Gallagher, Rory - Lost At Sea Lyrics

Lost at sea like a sailor,
You found me you were my saviour.

Tossed about like a coaster,
The reef was near but you came closer.
Reaching out I don't know how.

Raise the sails and leave,
And take me straight home.
I can almost see the distant shoreline.

Caught in tides friends of no-one,
Winds which lie drove me straight on.
Who knows where but I was spared.

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Gallagher, Rory Lost At Sea Comments
  1. Miss Tery

    🌊... this will be lost to all you idiots!... still can't nut it out... morons! Goes to show how little you know me

  2. Rigo es Amor

    This is what Rory's music did to me...I was lost at sea until I found him...the best

    curtis bien

    10-4 --same here

  3. ImagineThersNoHeaven

    That was stupendous.   ;-)

  4. Cora Visser

    fantastic awesome brilliant he was.

  5. Mimika Kyriazi

    Brings tears to my eyes... Love it...

  6. veluby

    Great post!!!

  7. julasfani68

    ....♥♥ UPEAA ♥♥....