Gallagher, Noel - Fort Knox Lyrics



Hey hey
Keep on holding out
Holding on

Hey hey
Keep on holding out
Holding on

He-e-e-ey (Hey hey)

Keep on holding out
Holding on

He-e-e-ey (Hey hey)
Keep on holding out
Holding on

Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey

You gotta get yourself together
You gotta get yourself together
You gotta get yourself together
You gotta get yourself together
You gotta get yourself together
You gotta get yourself together
You gotta get yourself together
You gotta get yourself together

Ahhhhhhhhh, ah!
Keep on holding out
Holding on

Ahhhhhhhhh, ah!
Keep on holding out
Holding on

He-e-e-ey He-e-e-ey

He-e-e-ey He-e-e-ey

Keep on holding out
Holding on

He-e-e-ey He-e-e-ey

Keep on holding out
Holding on

Keep on holding out
Holding on

Keep on holding out
Holding on

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Gallagher, Noel Fort Knox Comments
  1. Paranormal Nel

    Great music to live by. <3

  2. BattleKid619

    I just love how one of the first Lyrics on Noels first album following Liams debut, where he spent a fair amount of time bashing Noel, was "You gotta get yourself together". Just as if to say "Sit down kid, class is in session"

  3. Dan

    Saw them perform this song live.

  4. Leonardo Guerri

    Noel, è sempre stato uno sperimentatore, e quel che è bello, e che ci ha sempre preso..

  5. Deep Heat

    Who's going to Thetford? Madness 2 days later same venue! "It's coming home, it's coming home, musics coming home!"

  6. Karl Oliver

    Noel has basically swapped drugs and his music is the evidence

  7. Kuy Mesarina

    COSMIC POP: THE BEGINNING by Liam Gallagher

  8. Malcolm Wilson

    I don't think Noel had a kaleidoscopic as a kid but he's making up for it in quite a few of his videos.

  9. Robert Meyman

    This sucks.

  10. Marcos Gomez

    I feel like Voodoo Ray was a big influence on his music recently. Electronic sounding music, with those vocals in the background. Idk just an observation

  11. Mr Wilfred Myers

    Keep your hair on !!

  12. Panic Station

    Its great until Noel's alarm clock starts going off

  13. Maple Storms

    I don’t think the intro is long enough.

  14. tod dubow

    Noel's mind is abstract which is why his Oasis lyrics were weird and cool. Now he is free to make his music abstract as well.

  15. Cheryl Spandley

    Love this video wow, wow, mesmerising,love the beginning very Beatles very 60's very good.

  16. Dean Smith

    I saw him at blicklimg hall best night ever Noel played the crowd love you man

  17. Paloma Martinez

    This one is a powerful song created by Noel. He has changed style with a physcodelic rock mixing new sounds and atmosphere to explain his feeling.

  18. Daniel James

    I remember being excited about this when I heard the preview, I wasn't disappointed

  19. jack frost


  20. Richie Partout

    De la Grande Musique.

  21. UKkz1682 music


  22. 田中一郎


  23. Eddy Sandland

    Noel & His Band should play This Live!!! Like The Swamp Song!!!

    Larysa Cherner

    They do. It's a start of their gigs.

    Eddy Sandland

    Larysa Cherner, I Know, after I wrote The Comment I Fuckin Remembered!!! Cheers Though Mate!!!

    Larysa Cherner

    @Eddy Sandland That's fine :) I agree with your opinion, it's a brilliant starting track to get the people in the mood. Cheers!

    Eddy Sandland

    Larysa Cherner, Its Their Fuckin In The Bushes!!! Which I've Always Felt Oasis Should of played Live!!! Like The Swamp Song!!! Cheers Mate

    Larysa Cherner

    @Eddy Sandland Yes, I couldn't agree with you more. Hopefully on the next album Noel will come up with another one like that, absolutely epic tunes. Cheers, mate!

  24. revup67

    immediate headache from the fake and plastic opening beat, blecch.

  25. dressowb

    Epilepsy come to me!

  26. Ste

    Some amazing tracks on this album but also a couple of really weak tracks,the awful cheesy pop ones! Far from a masterpiece but nevertheless a decent album..lets not get carried away though new found noel fans! Ha

  27. Chris Wilkinson

    Absolutely awesome, reminds me of my rave days a bit. If I didn't already know this was Noel I would never have guessed. It's great that post-Oasis he has always kept making something different.

  28. gary jah jah

    noel is having 30 year flashback from summer of love 89

  29. Witchcraft Design

    You gotta get yourself together then he says one other thing that I can’t understand, between every “you gotta get yourself together”

  30. Samothiel

    Reminds me of Massive Attack x Chemical Bros.

  31. Виталий Прошин

    ...thousand voices crying in my head...

  32. Josué 10 Marín

    I love it

  33. Nick Name

    I get some Enigma vibes of this tune

  34. suhyun

    에~ 에헤에 헤~ 에~ 에헤에 에~

  35. Adam Brosnan

    When you hear the start it's a perfect intro before the concert starts gives me the chills!!!

  36. 상여자

    개멋있다.. 아티스트다... 최고다.. 사랑한다... 노엘.. 최고다....
    Come Korea on 2020...

  37. Tony Chall

    Play loud. Very loud.

  38. Ariadne

    The italian sentence is completely wrong!

  39. Rodolfo Gramaccini


  40. Alberto Siena

    See you tomorrow in Rome!

  41. Deep Heat

    Sometime back I had a theory that *Daft Punk* had developed some amazing algorithm that analyse the greatest music from the last 40 odd years & managed to distil that into the essence of some very good & catchy tunes. I don't know if Noel hasn't done the same here? I get a bit of The Beatles & Stones, some early French pop music, some Prodigy..... It's a good album with some great tracks though!

  42. Jennifer Konstant

    Very baggy, I love it!

  43. Brendan Clarke

    Would be good without the background bell

  44. Michael Park


  45. A.R. Rahmesh

    Noel Gallagher is a musical deity. Every single track he’s made is an example of his creative genius. He continues to prove his relevance despite how much society has changed in his/our lifetime. He continues to be OUR voice

  46. big len

    The sort of bollox anyone could knock together on garageband, lets be honest.

  47. r f

    David Holmes's influence works so well with Noel. Never the Oasis fan but loving his High Flying Birds output.

  48. J201

    Croacia vs Rusia en el mundial 2018, sono antes de la tanda de penales ^^

  49. Phil Arnold's CHANNEL LINEAGE

    Isn't it 'holding off holding on'?

  50. ᄆᄋᄆᄋᄂᄅᄂᄅ


  51. Josh Bennett

    Good god, this is fucking awesome! It sounds like a mix of a song from 1964 and 2017. Psychedelic yet clean and epic. Amazing shit right there

  52. sternenkind

    Noel is a unique artist. He has enough money, doesn't depend on a record company and he can do whatever he wants, with total creative control. The man has only started. He lives his dream.

  53. Marc Anton

    Credit: David Holmes feat. Noel Gallagher "Keep on holding out, holding on" sample.

  54. Smash Ignorance

    he said kanye west inspired this song

  55. Marta Mercado


  56. Thomas Mills Music

    This cannot be anything but the open track to one of the greatest albums written in the last decade!

  57. Jennifer Shelley

    Fans seem pretty split down the middle with WBTM. I really LOVE it and think it's great that Noel tried something new.
    This album is far from Oasis and that's all right. Liam's AYW was more Oasis-y to me and THAT'S ALL RIGHT TOO. I loved AYW. Liam and Noel are two different people/
    This is VERY different from his first two solo albums. I LOVED both of those as well.

    LOVE Oasis - greatest band ever. (L+N=O)
    Loved Beady Eye - wish it had been given more of a chance.
    Love Noel and everything he does.
    Love Liam and all he does.

    Would love a Gallagher Brothers reunion more than an Oasis reunion. They need to "like" each other again.


    4th november LUNA PARK Buenos Aires Argentina....aproaching

  59. Marco Severini

    Ce vedemo dopo ar club Stè

  60. Yeah

    Wouldve actually been great as a fifa song

  61. 김아무개

    사이키델릭한게 좋네

  62. ピーマンパプリカ


  63. marcedo16 hg

    Mundial Russia 2018 //Croacia vs Rusia - primer tiempo suplementario.

  64. Ronan C

    Noel, your music's evolution is a delight to follow, from Definitely Maybe to this day. Can't wait to see where you are taking us next !

  65. LoLzZ85

    The vocal is very Damon Albarn/Gorillaz

  66. 정희재

    Sounds a little like.. meditation music

  67. dubseedz757

    He opened up his show with this song !! So epic..

  68. darren jones

    I keep holding out,holding on......

  69. ドライカレー


  70. スターロード


  71. Shannøn W

    Loved this song in concert, the drums really set it off 😁😁

  72. Panic Station

    someone left the alarm clock on

  73. Fernando C . V

    Noel, siempre serás el mejor músico británico de la historia.

  74. Luke Thacker

    Can anyone tell of any mental songs just like this one?

  75. CrisRoads

    An epical entrance for an epical album :D

  76. Patrick Keegan

    Not a fan. Sounds like should be a fifa background tune. Plus my mate Tom Walsh wrote a song called 'get yourself together' so could be some royalties heading his way....

  77. Sam Collins

    This is what I love about Noel. He takes risks and it pays off. I can't fault any of his tracks as they are all unique and I feel they have their own sounds and stories to tell

  78. The Byronicmann


  79. Rodrigo Romero

    Sounds a lot like an outtake from "Screamadelica"

  80. Phenomenal One

    England vs Croatia at the stadium before extra time


    They played it?


    LoLzZ85 this song was played several times during the World Cup

    Marcos Paulo

    @Pilar amazing!

  81. tom stafford

  82. Baba J Jd

    Never forget Noel walking out on stage to this song. Epic intro to the show!! Hey hey hey hey....

  83. Nathan Sabado

    Chris Martin could've sung in this.

  84. Bread Harrity

    Great to hear Noel Gallagher push creative boundaries. This sounds fucking great. I've always thought Noel was an artist and this is what artists do, not cookie-cutter rock'n'roll songs all their life.

  85. Alan Olivera

    Dale que viene a Argentina a a a a

  86. dnalpu ca

    Chemical brothers did this thousand years back


    dnalpu ca Noel worked with the chemical brothers quite a lot. He wrote setting sun and did the vocals on it. This is he's sound it just wasn't right for oasis.

    Grinder Bing

    Exactly, and also Let Forever Be, not to mention Oasis remixes made by The Chem Brothers ;) This is actually a very classic song from Noel except maybe the addition of a female vocalist ^^

  87. dnalpu ca

    Get yourself together noel, this is nonsense!

  88. SH UN


  89. dubseedz757

    I fucking love Noel Gallagher... One of the best artists out there..

  90. Hearing Visions

    Nah, generic sahara movie music.

  91. bigjr1979

    There the backup Jessica Greenfield singing 🎶ooohh at 2:10

    Grinder Bing

    It's not Jessica Greenfield but Ysee aka Audrey Gbaguidi, the second french lady of the band ;)

  92. Josh FUT

    That bell is considerably less annoying live than in the recorded version

  93. Calum O'Toole

    kanye would never rap on this absolute shite

  94. Weyoun Six

    fuck the visuals are mad

  95. Graham King

    A red indian rebellion

  96. Graham King

    Bell's ringing, Man......