Gainsbourg, Charlotte - Terrible Angels Lyrics

My head is pounding, my mouth is dry
My eyes are burning, oh I can see you lowering
Pan de sal, Blanc Ménage
Holy holy, tension turn me inside out
Inside out, inside out

Seraphim, please don't pull me down
It's just a drowning man reaching for me now
Seraphim, please don't pull me down
It's just a drowning man reaching for me now
Please don't pull me down

I want release from absolution
I want release from-
I want rele-
I want release

Terrible angels, infant sorrows
Twilight horses, they will walk with me again
I can hear them, oh I can hear them
My ancestor, my protector, my tormentor
And a lot unknown, and a lot unknown, oh oh

Seraphim, please don't pull me down
It's just a drowning man reaching for me now
Seraphim, please don't pull me down
It's just a drowning man reaching for me now
I want release from absolution
Good intentions
Blue black flowers
Poison wine
Blood ecstatic
Annihilate the sense of things
I am born into these breaking hours
Out of change change change

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Gainsbourg, Charlotte Terrible Angels Comments
  1. Enthalpia Entropia

    An emerald...!

  2. Merrida100

    I'm so in love with Charlotte. She's a wonderful actress, and a great singer. I like her presence, and her extreme comfort with herself. Her confidence is sexy and appealing. She seems like she's got this beautiful calm about her that I admire. Oh for a fraction of Charlotte

  3. Needle Noddle-noo

    It would appear that Paris is overrun with slim, dark cuties.

  4. Pneu Michelin

    Love you charlotte like your father .....hey joe is beautiful

  5. Nameless !

    Not her best song.

  6. Christine Mendoza

    Gossip girl brought me here

  7. lalicorne chamoune

    Bcp de chansons que j aime pas

  8. Alex

    Serge Gainsbourg would be so proud.

  9. Michael Konrad

    meine Kopfund bauchschwester

  10. OneFrenchMusic Thierry Ruiz

    surprenante .. envoutante .. irréelle !!!! LOOOOOVE exponentiel !!!

  11. OneFrenchMusic Thierry Ruiz

    C'est comme 'sa meilleurs copine' .. on la trouve touchante .. émouvante .. toujours sincère .. et fidèle à notre amitié !

  12. Magali Merot

    on t aime charlotte les deux parties de ma personne sont reunies parfois bravo bravo trop bon

  13. multisphere1

    Stylish in her way

  14. Devine

    De l'électro utilisé à bon escient!!Avec un très bon clip en prime!:-)

  15. pablitopablito4

    Digne fille de son père ! Une vraie personnalité j adore 😘

  16. R Smith

    I hope Goldfrapp got royalties cos there are more than one or two rifts swiped directly from them.........'Train' for example....

  17. Scotty Russell Music

    this is dope as fuck, can't believe i only heard her yesterday, immediate new favourite...

    Jacob Ariel Mathias

    similar state but fore me its today

  18. Gérald Pateyron

    Pourquoi se foutre de la gueule d'une chanteuse? Charlotte commence en musique, alors que MF à 33 ans de carrière. Je pourrais en dire sur son parternelle. C'est d'une idiotie. J'appréciais sa musique, qu'elle crève

  19. cmoi oi

    Elle est géniale, et tellement belle!!!

  20. gari gariwai


  21. Hasna micha



    oua les pommes super ou ???

  23. Alex Tokmakov

    Где свежее творчество ? )


    Alex Tokmakov - lol , what about fresh cucumber? 😀

  24. OneFrenchMusic Thierry Ruiz


  25. andreea valdrost

    I would loved to be one of the doppelganger dancers <3


    That's what I need in my life: A Charlotte Gainsbourg clone with her talent and intelligence. Why didn't I think of that before?

  26. 김에안

    l'm fallin luv with her voice...

  27. boxy

    c-terrible définitivement j'adore cette song j'aime charlotte qui pour moi est sublime artiste
    une question: Beck est a la prod??

  28. ChrystaBell Music

    I love this video and song! She is a strong and compelling artist. Brava!

  29. Eduarda Carvalho


  30. Carlos García Figueroa

    Like it, has the same vibe to Paseo inmoral - Gustavo Cerati

  31. Nagual Florian

    Love this girl she's more real then real. Just amazing.

  32. sevets2000

    Loved the French song she did at the opening credits for the British (and then PBS show) "The Tunnel".

  33. Donna Donnev

    She is singing same as my grand mother after super !!!Awful!


    I'm sure she would like that, considering her age.

  34. St Campos


  35. Hrad B


  36. виктор мазилов

    Adore Charlotte Gainsbourg and all her movies!

  37. getshorty75

    damn if she doesn't look like patti smith....

  38. flykkar

    beautiful charlotte <3

  39. Pavel Akhmadeev

    Fuck yeah!

  40. bnk57

    Everything is shit except you love.

  41. Lo Larebel

    Top ;-)

  42. nickhungergames1

    She was amazing in nymphomaniac


    And in Melancholia, and (especially) in Antichrist.

  43. Valentine Amoretti

    Gossip Girl<3

  44. Emilse Crisag

    Tan fotogénica <3

  45. Eva Baghdasaryan

    Charlotte <3

  46. engin uzuner

    Love you charlotte


    Carine Roitfeld, exdirectora de Vogue Paris, ha definido su magnetismo mejor que nadie: “Es el equivalente francés a Sofia Coppola: alguien que viene de una familia famosa y con un estilo cool que todas las chicas de París quieren tener. Hay algo en su forma de andar, con su chaqueta de cuero y el pelo en la cara, que es mitad de su madre, mitad de su padre, pero que le pertenece exclusivamente a ella”.

    Juan C. Fuentes Urra

    A mi parecer es la típica HIJA DE ALGUIEN, su madre era hermosa y trasgresora, su padre feo y talentoso, Charlotte es fea, actúa mal y canta mal

    Dark Slayer

    @Juan C. Fuentes Urra a tu parecer, o sea que tu opinión subjetiva en todo caso es totalmente irrelevante y contradice la realidad de lo que es en verdad Charlotte talentosa y bella como sus ancestros.

    y c

    pero no es si quiera original... ah que gustos tan raros y ordis los de estos tiempos

  48. norberto bobbio

    ti amo profondamente Charlotte

  49. Romy EC

    I want that jacket. 

  50. Felipe Santos

    Guy Manuel ?

  51. Yubin Moon

    Not only can she act, but she can sing? Wow, I'm so impressed.

    Enjoy Life with Me

    "Singing" is a bit strong.

    Juan C. Fuentes Urra

    She sing badly ... She is the most untalented woman I have seen in all my life LOL ... She is not a good actress and ugly

    terry jones

    i agree with you Ashley.


    She's beautiful, and I love her voice. She's quite intelligent and has a lovely energy about her. Her poise and confidence is captivating. LOVE HER!

    Mrembo Mweusi

    @TorkGirl8 lemon incest lol. Leave it to the French to shock

  52. Anthony Miller

    She should stick to acting quite honestly.

  53. Sylvie sylano

    La classe ma tite Charlotte

  54. Fabien HESS-MANGA

    elle est magnifique *O*


    J'adore Charlotte!

    Aries Leo rising

    DELPHINE TESLA moi aussi.

  56. Kevin Moore III

    I dig this 'Track' !!! It's new wavy/punk and my ear drums welcome it whenever I blast it on my Klipsch speakers and since it's a short 'Track' I usually repeat it at least 3 times before I'm satisfied, or not !!! DON'T FORGET ; "You're Either A Rebel Or A Devil" !!!  One Love :o)

  57. Flying Chef

    Patty Smith, we found your twin sister! Great vid, could use a better song. Keep going!

    katy w

    Patty Smith had a louder, more intelligible voice, in my opinion. An I'm French, yet ;)

  58. Jv Holic Koiv

    Perfeita !!! Brazil love you

    Ikke Jå

    um brasileiro por aqui kkkkk que ótimo!!!!

  59. amar galco

    I love her!

  60. amar galco

    I love her!

  61. Anh Nguyen

    omg so guuuud

  62. Simon Frisk

    Does anybody know where this video was shot? 

    Allan Calara

    Downtown Los Angeles...there are some shots of Broadway (I lived in the area).

  63. Erika Bathory

    No sabia que cantaba, tiene buen material...

  64. Axelle Demartin

    Juste CANON Charlotte!!!!

  65. david bolajuzon


  66. SHAKHIR2

    Phenomenal actress AND musician!

  67. SanguisSol

    Charlotte Goldfrapp

    Frank Steigleder

    Charlotte Lizzy Mercier Goldfrapp :)

  68. gypsyvanneraddict

    Like it- ce tres cool

  69. Marios Philippou

    this vid is the best dream of any gainsbourg fan out there 

  70. Dany Fer

    Nice Song!

  71. dominika winiarek

    this song is fucking great!!

  72. Alvy Singer

    Charlotte tu es si belle. Please come to Colombia!!!!!

  73. edhoover42

    Interesting video, a female version of multiple man, except they don't always get along...?

  74. BoomShakaLaka

    I LOVE YOU!!! From America

  75. 1717mathieu

    Love it !

  76. Epicurian Vibes

    En général tu as du talent mais là c'est vraiment merdique..

  77. bossennec Apolline

    J'adore, mais je pensais pas que c'était son style de chanson. Bravo quand même

  78. BJ Vynz

    and somewhere higher up in that same parking lot, scarecrow is selling drugs to the mob, fake batmans are getting ready to prove themselves, and the real batman is climbing up the building thinking "what is that awesome fucking music?"

  79. The Vern

    What's better then Charlotte Gainsbourg? A freaking army of them.

  80. The Vern

    I never thought trolls like you actually existed, wow. I'm amazed.

  81. Lu13pa31

    the way charlotte moves is way sexier than all the other dancers, don't you think?

  82. Hegemon Pokemon

    a lot of charlottes :D

  83. valia m

    plsssss. bacause your parents were cool in the days , now comes the dauther look at me i m cool too, i m so tired...... wake me up when theres something now///that old edge yes i get it but is old...retro.. the young ones are coping the old edge... why?.. they dont have anything new to bring to the table....sadddd//

  84. SerialGothQueens

    Reminds me SO much of 'Black Cherry' era Goldfrapp. Love it.

  85. gypsyvanneraddict

    Wow! Ce belle! I love it! So cool! She's a wonderful actress too but the music is really dam good! It's a popy sonic youth with a touch of chic!

  86. Lu13pa31

    definitely the best comment haha. =D

  87. MrDrissou

    Omg c'est de la merde !!! mes oreilles !!!!

  88. noize2040

    i hope it doesn't..

    Anna needs one...and also Out of Touch..
    but its been 1 1/2 so probably none will get a video.

  89. Tim C

    WAit so is this like french pop??? If this is how pop music is in european countries... american pop-culture is fucked

  90. Carlos Alberto Silva

    I don't know, although she is always more stylish than most of the people on the streets.

  91. hiddenname

    i have a big crush on her

  92. pierre magnat

    TROP BELLE NOTRE LOLOTTE NATIONALE...Non je rigole.. quelle grace et quel talent... sans oublié une intelligence dans les paroles au dessus du panier... BISES A TOI MA BELLE

  93. xevissimo

    Soy el que más te ama.

  94. Joelle neron

    superbe,belle voix je t,adore continue tu est une artiste complete bzzz.

  95. freedom of speech

    I can smell the french, right here from Montréal, Canada LOL

  96. Jesus Lopez


  97. Laurent Gélinas

    Charlotte with make-up, I've seen it all...