Gallagher, Rory - All Around Man Lyrics

I ain't no doctor, I ain't no doctor's son,
But I'll fill your prescription,
Till the real doctor comes,
Till the real doctor comes.

I ain't no sailor, ain't no sailor's son,
But I'll be your navigator,
Till the marines hit town,
Till the marines hit town.

I'm a handyman, an all around man,
I'm a handyman, all around man,
And when your husband comes,
That's when the handyman's gonna scram.

I ain't the DA, ain't the DA's son,
But I'll talk to the jury,
And I'll see justice done.

Handyman, I'm a handyman,
An all around man, all around man.

I ain't no astronaut,
From Cape Kennedy I don't come.
Just step inside my rocket ship,
I'll take you circling round the sun.

We'll head off for Pluto, Venus and Mars,
Step inside, baby, I'll take you very far.

I'm a handyman, an all around man,
An all around man, an all around man,
And when your husband comes,
That's when the handyman is gonna scram.

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Gallagher, Rory All Around Man Comments
  1. Sonja Martens

    11:50 Is sooo much to do ! Leider Rory !!! Es ist IMMER irgendetwas zu tun ! Wie Recht du doch hattest !!! Zum Glück gibt es die Musik !!!! BEST RORY FOR EVER !!!! RIP

  2. Heart22

    OMG aint never seen anyone hit the piano like that awsome add that to rory and crew and this is fing amazing raw talent ,schools out kiddies

  3. Sonja Martens

    Dieses Lied von Rory Gallagher werden einige von mir unter dem Weihnachtsbaum finden..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! December 2019

  4. Scorpio rising


  5. jak mak

    ..... and next up on the X Factor....

  6. Cook moore

    Lovely scream on that guitar and soo fun to see Rory having fun with those guitar noises he can make

  7. a8anasios666

    Heard this on the new Blues release but watching it is the bomb

  8. Davidmcfarlaneblues.

    One white man who could sing and play the blues!!!

  9. mrsdth1943

    Love this song.. "Musical foreplay".. I Miss your face Rory..

  10. roalro91

    Simply amazing !!!!

  11. jak mak

    Can't see Clapton doing anything like this, absolutely brilliant.

    Gary Daniel

    Probably the only Kat that Clapton was jealous of.

  12. Sonja Martens

    MY HANDY -TON : AB 10:49... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. T M

    Rory Gallagher is the Guitarist by which all others are Judged..... Period!!

    Gary Daniel

    I wouldn't agree with that but I appreciate the sentiment. He was amazing at what he did.


    Better than Clapton .. Hendrix

  14. Dale Nelson

    Absolutely amazing performance

  15. Rose Bonassi

    Maravilhoso, um dos maiores guitarristas que eu já ouvi e um dos blues mais bem executados que existem. Rory deixou muitas saudades. RIP.

  16. Gary Daniel

    One man and an aspirin bottle can do so much.

  17. Gary Daniel

    The video is on acid.

  18. T M

    I miss Rory Gallagher

    Linda Smith


  19. ken sinyard

    This has to be one of the best blues numbers ever payed on the BBC..... simply stunning

  20. Adrian Rijkeboer

    24yers ago the earth was a smile less Heaven a smile richer SLEEP EASY RORY XXX MARGO 🎸🎵🎶🎸🎵🎶🎙♥️♥️♥️☘

  21. Alex Baer

    What is done from the heart becomes immortal. Fascinating Rod d'Ath.

  22. james bradshaw

    Rory was an all master of his many trades 1/ top rocking guitar player, 2/ storyteller, 3/ poet, 4/frontman, 5/ wordsmith, 6/adviser, 7/ teacher and educator, 8/ producer, 9/ singer, 10/ the most caring gentle and kind-hearted man that ever walked upon this earth, did you know that Jesus is a very big fan of Rory music.

    jak mak

    Of course he is cause Rory's music is good for the soul. 🙏

  23. Sonja Martens


  24. Sonja Martens

    Rory WAS and IS for ever : THE BEST !!! RIP RORY GALLAGHER

  25. Cynthia Marston

    Oh yeah and he can play harp when he wants to too....

  26. james bradshaw

    I thank God for my very good luck, I with several on my real family brothers were at this gig, I smuggled a large bottle of whiskey into this gig, I stuck the neck of the bottle down on to my suede cowboy boots, pulled my jeans down over my boots and walked from under the motorway bridge where we had parked our van, my brothers went ahead of me and as I began to walk with the whiskey bottle sinking deeper down in to my right leg boot, as I tried to walk up the steps at front of the concrete hall I could not bend my knee and it now felt like my leg was caught in a vise, the pain was almost unbearable, just then bouncer man came charging towards me, I thought that my cover was blown and this was going to be even more painful happening for me. The kind bouncer lifted me up like a baby, he pushed people out of the way and carried me all the way up to near the front of the stage, he forced 2 other people out of their seats, the bounder demolished the back of the seat in front then set me down and allowed me to rest my bad leg with bottle of whiskey on the broken seat in front. all during the gig the bouncer man keep an eye on me, came over several times to ask me how I was feeling, I told him just great, I could not tell him that I was in hell with pain in my whiskey bootleg, My brothers were sitting over the other side of the hall and when there was a quiet moment they would shout over to me asking for the whiskey bottle, I had to ignore them otherwise the bouncer would have found out. When the gig was over and after most of the people had left, my new Guardian Angel bouncer man came over and lifted me up like a child, carried me back through the hall and over to where I was parked. I was in so much pain that I may not have properly thanked this very kind-hearted man for all that he did for me. It took a long time before I could let my brothers cut open the bottom of my jeans, the whiskey bottle was glued to the side of my leg and after a while I managed to remove the bottle only to find that crest of the bottle was tattooed on to the side of my leg and stayed there for the next day. Some days later I was emptying out my pockets and found my unused Rory Gallagher concert ticket, I had got in without having to show my ticket. My message to this very generous, caring and the very kind bouncer is thank you a million but you have no idea of the greatest pain that you made me suffer, old nick could not have caused me any more suffering if he tried

    jak mak

    Great bootleg whiskey story . Did you make any bootleg tapes of the gig? 😁

  27. tommaguzzi 1

    Some people don't like this??????

    Linda Smith

    Don't see HOW!! :O

    Dale Nelson

    Dont look at the thumbs who cares what idiots think


    Those are Addicted to commercialization who can't see beyond hammered musicians by marketing gurus .. Rory never sold himself

  28. james bradshaw

    There was never anyone like Rory and they never will. Rory was one of a kind, as the very great Phil Lynott said, he was True Blue, Irish Blue . I can recall almost every moment of the many gigs I saw Rory and his boys live in action and on the stage.

  29. Rick Pettit

    not heard b4 great!!!!!!

  30. ThatoneDude

    Holy shit that was awesome. Todays music doesn't compare to this

    Adrian Rijkeboer


    A Place to Grow Fat and Complacent

    Go out and MAKE IT! FROM THE HEART! AND TELL THE CORPORATE CRETINS TO FUCK OFF! People need to seize control of their culture!

  31. Blues Rain

    Rory Gallagher, Old Grey Whistle Test, Shepherds Bush Empire, 02 March 1976.💕

  32. Amy Robertson

    You have my heart Rory ❤️ Rest In Peace beautiful talented man of mine

  33. Dutchtreasurehunter Hankies

    R, I, p, Rory, Lou, Rod, Margo,

  34. tck roofing

    Take a few minutes and watch this human hurricane in action, The Master Musician Rory Gallagher and his boys going to town at full speed, there never was/is and never will be anyone like the great Rory. I heard from a very reliable source that God had to have a word with Rory, Phil & Garry are playing 7 nights a week in the Kingdom, God has to remind them about the day of rest,
    Read more

    Linda Smith

    Love him! You are so right! Never have I seen or heard the like! Miss him so.... 💔💔🎸🎸

  35. Pounding Roxx Truck Builds

    Simply awesome!! I was 2 days old when he did this! What a performance!

  36. Angelika T.

    Einfach nur Wahnsinn! Brillant!

  37. Peter Nilsen

    hejsa med jer blues fikses det bliver ikke bedre end det her mand det er fock godt st fede musik 🎶 🎸 😤. den bedste.

  38. Brigitte Hazel

    This... holy shit... :O

  39. Jan Strummer

    this keeps my mouth hanging...mind blown!

  40. Harvey Mushman

    Wow...completely ruined a classic blues song.....late 70's psychedelia induced over-indulgence...

    Gary Daniel

    If you don't like it then don't listen.

    Linda Smith

    @Gary Daniel Exactly!

    jak mak

    No!.. just took a classic blues song and kicked it up the ass a bit.. like Rory said at the intro it's his take on it.. or weren't you paying attention.. Mushman 😚

    Scorpio rising

    Troll somewhere else.


    God bless you .

  41. Phil Rossner

    This is SO awesome! I saw him in '76 in Victoria, BC. Never seen any vid of Rory playing blues harp, though... SO cool! What an amazing talent he was... and so humble. They don't make them like Rory anymore!

  42. 9PWSS Camel

    How in the name of God has this 11 minutes of brilliance from Rory and band only had 16k views. Sad really when computer driven dross is viewed tens of millions of times.

    Angelika T.

    9PWSS Camel
    I'm watching it over and over again. It's brilliant.

    9PWSS Camel

    You are a lady of impeccable taste, Angelika!

  43. Paul Kazakoff

    The best Rory band he ever had.Fantastic concert back in I think 74' in Her Majesty's theatre, Perth,West Australia. One I'll never forget !!!!

  44. 9PWSS Camel

    Magnificent, what else is there to say!

  45. M T


  46. greenelectra

    Genius. Rest in peace. Twenty years ago today. Shocking. What an amazing musician. This whole gig is amazing.

  47. Mal Hombre

    A fucking genius this lad - and sadly missed.

  48. bronyr

    Loved him for 35 years.  I see this and my mouth still drops.  My god he was the best.

  49. David Barker

    "They don't make them like you, any more, that's for sure!"


    They sure don't David!

  50. Nick Slater

    absolutely un-cunting-beatable

    Sally Armstrong

    Me also i ve not heard this one before absolutely exceptional best ever my lovely rory i will always love you.

  51. Paul Devlin


  52. Xenofon Bafitis


  53. Isabel Linangi

    Who could dislike this?


    Good question. Rory was the best, musical genius .


    Someone with no passion and soul


    Somehow, I had never seen this clip before. It's maybe the best I've seen on here.
    Everyone in the band is clicking on this. Amazing ensemble performance. "On the piano", Mr. Lou Martin.... LOU Martin. De'Ath & Gerry were a highly underrated R section in my mind. Just an amazing post, thank you

  55. Jonathan O' Connor

    wow..i love finding stuff from rory like this..amazing,thanks roryweb

  56. Anton Pfenniger


  57. Amon Ra

    Oh God what a voice...what a sound...the only man with the blood really blue(s)

  58. guy br

    Happy birthday Rory Gallagher!
    You never will be forgotten.

  59. Darthplebius

    YEAH ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Davidmcfarlaneblues.

    The only G man ever !!!!!!!!!!

  61. 7aristides7

    The greatest GMan ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!