G-Eazy - Passing By Lyrics

Life is hard and it's road is rough
And I'm on my grind but it's not enough
All I do is try, time is passing by
I cry, [?] the sky

The other day I got a call out the blue, a homie that I did know
Grew up with him see he was like my big bro
Then he said you getting big yo keep it up and never quit
I always knew you had a sick flow
He said yo I got some good news
He said you 'bout to be an uncle
I said what you mean I'm confused
He said he just became a father and it wouldn't be much of a bother
Wanted me to meet his daughter
Baby moms wasn't cool with him
But he said he wasn't mad, then he said he couldn't wait to be the dad he never had
He wanted to be there for her
Stick around for her
For more than just weekends, always down for
I sent him a text, a real man would make that choice
But it was clear that he was ready
There was lightning in his voice
Said he was finna change his ways
Past bein' in the hood
And how hustling he left them days
A week later then he called back
His heart racin'
I premature baby born in need of an operation
Docs made a mistake and he was torn
She had died a week after she was born
True story


I swear the struggle is addictive
You choose to leave sides
Leaves a mark on you like a bad tattoo
But you can't escape from it, you can't be excused
Where every time I call him it just more bad news
My little partner Justin
The one that never really getting in no trouble through
'Cause he was really bustin' ass
Never find him skippin' a class
Working hard for those good grades
Tryin to pass yeah
He had a grandma that was on him 'bout college
See he was always wealthy with the knowledge
Young king above it all flyin' doin' his thing
He used to spit a little bit of poetry he would bring
Out of his book of rhymes, and now he lost him mind
Another individual sucked into the grind
Droppin' outta school lost thinkin' its cool
Takin' sex to the dome, just ignoring the rules


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G-Eazy Passing By Comments
  1. Teelur

    god DAMN that old school beat & bass tho SHIT

  2. Bradely Dowling

    Dam something real

  3. ғaмιlyғrιendlyconтenт

    First time I listened to this song I couldn't even handle it.. It's too much and I feel like it connects to me in a special way

    Promoting Sounds

    its so deep man, glad you can relate

  4. Melissa Nunez

    Damn fire

  5. Kevin Scheib

    This needs to be on Spotify asap!!!

  6. Dusan Dusan

    Will I have problem if I reupload this song , I realy like it

  7. Ryleh

    Who was g on about at the start? The guy with the kid who died .....

  8. Grezzer

    The story telling and the Lyricism is deep and the beat goes with it. Damn G- Eazy is the artist I need to listen to more. Promoting sounds thank you for showing us dope Hip Hop music.

  9. Beastdrizzy

    You should post g-eazy's song "music" it's such a good song, but barely anyone knows it

    Promoting Sounds

    defintiely planning on it! one of my favorites

  10. JimTheYokester

    Missing my brother right now more than anything. Thank you G for the incredible music, and Promoting Sounds for putting it up.

    Promoting Sounds

    damn, so sorry to hear that man :( if the music can help in any way thats a blessing

  11. panagiotis bobos

    when was this released for the first time?

  12. Faiz Saulat

    damn this story is heavy, dope track.

  13. Sri Majji

    man I want this old G Eazy, no offense but the shit he's making rn is so bad

  14. Joe Wallace

    I love all these songs man. Thanks for having the channel. I actually just subscribed. Thanks again +Promoting Sounds

  15. Blue

    You gotta release more old G songs

  16. Ian Bunker

    Dope girl

    Promoting Sounds

    killed it on the hook

  17. Luis Saldana

    Fucking tired of that ad

  18. Tyler Smith

    Track is 8 years old

  19. Paul Louis

    what did u think of the 2 new g-eazy songs?

    ZULU 42996

    Paul Louis STILL is pretty dope

  20. Trevonious11

    Why have i never heard this then..!!

  21. In.xanity

    first verse was deep

  22. Billy Mote

    Dang my boy G-Eazy always killin it!

  23. Keenan Ace

    G-Eazy never upsets, his music never gets old.

  24. Daniel Gonzalez


    Promoting Sounds

    you know it bro 🔥

  25. Joshua Crawford

    Turn it up with that real shit, Caz your going all the way up!

    Promoting Sounds

    yessir! G always spitting that real

  26. Lil Milo

    nice bru ❤️

  27. Adam Usman

    This month. Two new drops plus Cashmere Noose for Blackbear. Then, three new ones from Young Gerald. Starboy all out. What a month.

    Promoting Sounds

    nothign better than good music! what did you think of the starboy album?

  28. STANLY IPkiss

    He flowing with his old style in this one.. Dope.


    this is old man released in 2010

    STANLY IPkiss

    @Savage Really..?

    Chase Potter

    +STANLY IPkiss yep.. he doesn't sound like this anymore. Still pretty much raps the same but lost the original G sound/accent if you will. This is just remastered I believe

  29. Carli Niemi

    This songggg 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫👍🏻

    Promoting Sounds

    soooo real

  30. Brian Mcfarland

    this is low key fire

    Promoting Sounds


  31. Shea Colbie

    NICEEEE 👍👌

    Promoting Sounds

    glad you like it!

  32. Stay High

    Fire 🔥

    Promoting Sounds

    sooo much heat

  33. krissy p

    thank you so much for uploading them all🙌🏻

    Promoting Sounds

    got you homie!

  34. al ly sao

    hiiiii i looooove it !!!!!

    Promoting Sounds

    happy to hear it foreal!

    al ly sao

    I really appreciate all the work you do for the feedback :D ! Thank you !

  35. devankarmukhi

    is this new? or old?

    Paco Ramirez

    Thisbrownkidhere seems to be old. But he's producer probably did some EQs edits and added some beats. Just by hearing it. I knew it was an old style beat.. can't wait to hear his new new

  36. ohAwaken

    miss this old G shit, his voice and everything is so different.

  37. Suicide Plays

    10 hours 14k wievs LMAO

  38. its sar

    life is hard💔

    Promoting Sounds

    we all feel it 💔

  39. Nick D

    Is this a new song by G?

    esteban hernandez

    no this is from the epidemic

  40. Alejandra A

    is this really g-eazy

  41. Jake Andrew

    Still is such a good song omg

  42. Busch Licker

    I could listen to this song for days. Even vintage G is straight fire.

  43. Zack Nemeth

    How do you find this old gold??

    Jacob Aswegan

    Zachary Nemeth it's on the epidemic tape

  44. Gustavo Alaniz

    Keep it up G

  45. xXMithonXx

    I would fuck him if he asked

  46. Jehovanny Garcia

    G needs to exercise this flow more often man!!!


    This song is from 2011 or something like that, but he still got that vibe.

    Jehovanny Garcia

    @Wiktor Polit I know I'm just saying that he should exercise this kind of flow more lol

  47. andycat25

    I like how he brings new fresh songs, but keeps true to himself.

  48. Inicity

    Eazy always puts me in that Biker Jacket mood

  49. Draco King

    One word: DOPE

  50. DonKeyFaRT

    Always brings heat to the table G Eazy is bringing out flames every single week 😈

    Esteban Hernandez

    Imperialnight01 this is a throw back ahah not knew lol

    Ice Puffin

    Esteban Hernandez he didn't say it was knew to be honest

  51. KawasakiGuy76

    I love G's music

  52. Ash my Blunt

    You can tell it's old, he has a different style in this. He went mainstream and now all his shit is garbage, no deep music anymore

    zack keller

    what about everything will be okay? he didn't tell anyone that story. It was quite a deep song as well...

    Ash my Blunt

    zack keller
    That's one song, I can only think of a couple of deep songs he has had in the past few years

    Tyler Mada

    Her Smelly Taco watch the interview between murs and mackelmore it kinda gives perspective on that whole sell out tip

  53. anthonyroxx47

    G-eazy starts forest fires before the trees grow

  54. Matthew Fillmer

    Has The Outsider Vibe to it! Love your channel bro! Always dropping fire first

    Matthew Fillmer

    I wish I had your Ipod @promotingsounds!

  55. mikeNike2333

    This is super old for anyone wondering

  56. Inakazu

    where's that G-Eazy still upload at?

    Promoting Sounds

    really trying to be able to for you guys, ill keep you updated ;)

  57. Edward Cortez

    Awesome track.

    Promoting Sounds

    happy you think so!

  58. Desiree

    Man he's dropping hella fire tracks


    This isnt a new song..........


    @Slitty Lmao I know, but it hella fire

  59. Yuckyy


    Promoting Sounds


  60. CurseMatrix

    This is fire af

    Promoting Sounds

    agreed dude

  61. Raul Canevale

    Hey brother, how are you ?
    I really liked their sound. I have a youtube channel and I wonder if I can use some of his songs for the soundtrack? I'll put in the description that the song is yours :)
    Sorry for my English haha

  62. JosephtheRapper 01

    This is dark af. Good shit Gerald

  63. Lolo Martin

    Btw great channel buddy!!

    Promoting Sounds

    appreciate that foreal bro!

  64. Lolo Martin

    Dope as fuck!!!!

  65. Karolina Widnic

    yeeeeees young gerald

    Promoting Sounds

    the man himself!

  66. David_strgf flip 2

    I know its gonna be dope even before I listen to it #Geazy


    stfu fuck outta here with that real fan shit bruh

    David_strgf flip 2

    Distressed At Dawn lmao naw never heard it before, heard every other song tho

    Ian Bunker

    lmao have you heard dope girl?? Don't thing soooooo.

  67. Mason David

    This song is hella dope, bit of chill, emotion and relaxing. Cheers Promoting Sounds 👌🏻

  68. Dakota R

    notification gang 👀

  69. soon

    One of my favs 👌🏽

  70. Randonimityismacabre

    Epidemic LP damn bruh you visiting old shit goddamn.

  71. Diversity Music

    Damn, dope!

  72. SkuzArts

    Someone else here, who loves the remix ''get back up'' ?

  73. bensboxaz

    damn, eazy comin with the heat

  74. viisi

    Hey promoting sounds! I was wondering what I have to do to get my music up on this channel?


    REDD [TV] Probably gotta make a few fire ass tracks.

  75. Octo Orlis

    This Old Eazy, hell yeah.

  76. Kat MTR

    Great post, gotta love Gerald <3
    What you want - THEY. Really good song, please look it up :3

  77. Beastdrizzy

    Such an underrated song. I thought I was like the only one who knew this song.

  78. Tib

    Reminds of me of Cam Meekins

  79. ahrt

    epicdemic ayy

  80. connor1k

    love it

  81. R4DIANT Beats

    Love to see you bring back all these old songs of G. He was grinding so hard that it's almost impossible to hear every song he made in the past.

    Lolly Castillo

    this isn't a new song?

    Esteban Hernandez

    R4DIANT Music fr bro idk why he took em off been searching for this song but couldnt find it lol


    I like these type of Instrumentals with the Crime Taste

  83. BrixCWB

    Promoting Sounds you're finally at 100 million views

  84. Christian

    Damn way back off The Epidemic LP 💣

  85. CopyrightFreeMusic

    nice one!

  86. Royal Rap

    Oh my lord 🔥

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    ayeee this is some old G

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    this song is intense

    Promoting Sounds

    foreal, so deep

  90. West Europe RS

    Glad to hear some oldschool shit keep it up

    Promoting Sounds

    have to switch it up now and then, thank you man!

  91. Mateo

    Damn haven't heard this one. Really helps during the hard time I'm having rn

    Promoting Sounds

    sorry to hear that man :( really hope the music can help you through it

  92. Cres- Rodriguez

    G-eazy just killed it!

    Esteban Hernandez

    Distressed At Dawn fr its a tb

  93. J16Connections™

    damn Eazy, no need for a lighter, this is lit! 🔥

    Promoting Sounds

    g-eazy is just a walking lighter, can drop fire whenever he wants!

  94. Ben Maccaaa

    Love it ❤️🔥🎶

  95. Vezoh | @VezohBruh

    Gerald is a G

    Promoting Sounds

    no doubt about it

    Vezoh | @VezohBruh



    aha my name is Gerald hehe

  96. ضابط خفر

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  97. uJoseph


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