G Herbo - Street Lyrics

Ayy you hear the pain soon as the beat come on
Thelonious man what the fuck you tryna do, get me to create the hood bible or somethin'? hold on, look
Humble Beast, uh huh

A street nigga like me at least, gotta keep it G at least
If I ain't standing on my own two then I must be deceased
A street nigga like me'll be mostly dead or gone
But I'm at the stu, and when I lay this track I'm headed home
I been starving for this long
Keep the plate, I'll wait for the feast
Watch them eat in front of me, don't act like I ain't want a piece
Now all the birthdays and funerals they comin' to me
Everybody running to me, want somethin' from me
I'd be lying on this money if I told you it meant something to me
But I'll still do what I can for you if it's comfortably
And for me, out there in them trenches it was ugly
Some of that pain still stuck with me
So that mean don't you fuck with me
Street niggas, where they be?
Nowhere else but the streets
Only place some niggas been besides the block was custody
In the richest nation ever, that's just so fucked up to me
I'ma show my dogs the world if the can put their trust in me
Clutch the heat, even when I'm dolo ain't no touching me
Niggas see me all the time, I know don't even fuck with me
Say what they gon' do but don't walk up to me, they ain't street
I heard you did that right there 'bout fo'nem, nah that ain't me
All apartments, never had a house 'til I moved mama out
Racist neighbors, that's the only drama now
Told her what I do for you, you owe it to my sister, ma ain't nothin' free
Besides the fact life get harder, everything lovely
They movin' in a bigger crib right up the street, you know me
Same Herb, just a triple-double-G
Still got some G Fazo's right here on my fucking feet
Honor Hov, study Kiss, I fuck with Meek
Street nigga like me, shit I be like fuck the streets
Ain't got no love for me
Took everybody I love from me
Ain't never did none' for me
200K I can make in a day
Still gotta keep a gun on me
Know I'm on point if they run up on me
Man that shit ain't no fun for me
'Member I was leaning, niggas almost had me
Really though they had us, but his pistol jammed up
Made us youngins man up, gun up, run my bands up
Just did a news interview 'cause they don't understand us
Why I gotta tote my heat? I be on BET
You don't wanna see me free, be great, can I do me
A street nigga like me at least always wanna see you eat
Even if we got some beef, come get face to face with me
Yeah I'm right here at the top, come get face to face with me
And you guys get to some guap you gon' be any place with me
I flex every chance I get, still humble but that don't means hit
Bankrolls on me and Rip
Hollow tips in his stick
Hit the stage, lights on, now I'm lit
Probably three, four thousand for my fit
Off the Percs geeked, wylin' and shit
Fuck around, get violent quick
Go'n 'head, make 'em mad real quick
Post up on the 'gram with my bitch
Player nigga, I be chillin' with her, 'cause I fucked 'em all
Especially Chicago, she know I slutted y'all
I'm just tryna live, go out, eat, can't do that at all
Know I love the fans, I get rushed in every other mall
Street niggas should always wanna be bigger
You satisfied with thousands you a cheap nigga
Satisified living off his guys, that's a leech nigga
Heard he set his goals off satisfaction, yeah that's me nigga
If he satisfied with clothes and hoes that's a weak nigga
I'm just a street nigga, I'm an extraordinary thinker
I'm a three pecenter
I'm like a prophet, I know magic, I could speak a picture
I make hard decisions, but I'm smart and listen
I'm a killer, I'm that nigga, I'm just me nigga, I'm everything
I can't let nobody label me nigga
I go and meet the label like I'm from the label
I brought cake and bagels
How I'm so discreet and got the gat, that's how I'm able
I got married to the streets and let her drive me crazy
Know she had affairs with me, can't let go my wedding ring
Whole world dying for the truth, I'm here to save it
The youth dying 'cause it ain't shit to do, we gotta save 'em
You in the streets and die tonight, who gon' be there to raise 'em?
Not the streets nigga, this for the street niggas
You a street nigga, you like me ain't you
This for the street niggas, 'cause you a street nigga
This for the street niggas, you like me ain't you

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G Herbo Street Comments
  1. Jamiel Hegwood

    Blueface?...for real?....nope...not for Cleveland street niggas!

  2. Don Dutch

    The realist shit I ever heard in my life #HoodBible

  3. alexis hunt

    Gherbo you got my soul SHOUTIN!

  4. alexis hunt

    This is my favorite track. Ill always love you babydad.

  5. Sai Borden

    the music and the lyrics i feel u old young in

  6. Draww Tv

    I need this fuckin beat

  7. Keelo Williams

    He went tf in this my shit I play it everyday 💯😎🎼

  8. Jonathan Hernandez

    A reason he put this first this one of his best. If I ain’t standing on my own two then I must be deceased 💯

  9. Darreon Frost

    A street nigga like me at least gotta a G at least if I ain’t standing on my own two den I must be deceased

  10. Ryan Sheffield

    Love it hardest by far

  11. Tahj Ward

    I got married to the streets seleto drive em crazy

  12. Tahj Ward

    I fuck with me street nigga like me

  13. Tahj Ward

    Yup I'm everything can't let nobody label me

  14. Fat God

    Just blaze vibes ...herb u went stupid spittin da real ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  15. Gloman 4Cgg

    Y'all may not believe me but he telling my life story herb can rap his ass off I'm be great one day too💯

  16. Hassan Hastla

    🔥🔥 herbo underrated

  17. John Dunlap

    Who here 2019 🙏🏾 ⛪️

  18. walkey denis

    I flex every chance I get, still humble but that don't mean shit🍀🎯🔥

  19. Kxng EscoBarz

    I need dis beat

  20. 16/24 BARSYOUTUBE

    Use my name ...make a mill- ( Street Princeopal ) yall see me on facebook!! Become friends/fans!!! ...of the innerCity legend they reaally b rapping about....ME😎' see my videos here @ 16/24BARSYOUTUBE type it in ya serch bar! ✌...

  21. JpRS6


  22. Corey Banks

    Millÿ ßees #onY$taxx WWE

  23. Eli Willy

    Dead ass tryin not to cry

  24. Jarmel Bennett

    He dropped his best shit under the name G Herbo imo. "Blik" "strictly for my fans" and this all fire, "Fazoland" dope too tho

  25. aermax 7321


  26. Ishmael Ridgeway

    shit i be like fuck streets aint never did none for me took everybody i love from me

  27. Darrin Robinson

    I feel that

  28. King tutankhamun

    “I been starving for this long, keep the plate I wait for the feast.. watched em eat in front of me, don’t act like I ain’t wanna piece”💭🙇🏿‍♂️

  29. 2God Btheglory

    Choose Christ

  30. Lou William Queenie

    Music I can relate to 👍

  31. Kabali

    i bet he almost made this 4 minutes of hell pt 5 but still fyeeee

  32. shmu-el ocho

    That piano at the end is hella soulful though

    shmu-el ocho

    It really speaks to me

  33. John Spazzdoe

    Just keep em hating

  34. John Spazzdoe

    I can relate to the picture.

  35. Money Mason

    He dropped this on my birthday ND I slept on it but I'm up .... I'm up

  36. 2FFE K-FLY


  37. VilleMade ENT

    still here in 2019



  39. 180 Wavey

    Pastor herbo 🙏🏾 still playin dis

  40. STORM

    G Herbo needs to make a track with Eminem, this is real rap right here 🔥👏🏼

  41. Jae Ross

    Whole album a classic

  42. Cornel Styles

    It anit shit to do who going savum🤯


    I put my headphones on I’m in the music periodt 💯🙏🏿

  44. Huncho Saiyan

    Can somebody please make a instrumental outta this‼️‼️


    Bro real tal a lyricist

  46. Frank Bills

    I know magic I can speak a picture

  47. Chrizjen J

    Gawd dawg this nigga super spazzed !! Hold hold up lemme run this back a couple times ! 🔥

  48. Ian Farris

    This is one of the best rap songs ever

  49. Baby Choppa

    I make harsh decisions , but I'm smart and listen , damn I felt that

  50. booley B

    2019?? Anybody

  51. Dominick Williams

    No disrespect to female rappers or lesbians. But I was giving you a compliment. You got powerful words bro like Ye.

  52. Dominick Williams

    Lol M.A. couldn’t do this

  53. Dominick Williams

    My friend got robbed 30 times. That last time he got robbed by our long time friend. They can’t lie either. My granny died bro and I couldn’t hold it at youth church. Both of these niggas was there. Years later I hear one killed the other. Niggas wanna talk to me. You was they friend. My homie was related to the one that died it hurt him most. Shit it hurt me. I had to hold it at the funeral my momma was balling. Mane.

  54. Dominick Williams

    lil pump was realer when he came out. lil herb go on a poster with big and pac.

  55. Dominick Williams

    “I’ll wait for the feast.”.
    Needs more likes.

  56. geovani hall

    Who ever dislike this song Suck my dick word up

  57. Jaylin Carey

    A street nigga like me at least
    Gotta keep it g at least
    If i ain’t standing on my own 2
    Then i mus be deceased 💯

  58. 716 loudpack

    The beat talk to me


    Discover "Honesty" by Young Super on Deezer http://www.deezer.com/track/661529652

  60. Jahleel Davis

    Is there any way to get this instrumental?

  61. Dan Agnew



    The HUMBLE BEAST name was claimed over 10 years ago

  63. AyoStainFTW

    This song made G Herbo one of my favorite young rappers. No catchy hook, no wasted time, just talk from the heart

  64. Ned Ned

    How I’m so discreet and got to God ... that’s how I’m able



  66. Valentino Valentine

    This is how you do a intro ❗️❗️❗️💯💯💯

  67. buchanan lateef

    Way to many people sleep on herbo one of the last that makes hit after hit

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    Dis dat '01 Jigga Blueprint x Sigel The Reason feeling💯

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    Realest shit I've ever heard

  70. Michael Clayton

    2001 Roc-A-Fella vibes.

  71. Toby Kidwell

    I be lying on this money if I told you it meant something to me

  72. Nickylikeit

    How this only has 3.8 million views is beyond me🙄

  73. Jonathan Boggs

    All 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Pure Dope... #NNJ #Luvdiskid🤙

  74. Darrell Grant

    Damn my nigga

  75. fgh

    Dont act like i aint wanna piece 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. Tae Hughes TV

    "Street nigga like me be like fuck the streets" Facts 💜

  77. TooSmoove

    This shit is fucking hot !! 💯I fw gherbo

  78. J Q

    Just did a news interview cause they don’t understand us

  79. Oscar Veloz


  80. Karen Patiño


  81. Uno Johnson5

    Imma show my dawgs the real if they can put they trust in me 🤧🔥🔥🔥

  82. Terrence Hampton

    Whoaaaa🤯🤯🤯 bro gassed every inch of the beat

  83. popoff609 Rodger garden pjs N uptop

    A street nigga should always wanna be bigger u satisfied with thousands u a cheap nigga, living off your guys you a leach nigga, herd he set his goal off satisfaction yea that's me nigga if he satisfied with clothes and hoes dassa reap nigga

    Accurate asf

  84. lucas beatty


  85. Mark Smith

    Street nigga bible

  86. Dawud Boston

    Don't hate on this song fr

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    Yo fam fasho

  88. GB Samobanz

    i swear herbo was made for people like me im only 14 but i be in the streets alot herbo was born for this shit yo there nothing u could say about this nigga on capo

  89. Corey Jackson

    He really ass💯💯wack asf my nigga 💯💯

    R Da Don

    Ik this old but wake up man they tryna brainwash us they tryna kill control the youth listen to the real music before its to late 💯

  90. Alf Brand

    This beat ridiculous

  91. Aaron Alford

    This shit solid 💯

  92. Travis Jones

    Honor Hove study kiss fuck with meek stuck on dat part real shit


    “Same herb just a triple double g”


    Herb one of the best out

  95. Jalen Roberts

    Best out of Chicago

  96. Justise Corbesia

    I always think I'm messaging someone cuz that bubble in the corner

  97. NightRider LifeStyle

    You in the streets, and die tonight who gon be there to raise em? Just made me think bout my lil brother and sister i put it down Thanks Herbo