Gainsbourg, Charlotte - Beauty Mark Lyrics

I've got a beauty mark
Written on my skin
Close to my heart
My favourite part
My beauty mark

I keep it out of sight
Safe from the world outside
This old battle scar
This secret part
My beauty mark

This little death
This mark of sin
Forever printed on my skin

I'll keep it for you

This hidden place
This private part
This secret door into my heart

I'll keep it for you

This precious jewel
This darling bud
This tiny reservoir of blood

My beauty mark
I'll keep it for you

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Gainsbourg, Charlotte Beauty Mark Comments
  1. Vincin

    Je pleure à chaque fois : c'est tellement beau !

  2. Helena Mafra

    Charlotte, I love you ❤🇧🇷

  3. David C.

    C'était pour CD ! I had kept it for her, with no result, no sign. Never she said me a funny word. What a pity ! Really. Bye
    A marvellous song, UNEQUIVOCAL !

  4. Mario Fromadistance

    Quelle jolie voix ou la douce mélancolie est au rendez-vous...j'adore.