Futuristic - Panda (Remix) Lyrics

What's up y'all
It's your boy, Futuristic
I wrote a verse today
I'm a rap it for you
It's fucking lit

Black & white like a panda
Need a girl with a booty from Atlanta
Grab a camera everybody at my shows act like the cops got a gun pointed at em hands up
I feel like drake did on ransom
Young rich & handsome hotline bling dancin takin these chances remix these songs from rappers funny thing is you can't understand em
I got bars like the slammer I can cook like a grandma
Every song is the anthem they yellin hot shit like country grammar
Futuristic been killin I'm from the desert I don't like chillin made half million all from my building treat these women jus like a dentist no fillings

They don't really wanna get into everytime I do it its fluent it's movin look at the views I get
I leave you ruined u foolish u stupid look at the coolest kid
How I maneuver through it I'm coolin look at the dude he spit like call of duty uzi pointed at you like in a movie script
I'm wearin black in a hat in the cab like I'm a Jewish kid
Yo girl is in my lap with a ass lookin like nudist is better not turn your back when I rap do you like Brutus did
Got em sayin yea jus like usher I ain't never scared like bone crusher got a big head like a gusher like metro boomin I don't trust ya

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Futuristic Panda (Remix) Comments
  1. Chinedu Reynolds

    Wait where have you been you I used to be like future but your the rapper I was wondering about futuristic

  2. Emil Forsberg

    0:33 Dat... Flow...

  3. Dono James II

    I only discovered him in 2019, but guys like futuristic are the reason I still believe in hip hop

  4. Matthew LaMacchia

    I'm going to the earth and their is nothing anyone can do to stop it....Hope you didn't have a hand in trying to cook my brain....Just saying.....

  5. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    The flow, the lyricism and the speed is literally top notch. I’m still listening to this in 2019.

    Carson Giberson

    hell yea same

  6. Bryan Thomas

    The fast part just b like: what do u mean ‘lungs?’

  7. Moe Yksk

    My kinn

  8. Deus Vult

    Futuristic: WHOO!
    Me: Ikr?

  9. Júpiter

    Call Cryptic Wisdom to the fight

  10. I gotchu now!

    Futuristic:jshsbsis sjshbsbdodbdnsibss. Sjsbjss sjdbsnejd sjsjsb? Dhsns ebeiebsjsbdbs s djdbskd djdns Jenn ensjdns Jewish kid siebsjs sbsksbsnzo.

  11. Jananator

    Yeeesh, that went from 0 to 100 real quick

  12. Sugasflowerpot

    The rapping is causing me heart pain

  13. Randy Jeremiah

    This video is so short

  14. Randy Jeremiah

    I like remix more then normal panda song

  15. SGmon Games

    When you have a 1 minute 16 second speech about pandas

  16. Thereal Antman

    Nigga rapping in the closet

  17. Rian Cassidy

    911: What ur emergency?

    Me: There has been a murder!

    911: ok stay calm what happened

    Me: futuristc just killed that mic

    911: panda?

    Me: yup

  18. RLK Gaming


  19. Ben Carroll

    This shit still fire in 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Blazin Draco

    Wait, how did he not burn down his closet

  21. Michael Hart

    everybody killing this beat now. thx Joyner Lucas

  22. BROS 4L

    Who still listening in 2019

  23. F1SH33R Reacts

    2019 tho?

  24. Adontis Rojas

    Rep. the Desert

  25. vela papiliones


  26. Rap-One Gez VeVO OFFICIEL

    Ecoutez le son une guerre total https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTQ4D_EZbos

  27. Tae Tae smith

    The part wen he was slow made me week but the shit 🔥

  28. Rickylibo Ovngs

    F*** man Ur the best rapper I have ever seen..

  29. Oxi The Folf

    "Its lit! "

  30. wondo94

    Nice stuffs

  31. Mr Voorheees

    fast verse is really cool

  32. Omanji sinkala

    This is still lit

  33. Alex Huerta

    Fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  34. Alex Huerta

    Dat deep voice change tho😂😂😂😂

  35. nastyToffifee 38

    2k18 anyone???

    King Scoota OTMG

    nastyToffifee 3 here

  36. BigTitTaterTot 22


    Joyner Lucas🤗

  37. S T X R M

    crazy it's been 2 yrs

  38. Nick Johnson

    You and futurstic should a rap together

  39. Zephrysc

    I feel bad for anyone trying to add captions.

  40. Top 10 Rank Spot

    Bro nobody can beat your flow !!!! boom fire

  41. Ydhsh vevsj

    Give him his vevo

  42. Lucid Beats

    Oh my flow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Noor Rehimi

    Dude its even harder to understand but it’s wonderful

  44. Cosmic Overpowered

    That intro tho but nice bars🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. Legendary Shadow2346

    You way better than me but to be fair I'm only. Check me out at my channel

  46. RicoChuttoo

    It is faking lit tho

  47. TMT Duke

    I’m salty this ain’t on TIDAL

  48. isaiahdagamer ros and other games

    Straight 🔥 fire 🔥 forgot 2say dat like a year ago

  49. Kabab may

    Oh Jesus your the rap god dam you should’ve been in 8mile bro

  50. Kenneth Hamilton

    I'm wearing black in a hat in the cat like i'm Jewish ...... man i just found out bout this cat from mf greatest... this shit hot

  51. ESPY

    This is so fuckin fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. Rain XXX

    Look up Broken Record Productions on You tube

  53. Req

    this lad is incredible, coming from your Indonesian fan pal

  54. Tami Smith


  55. unnamed

    its so short cant you guys make an extended version

  56. piers

    Got a big head like i a ate a gusher 😂

  57. Kyri Williams

    It was air heads that gave you a big head but yea still dope

  58. LCS

    What's up y'all
    It's your boy, Futuristic
    I wrote a verse today
    I'ma rap it for you
    It's fucking lit

    [Verse 1: Futuristic]
    Yo, black and white like a panda
    Need a girl with a booty from Atlanta
    Grab a camera
    Everybody at my shows act like the cops got a gun at them
    Hands up
    I feel like Drake they don't ransom
    Young, rich and handsome, hot like bling dancer
    Taking these chances
    Remix these songs from rappers
    Funny thing is you can't understand them
    I got bars like the slammer
    I can cook like a Grandma
    Every song is the anthem
    They yelling high shit like country grammar
    Futuristic been killing
    I'm from the desert, I don't like chilling
    Made half a million
    All from my building
    Treat these women just like dentist, no fillings
    They don't really wanna get into it, everytime I do it, it's fluent, it's movin', look at the views I get
    I leave you ruined, you foolish, you stupid, look at the coolest kid
    How I maneuver through it, I'm coolin', look at the dude he spit like Call of Duty, Uzi pointed at you like in a movie script
    I'm wearin' black and a hat in a cab like I'm a Jewish kid
    Your girl is in my lap with an ass lookin' like nudist, better not turn your back, when I rap, I do you like Brutus did, woo!
    Got 'em saying yeah, just like Usher
    I ain't never scared, like BoneCrusher
    Got a big head, like I ate a Gusher
    Like Metro Boomin, I don't trust you

  59. Jason Cusneros

    Who's watching 2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Landon Lodholtz

    I love your songs

  61. Thebeastgamer L W

    Better that real song

  62. 7sinz Pluto

    I got bars like a slamma i can cook like a gramma 0:20 Lol

  63. Wiz Saint 77

    Love it

  64. Ray

    0:33-0:46 set my headphones on fire 🔥 🔥

  65. Ray

    In the 2100s they will have a history book that will say.March 30 2016 the day the first human spit FIRE

  66. MariosXD9

    Whoo nice old man voice man.lol

  67. spookysolby


  68. Eric Grant '

    This isn't one take so don't hashtag or advertise it as such. While it is very very close you can notice that he's lipsinging. 1.He is a little off on the way he pronounces the words and the words he says period from the song like 0:18 - 0:19. Or at 0:42 when he says jewish kid. I hypothesize that he messes up a lot on that part so that's why they move the camera behind him and have the screen bump to make it less noticable and do it no where else in the video. 2.When he backs away or closes in on/from the mike the volume of the rap doesn't raise or lower making the authenticity of the rap suspect. AND MOST IMPORTANT 3.He doesn't take a breath through this whole rap which would make no sense considering that no person can do that. The longest sustained note held was for 1 min 52 sec and was achieved by Alpaslan Durmuş (Turkey) at the Kipdaş Mühendislik, Istanbul. and that's without anymore moving of his vocal cords!(Moving vocal cords require more focus and energy and as such makes breath holding while singing and rapping harder) That's why other rappers rap and put the verses together. So unless Furturistic found new ways of rapping/singing and didn't get it published on The Guinness World Records or he doesn't rap this whole thing in one take. #ONETAKEFAKE

    Jellyfam Jamm

    You mad cause you can’t rap like that bitch ass nigga


    Y u in yo closet????

  70. Cryo Raps


  71. Dustin Driver

    help the world on fire

  72. GenesisnKaidence

    😂😂😂 trash trash trash.. dude sound like a 3rd grader

    You can have the lyrics but if you ain’t got the voice for this shit.. I’m out dog lmfao

  73. Severe Weather

    NINE POINT NINE SYLLABLES PER SECOND in twelve seconds! You’re awesome!

  74. Badparrot 123

    This is dat lit shit

  75. Karma

    him and joyner should hop on a track

  76. Nick Postell

    Love your music

  77. Brian RM

    What mic is that

  78. keeper go'in 1057

    damn better than the original

  79. babylushi 88

    My thinks you and yo homey Devvon should make a track with eminem. Now that shit would be lit

  80. CentralMusic

    iamtherealak is better

  81. Derick Lang Jr

    I hit that how hahaaaa

  82. Eddie Ya boi

    he is legit just playing flappy bird

  83. Badparrot 123


  84. Christian Pate


  85. tay tay

    This bitch couldn't reach 1k dislikes cuz this mf too hard😭😭💪🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  86. Day Productions

    Where this futuristic at

  87. B3 Savage

    Thebuffnerds vs therealak

  88. Kwesiadae Hargrove

    Yyooooo 🔥🔥🔥

  89. Josue Izaguirre

    boi trash

  90. Tami Smith

    i was on meep city on roblox i head this we where soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo littttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  91. Maurice Royal - Zigler

    This song fire and all but why he in a closet

  92. CJV Gaming

    YOOO!! this is LIT

  93. Alex DeBoer

    He wasn’t lyin when he said it’s fuckin lit

  94. Halket_GhOsTy

    He should call it black and white