    This made me hot.

  3. Rosemary Nunez

    Such a touching song

    Erikka Coll

    Literally 😂😂😂

  4. Queen Zyonna X

    We all grew up with baby rapers, i hope that they are all together in that quite place,praying to free from what ever is going to happen to them


    "We"?????? You're trippin nikkhu!

  5. Shan Tells

    Yo no homosexuals

  6. Charles Jefferson

    Is he not describing his father molesting his sister's?

    Sonia Browne

    Oh yes he is described how his dad molesting his sister

  7. Mike Knudsen

    this song takes the depression right out I love it

  8. Holy

    This track. 1:57 - 2:09 was seething grids of iron...every word of that hit me.

  9. Blair Truehill

    Rip to your dad sweetie man he was a great guy it got me in tears!!! I'm so hurt right now


    His dad raped Game's sister.

    International Jujuman

    LMAO what a fucking tool you are bruv .


    @International Jujuman Fuck your mum

  10. Lawrence Perkins

    Rip to your dad my heart goes out to you and your family

  11. Lawrence Perkins

    Rip to your dad

  12. Lakeith Freeman

    R.I.P to your pops blood


    Lakeith Freeman he probably dont care... I knw i wouldnt

    Little Demon 18

    Fuck that chomo

  13. orster2076

    Game's father is a true scumbag like damn

  14. Mo 66

    Bomb splash...

  15. Josh Lb

    Game also talks about molestation in one of his first albums. On the track "promised land."

    D-Block LOX

    You wanna listen to a track called Lost on his Purp & Patron The Hangover mixtape to thats🔥🔥🔥

  16. king of magic

    What up big fan

  17. Darrion Take

    This is sampled from RZA - The Birth


    whats is it sample?

  18. Lobo Lobo

    Game time!!

  19. Brandon Coleman

    need more songs like this just real shit. people can relate to. this was the first game shit I liked since doc

  20. TOP 7

    The only thing sadder than the truth in this track, is the truth of it as common place in more households than human kind will admit.



  21. Lion Prince

    I like this song since the first time i noticed it; word to that oriental female!

  22. Jonnie V Hendrix

    this why i fuck wit THE GAME


    Thank you 4 doing this music, it helps me 2 much

  24. Lewis Gilfillan

    Mad that he dad nearly touched his sister

  25. robert larkins

    ղօԵ ɑŚ ցօօժ ɑŚŚ #documentory2


    You mean The Featurementary 2

  26. Meshack Lawson

    Most personal song yet...

  27. Rolando Lara

    Hardest song outta the whole album🔥

  28. Christopher David O'Reilly

    Have you thought you could wipe me out that's come back in a different account Nissan on not found URS Peugeot bulls***s

    Christopher David O'Reilly

    I like 👍 this

  29. gost32 fallatah

    very nicy game ...

  30. Nike Jusdoit

    Thanks Much for this!! U a Mess for this one J Dep!