Gabriel, Peter - Sky Blue Lyrics

lost my time lost my place in
sky blue
those two blue eyes light your face in
sky blue
i know how to fly, i know how to drown in
sky blue

warm wind blowing over the earth
sky blue
i sing through the land, the land sings through me
sky blue
reaching into the deepest shade of
sky blue

sky blue
so tired of all this travelling
so many miles away from home
i keep moving to be stable
free to wander, free to roam

train pulled out said my goodbyes
sky blue
back on the road alone with the sky
sky blue
there's a presence here no one denies
sky blue

sky blue

sky blue
so tired of all this travelling
so many miles away from home
i keep moving to be stable
free to wander, free to roam

i can hear the same voice calling
crying out, from my heart
and that cry, what a cry
what a cry, it's going to be
if i can stop to let it out, oh

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Gabriel, Peter Sky Blue Comments
  1. Ni Laterne


  2. marco morales

    Una se sus mejores canciones!!!

  3. RSSpeacemaker

    Here I am in 2020 wondering if we can ever return to this level of soul in music.

  4. Graham Webster

    Like a true professional and a true gentleman, Peter Gabriel leaves the stage and lets the Blind Boys of Alabama shine! Respect!

  5. Dennis Goebel

    Tony Levin is brilliant on this song

  6. jeff bauer

    Peter truly IS the 'Watcher of the skies'.

  7. Springboard 19

    I love how Peter Gabriel's voice never changes, never wavers. Time doesn't affect it, and it makes no difference if he's live or in studio. It's pristine.

  8. The Nonsense Buffer


  9. Jim Hood

    The power is viceral. Beautiful.

  10. Biglover29

    Lordy, how have I not heard this song before?!

  11. Robert Kallfelz

    The blind boys on tour with Gabriel?

  12. Tony Cultreri

    Lost my time 
    I lost my place in
    Sky blue
    Those two blue eyes light your face in
    Sky blue
    I know how to fly, I know how to drown in
    Sky blue
    Warm wind blowing over the earth
    Sky blue
    I sing through the land, the land sings through me
    Sky blue
    Reaching into the deepest shade of
    Sky blue
    Sky blue
    So tired of all this traveling
    So many miles away from home
    I keep moving to be stable
    Free to wander, free to roam
    Train pulled out, said my goodbyes
    Sky blue
    Back on the road, alone with the sky
    Sky blue
    There's a presence here no one denies
    Sky blue
    Sky blue
    So tired of all this traveling
    So many miles away from home
    I keep moving to be stable
    Free to wander, free to roam
    And I can hear the same voice calling
    Crying out, from my heart
    And the cry, what a cry
    What a cry it's going to be
    If I can stop to let it out

  13. RodneyLee

    Every once in a while he nails it with a great song.

  14. Brian Horner

    So incredibly hip. Chills. Despite his fame, PG is still one of the most under-rated composer/performers of all time.

  15. nicolas sabatier

    a beautiful song.

  16. Dissily Mordentroge

    Half of the chorus members are singing OUT OF TUNE!


    Not meaning it as an accusation of any kind, you might actually be tone deaf. They are perfectly in tune, although they sing different pieces, with different pitches.

  17. Kristine McCowan

    Musical genius indeed !!!

    Jorge Washington Trejo

    Genia, Kristine. Buen oído para la música. Genia.Saludos desde Montevideo,URUGUAY

  18. myearsloveit


  19. Moonlightist

    Peter Gabriel live 😔ça fait de jolis souvenirs dans le cœur et dans la tête 🤗👏💗🇨🇵

  20. Hans Moelders

    I wonder on how many more adventures the BLIND BOYS OF Alabama will go?!

  21. Hans Moelders

    The movie, "A rabbit proof fence", was wonderful too!

  22. Bruno Muller

    Si dieux existe il est dans la musique!

  23. Bruno Muller

    Du génie magnifique ça prend aux tripes merci Peter merci aux musiciens et choristes

  24. Jason Arthurs

    This song always reminds me of my Father-in-law. Not a song he would have liked but it played in the car as I brought my young Daughters home after saying (what they were unaware) was their last goodbye before he died of cancer a few days later. Always breaks my heart to hear it...

  25. ThisSheetB4RealYo

    Incredible I got to see this tour. Thank you for posting. So epic, such great memories coming back

  26. Von Allan

    what a beautiful humam!!!

  27. Tommy Borgia


  28. Kevin Senquiz

    Was at the Cleveland show. Spectacular !

  29. Melee Stormbringer

    Peter Gabriel could sing a Chinese take-away menu and I would buy it...for real

    David ' Velcrow' Moon

    Eeeeheeee weehee hagaah ! Totally...😷😎😓



    Michelle Ballard

    He could sing the Wikihow article on replacing your bathroom faucet and I would still be enthralled!

  30. andrew croft

    Was there....say no more.

  31. Ernesto Bittencourt

    Viagem demais . Muito bom.

  32. Abdesselam Bendjelti

    Peter Gabriel une voix unique la meilleur voix de tout les temps

  33. 4ctmam

    Fuck me, this is MUSIC!

  34. Davi Ribeiro

    Simplismente maravilhoso

  35. Vasheena Hendrix

    Anybody listening in 2019? I am! Over and over again. Can never get tired of this song. Beautiful!

    Alexander Pieri

    Saw thia concert in Milano, Italy, this videocwas recorded there in 2003. Was near the stage and it was just great.

    Vladimir Sergeev

    so am I

    Rhoddry Ice

    Dark December Day 2019

    Michelle Ballard

    January 3, 2020, happy New Year! Funny, I just heard The Little Drummer Boy by the Blind Boys of Alabama the other day. Just now I was listening to PG's album US.

    Nick Hodgson

    i come back to this about once a month - he's a genius

  36. Harold the Barrel

    Rachel Z on keyboards !! I saw this concert.

  37. Mischi2k

    One of the best live performances I saw on Youtube. Beautiful song.

  38. Darryl Evan Jones

    Peter Gabriel is an unsung musical genius! He's a total original and his music grabs your soul! Sir, can I PLEASE perform this song with you before I leave this planet?


    pezzo memorabile del grande peter

  40. CouldLiveOnYouTube

    Outrageous. Beautiful love

  41. Interested In

    its own genre. Distinctly Gabriel. Very Deep. Very far out.

  42. Jenni Hart

    I had the privilege of seeing this concert live and it has touched me ever since such talent an amazing concert

    Philippe Michel Vidori

    same here !

  43. Dr. Robert T. Mullane III

    ...and featuring Mr. Jean-Luc Ponty, of Elton John, and his discology / bibliography; etc. and Ponty's solo records as well. *search starting 1970 forward...>>>>>>

  44. Dean Dragonetti


  45. wiel kruizinga

    Fantastisch, zo gevoelig, adembenemend PETER YOU WIL LIVE FOREVER by this song

  46. janzie03

    Sky Blue 👍❤️✌️ Gänsehaut . Ich liebe das Lied ......Konzert

  47. Norma Jobber

    Hypnotically sensual !

  48. wonderfulnmarvelous

    If you ever want to know why Peter left Genesis--- I state= Exhibit 1. Truly masterful!!!

  49. Dawn Dooley

    rter Gabriel of Russia orignane flloyd

  50. Algarve Paragliding

    The true spirit of this song is provided by the Blind Boys of Alabama! Side note... what that with that Monk suit all about? Do we get all spiritual now?? C'mon really ...???

  51. Evan Tapper

    Superb. I was fortunate to have gone to this show at the United Center in Chicago. Went with a girl named Cassy. Both truly spectacular. I'll remember both forever, I'm sure.

    I also remember the crowd especialy loved the hell out of bassist Tony Levin.

  52. inflames2112

    while i am normally into clasic metal. peter is a very important voice for music.

  53. Tom Lawreszuk

    Every time I listen to this track I get goose bumps!!! Incredible energy, especially when Blind Boys of Alabama start singing. Just WOW!

  54. Karon Leggio

    This is a masterpiece of music and lyrics that soak into your skin!

  55. Cynthia Clayworth

    This song stuck with me from the first time I heard it. Such a great one.

  56. Pamela J. Miller

    exquisite ....

  57. lianne hoenderboom

    one of the guys from The blind boys of Alabama died this week, just found out, so I had to play this one... such a powerful sound

    Pamela J. Miller

    sad about that ... what talent. 😢

  58. Jiffy Jim

    Peter Gabriel is one of the greatest song artists I've listened to.the of a kind.🍻🍻💎💎💎💝💜💛💚💙💗💖👍👍👍

  59. no comment

    Rest in peace Clarence Fountain (one of the founding members of the Blind Boys of Alabama)

  60. Radoslav Repka

    Thank you, Peter Gabriel.

  61. Tebora Mashaba

    You are wonderful singers

  62. Byron Johnson

    Just an Unbelievable Night, Was So Fortunate !

  63. Byron Johnson

    Was there in Hot Lanta , Of Another World....Will Always be With Me !

  64. Ariel

    Pop blue .. hmm .. there's always a next level)

  65. jim z

    Peter has introduced me to so many artists over the years .............. :)

  66. Fredrick Hight

    Blue Skies of Alabama! GOD IS GOOD!
    Peter Gabriel with #TheBlindBoyOfAlabama
    Bless the Lord our God.

    Shabbat Shalom! My Dearly Beloved!
    May the Lord our God Be Strong with us all. Hallelujah!

    Baruch Haba, B'shem Adonai!

  67. Ester Pezzini

    a Paradise in a song

  68. Rui Costeira

    Veri God it seems

  69. val bauer

    Ecoutes !!

  70. Pascoa Moterle

    I cried a thousand times listening Sky Blue and Mercy Street

    Ahmed Benslimane

    I was born in the 70s...nobody is perfect 😂😂 when i was a teenager i discoverd peter gabriel in Miami vice.......

    Michelle Ballard

    Yes, I have cried many times to Mercy Street!

  71. Mikołaj Herda

    I feed on his voice.

  72. Robert mas

    im madly crazy in love with Peter Gabriel since So .greatest genius of all times in his art .You make my sky blue whenever I listen to your beautiful music

  73. Carlo Di Cintio

    Numero UNO!!!

  74. Ian High

    Moves me in many ways within the soul. Unbelievable song!

  75. Davide Dacomo

    Great technical and artistic performance. Surely one of best concert.

  76. Carlos Monje

    Temazooo !!°°° Great Peter GabrieL....;=)))))

  77. Alexander Shillington

    My favourite Peter Gabriel Track :)

  78. Tami C

    amazing. heard it first on the film "rabbit proof fence". then lost it. found it again on the album "up". wow! peter has such a great respect for indigenous people. africans / aboriginal - australian indigenous, etc. RESPECT THE ORIGINAL PEOPLES - ALWAYS - KNOW YOUR PLACE AND HERSTORY/HISTORY. <3

    Debbie Sheegog

    perfect and beautiful comment, for a beautiful song and man, of beautiful land - "Rabbit Proof Fence,"? must find it...thanks


    How do you get that from this song? There are many musicians and composers who play music from different cultures. Should listen to the song RHYMIN' MAN. The song contains a half dozen different cultures along with musical entities, like mobsters and clowns. So the composer really likes indigenous people too.

  79. ciro lucca

    very nice,thanks!

  80. jim maguire

    superb track. Chilled . Need some bud to complete the natural effect and fall asleep to this sound

  81. 裴駿

    This is a amazing voice........

  82. Martin Madsen

    What I wouldn't give to have experienced this live.

  83. Napkar

    The voices from the soul

  84. Кот Баюн

    Amazing! Amazing! Great concert, amazing production, great performer! The view is revealed fully only on DVD, on a good screen with a good sound system! Peter Gabriel - The Great Master!

  85. scalenguy05

    My first and only time seeing him was this tour. BBOA opened with a couple songs and were great--very inspirational. When this song concluded there was hardly a dry eye in the place. Amazing voices.

  86. Nella Crosiglia


  87. Debbie Sheegog

    how have I missed this?? Incredible, Peter Gabriel you ARE the best and we all send love and peace to you since you bring it to us daily and we love you

  88. Caroline Beardsley

    peter gabriel at his best and doing what he does best touching our souls in a way no other artist can!thats why so many people love and adore him .PETER THEY BROKE THE MOULD AFTER THEY MADE YOUXXX

    Jiffy Jim

    Caroline Beardsley never said it better..He is most outstanding in my book

  89. Skyler Allen Smith

    Two Microphones and Two Shirts!

  90. BobCoxUK

    Brilliant Perfomanve,,,A1111 Peace!!!.

  91. BobCoxUK

    A perfect rendition of MUSIC,,,Real Harmonics ,,Real Voices and Real CLASS,,,,,PEACE..

  92. Heikki Mutso

    So beautiful!

  93. Joe Horizon

    Haunting. Blew my mind when I first heard it.

  94. Micah Howeson

    it really doesnt get much better than this

  95. White Asian


  96. Bree Cons

    I Love YOU
    My BeautifuL daughter My babygirl

  97. aldo romeo

    Muy emocionante!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!