Gallagher, Rory - Souped-Up Ford Lyrics

Take your foot off the brakes,
But you won't stop my souped-up Ford.
Well, you can set your watch 'cause I won't stop,
I've got my foot to the floor.
This greedy jeep don't need no sleep,
Eats all the gas that you can pour.
It's a front-wheel drive and it sound like a bee-hive,
Good Lord, that's for sure.

I'm blowing town, not breaking down,
Can't you hear that sound, those wheels on the ground.
I'm on my way, and I can't stay,
Make no mistake, I'm pulling out today.

Hit that spot on the dial and wait for a while,
Till those tubes are all a-glow.
Got to be nice to the wheel, you need nerves of steel,
But you know that is no joke.

Well, I guarantee you'll feel higher,
On those pneumatic tires.
'Cos they sure grip the road,
Keep that engine clean, feed it good gasoline,
Good Lord, that's for sure.

I'm blowing town, I won't be breaking down,
I'm moving down, hear those wheels hiking the ground.
I'm on my way, I sure can't stay,
Make no mistake, I'm leaving this town today.

No highway cop's gonna make me stop,
What I've started.
'Cos I won't be free till I get up,
And go where my heart is.

You know what it takes to try,
To catch up to my souped up Ford.
Well, make no mistake by applying the brakes,
When I say "All aboard".
Well, you can roll up the sidewalk,
And end all the small talk,
When I shift them gears.
'Cos I won't be back till I head down the track,
A thousand miles from here.

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Gallagher, Rory Souped-Up Ford Comments
  1. Bob Dobbs

    One of Ireland's finest sons. One of thee most underrated guitarists ever. I had a double LP which was titled " Live ' 74," and I wore that baby out. His slide work was godlike. RIP, Rory.

  2. David Burton

    Just noticed something that I never have before: Rory typically wore his slide on his pinky finger and it was usually a brass slide and not glass

  3. James McMahon

    Three people had their souped up Fords stolen.

    David Burton

    I honestly do not understand how someone could dislike this. It was either a mistake or they were extremely stupid...or both

  4. Carol Saxton

    King of the telecaster

  5. Gerard Jerry

    This / Radar Love / Higway Star / just great driving songs

  6. jak mak


  7. Ross Irvine

    3 people live in an alternative universe where gravity is upside ... In which case a things down actually means a things up 🤔😁

    jak mak

    They think the dislike thing means dis I like .. 😊

  8. jjbanshee

    the best there is/was

  9. jjbanshee

    the best there was...

  10. james bradshaw

    On this day, April 7 in the year of 1947 Henry Ford, the maker of the Model T, died. Rory loved a souped-up Ford better than any other car and so much he wrote and played a song about it, 2 very great men who hailed from the Co Cork IRE who changed many peoples lives all over this world

  11. David Snell

    First played this track 40 years ago....blows me away every time.

  12. Richard Johnson

    It just don't get no bedder dan dat!!!

  13. ZODARIAN !

    Rory Gallagher is who Eric Clapton wants to be when he grows up :-)

  14. Igor Tchernowitzer


  15. William Sessions

    My favorite since 1973! Mcavoy coned me into picking up the Bass way back them!!

  16. Zé Fontainhas

    Jesus H Christ. Rod De'Ath, Gerry McAvoy and Lou Martin. This is one kick ass band.

  17. Blues Rain

    Rory Gallagher live at Rockpalast 1977💕

  18. Sinisa Milosavljevic

    My guitar hero and idol ever and forever.

    Alex Baer


  19. Bernard Hallo

    Du Pur Rory

  20. Dutchtreasurehunter Hankies

    O,m,g,when my time is up sorry St, Peter but i hope its Rory who opens up the Perly Gates for me never got to see hem here,Margo

  21. Antonio Dias

    fantastic!!!! original from "Against the grain" 1975, great live rendition!!!

  22. Bernd Richter

    danke olli

  23. junkduma

    Ah, the immortal Rory Gallagher; how I miss that gentle , wild, guitar lovin, bottle slidin, rockin, ravin, beer drinkin, utter gentleman. The best kind of loveable Irish nutter. Ye kin still hear his style of playin here n there, like in Memphis with the outstanding Sturgis Nikides, LOW SOCIETY BAND , nearer home from Ryan Lamb & Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes........ y'know its a guts thang. Heart soul n guts. Play them out, fir us audiences...... The generosity of such artistes is much appreciated. ROCK ON RORY! ( or my new fave deliberate typo RORTY GALLAGHER! )

    phil Hellmuth

    why did i read this in the voice of groundskeeper willie

    Adrian Rijkeboer

    junkduma great comment fits Rory to a t may he R, I P,Margo

  24. GmJunky87

    As usual, I'm blown away. Amazing. Everyone was on point. What a great performance!!

  25. Bob R

    The 4 or 5 times I got to see Rory were the greatest shows I've ever seen. Incredible musician & a performer that really knew how to work a crowd into a frenzy. He was the best!

  26. Jim Morrison

    GENIUS slide player there ever was-period !

    Tim Giddey

    You Know it Jim ^ ^

  27. soccersuxx

    NO dislikes fuck yeah!!

  28. Jim Morrison

    total genius yeh---this a cool tune---

  29. Rich6Brew

    The best slide player, bar none.

  30. Davidmcfarlaneblues.

    Classic G man!!!