G-Eazy - These Things Happen Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Let's go
Party in a penthouse, until I pass the fuck out
Reminiscing being broke and hoping I would luck out
Now-a-days I pull hoes; Swinging, never struck out
Reinvested everything, just trying to get a buck out
Will I ever make it? Felt fear on my life
For a while was going through a nervous patch
Then I had the most insane year of my life
Crazy, cause I only saw the surface scratched
Yeah, waking up next to a random girl I never knew
Goin' after Marilyn's instead of Sue's
Tryna bring her backstage then see what she let me do
Till security was like, "wait up, who the fuck are you?"
Set backs of being almost on
Opening up the shows I'm trying to get noticed on
Labels calling the telephone that I wrote this on
But I press decline, hit notes, and keep on going on
Take a look at us, it's what you call a team
Freight train, I'm leading everybody, fullows steam
Drinking simultaneously, rolling collard greens
Maybe I was higher than a bitch and this was all a dream
Still killing shows with Blizzy
'Member being in his Jeep and riding through the city
Played him Endless Summer said get used to staying busy
Cause you'll never get a fallback, let's go and get a milli
Brought him on tour just to live it
Poppin after parties with some girls who want to give it
All my close homies keep me grounded like a pivot
Talkin' about a way to get it, we already did it!
Switchin' lanes when that Porsche shifts
Homies movin' weight just like a forklift
When my album drops, Jedis can feel the force shift
Meanwhile, you lyin-ass rappers droppin' horse-shit
Only pay attention if you pay me
Chilling with a Sarah and a Vicky and a Jamie
Just a young man living life, could you blame me?
Overcast is snowy but the titty bar is rainy
Dreaming of a million while I sleep on satin
Homies always telling me "just keep on rapping"
I'mma blow the fuck up while you sleep on napping
Fuck you want me to say?
These Things Happen

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G-Eazy These Things Happen Comments
  1. Alexis_rainbows 34

    I still listen to this now I’ve been inspired by him since I was 7 or 8 now I’m 13

  2. Delia Mohor

    not even the pope has all those fans😂

  3. Weronika Dziaduch

    Help me i am princess

  4. D Z

    E 40 (with) G Eazy 🐐 🔥

  5. D Z

    Sway (with) G Eazy 🐐

  6. D Z

    G Eazy (with) Chance The Rapper 🔥

  7. D Z

    Drake (with) G Eazy 🐐 🔥

  8. Taha Maknoo

    This album was honestly the best album G ever put out. All the tracks are so chill

  9. Ryan Oberle

    Cant believe this was 6 years ago

  10. Justin Behrendsen

    I miss this g-eazy 😪

  11. Mary Chairez

    Say whateva you want fuk who you want no jeliousy life im still only 1 but purple clouds B n da way all the time im sky bound but im ok

  12. Just A Savage

    It all sounds different when ur high..

  13. Domyon

    Dude tbbbb. i never even knew there was a music video this whole time tffffff. takes me back to hs

  14. Andralyn Simmons

    Slow the FUCK DOWN!!! G !

  15. Jon Lach

    almost 6 years later and this is still my jam

  16. Aditya Sahni

    Waitin for these things happen 2, it will prob revive his career too

  17. Aman

    Who s here in 2019

  18. TheRealKingLegend

    it's been 5 years.......

  19. Q W

    this is tuff.

  20. Mohit Mathers

    can feel this song. 2015-2019-......

  21. Marco Bravo

    Is that chance the rapper in 0:22 ? Lol

  22. Roland Valenzuela

    Brody keep going .
    No gay shit
    U keep me motivated 🤟

  23. Everyone!

    Can’t believe it’s been 5 years, you finally got what you wanted and deserved brother..

  24. Fudgey RF

    Who’s still hear 2019?

  25. Daniel Romero

    This song takes me back to a great ass year...... 2014 was insane

  26. SlickEvaderGames

    Should’ve used the Trailer instrumental? No?

  27. Luis Rascon Jr.

    The last time G Eazy was good

  28. Anthony Larsen


  29. Bia Filip

    post lyrics 👋😡

  30. KEk

    Who keeps updating the thumbnail?

  31. James Leveron


  32. Mili Milad

    I miss this style Gerald ❤🔥

  33. Adam M

    was it worth it?

  34. Wiktor Dobracki

    That was vogue

  35. hannah fugate

    the best rapper ever this is were it all started...now its 2019 its been a long time but the progress just keeps growing... from this to the beautiful and damned you cant beat ths and you cant beat G-EAZY. LOVE YOU GERALD KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  36. Avery Rice

    This album helped me so much going through high school the past four years. This will always be one of my all time favorite albums. I will still listen to this 60 years from now and still feel like it’s my first time hearing it. Thank you for all the music you’ve made that helped me so much 🙏🏼 I will never forget it and always appreciate this for life!


    if im listend to this song when im high.....dammn~

  38. SuperiorX9

    Rising The Legend

  39. Arty Customs

    I miss this geazy so much best years of my life

  40. Zaafrane Omar

    best albume ever

  41. Руся Мамедов

    Next album These Things Happen 2💥?!

  42. Dash

    G-Eazy is so underrated

  43. victor alfonso soriano castillo

    1:34 Martin Garrix & G-eazy🔥💓

  44. Low Life LOSER

    The real lady killer

  45. April Baumeister

    Your smile is still amazing

  46. April Baumeister

    Love you wish u were here

  47. Lavita Stapleton

    Hey man what it is 😎

  48. Amy Underwood

    2060 anyone?

  49. leslie D

    Thank you...respect..stay blessed.

  50. Coyle Boldt

    I was in that consort

    Coyle Boldt

    The second one you

  51. desi jatt

    Who's jamming this track out here in 2018 ?🔥

    Rahul Khuraijam

    Send bobs and vagene

  52. LaMASIA 5611

    I remember hearing this long time ago. Now s he’s really big. Crazy

  53. Fer Fxfx

    who's the guy in 1:12?

  54. sanjeev rathi

    I am in gym and the beat got drop !!!! 911 it’s our boy 🔥

  55. Aubrey Penns22

    whos disgusted by this singers behavior????

  56. Aleksandar

    1:21 that drake look when you meet someone more talented than you

    Fer Fxfx

    Aleksandar do you know who's the guy in 1:12?


    @Fer Fxfx no

    Fer Fxfx

    Aleksandar ok, thanks anyway(:

  57. Joshua Kindstrom

    2018 you made it G

  58. Quintin Mattaini

    Still obsessed

  59. Mayclac

    Still a banger

  60. Amara Mouhamed

    I fucking Miss this G-eazy

  61. Gabe Lamm

    When he said "overcast is snowy but the titty bar is raining" then it shows pics of katrina

  62. Octavio Aguirre

    Man I miss this era of G.

  63. Rachel fleming

    This is generic

  64. Agyapal Singh

    Some people downloaded this song 505 times 😻😻😻 from that downward thumb download icon

  65. Kchaturvedy

    He deserves everything and more ❤️

  66. Skull Cross Gaming

    I wanna live his life...

    Frank S

    You have to consider the fact that he only has a couple minutes to show the best moments. You don't see all the hard work and extreme dedication he has put in. There is a not so glamourous side of that life we don't get to see, and probably would not want to.

  67. Mystery Meat 101

    I feeelzz the pain way to hard on this song 🔥🔥

  68. Essvd 沈黙

    "Only pay attention if you pay me"

  69. Stefan Dzuba

    best Album ever! now we are in 2018.

  70. Meaning ahhunded

    This vibes bro

  71. Jose A

    My fav Album. It tells his story on his come up

  72. madlad

    wtf is happend to him now? he's new songs are just wack!

    Rahul Khuraijam

    Tbad had like 2,3 good songs that’s it

  73. Sera Vosberg


  74. Bikace Subedi

    Max payne 🧐🧐

  75. Bee Yang

    Before the main stream 💯

  76. KAiSKAjO

    Eminem, Logic, Macklemore, NF and G-Eazy are my favorite Rappers, who are yours?

  77. Miho Sueyoshi

    The reference to Marilyn ✨

  78. Rudy kalala

    Everyday I return to this song man I wish G could rap like this again 😭

  79. Andrew Belloso

    Earliest comment I could find in here was 1 year ago so imma just drop a comment about how his shit was alright then and then he just went downhill lol

  80. Nadia lozoya

    Love it ! 😍😍😍

  81. Mark's


  82. Xio Xio

    love that blackbear composed this song

    Tristan Mackenzie

    Azeeza Latiph and like it’s so unknown 😂

  83. V 21


  84. Santiago Lago

    The beat gets me every time

  85. Arric Garcia

    “Fuck you want me to say, these things happen”

  86. Michael Ruiz


  87. Leonardo Brooks

    Still banging this is 2018!

  88. G- Enn

    Eres un crack g eazy, me cambiaste la mente 👊

  89. spiros kts

    g always ready to get your girl man!

  90. van c4

    It hits me

  91. pgmzz


  92. Jekaterina Jaceviciute

    Looking back on these songs, I'm kind of proud he's in a healthy relationship right now. Also pretty unbelievable. Such a glow up

  93. Vego Lana

    Love u ❤