Gainsbourg, Charlotte - Such A Remarkable Day Lyrics

Such a remarkable day
All for me, thanks to you
A violent blow this way
Every prediction coming true

There's blood on your hands either way
How can we ever pay your due?

Was it a cry or a sigh?
A mental ill, could you say?
Your broken bird cut the sky
An extraordinary way
Truth or dare? Which is you?

Such a remarkable day
How did you choose this Wednesday?
The bird by your side, he flew

Our deepest sympathy to the family
All our compassion may know misery
Hope she was carried in ecstasy
Calmly defiant, may she rest in peace

Such a remarkable day
How did you choose this Wednesday?
The bird by your side, he flew

Such a remarkable day
How did you choose this Wednesday?
The bird by your side always knew

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Gainsbourg, Charlotte Such A Remarkable Day Comments
  1. Andy2018 Wat

    Would love to here her live in France

  2. Evelyne Janeau

    Superbement rêveur et si proche de ses deux parents

  3. Lj Cali

    89.9 kcrw where u discover music.

  4. Fairuz Vlog


  5. marleychivan

    amazing Charlotte!!

  6. David McGowen

    Sexy voice!

  7. J B


  8. CloseToMyHeart

    Remarkable...Indeed 💕

  9. Eydok

    How the fuck did I not find this earlier? Amazing!

  10. Natália Ribeiro

    Fan depuis plus de 30ans... un bonheur de la voir en concert a Madrid!!! je ne veux pas attendre 30 ans pour le prochain!!!

  11. Hans Zedinger

    Bullshit from France

  12. xray style

    She can't sing... Crap

  13. Maki Maz

    I went to this concert in Peralada festival! Thank you SO much Charlotte for sending back my "kiss" !

  14. BigAl69666

    Franz Ferdinand couldn't be bothered to sue, just yet...

  15. Mad About

    Artist & such a remarkable tune discovered today, loved forever and always!!!

  16. Murielle Garnier

    Charlotte je t'adore, émouvante et rock 😊!! Merci c'est sublime. 😁😍😘

  17. Albert coll

    Essa cantora é espetacular, tem a voz mais harmoniosa que já ouvi.

  18. The MooK

    y a des filles de qui non aucun talents et il a les autres ...........

  19. Alexander Kuleshov

    Can't wait for your show in Moscow ❤️

  20. lo2la2006

    Merci Charlotte, je t'aime, pas un mot a ton mec ou a tes enfants, qu'ils continuent a ne ce douter de rien. A toute a l'heure.

  21. Toussantlbisso

    Lil' Momma Definetely got some of Daddy's Talent ! Brava !

  22. Archie Bunker

    Such A Remarkable woman

  23. Eight Celtic Nations

    The more I hear her music the more I love this girl! Her music reminds me of Pet Shop Boys--female version! Great stuff!

  24. laure Meunin

    Tout simplement Charlotte... J'adore 😍

  25. Michael Wilson

    I want my own Charlotte! Not gonna happen, but I can dream. One thing though: I hope no one who has epilepsy watches this. I'm not joking.

  26. Romano Di Berardino

    Your father gave you the talent ! He would be Proud !

  27. worklove for witchcraft

    Engineering the Quantum Mind anyone?

  28. josh

    French touch, vive la France !

  29. Pika Polonica

    Verovatno je do sintisajzera ali meni pesma podsetila na EkV, a i ona podseća na Magi.

  30. pavement422

    Love it

  31. Karine Buinier

    French spoken 🇫🇷 Vous pouvez signer 1⃣ pétition contre l'expérimentation animale sur le site 30 Millions d'Amis 🐾🏳️💩

  32. worklove for witchcraft

    This song gives me back the entire atmosphere of an era, reinvented through a veil of a dreamy, nostalgic sound. Well played indeed

  33. lavsmate

    This is the most talented and gifted woman on the face on this planet..... Utterly beautiful and brilliant..... Nuff said......


    Entendu sur OUIFM INDé, j'étais surpris de voir que c'etait C.GAINSBOURG. C'est tout simplement EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!! Bravo, j'en veux encore!!!!!!

  35. けい


  36. Andy2018 Wat

    Everything I've heard so far from her I've liked. She is super talented, would love to see her live in Paris

  37. mkanix666

    Great song. Think I'll have to go to the show at the El Rey in L.A. in April.

  38. Isa 33

    J'aime j'aime j'aime 😍 ❤️

  39. Vie d'Ailes

    tel père, telle fille....Quel talent !!!

  40. Cala Vera

    TOTAL HIT !!! ♥️

  41. Andii Edits

    Such a remarkable song!!👌😍❤️

  42. Maja Stina

    Seizure warning for photosensitive epilepsy? I don't personally know if this needs one but I figured I'd mention it in case

  43. Kina Lobbes

    magnifique chanson, j adore

  44. Norbert Egger

    Charlotte tolle Musik machst du da.💗💗💗💗💗💗🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😘😘😘👌👌👌LG Norbert

  45. Malane Lionel

    Toujours innovante Mme Gainsbourg...ce que j'ai remarqué dans la vidéo, ils ont tous le look jeans, ça fait un peu Gainsbarre ; )

  46. dan thefan

    Charlotte, ThankYou! Take 2 is so very Powerful & Flowing! X

  47. Cold Crush

    I wish I could buy this version!!

  48. Tequila Wong


  49. ser Å

    Magnifique !!!! An embrace from

  50. Matt Hampson

    Remarkable.... thanks Charlotte xx

  51. Laurent Haz


  52. wazza

    I heard this song in kmart an hour ago, thanks to shazam now I'm here 😀

    james ashton

    Forza horizon 4 👍😁 lol

  53. simon

    Heard this first on radio 6, absolutely love it, all works well

    Gerard Brennan

    keep listening to 6 music it will be the best decision you will make (musically)

    Michael McLaughlin

    I concur


    Absolutely love radio 6, took a while to get used to shaun's new time slot as last year he was on the mornings. Also I was shocked to hear that radio 6 had played omni trio, ltj bukem and Adam f as I'm a drum and bass fan from over 20 years ago

    Andy2018 Wat

    Me too. Steve Lamacq show I think. Thank God for Radio 6.

  54. Ras Al Mothallat

    French Touch ,love u Charlotte :D

  55. Antonymes Music

    Pop Français, c'est magnifique! The brightest sound I've heard in ages.

  56. Fraxinus!

    As good as Deadly Valentine but I'm also finding the video for this distracts from the song (which has been on the BBC 6Music playlist for most of January 2019)...

  57. lavsmate

    This is superb....

  58. Cold Crush

    this is dope!

  59. Buck Tarbrush

    So French.
    Love it!

    Daniela Loss


  60. Dominique HAY

    Excellent j adore

  61. Malkovich Malkovich

    Снимаю лайк что бы вновь его поставить!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  62. Darren Smith

    Amazing single off the EP, fuckin awesome tune 😉

  63. ERIC b

    pour la vie.

  64. Serkan Й

    This live version is magnificent!

  65. Romain Lacroix

    Agréable votre créativité Mme. L'univers progresse de plus ! Ce titre est remarquable, il sonne tel une vague Rennaise des années 80 ! Cette électronique planante évoque nos éveils d'enfants, ou le conte scintillait en images animées... Bien heureux sous les lunes, Romain.

  66. Clara DeLaMer


  67. boxy


  68. Ronna

    Hola . Gracias .

  69. Prisoner ksc2-303

    So no ones is gonna mention those Daft Punk "Technologic" beats at the beginning?

    Fourth World

    don't think they would mind even if it was the case, SebastiAn who produces her songs is a close friend...

  70. bernus34

    charlotte monte en puissance et ça j’achète

  71. Alexander Winter

    this sound creates a holy move in our moving deadlock industry

  72. Miguel Osvaldo

    magnífica <3

  73. Krlos Yocelfi

    You just need a good video. You are a great profissional, hugs from Brazil.

  74. Brand_D

    This is beautiful, love it

  75. Kahlid Woods

    Sooooo good!!! Felt like I was on stage with 'em there for a minute. Excellent work... cheers!

  76. Azrubel

    Editor: What effects do you want?
    Charlotte Gainsbourg: Yes


    you mean "oui" XD

    Enrique Lieller

    XD its like

  77. Domenico Mastroianni

    I can't stop listening to this song

  78. Malkovich Malkovich

    Love it Love it Love it!!!

  79. Arron Cuellar

    I totally dig this track. It’s music to get lost to. 🙏🏻

  80. Gimmie Shelter

    Goldfrapp echoes

  81. Lea Teuteu

    Étonnante,je suis pourtant pas fan du trop électro, trop synthétique en général,mais là sa match🇫🇷😎🎧

  82. Noemi Sta

    Cette voix est envoûtante 🙂 fragile et forte à la fois. Un peu trop courte...

  83. Joshua Rainey

    This song would have been a huge hit in the 80's.

  84. Land Of Wind

    Respect tout égal pour la CB team technique.

  85. Land Of Wind

    Une artiste pure, qui sait mettre, enfin, au monde, aussi, le talent de ses musiciens.

  86. Mathieu Aucher


  87. Josaphah

    Synth beauty

  88. Khalid Hmd

    😍 😍 😍

  89. Oddhaunts Films

    Devine. What an experience to see and hear you live in London. Thank you kindly for the music, magic and memories Charlotte.

  90. I.L.L.U.S.I.O.N.S


  91. steph papa

    Such a remarkable day
    All fully, thanks to you
    A violent blow on it's way
    Every prediction coming true

    There’s blood on our hands either way
    How can we ever pay our due

    Was it a cry or a sigh
    A mental ill could you say
    You broken bird cut the sky
    An extraordinary way

    Truth or dare, which is you

    Such a remarkable day
    How did you choose this Wednesday
    The bird by your side, he flew

    Our deepest sympathy to the family
    All our compassion in your misery
    I hope she was carried in ecstasy
    Poorly defiant may she rest in peace

    Such a remarkable day
    How did you choose this Wednesday
    He bird by your side, he flew

    Such a remarkable day
    How did you choose this Wednesday
    He bird by your side, he flew

  92. Franck

    Au top, comme d'hab ! Fan !

  93. Pernille G.

    Superbe Charlotte Gainsbourg.....magnifique chanson :)) Bisous du Danemark

  94. Valentine Starwhite

    just amazing. this song made my day

  95. Jean-François Brunet

    Tout est fabriqué, trafiqué, manipulé, agencé, haché, monté, de façon qu'il ne reste plus rien que ne soit synthétique, plus de voix, plus de visage, plus de lieu, plus de jeu, plus de phrase. Évolution décevante d'une chanteuse qui a pourtant quelque talent.

    Maxence Matteau

    n'importe quoi.

    Jean-Michel Decembre

    le tout donne un effet original, sachant que Charlotte n'est pas dotée d'une grande voix , la musique et sa voix s'accorde très bien, de plus elle est tres charismatique dans ses clips.... Sur REST il y'a du son gainsbarre on adore

  96. Moonkin


  97. Andii Edits