Gallagher, Noel - It's A Beautiful World Lyrics

It's like a song
It's like a prayer
It's like a dream you had one night
And put it over there

You wear it like a face
You've never seen before
You keep it with a key you thought you found
Was lying on the floor

Wipe away the tear
That only comes with peace
Wipe it with a rose of love you saw
Was falling on the leaves

Do it like a dance
Do it for a while
But when it's gone, you know it's gone
You walk another mile

It's a beautiful dream
A beautiful night
A beautiful world
When we dance in the light
All that is real
And all that is mine is right

It's a beautiful dream
A beautiful night
A beautiful world
And all that is mine is right

I'm blinded by the light
I try to catch my breath
I sing a song of love, and you can teach
Me what you know of death

It's walking in your dreams
It's written in the sky
And when you feel the heat, you know
You've found the reason why

It's a beautiful dream
A beautiful night
A beautiful world
When we dance in the light
All that is real
And all that is mine is right

It's a beautiful dream
A beautiful night
A beautiful world
And all that is mine is right

"Attention, attention!
Mesdames, messieurs
Accrochez-vous bien et faites vos adieux
L'humanité est en train de fondre aux deux pôles
Attention, attention!
Mesdames, messieurs
Les frontières se referment
Inspirez, expirez monoxyde de carbone
Détendez-vous et reposez en paix
C'est juste la fin du monde
C'est juste la fin du monde"

It's a beautiful dream
A beautiful night
A beautiful world
When we dance in the light
All that is real
And all that is mine is right

It's a beautiful dream
A beautiful night
A beautiful world
When we dance in the light
All that is real
And all that is mine is right

All that is mine is right
All that is mine is right
All that is mine is right
All that is mine is right

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Gallagher, Noel It's A Beautiful World Comments
  1. 19grand

    Only 1m views?! Wtf?

  2. CaptainOatwright

    He borrowed/adapted the baseline/backbeat from Peter Gabriel’s Secret World ? Reminds me of that a lot at least.

  3. Jack Place

    The French stuff is bizarre.

  4. Jack Place

    Sounds like it should be one big free loop. Sounds like the Alan Parsons album. But this is a very forgettable track. You have done much better Noel

  5. Vagner Machado

    Noel é génio

  6. Marco Recchilungo


  7. Raquela Ramon

    I love this video, however it is never loud enough.

  8. ad vence

    Never been a oasis fan,but like the noels high flying birds songs alot.

  9. Kelly Carey

    Was this video shot on actual film???

  10. Caroline Bedford

    You just can't do a bad song Noel Gallagher. X

  11. Luis

    Who is here after seeing them at the U2 shows??

  12. Alessandro Davi

    Properly kicking the ass..

  13. jafalad

    Saw NG/HFB open for U2 in Auckland at the start of their 2019 Oceania/Asian leg of the Joshua Tree tour at the weekend. I was really impressed. I'm a big U2 fan and came away looking up NG's songs on here.

  14. Marina Nolibos

    This music its so psychedelic, so good to listen like all others musics of Noel, he is genius! <3

  15. Andy Berridge

    It's a beautiful song, it gets better every time I hear it. Noel Gallagher. 😎

  16. tod dubow

    Like the Duran Duran vibe. After rewriting the 80's new wave era will Noel show us glam rock should be done?

  17. Pochade Box Painting

    2:46, sounds a bit like PHD's 80's hit "I won't let you down"

    Jodie Marshall

    I Won't Let You Down (0:57)

  18. Kuy Mesarina

    Papa cejona cabezona cosmica

  19. Eligio Cicala

    Grande Noel Gallagher

  20. NG God

    씨바 이때로 돌아와...좆같은 악마꽃 같은거 내지 말고

  21. Alberto Valls Mulero

    Thank you, Noel.

  22. nick webb

    Saw you at powderham just cracking day, keep pushing the boundaries, makes my world a better place THANK YOU

  23. piperathegates2112

    Any one know why Noel would have a Dallas Cowboys star on his guitar? I’ve never heard him mention American football, ever lol

  24. Luciana Silvas

    Noel Gallagher música boa de se ouvir excelente cantor.

  25. armpakkredxjapan

    Welcome to thailand GIG

  26. Jeff Corn

    Love the new music...You would see it is a beautiful world. If you could  just put your  phones down and pay attention .

  27. Γιάννης Λάμπρης

    That album was great took me a year to realize

  28. Kevin Waite

    Saw them play a gig at Jones Beach, NY last night and this chorus soared. Great song.

  29. Ophelia Darkling

    Taking the drum beat into consideration..this tune's kinda like his modern pop answer to "Tomorrow Never Knows." this song grows on you with every play. :)
    "I sing a song of love, and you can teach
    Me what you know of death"
    ..turn off your mind, relax and float is not dying. :)

  30. Martin Zacha

    I love Noel. My music guru when I was growing up. On top of that, very amusing sense of humor and personality. But this music is only for himself. Very under average. No wonder his wife loves him for his character, not for his music, which is good for him. Blessing. The only idea running thru my head is what it would sound like if someone else sang those songs now, perhaps a lady ??

  31. PIASI Rey

    Noel, veramente bella musicale un basso bellissimo ritornello da brividi bravo bravo


    Great, great, great! Thanks, Noel!

  33. vilamor007

    Noel is a brilliant solo artist

  34. lee benson

    I fucking love this album, it’s my fav post oasis record. Might be in the minority but 🖕 absolute class

  35. VAC SHOP

    This is a way underestimated piece of work.. its like something John Lennon would have produced had he lived long enough... I'd pay to see that.. John Lennon and NG performing this track..

  36. wandering spirit


  37. AgentX Anon

    the French bit in the song say's
    "Watch out, watch out!
    Ladies and Gentlemen
    Hang on tight and say goodbye
    Humanity is melting at both poles
    Careful, careful, careful!
    Ladies and Gentlemen
    Borders are closing
    Breathe in, breathe out carbon monoxide
    Relax and rest in peace
    It's just the end of the world.
    It's just the end of the world."

  38. Mr Wilfred Myers

    Polly Tunnels.

  39. Deep Heat

    Guy should get together with his brother & form a band!

  40. Deep Heat

    Anyone know what the *French* bird says?

  41. William McShane

    U no the reason y !!!!! 😂👌🏻

  42. Anthony Wilson

    Team Noel all the way.

  43. Adrian H

    From earthy rock-n-roller to cosmic, cowboy pop star. Long live the chief!

  44. Jona Rayado

    El coro es de otro mundo!

  45. wandering spirit

    Another masterpiece from Noel. The last great rock star on the planet.

  46. Adrian H

    The French bird looks like Clint Boon in 1991.

  47. NEIL lock

    Epic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  48. Hakan Dursun

    Well done !

  49. Meryn Rossiter

    This is awful. Noel needs to create peace and love with Liam so we can have some fun rock music again

  50. LancBlue

    Beautiful song ! NG man crush!!

  51. knutg

    Love it!

  52. Steve Fletcher

    It’s a Beautiful Song!

  53. PaulAlan Cornelius


  54. Seth

    Imagine peak Liam singing this especially the chorus

  55. Lord Stryrofoam

    Freaking bloody brilliant! The chorus will live in my heart forever. No question Noel is "the finest songwriter of [our] generation." The arrogance people attribute to him talking about his songs? He's just tellin the fuckin truth! His songs ARE great. Fuck Steve Earle and Blur. Pedestrians.

  56. ndrwdngh

    Needs more liam...

  57. bozbontins

    429 pathetics who know nofhing about music

  58. Daniel Torres

    A ver obvious copy of The beatles song; Tomorrow never knows

  59. Shay & Elis’s Lol

    Omg how many viewings

  60. Paul Chadwick


  61. I’m Shellie

    3:49 amazing

  62. XiakoU2

    Listen to this song while watching this video without sound IT'S MAGIC!!

  63. cheesandwichfactory

    Drums by CAN

  64. Balázs Tiszai

    I always have to remember the start of a U2 concert from this, great memories!

  65. Deanoo '

    4:00 best part

  66. Joel Whitehead

    Make room for the man who built the moon 😎

  67. Typowy imperator Bizancjum

    Thx akadera radio for showing this amazing song.

  68. shane r Mcmahon

    Oh such masterful word of wisdom

  69. shane r Mcmahon

    Elton's clarks

  70. Robert Barber

    Is that a Dallas Cowboys guitar Noel is playing😀

  71. Andrew Birkett

    Looks like Noel ripped it off from this.

  72. Mackey Wells

    This is music

  73. Carla Basto

    God save THE CHIEF. Live for ever.

  74. rockstar 7

    where is rock n roll star...

  75. ray cervenak

    .noel....time to get back with 2019...tour the WORLD...he's ready mate....are you.....would be.....beautiful......n'est pas?



  76. James Carson

    Im here because of U2. Thanks U2

  77. Pavel Sobotka

    Great song! I discovered this great song at U2 concert :-)

  78. MrGriser

    Brilliant song are the clips in the video from the cold war?

  79. Gabriele Mariani

    How you dare

  80. Tal Yarimi

    Went to U2 concert and reavealed this great song! wow

  81. saphire saphire

    - when no politician has the nerve to say, "i sing a song of love, teach me what you know of death". thank you Noel - for teaching us to listen again, to open our hearts again. truly, one of the greatest lines in rocknroll in the last decade.

  82. Brettboy Slim

    Zthis is such a tune

  83. Hernán Unknown

    It's a beautiful song.

  84. ndrwdngh

    Man this is just u2. Appriciate hes doing something different but go back towards songs like the right stuff, not this.

  85. Jason Bourke

    U2 brought me here. Tune

  86. Chris A.

    U2 using this to open their shows. Sound just like U2, Noel's spending too much time with Bono.

  87. Ked Krusty Krew


  88. ronald geeven

    Great to see U2 using this in their opening!!!!

    Enrico Gervasoni

    Yes, i agree, i saw them in milan and the intro blow me away

    Johnny Loaps

    That was the reason I discovered this song!

    Renzokuken Leneyoyo

    Good to see U2 closing a Noel Gallagher concert... if you ask me :)

    Marc Al

    It fits really well. When I heard the song and the refrain for the first time, I really thought it was Bono singing the "It's A Beautiful World" parts of the song.

    Alessandro Davi

    U2 opened the Noel's birds gig?

  89. GreenParadox

    Am I the only one who gets chills from the visuals?


    No you're not, the music and images around 4:30 onward are especially poignant

  90. vijeth2797

    who is here because they heard it at a U2 cpncert as one of the openers?

  91. Hilde Hewson

    Finally found what I was looking for....I love this!!!!❤❤

  92. Stephen Welch

    The best He's ever done. Love it

  93. mistermayonaise

    It's a Beautiful day,don't let it slip away......

  94. Ultraviolet Fan Club Brazil

    Corre que vai começar o show do U2, minha gente!

  95. Robert Trujillo

    Gran tema! en mi opinión. uno de los 5 mejores en su carrera solista.