G-Unit - Bang Bang Lyrics

[50 Cent:]
Yeah. G-Unit, nigga. 50 Cent. You heard me. Irv, homie, I can't believe you let that nigga talk, you fat cupcake-eating motherfucker. I fuck you up, nigga. Fucking punk-ass niggas. Don't nobody respect you, nigga. You 'preme son, nigga. Motherfuckers been getting extorted since day one. It's all kind of bitch in you. Chinese. Spanish. Black. White

[Tony Yayo:]
I got X, meth and slabs and cocaine
So the Feds want to search us like Arabs boarding a plane
I'm in the Range switching lanes
Reminiscing on cans of sardines

[Lloyd Banks:]
... and car dreams
I'll burn an unfamiliar bun
Got a shotgun like Elmer Fudd
Gotta let off and leave you in hella blood
Mom hip to the game, two ice chips in the chain
A few nights skipped on the plane
With two white chicks getting brain

[50 Cent:]
Bang bang from big heaters, hundred dollar sneakers
Two-seaters, two meters

[Lloyd Banks:]
... and a bundle of haze
It's enough to last fourteen days
Eat where they sell lobster
My eyes planning like Pharrel's partner

[Tony Yayo:]
Nigga, respect me like your father when it come to drama
I put the llama to your mama and beat her like a piñata

[50 Cent:]
Nigga, I've been hotter since '97
You've been begging the fifth cake like a kung-fu legend
One blue seven, what's popping, nigga?

[Tony Yayo:]
Different day, same shit

[Lloyd Banks:]
Well, what you copping, nigga?

[Tony Yayo:]
X case, more bricks

[Lloyd Banks:]
Shit, you wind up dead-sleeping, so why turn soft?
Straight bullets'll burn a nigga sideburns off

[Tony Yayo:]
I got a model with a sick ass
Bagged her on Fifth Ave
I fucked her all for a hot dog and a playoff Knicks pass

[50 Cent:]
Now we shopping in the malls on the West Coast
And as far as pussy

[Lloyd Banks:]
... I've been through more walls than asbestos

[Tony Yayo:]
So let's toast and have a sex on the beach
These niggas quoting my lines like I'm Martin Luther King speech

[50 Cent:]
Remember Patrice? She looked like Kelis
Met her in club [?] and caught her eyeing my piece

[Lloyd Banks:]
And with all the birds at the show
I had to go and fuck the crazy hoe
Call on Hot 97 'cause she know I'm on the radio
Crazy bitch

[50 Cent:]
Yeah. Ja, you little, Stuart Little-looking motherfucker. I catch you I'll break your motherfucking neck, nigga. The only way [?] your little pals, you little faggot. I know the styles you been fucking too, you nigga, I pay you the fifty thousand. Check my album out, nigga, February 11th. [?] talk, you little bitch. Tried to jump on us like it was a promotional stunt. Seven days before your album drop, huh? You little bitch. Order protection. From who? From who I need to order protection from, nigga? You little... oh, man. You motherfuckers, man. You niggas is gonna make this a lot of fun for me

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G-Unit Bang Bang Comments

    "The fifth kick like a kungfu legend" 🔥🔥🔥 that half a bar put me on my ass in 04

  2. Alex Yousef


  3. Jalen Smith

    This was LEGENDARY 50 cent is top 5 greatest living.

  4. William Lewis


  5. William Lewis


  6. William Lewis

    OMG I can't believe she said that😘

  7. Will H


  8. Joe Pesci


  9. Jman Last

    Diverse mentality sent Me Here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Stuart little looking mothafucka lmao

  11. Greg Arellano

    This was on my .MySpace

  12. Greg Arellano

    Every cd I burned this song was in there

    gabriel arauz

    recording straight from the radio with a cassette tape



  13. Lil Kaedoe

    Who else is here bc of quake

    T. Maximus

    Nahh I'm here because I heard it u internet fag

  14. myyube285

    This sound like lupe fiasco day dream, as soon as I heard it on the diverse mentality 50 and ja episode

  15. RobHeatatv

    like if diverse mentality sent u


    that's exactly right!


    Lol yes and no. Heard this shit when I was High school. Memories.

  16. Laron James

    quake reminded me of some old heat !


    Laron James real talk lol had to take a break to listen to this when i heard it

    722625 725

    Laron James loool I thought it was just me

  17. Cesar Porras

    OMG WTF IS THIS!!!!! 🔥🔥

    Johna Robinson

    Cesar Porras Classic unit that i used to bump as a teen. Im glad you found this old heat rock tho. There's more where this came from.


    g unit cocaine dreams. during this era everybody knew the stay out of 50 cents way. i'm still listening to this over 10 years later

    Darrell Towles

    @Johna Robinson I was bumping dis shit too my whole highschool career lol all them mixtapes. G Unit were masters of making hits full of bars 🔥 🔥

    Johna Robinson

    @Darrell Towles Hell yeah fam! What a great time to be a teen! Them and the Roc had shit on lock back then. SO thankful I'm not from this era.


    U late my guy...by bout 12 years hahaaa

  18. Tharsan J

    classic shit that Gangsta shit

  19. Livve Dae

    "Cupcake eatin motha fuckah" gets me every damn time XD XD XD

  20. Kenosis


  21. Braeden Wagner

    I was born in the wrong generation...


    yup this mixtape had a big buzz back then

    Livve Dae

    Nah, you were born in the right one, because you are one of the chosen Disciples from God, chosen to spread the good word that G Unit is better than all other rap in 2017, and to remind the children of future generations that this is the truth, the one truth, the Holy Word.... XD :'D

    Boo Boo

    Braeden Wagner I was born in the right generation😁

    J Smoove

    Livve Dae I be telling ma Boys stop listening to deez mumble rapping pill popin mofuckas and I am a 2000s baby But I know wat real hip hop is


    2003 Born i was their for the 2nd round of the beef My Brother was their for round one he was born 2000 so yea

  22. ollie93

    Is this a original instrumental? If not who is this by?


    also I wanted to know


    oliver browne original... at this time they were messing with sha money xl and dj whoo kid


    Sha Money XL


    enchantment. the group. this songs official name is cocaine dreams

    Boyd Johnstone

    I believe Em made it

  23. DailyHiphop

    Good old times...

  24. Charles Tumazos


  25. LordPedrinho

    Old , Good Times :)