Gallagher, Noel - Keep On Reaching Lyrics

Keep on running
Down that long black road
You'll find sunshine and flowers
And maybe love to behold
But, can you keep a secret?

Keep on reaching
Up for a higher ground
But don't keep on preaching
From that book you found
Can you keep a secret?

I can play it on an old guitar
You can sing it like a monkey man
Don't speak of soul 'cause you've got none
And all the kids in a funky bar
Dressing down like a bogeyman
If they don't mind and you don't mind
I'm gonna write that in a song

But, can you keep a secret?

On the cover of a magazine
You wore a face that I've seldom seen
You spilled your guts but you've got none
You're driving round in a beat up car
That you found on the road you run
If they don't mind and you don't mind
I'm gonna write that in a song

Can you keep a secret?

Keep on reaching
Up for a higher ground

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Gallagher, Noel Keep On Reaching Comments
  1. Jack Place

    Cause you got none. Musical push here that doesn’t work. The track sounds like someone was listening to too many old records

  2. Jack Place

    Monkey man?really? Lyrical fail

  3. mave diller

    I can keep a secret, but can you keep coming back to the USA, and play smore shows. And maybe one day I will let you open up for one of my shows🤣

  4. Alberts stuff

    I must be a shit song writer, I don't know if the lyrics to the 2nd track are genius or a bit poo 😐

    *orders taxi for one*

  5. stuff2watchnowmaybe

    Why am I only hearing this song now??!!!

  6. Thelonious Coltrane

    The brothers MUST make an album before they go to rest. Time to let go.

  7. LiverpoolSoul

    Noel does Northern Soul (y)

  8. akira doe

    Can you keep a secret?

  9. Aaron Smyth

    Both brothers now have a song about secrets. Da plot thickens.


    What could it possibly be?!🤔

  10. onetruesaxon011

    Took me a while but I get it now, this album is quality 👌

  11. Merv Cann

    Doesn’t even sound like the same artist!

  12. TheSyfq _

    We need this kind of music. Respect

  13. William Meyer

    the best love it Noel

  14. Meryn Rossiter

    Fuck man this is awful...please patch things up with your bruh

  15. Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial

    Not feeling this.

    Thomas Clark

    Take some ecstasy or smoke some marijuana then come back .

  16. Cameron Brooks

    best song he wrote after DYA Know What I mean ?

  17. Stephen Tempest

    Sounds fantastic sat on a beach somewhere in South east asia

  18. Cameron Brooks

    Favorite Noel song ever

  19. Steven M

    My god this song sticks in your head and doesn't leave!! Love it though, another classic from the man!

  20. Jennifer Shelley

    Love Noels music and voice. ALSO love Liams voice and music. I don't get the hate for Liam or the dislike of Noels singing voice!!!!!
    SOME Oasis songs were better with Noel singing them - others suited Liams voice.
    Live Forever, Wonderwall, Stand by Me, All around the World - TO ME - I preferred Noel's acoustic version.
    Morning Glory, Listen Up, Gas Panic, Roll it over - I prefer Liam singing them.

    You don't have to "hate" Liam to like Noel. You can like Noels singing some of the songs he wrote.
    It's all right to actually like them both for the different qualities they brought to Oasis and for the amazing talents they both have.

  21. Necessarydef

    What ever happened to two guitars, bass, drums and vocals ?
    This is hardly Noel Gallagher its the sound of producers and session musicians - its time to get back to basics, ditch the producers , session musicians, the muso's wankers and write some decent tunes again.

  22. Martin Egner

    This is his Phil Collins phase then

  23. nigefal

    Oh this one is good. Bit of tempo. One for the gym I think?

  24. Quality Actor

    The beginning sounds like the opening themes of Shakugan no Shana season 2 and 3.

  25. Sarah Down

    It's definitely catchy

  26. Dominic Carson

    I hate you

  27. Martin McIntyre

    Preachers preaching.... reaching that higher ground....some borrowed lyrics from Stevie Wonder/RHCP's 'Higher Ground'???
    Still a cool tune though! ☺

  28. Matt Reid

    The horns remind me of a Rolling Stones song circa Sticky Fingers ... I think it's "Bitch".

    Thomas Clark

    Imagine Jones blowing harp over this ......

  29. Finn Watt

    This song is peng

  30. Nick Knowles

    what did he ripoff? lol jk great song

  31. A Gallagher

    Boring drums

  32. Baner Administracion

    Que les pasa a todos los ingleses con la biblia? too much religion

    Shadik World

    Why not? A nosotros no nos importa si una persona es atea o no, hay que respetar

  33. james grigg

    Think this is about liam 😂


    Ya think...haha

    lol lol

    You are homosexual

  34. Whit Espinoza

    NOEL <3

  35. Genius J18

    The man

  36. woody Vallallellalunga

    33,212 views now including mine.
    Fuksake NG...not a popular track then?! Keep on Reaching eh

  37. Britpop Floyd

    Probably the only song on that album where he kept to his style, naturally my favourite.


    Britpop Floyd
    What about 'The Man Who Built The Moon?' - 'Black & White Sunshine' and 'Dead in The Water'

  38. estebancomulet

    Which Annie Lennox song does it remind me of??

  39. Jun Gallagher

    i'll keep a secret for noel any day

  40. Alan Diego

    Sounds like Higher Ground

  41. Kyle TerMaat

    This would’ve made a great soundtrack for the movie Baby Driver.

  42. Layla ali

    his voice is superb

    Philip Workman

    i'll agree it is easy-ish to harmonise to then hit mute and it becomes more difficult the man can sing at 50 year old!

    Eddy Sandland

    Layla ali. It's As If He's Angry & Attacking The Mic with His Vocals!!! Class x

  43. Adolfo Kaiser

    'Keep On POTATO

  44. Banana

    You Rock Man!

  45. Continueism Continueism

    one of the best songs in the album keep on reaching

  46. CFCWise

    Taken me a while to warm to this album, but knew it'd come good eventually. This is (probably) my favourite.

  47. william cannon

    Absolute shit

  48. bii leto

    I don't particularly fancy this new style of Noel's, tho I adore his voice to death.

  49. Rae Earl

    Error 404 Liam Not Found

    Brian Ferris

    Rae Earl this is Noel band why would Liam have anything to do with anything Noel does .

    Rae Earl

    Brian Ferris I'm joking :')


    Sure, Liam's voice what was left of it is gone. He can only sing 75 minutes if he is lucky.
    Also Liam does not know where he is half the time never mind anyone else, so finding him would be some effort.



  50. jeff lebowski

    Absolute rubbish

  51. Stephen Sanchez

    Written about Liam?

  52. Luan182 182

    Sos la papa 🥔 más grande del mundo , más que el papa Franchesco! El puto amo

  53. oskar


  54. rossi46

    These lyrics are horrendous

    Евгения Михайловна

    I think this song is about Liam.

  55. marcedo16 hg

    A quien enganho !! El nuevo album de noel me ha descepcionado !!! 3 canciones y nada mas valen la pena.

  56. Gilar Arief

    Is this thing about Liam? Haha

  57. Goten

    Noel é foda só isso

  58. sahil ahmed

    that bass is a beauty

  59. 이코드

    my fav song in this album!😃😇

  60. WS K

    리암 좆까 노엘이 최고야


    I think I can almost make out the scissors 😂👍

  62. DragonNinja3121

    Sly just called asking for his funky horn section back......great tune though :)

  63. Polar Apple

    'As You Were' is WAY BETTER.

    Marsha Snavely

    Anonnymouse Hacker That is not true.

    Finn Watt

    Did Liam pay you to say that

    Nick Knowles

    i onno noel is just better at composing since he has experience in it. liam just has a sexy voice and is a frontman that can't be matched.

    Евгения Михайловна

    the real winners are people who support both brothers, I liked both albums.

    Евгения Михайловна

    So what? The first Noel's record gone platinum, the second one is double platinum. What about BDI albums sales? why people can't support both brothers?

  64. A Stott

    love it

  65. LoLzZ85

    Where's the video for Beautiful World he talked about? I don't get his marketing strategy.

  66. Gavin Tate TV

    One of the highlights on Who Built The Moon? Love it.

  67. Anita Isequilla

    Fucking amazing ❤

  68. Space Rock

    Good job, Noel Gallagher"s High Flying Birds!

  69. flashbax97

    Glad there’s a lyric video now as this song in particular has very muddled sounding vocals making the lyrics hard to comprehend.

    Lee McQueen

    flashbax97 Wrong.

  70. Cris Estrada


  71. Dan Ryder

    As long as they've got cigarettes in hell

  72. Utsav Pathak


  73. Robbie Evan

    Brasiil. Alguem?


    Big potato

    Евгения Михайловна

    Good boy, very clever. Still can't let Noel go, aren't you? He was right when he said that people from YouTube comments are the worst people in the world.

    Shadik World

    @Евгения Михайловна Wellcome to internet, thot...

  75. Johnny Rose

    All these songs sound like they will be fucking amazing live

  76. Sleep flower

    I need Hazed first


    What you need is to learn to get your own fucking opinion.

  77. Hivina Rocha

    Melhor vocal❤

  78. Jérémy H


  79. Sayuri Stardust

    Thanks to the Chief for so much great music!

  80. Valenciano

    Make real music videos.

  81. Let Me Fly You To The Moon

    Ok but what did we do to deserve Noel Gallagher? <3


    Fuck all, He's a gift from the depths of hell himself. No one this cool came from above.


    I dunno what did we do wrong? :D

  82. Bon G

    All of Noel's songs would sound a million times better if Liam were singing.

    Stephen Sanchez

    I know this much, with Liam singing they'd sound like absolute shit live. People are so up Liam's ass and (understandably) love hearing Oasis tunes live that they are in denial about his voice. With Noel you get it live the way you get it on record.... Class.

    Henry Hill

    bongzilla what a load of pish


    bongzilla I don't know if it would be in my top 4 but I loved it too.

    RedYellow Blue

    Young Liam, yes. Back in the day Liam was the obvious choice for most of the songs (though stuff like Half a World Away was meant for Noel). Nowadays Liam honestly couldn't sing the song you're listening to at the moment. If Oasis were still together, this song would have made the album but would have had Noel singing it. Look at the late Oasis albums, Noel sang almost all his own songs.

    Gareth H

    @Winged Hussar melt

  83. Ben Curtis

    just like Trent Reznor, Noel is releasing some of his best music 20+ years into his career.

  84. Ben Curtis

    just like Trent Reznor, Noel is releasing some of his best music 20+ years into his career.

    Anthony .Derwich

    thing Downward Spiral wath the Tent's peak, but I agree, Same for Steven Wilson (even if his whol career is incredible)

  85. Ben Curtis

    just like Trent Reznor, Noel is releasing some of his best music 20+ years into his career.


    Dude... I love NIN and Oasis as well...

  86. Yuli Portillo

    AMO ♥

  87. Abnormal Subs

    One of my favorite songs!

  88. Haun Gallagher

    Fuckin great tune. I love it

  89. Flor Catan

    Noel es el puto amo😍👌

  90. Luan Carvalho

    Noel is the best

  91. Cavaleiro de Alumínio

    - Hazed, Oasis Fan.

  92. Martina Walter

    fuckin' biblical

  93. André Mattos

    Finalmente saiu essa canção, Grande Noel !

  94. David Ballot Oficial


  95. Xconcepts

    Noel puto amo, GOD!

  96. James Brewster

    Thought ' She taught me how to fly ' would have been next. This song is good tho


    James B. Is a single man, he will release it to spring, im fuckin sure, and will a good tune for the summer

    James Brewster

    Xconcepts aye your prob right man. Great tunes