Gallagher, Noel - If Love Is The Law Lyrics

Here am I
I'm high up on a ledge
I'm standing on the edge
I'm hiding alone in some town
Where love has been and gone
I'm waiting for the storm to come back
And take me down
The things I left unsaid
When lying on the bed
Right next to the face you wore
When you left me on my one
Now I've been on my own
And I must say

I didn't come here to break up your mind
I do believe that you were wasting my time
There's no more tears left to cry myself blind
If love is the law
Then this is a crime

Forever set in stone
When all is said and done
They're just like the fallen leaves
Together in your head
The sun's about to set
I sail out to stormy seas
But I cannot find the shore
Can't hear you anymore
And there's nothing left for me
Lying broken on the glass
And the ship's about to crash
And I must say

I didn't come here to break up your mind
I do believe that you were wasting my time
There's no more tears left to cry myself blind
If love is the law
Then this is a crime

I didn't come here to break up your mind
I do believe that you were wasting my time
There's no more tears left to cry myself blind
If love is the law
Then this is a crime

I didn't come here to break up your mind
I do believe that you were wasting my time
There's no more tears left to cry myself blind
If love is the law
Then this is a crime

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Gallagher, Noel If Love Is The Law Comments
  1. Will Mac

    But he ain't Dylan

  2. Andrew Birkett

    One of my favourite ever songs

  3. Steven Byrne

    Is this the female version of bbm?

  4. Steve Ochs

    Seriously, since accidentally seeing them open for the Black Crows while they were touring Heathen Chemistry, Noel Gallagher has provided primary musical soundtrack of my life (late to the Oasis party). No one else's work sinks in and matters like his does. For the moment, this tune is bashing around my brain nonstop.

  5. Danny H

    This song struck that chord that put me in such a great mood. This song is fantastic.

  6. Niki166

    Easily one of his best solo songs 👌

  7. Amy Aldridge

    Only found this today? didn't even know Noel had a new band It's absolutely amazing! R.I.P oasis but this rocks 😍 #BritishAtHeart

  8. Thelonious Coltrane

    Musically, NG is way better than baby brother LG.
    But they are at their GREATEST (musically) when they are together,

    than when they are apart!

  9. Luke Woodward

    nah, just boring.

  10. chiffmonkey

    1:30 is a porn shoot location. Don't uh... ask how I know.

  11. Neil Smith

    named my last lad after this man.
    Cheshire lad. mans a genius

  12. Mathona Moore

    Make up with Liam, go to his wedding as your mum won't live forever. Get Oasis back together. Not a bad song or voice but Liam is far better, in every way. His new album is very Oasisesque and fabulous.

  13. crypto currbit

    ummm this is really good! why not more views?

  14. James Timmins

    Stop the clocks

  15. Amaral Gurgel

    Hail Aleister Crowley!

  16. svobodnaya kassa


  17. Simon Shaw

    One of my most played albums is oasis mtv Unplugged. when noel sung the lot. I learned to play the acoustic because of this man, how i wish he could find that magic as really not impressed with his new music.

  18. Zoë de Beus

    These are lesbians, yes?

  19. James Timmins

    The stone is broke

  20. Bood FM

    Wow that was crap

  21. Luciano Rosales

    Who built the moon? es 5 veces mejor que la mayoria de los albumes de Oasis. Vengan de a uno...

  22. Nathalie tougris

    Love just love

  23. Armando Antunez

    There’s a story to this song. I’d tell it, but it’s never ending 😉

  24. Yos Prasetyo


  25. Beatle Stories

    I loved this song until I realised he ripped it off that "Never ending story" movie track from the 1980s, lol

  26. Lajos Szőcs

    Noel please never leave NGHFB for Oasis, please don't

  27. Adam

    No offence to Gem, but he isn’t exactly Johnny Marr is he

    Saad Faisal

    AJ 😂😂

  28. Андрей Болонин

    What movie?

  29. Sister Rose

    Of course its the law.. John Squire said so ;)

  30. MrSupersonic84

    I love the Motown vibe to this song

  31. JCATV

    The start of the melody sounds like the one of Neverending Story...

  32. Adam Turner

    Didnt even break 1 million.

  33. Mark Broome

    nothing came before the biblical guy!

  34. Stephen Dunne

    Gem is a legend

  35. bv 68

    Was never a fan of Oasis, but was fully aware of their songs, it wss Liam's twatitude that put me off, i like this tune s lot! And i find Noel a very intelligent man on his interviews he talks a lot of sense about music and in general too, Liam isnt anywhere near you in talent. The last of a great line of English singer song writers.

  36. Holly Howard

    I am not sure if the lyrics "I didn't come here to break up your mind" or "make up your mind"

  37. lee o rourke

    Johnny marr you genius

  38. Sree Mayukha Nyayapathi

    One direction has more awards than you have views!!!

  39. Lee H

    What a legend. I'd be happy just watching Noel playing guitar.

  40. Dermot Henry

    Johnny marr on harmonica, the instrument he is famous for

  41. Andrew Lynn

    Absolute class.

  42. Andriy Melnychenko

    Love this song

  43. miguel jesus aviles rodeiro


  44. Theo Ohlgart

    Noel must love Western America! All his recent videos are located there!!!

  45. Vivian Lee

    Noel sem liam , liam sem Noel parece que sempre falta algo

  46. Eric Verrastro

    I love NG, But this song is garbage

  47. Kelly Kirkpatrick

    Incredible talent

  48. James Higgins . Open World

    Noel Gallagher is a lyrical genius . but his best lyrics are stadium rock oasis .

  49. S on

    I'm in love with this song in 3 seconds!!


    Too americanish

  51. Trixie Perú

  52. Anthony Monaghan

    Nice harmonica courtesy of Johnny Marr...that's all there is to say about this otherwise pedestrian outing.

  53. C R Clarke

    What a shower of crap

  54. Malau

    25 years into his career, and he's writing songs BETTER than he did at the start.
    Noone else in modern music has been so consistently awesome as Noel.

  55. El Canal

    i love you man you are a legend

  56. cafecafe

    This guy can't be human the lyrics are just out of this world. One word , BIBLICAL.

  57. Federico Forcadell

    Recomiendo una banda nueva de Argentina: Saludos!!!

  58. Florencia

    Noel never die

  59. Saad Faisal

    Gem Archer at his best 👌🏻

  60. Joshua Loewen

    Anyone know the model of the Taylor Noel's playing here? Never seen it before...

  61. akensons

    the fuck is noel gallagher doing in red dead redemption 2?

  62. Gaston Martinez

    Vuelve con Liam, deja el Autotune y volverás a ser muy mágico 💔

  63. Nico Martinez

    Este vídeo es el sueño de mí vida.

  64. Mark Charleson

    The talented Brother

  65. SolamenteVees

    Those sleigh bells tho

  66. Donna Gat

    Gracias por venir a Concepción (Chile) Noel, cumpliste mi sueño de tomarme una foto contigo y que mejor que en mi ciudad natal? I love you so much! <3

  67. Zean Diaz

    You can hear the Genesis influence

  68. thomas parjimin

    noeliam G =rock n roll star

  69. BestCanKeanRob2

    Ian Brown betterthan him.

  70. vincent mutrel

    Beautiful song !!!

  71. Eddy Sandland

    Great Tuuuuune & J. Marr on harmonica!!! Not his usual guitar fill/lead/rhythm on a Noel track!!!! x

  72. Ana María M.M

    Good song

  73. Shane Mcmahon

    it's amazing how a little dope can get so big

  74. Shane Mcmahon

    yeah who's time

  75. Gustavo Oliveira

    Please, check my cover of "Alone on The Rope".

    Thank you!

  76. Joshua Whiteshirt

    Where was this filmed?

  77. The Starclipse

    The production sounds a little like "PET SOUNDS" Love It


  78. Mark Charleson

    Cracking tune love Noel’s songs , he’s excellent

  79. Lynda Howard

    You're an amazing, talented singer. I love all your recent songs. I understand them.

  80. Winged Hussar

    Great video, shitty song ass most of this songs on the last albums.
    He complained so much about shit pop and he's become that now

  81. Paul Dunn

    Check the size of the teeth on the bird with the long hair and red hat on in the video they look like piano keys

  82. nitolindo98

    Te volviste a robar los músicos de Liam, los de oasis y ni así haces buena música. Liam forever !

  83. Maria Vittoria Pittamiglio

    Best Movie and Love this Song

  84. Darren Geraghty

    Absolutely brilliant.

  85. Mandy Khoo

    As a fan's getting admirably boring............

  86. Truth Truth

    Poor song writers - Like a rhinestone cowboy.

  87. Jay Audiss

    #1 Nobody can touch this Legend!!! Lennon smiling down on you Son!!!

  88. Cezar Augusto Callegary

    Pessoalmente sempre achei Noel a melhor parte do Oasis. Uma performance mais natural, menos forçada, uma voz consistente e provida de energia natural e fácil. Muito bom.

  89. Dave Manson

    Stop saying 'biblical'.

  90. Liam s

    Just like Richard Ashcroft.. I mean two massively talented musicians and song writers. Noel is a genius.. But this is terrible. Liam gallagher is the only one who still has attitude this is drab.

  91. Roker Carlos


  92. Dana Adalaide

    There is absolutely no depth to his music any more.


    Have you watched his, 'Beautiful World' video, or 'Dead in the Water'?

  93. Sean Keenan

    He needs Liam

  94. Luciano


  95. Megamaniac138

    Liam was right. Not for me mate.


    is a Taylor GS Mini.... only for the video...

  97. Frankie Hartley

    Noel, your a gobshite. You, working class? My arse

  98. Jerid58

    I love Gem, he's great, but for some reason I wish Johnny could have made a brief appearance for the harmonica solo.