Gallagher, Rory - Ain't Too Good Lyrics

Well, it ain't too good,
The way you treat your man,
It's less than good,
It sure ain't kind,
It's your mistake,
You'll see in time,
When I'm gone, when I'm gone.

Well, it's been so long,
Since I felt that glow,
The flame was bright,
But it's burning low,
I should be gone,
But I'm slow to go,

Serves me right, serves me...

It doesn't seem clear,
What happens from here and now,
You've called the tune, but maybe soon,
Someone must pay for the piper.

Well, it ain't too late,
To change your mind,
For it's time you knew,
Just where I stand,
Well, let me know,
'Cause I got plans,
From now on, from now on, from now on.

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Gallagher, Rory Ain't Too Good Comments
  1. Emmet Nolan

    Yes people!!!!ireland loves it’s Rory and always will.........🇮🇪☘️❤️

  2. Jean Williquet

    Well, it ain't too good
    The way you treat your man
    It's less than good
    It sure ain't kind
    It's your mistake
    You'll see in time
    When I'm gone, when I'm gone

    Well, it's been so long
    Since I felt that glow
    The flame was bright
    But it's burning low
    I should be gone
    But I'm slow to go

    Serves me right, serves me...

    It doesn't seem clear
    What happens from here and now
    You've called the tune, but maybe soon
    Someone must pay for the piper

    Well, it ain't too late
    To change your mind
    For it's time you knew
    Just where I stand
    Well, let me know
    'Cause I got plans
    From now on, from now on, from now on

  3. plsdont

    this is fucking great

  4. Susan Moran

    To the lady who's comment is below I say amen sister.

  5. Adrian Rijkeboer

    Thank you for sharing Love LOVE RORY xxx SLEEP EASY 🎸🎶🎶🎸♥️♥️♥️☘

  6. 17lio

    Rory 4ever

  7. Laurent Guintini

    Putain mais que ces bon !

  8. Dave Caplinger

    Not one of my favorites, just being honest.

  9. Ppiook blei

    Muito bom ae

  10. Vasilis Fotias

    Ότι πιο αυθεντικό έχει δώσει η παγκόσμια Ροκ σκηνή, ποτέ σελέμπριτι, ποτέ σταρ, θρύλος η μύθος.... Αληθινός Ροκάς!
    Ρόρυ Γκάλαχερ.

  11. Flavio walter Ansaldi


  12. Flavio walter Ansaldi


  13. Danny Strunk

    A friend of mine bought me the Tatoo album cause he said I need to hear Rory Gallagher. I was hooked from then on , Irish Tour 74 is one of the best live albums , first because its Rory and second because he gets to stretch out on some of my favorites...the cool thing in his lead playing is his celtic modalism....and his acoustic work is passed away way to soon, Rory thanks for all the music and great guitar playing...

  14. Vincenzo Sallusto

    un epico e unico Rory, una stratocaster da brivido ììììì opu k nase r i p ,,,+,,,,

  15. Tasos Kalpak

    wake up RORY.

  16. Carlos Ribeiro


  17. Cynthia Marston

    Born to sing and compose and glad he loved guitar.

  18. dr.Grujica


  19. jonny Marenda

    Bellissima ...

  20. James Doyle

    Words dont cut it for this guy.ace of aces.

  21. Holden Caulfield

    Rory come save my soul...

  22. Thanasis Mamalis

    κομματαρα !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. kostas s

    The guitar at the end is so f poetic.

  24. Esko Kvist

    original version best

  25. jmtrust85

    quel talent tres bon Rory RIP

  26. Konstantinos Savvopoulos


  27. Diana Baumgartner

    I Love you Rory forever! 🌺💖❣️

  28. Rob mostaza

    wow enserio Rory fue un grande, sus canciones son envolventes,majestuosas

  29. lennon green

    GRACIAS,SlumminAngel ....saludos desde Chimbote,Perú "MAS VALE TARDE QUE NUNCA"

  30. julio santiago martinez

    grande rory el mejor

  31. Antonio Dias

    lovely song!!!

  32. Davidmcfarlaneblues.

    There's so many great songs Rory wrote but so many Rory tribute bands seem to stick to the well known rock classics.Thanks SlumminAngel.

  33. ChrisO'

    This original version I always preferred over the "remix"

  34. Oscar Providel

    Musica , poesia y creacion con angel , Rory uno de los grandes , R.I.P

  35. ChrisO'

    Great tune.I preferred THIS original before the remixing was done on the newer CD.

  36. Enzo Sallu

    un sensazionale e unico chitarrista e polistrumentista che la storia ricordi ,, un grande semplice talento che non si è mai svenduto alla commercialità , pur di vendere dischi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Nase kalà re Rory opou k na se,,,,,,,,,,,R I P ,,,,,,+,,,,,,,

  37. Albert Bavré

    Thanks Rory,saw you performing 2 times in Gent,just breathtaking !! RIP.

  38. numv2

    Fantastic song. Awesome song writing skills.

  39. katerina t.

    RORY FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Best for Business

    One of my favorite song.

  41. Gustavo Mesquita

    Such a great song !! Brilliant as usual. Rory was just amazing !!

  42. Linda Jones

    @ jason75........Think you'll find that Rory has NEVER had or been a "One hit wonder" with Taste or at ANY other time in his career.

  43. Linda Jones

    Superb, thank you. I have to say this; instead of worrying about the commercialised, crooked crap that the RRHOF stands for, (all that Rory was against) how about a few more signatures on the Airport petition? With only 15,000 signatures required, I find it criminal that to date, there are less than 2,000. What about the Blues Hall of Fame? No one seems to mention that, yet both SRV and EC are there. Ironically both of whom had a good deal to thank Rory for. Liverpool has John Lennon Airport, seems to me Cork would do just nicely for Rory, who gave us so very much. Thanks.

  44. Άνθια Κωνσταντινίδου

    THE ONE AND ONLY ....RORY GALLAGHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael Bruno

    I saw this guy once and he blew me away!
    I would have made a deal with the the devil if he could have gotten me and my baseman in his band

    Michael Bruno

    Tattooed Lady is my signature song!

    Michael Bruno

    I got to go backstage and talk to him!
    What a nice down to earth guy!
    He was very confersatiowl and pleasant with me, even though he was exhausted!
    Definitely not your average rock star!!

    Michael Bruno

    We had pizza togetter!
    And drinks!
    Great time!
    That was the best time I had a good time with a rock star

    Michael Bruno

    I will see him again someday, perhaps we will play together!

  45. Thanos Mitsios

    Amazing song!

  46. Vince Razzano

    positively fantastic song !!!

  47. caroline

    hummmmmm ! so good !!

  48. Reggie P

    I love this song!

  49. agua cero369

    super duperrrrrrr¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  50. Cora Visser

    Brilliant is this track of him.I wish he was here still.But he left a lot awesome behind him .

  51. gbeau61

    Just a steller album! wore it out in college...ATG & Tattoo really got me into RG.  

  52. Fatima Bomfim

    lindo... maravilhoso.. fantástico.. não tenho palavras para classificá-lo ....

  53. Anthony West

    I know, i mean why would they take out lyrics from the song? It just makes no sense. They are in the song for a reason. Leave it be!

  54. Anthony West

    The song that made me love Gallagher when i bought my First Rory Album, years back, that "I Fall Apart", He became My Favorite.

  55. Judit Antal

    I love it!

  56. adolfo castelluccio

    great rory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. TheKitkatgold

    awesome ~ Thanks for sharing !!

  58. jdesmo4

    Not only one of Rory's best, but the album cover (original) is the best of all time. A close up of Rory's 61 Strat, rust, corrosion, peeled finish. My favorite too, no question. I like others, but Rory was one of a kind.

  59. Argyris Sketo

    You don't know what love means if you don't know Rory Gallagher
    Δεν ξέρεις τι σημαίνει "αγάπη" αν δεν ξέρεις τον Rory Gallagher

  60. 75whiterabbit

    I think, rory would have cared to be in this hall of fame bullsheet?? FUCK ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME!!!!

  61. 75whiterabbit




  63. metalpas66

    I NEED BEERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. alekfou


  65. labtide

    good song rory was one of my favorites

  66. DirkjeA

    Oh my, I will never get tired of Rory's music, every time it struck me right into my heart.

    Ελενη Πετρογιαννακη


  67. Thraak Photography

    Why the hell they would edit such a beautiful song is beyond me! I'll need to get the original version of this album now!


    you I request, nor a negative vote to see for this brilliant song!

  69. papas342


  70. loai050

    It pierces the heart.

  71. Effeler

    Puta madre q TEMAZO

  72. Effeler


  73. nadia aidan

    @SlumminAngel thanks,they shouldnt of messed with it it anyways

  74. RG2020vision

    You are very special to me Rory! And your music is so special!

  75. RG2020vision

    You are very special to me Rory!

  76. Liana5943

    One of the best rock ballands...
    Thank SlumminAngel

  77. Rene Guzman-Juarez

    @a8anasios666 Sorry my lap top was kapputt for some time, I hope you are fine, and in lovely weather, have a thimball of the water of life on me¡¡¡¡ : )

  78. a8anasios666

    @rmgj cheers, whiskey time anyway :D

  79. Rene Guzman-Juarez

    @a8anasios666 Thank you very much for your kind answers, cheers and all the best, ¡kalamatos¡¡¡

  80. a8anasios666

    @rmgj Well, yeah, but typing in Greek alphabet is very easy to do LOADS of spelling mistakes, and that's ugly, so most peeps use greeklish on the internet for convenience. English is also very commonly used in my country, Cyprus :p

  81. Rene Guzman-Juarez

    @a8anasios666 Good heavens, was I off¡¡¡, forgive me, originally the modern Greek language is written with a special alphabet, isn't it so? is it the same Cyrillic as in Rusian? silly ignoramus me.

  82. a8anasios666

    @rmgj Greek :)

  83. Rene Guzman-Juarez

    @a8anasios666 Pardon me, what language is this?, my guess is finnish

  84. DirkjeA

    Come on people, sign the petition please, takes only one minute and it is time this great musician, that had such an influence on my life gets his rightful place amongst others.

  85. DirkjeA

    Beautiful song, thanks for sharing, even if you did post it a year ago, I only discovered it now, because a dear friend did sent it to me.
    Thanks17Lio for sending me this great song.

  86. Burgerphile

    Amazing song! Thnx for uploading it.
    Rory will live forever!!

  87. 17lio

    A brilliant early Rory track.
    And very moving too.
    Thanks for posting

  88. Sam

    He came from the band taste. after that one hit wonder with that band, he went solo and he sky rocketed

  89. a8anasios666

    5stars einai teleio to tragoudi

  90. JOHNY B

    theiko!!aisthanomai tuxeros pou to akouw!!!!!!!

  91. Cheap Tequila

    Oh, my God =(

  92. Davidmcfarlaneblues.

    I never realised what a great song this is.....same class as 'I Fall Apart'
    Just fantastic! 5*

  93. jjmc60

    So simple, so touching.
    Thanks for the upload.

  94. Elie Attie

    what a beutiful song

  95. SlumminAngel

    Ok, it's the same as the original album cover, I found the image on yahoo I think (couldn't be bothered connecting up my scanner). I'll email it.

  96. RiverBluesman Music

    Really? Nice to see the cover of CD! Can you send it to me?

  97. SlumminAngel

    Hi Riverbluesman, this is actually from the 1991 issue on CD format which Rory did himself, much closer to the original vinyl than the recent remasters.