Gabriel, Peter - The Barry Williams Show Lyrics

let's go

one man at the window
one girl at the bar
saw that look of recognition
when they know just who you are
i seen you on the tv
i seen you on that show
you make the people crazy
and then you let them go

before the show we calm them
we sympathise, we care
and the hostile folk we keep apart
'til the red light says 'on air'
did you see our leather lovers
all tied up to the chair
did you catch those child molesters
no one else goes there

what a show, the barry williams show
what a show,
dysfunctional excess
is all it took for my success
the greater pain that they endure
the more you know the show will scored
it's showtime

got the reputation of a surgeon
'cos they cannot feel the cut
it looks so very simple
but it really is an art
they call our studio 'the hospital'
making money from the sick
we let people be themselves
there is no other trick

'my lover stole my girlfriend'
'i keep beating up my ex'
'i want to kill my neighbour'
'my daughter's selling sex'
'my s/m lover hurt me'
'my girl became a man'
'i love my daughter's rapist
'my life's gone down the pan'

what a show, the barry williams show
the barry williams show
dysfunctional excess
is all it took for my success
and when the punches start to fly
the ratings always read so high
it's showtime

'that girl has got no scruples'
not a wrinkle on her face
you would not believe the plot she conceived
so they'd let her take my place
well, no man is an island
no man is a sea
but this display of emotion
is all but drowning me

what a show, oh what a show
on my show, the barry williams show
it's my show
what a show
dysfunctional excess
is all it took for my success

the best tv you've ever seen
where people say the things that they really mean
i hear my name, i hear them roar
for the one more time i take the floor
just one more barry williams show
we're gonna take you where you want to go
it's showtime

come on down
come on down

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Gabriel, Peter The Barry Williams Show Comments
  1. China West

    I wonder if he's ever been to Woody Creek, Colorado ? { Hunter S. Thompson? }

  2. China West

    This cat is something a really good way... What a groove and..IF one writes about their life experiences..OH my..Glad he survived this trip...!
    Note to author ...Don't EVER do acid ! ! !

  3. Stephen Garratt

    What an extraordinary song and video!
    Extraordinarily, I missed out the first time ever seeing it only recently when a friend gave me the Peter Gabriel Singles DVD did I become aware of it. And I have bought the CD which it is included on and that’s also a brilliant album to boot!

  4. d m

    Thats what the world is like...

  5. Deke DaSilva

    My cousins liked this.

  6. Ben Melman

    Great song. It even has Shooter from Happy Gilmore in it!

  7. Slayers Gaming

    Anyone know the name of the actor who is portraying the hose of the barry williams show?

  8. Eugene Morice

    The impending demise of the Jeremy Kyle Show in the UK makes this a very very interesting listen !

  9. Martin Tyrrell

    Thanks for the lyrics - a little more attention to accuracy would help. The line is "We let people PEE themselves..."

  10. sevenx4life

    Barry Williams eats pieces of shit for breakfast.

  11. GavinJ37

    Apparently when Gabriel wrote this tune, he didn’t know that there was an actor named Barry Williams (who of course played Greg Brady). As an apology, he invited him to appear in this video

  12. GavinJ37

    Awful song but great clip. Didn’t know Sean Penn directed it

  13. Proclivities

    Reminds me of Maury Povich

  14. extenebrislux

    PG is a mad genius

  15. lurch321

    Peter Gabriel + Sean Penn = a match made in heaven.

  16. Igor Bojceski

    ......."we let people be themselves
    there is N0 other trick".......

  17. Jon Filibuster

    can anyone point out where the real barry williams is in the audience?

    Jimmy Catalina

    Jon Filibuster 1:47

  18. Robert Groves

    Pretty funny they list Shooter McGavin in the credits.. Chrstopher McDonald's character in Happy Gilmore. :)

  19. Paul Bradley

    Jesus. Is that the crazy nut job Chelsea Handler at 3:12?


    Paul Bradley Definitely not--she's too attractive to be Chelsea.

  20. Igor Bojceski



    fucking moron

  21. night owl

    Maury Maury maury

  22. Martin King

    4:04 best part

  23. keith christopher kosiewicz

    He sounds like Bon Scott (AC/DC)

  24. Dalia Cunning

    A real prophet

  25. Blue King Entertainment

    Peter is from my country, England

  26. Night owl5545

    Barry williams eats shit for breakfast

  27. Silver Toy

    This song always remember me to jesus he knows me by genesis

  28. Pieter Turnhout

    Drove on boulevard in Spain when I heard this song for the first time. Unbelievable. Sunshine, Sangria and Peter Gabriel!!!

  29. james calveley

    i always thought it said "the ratings on waste seem so high" lol

  30. Ivanyi Attila

    TV selling suffering.

  31. Cynewulf Meddugnatos Agenarich Turms

    not bad! And funny beard :D

  32. NYCGoalie

    1) It's funny seeing the ACTUAL Barry Williams (aka - Greg Brady) in the audience when I think he should have played the role of the host
    2) Who were those two blonde models in the gold bikini's?!?!? They are insanely gorgeous!

  33. Randall Hoole

    Ooh, how dark can you go, Peter!?

    amy Hill

    I actually enjoy him dark

  34. Jeremy French

    1:47, the real Barry Williams.

  35. James

    Man, those girls are toned.

    Paul Bradley

    James They're perfect.

  36. AbbreviatedCrook VideosGreg

    "I eat shits like you for breakfast" haha. references

  37. Mark D

    Really one of the best songs from one of our best. Doesn't get much better. Mr Gabriel, thank you.

  38. Hugo Blanchette

    Fading in and out !? .... shouldent

    Hugo Blanchette

    +Hugo Blanchette  27 + 28. =

    Jimmy Catalina

    Hugo Blanchette 55

  39. phonohead

    Not to forget, this video is directed by Seann Penn for those interested in that.

    Ben Melman

    Sean Penn's actually a skilled director. Watch "The Indian Runner" and see what I mean.

  40. Ricovali

    I like it.

  41. i Tim

    Maury, Steve Wilkos, and Jerry Springer in a nutshell


    +Timothy Hickey Doesn't Steve Wilkos offer rehabilitation programs though?

    i Tim

    @Pdan4 Yes. But still, a lot of sh*t goes down on all 3 of these shows

    Night Owl4521

    And Dr Phil

    amy Hill

    jenny Jones letting the gay crush get murdered .

  42. Z24BL2

    Peter is the best ever. Simple.

  43. LeSadW666

    Turn off your televisions now, do it right now as you read this message, your life will become much more fruitful once you get over the withdrawal and you find something useful to do I promise.

    Tom Rose

    i can recomend that too im off the screen for over ten years and my life is much more happier ......its still in deep shit but im more happy :D

    before our eyes

    There's a reason its called programming》not to mention TellLieVision 》ever wonder why Trivium isn't taught in school? 》we're being told in so many ways, yet Our Handlers don't want Us understanding or even paying too close of attention》at least We have Yellow Vests rising in Europe 》while the apathetic Sleepyhead Yanks slumber

  44. skelagervej423

    Is Peter Gabriel nothing shorter than genious.............

  45. Matt D

    Is Christopher McDonald essentially just reprising his role from Requiem for a Dream?

  46. Eugene Morice

    Are you watching Jeremy Kyle?

  47. Karsten Michaelis

    es ist einfach einer der besten songs von peter. punkt

  48. Jack Frost


  49. willie billie

    nice lyrics...horrible song....

  50. Nancy Allery

    Dark demonic strongholds. Nice that he showed the exploitation of that.

  51. Anything4adollar

    at the 1:48 mark....Barry Williams (aka Greg Brady)

    Marshall Stacks

    Pete should have put Mrs. Brady and Greg together for this video! Son is doing mother!! Pretty sick huh?LOL Or how about Mr. Brady telling his lovely family his a gay man!!! ahahaha!!! In reality both scenarios r true! I'm scarred 4 life! LOL

  52. Feije Kornelis Siegersma

    Peter Gabriel
                                              Think it Over!

  53. Igor Bojceski

    this is for REAL...right?

  54. wmfivethree

    2002, that explains the lack of relevance.

    Night owl5545

    wmfivethree still relevant there's shit like Dr phil and orpha and some others

    Shawn Duffy may have been late to "the game" - yet, it still continues - sad that it is now related to current reality

  55. Brett Constable

    What a show

  56. edgardo gregorini

    from the 2002`s album "Up"

  57. briefnote72

    a classic satire of Gerry Springer