Gabriel, Peter - The Drop Lyrics

moving down the fuselage
toward the open door
catch you looking down outside
to see what lies ahead

one by one
you watch them fall
fall through cloud
one by one
you watch them fall
no idea where they're going
but down

where they've gone
where they've gone

watching as the sun goes down
i sit inside this plane
notice how the city lights
are like the nerves inside the brain

one by one
they're going out
you watch them dim

one by one

you watch them fall
and wonder where they're falling to

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Gabriel, Peter The Drop Comments
  1. Eluwenie Stargazer

    Still listening in 2019
    Makes me think of how everyone can't live without their computers, cell phones and digital devices that connect us in outer space.
    Forever typing away and the loneliness we feel.😥
    Wasting away in front of a digital age, while friends of old just do whatever, alone and sad. 😢
    Peace ✌

  2. Brandon Moore

    The Drop by Peter Gabriel is one of my favorite song!

  3. Philippe Dubois

    Et La Musique cessa d'être un art mineur

  4. Elisa Bell

    This makes me feel guilty about eating seeds.


    as a pass time activity

  5. Imanol Sologaistua Lluis

    I love that song. I'm exited when I listen it, especially the sound of that piano.

  6. Renzokuken Leneyoyo

    I had this love, the love of my life... young dramatic inexperienced totally unstable, those were good bitter years, it's been a decade since we broke up... but I always told her that this was going to be our children's lullaby when in my arms.

    Those kids were not meant to be, neither was our love in the long run, we're both happy our own separate ways... but this is still and forever will be the lullaby for my children that never came.

    Victoria Rotolo

    That's very touching Renzokuken <3

  7. brightphoebus

    To me this has always been about babies, the making thereof, the preventing thereof, the lack thereof, and all related feelings and situations. Potential unrealized. And how it's our right.




  8. stevearle

    This song so delicately rendered has the quality of timeless, effortless classisim that you feel you've heard it before and yes I know every harmony has met w/ every melody before but all the elements combine here to beautiful effect nonetheless.

  9. Rachel S

    Sky Arts brought me here. Beautiful!

  10. bishop

    aaaaaaaaaa! best! this is amazing!

  11. Nella Crosiglia


  12. Peris Chamberlain

    reminiscent of how sad I fekt was when I saw Satan fall from heaven as lightning.

  13. Rudy Sandoval

    just life!

  14. ariacurva

    Che bella !

  15. Henriette Elmøe

    I love you Peter, meaning, I love all the buttons you push in me, expressing poetry in words and music like they were mine, but I could never do it, love you ! Never stop

  16. Wagner Ribeiro de Santana


  17. Tom Ebbs

    I feel guilty that I've watched this now. Help!

  18. Eugeni Chafer

    Per acabar el cap de setmana una pregunta: on hauran anat a parar? 

  19. maurizio gobetti

    Peter è come una Stella, Luminoso e irragiungibile!!.....

  20. sirivarda

    Questa facca care ma allo zio Pietro gli si può perdonare

  21. Maria Helena e Silva Torres

    Linda demais, adorei.

  22. Jean-Yves BARATON

    Superbe comme d'habitude...
    Merci Peter pour tous ces moments de grâce...
    L  a  B  a  n  d  e   S  o  n   d  e   m  a   L  i  f  e

  23. Occult Priestess

    ART Angel Gabriel <3