Futuristic - Talk Lyrics

Sheesh (yeah)

Yeah, all you do is talk, talk, talk
All you do is talk, talk, talk
All you do is talk, talk, talk
All you do is talk, talk, talk
You ain't really 'bout that life
You ain't really 'bout that life
You ain't really 'bout that life
You ain't really 'bout that life

Yeah, everybody wanna run they mouth
Tellin' hella stories 'bout the day they did
Pull up on 'em
I show opponents how to son a nigga like I raise a kid
Only speak about it if I be about it
We can see about it, make it quick
When it come to spittin', who the fuck you kiddin'?
Y'all ain't never did it like I did
Internet, it made me rich
I'm gettin' rich and takin' pictures with some women
Admitted, this life is different, you don't get it
Every sentence killin', make a couple million and quit it
Got niggas into me, tryna get it
The life of Futuristic, I can give it to 'em
Put a rapper on the team, take 'em on tour
Now he really into somethin'
I been 'round the globe a couple times
I ain't have to sign but it's still an option
Got a lotta gwala, made a lotta dollars
Own a lot of land, Davy Crockett
Got your girlie on the tour bus
She don't watch Barney but she baby-boppin'
Hit it, then I get up on the road
I'ma do my dance like it's Sadie Hawkins
Boy, I got the sauce (that's true)
Bitch, I'm living proof (hey)
Tight tennis shoes (you trippin')
I ain't in the mood, nah
Y'all ain't really 'bout this life
Took a couple notes from Tech N9ne
Young nigga got the best rhymes
Don't run your mouth unless right
Spit it like the cinnamon challenge
I was a kid with a talent
I'm like the bigger the balance when I go off and
Fire like a cigarette lighter, gotta give the gettin' inside her
Want me to get up inside her then I gotta bounce
Got six businesses, two houses
Mormon life, a few spouses
A cool account still gettin' bigger
Ain't a damn thing you can do about it, I'm gone

Yeah, all you do is talk, talk, talk
All you do is talk, talk, talk
All you do is talk, talk, talk
All you do is talk, talk, talk
You ain't really 'bout that life
You ain't really 'bout that life
You ain't really 'bout that life
You ain't really 'bout that life

Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
You ain't really 'bout that life

[Tech N9ne:]
Fuckin' about it, the big and the bound of what
They don't be happy with any nigga down on the gut
They be the pupil that talk up a lot of bs
And they really countin' me less
I can never shout it enough
Frickin' incredible hits, R-B
Rippin' a level, the kids hard me
Givin' the nation a big dark spree
When I make the music biz marquee
Innovator, I am not a criminal
This why they women wanna shot at genitals
I'm maximum, they sayin' I'm the minimal
We're talkin' cheaper than a Dollar General
Haters hearin' me spit it, shit it
Goin' ahead and admit it, quit it
Stay stalkin', they talkin'
Tellin' the people that I'm with, with
Fat stacks, we ballin'
That stacks be callin'
Rap after me, that's actually wack, that's why he stallin'
Rule is 'round to get hurt, ain't it?
Dudes around us since birth, tenant
True the lies'll get worse
Alarmin' then merk around for this shirt, painted
They don't know that when the planet drop
I'm 'bout to take the rap into a colder degree
Everything I ever wanted from the record business
They gon' hand it over to me
They gonna really see the soul of a G
Ridin' rowdy with the flow of the sea
Everybody want the musical virus
I give it to 'em like Ebola disease
I'm on a mission to get fish
Shoppin' up enough and I rip it to get swish
Anybody wanna become a gynecologist
They droppin', ain't if I actin' a big bitch
Try to rap me, I'd a pappy, why you 'ttackin'
'Cause you never knew a demon inside a black kid
And never ninja fuckin' with a flier record
Deep in America, anyone would die to trap me
Tech-a, Nin-a, Futur-istic, we all goin' more crazy!
Takin' everybody's money, even takin' your lady!
Makin' movies with her like I'm motherfuckin' Scorsese!
This is dedicated to my homie up in Florida
Rest in peace WarBaby, let's go!

Yeah, all you do is talk, talk, talk
All you do is talk, talk, talk
All you do is talk, talk, talk
All you do is talk, talk, talk
You ain't really 'bout that life
You ain't really 'bout that life
You ain't really 'bout that life
You ain't really 'bout that life

[Devvon Terrell:]
Fuck up out my way, yeah
I don't play it safe, yeah
When you from the bottom, you hit harder like a bass
They don't wanna see me on top though
Magic on me like Lonzo
I'ma level up, it's so exciting
They don't understand me like I'm Mike Tyson
Haters, I need you, I think that I like it
Feedin' me motivation with a diet
I'ma keep grinding, continue to eat
Think you a boss and I'm takin' a knee
Know that you scared 'cause you are what you eat
Chargin' up, man, I'm gon' need a receipt
Niggas be thinkin' I felt it at Disney
But then they show up and it's Beauty and Beast
Think that you know me just 'cause my exterior
I am the widow and I am superior
Funny how niggas be ringing alarm
When you wanna rise and I'm like, "One at a time"
Niggas as actors, remember your lines
I seen this movie like 300 times
Kickin' you off of my mountain, it's mine
I just want everybody to know (yeah)
We not goin' away (yeah)
You don't do your place (yeah)
I came at my door, I'm like "Hello" (yeah)
Won't leave me alone (yeah)
I am on the phone (yeah)
Leave a message when you hear the tone
Hold up
If you wanna get it, then you get it
I'm playin' all the position like I'm Kobe, like I'm Shaq
I'm like Kyrie Irving, I'm dishing anybody not so Futuristic
And they get the business
Don't do that
You messin' with us but it's too late
You not on our level, nigga, please just tie your shoelace
You trippin'

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Futuristic Talk Comments
  1. locker room daily

    Funny how Terrel says to remember your lines but forgets his a sec earlier 😂😂 no hate

  2. x Deadlyzz

    All went tf off🔥💯

  3. Nathan McKay

    i hope yall know devvon tarrell is a singer

  4. Lulu Vanstory

    Dude. Shit gets real at 3:16

  5. Lulu Vanstory

    Sooooo gooooooood

  6. Daniel Cook

    Futuristic? Interest piqued. Tech N9ne in it? = automatic "like"!

  7. Adam Breivogel

    wonder if anyone has dissed tech.... i dont think ive seen anyone hate on tech!

  8. Damion Portillo

    Shut the fuck up

  9. Don't Trip

    Tech n9ne is immortal

  10. Gage Petas

    Dedicated to my girlfriend 😂💯💯💯

  11. Michael Bridges

    They going fed

  12. bobby zwartkak

    way to fuck up GREAT SONG DEVVON...

  13. Nipnob Slopcob

    It fucking hurts

  14. Lawson Wagner

    I would like to see tech n9ne again I seen him a few years ago and the show was the best show I seen and I want to see futurerictic and Devvon Terrell

  15. brandon heatherman

    you are my biggest fan and i think you should make new songs

  16. MIXUP180

    not feeling that hook , im only here for tech verse

  17. WuBz Unite

    Help me be a famous meme rapper & subscribe today!

  18. minimal effort

    tech9 killin it like he had some mental issue

  19. Joseph Merkle

    Futuristic ain't never been to jail. He not really about that life. Use to rap about not smoking now he a pot head follower. The only rapper that actually got worse over time

  20. X Reeves

    Can we get an eminem and futuristic song

  21. A K 47

    Maaaannnnn Devvon flow is one of the the most unique I've ever heard 🔥

    A K 47

    @Dallas Laundry lol😂😂😂


    Tech 9 - Talk ft. Futuristic and Devvon Terrell

  23. Neil Neazer


  24. Anthony Clark

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  25. Alt Shift

    I’m gonna blow up the chat, I haven’t talked to anyone in a while so I guessed I could say hello and see what people say.

  26. Alt Shift

    I never new that someone could talk before me until now so here goes my first attempt. I am white, which is what a lot of people talk about or think or stand besides right? Wrong. Color is a matter of mind, if you only see color than you can’t think of anything else, so don’t mind my skin color. However if you think you are black either on the surface or inner feelings than that’s fine, but nothings wrong with you if you’re not white.

  27. Alt Shift

    So when I figured out the code to the universe, I could learn to walk on water; or I could sink... either way the shit you read isn’t good. It’s better to write you’re own book instead of trying to copy someone. I figured I could just repeat myself until someone heard me.

  28. Alt Shift

    Talk is cheap, when you can fight. Yeah right, who would wanna fight you?

  29. Michael Vangyi

    I just now heard this song pretty dope!

  30. Anthony Clark

    Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dammm this shit Fire

  31. YoSAmm

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  32. YoSAmm

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    more than you can afford bud

    Lil Castiel

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    Just because he has more technology than me does not make a difference listen to my word that I will reveal a code

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    You come to me and in my town nc and I will shine shut you down

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    Live freestyle battle me and you now

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    Let ride my nigga I am black my skin pigment

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    this song still slaps one year later 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    he should rap with joyner lucas

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    Why this nigga sound like he's neutered

  47. Just Random

    still one of the hardest banger ever created

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    Tech literally destroyed this

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    If you watch alot of Jesus stuff on your phone Nimrod Ra will sacrifice you to the beast as a jesus....True Story it's a lie...Let them find a bigger kid it's all a lie...

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  57. Justin Selena

    Until anything is done who is really all talk talk talk if it takes a voice the same name you mock jessie flashlight nightcore you still have problems in saveing since his birth. From something swore by the gang that saved him would never happen again casue you went though more pain in one go then all have took in there life that we could even put it on huh

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    If you know you know lol

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    Futuristic went in in though 👀👀

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    Tyson always kills


    Devon terrel gave me chills 🔥

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    K, I already knew Futuristic nice, and Tech is a certified G.O.A.T. but that Devvon cat caught me by surprise he held his own and I feel like he should have done the hook on this track but song still on point 🔥🔥🔥

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