Futuristic - Life Lyrics

Outta town more than I'm at the spot
Yeah, come home then I wipe the dust off of my foreign drop
Yeah, and it didn't take bakin' soda for me to make it pop
Out in Vegas taking five shots after I watch the fight
But that don't make me 'Pac, you get it?
The mind frame different
Inspiring kids but the time frame different
Used to wonder how the hell am I gon' make it in this business
Then I did it, but still want it, so the migraine's different
Signs in the sky that is all God's vision
But I ain't been to church since I was learnin' division
That was in the 90's, but we 'bout to bring it back
When I snap on the track, swear rap's my religion
You know I got girls on my phone
Saying the same thing, these women became clones
All up on my neck, these women is like cologne
Send women to my machine, they talk to me through a tone
Talk to me through a text, then talk to me through a moan
Had a good one at home but couldn't leave 'em alone
Thought that I could resist but damn it's hard to commit
When you always be on the road and always be in the zone
Vodka in my glass, let it splash
I live for the present, not the past
Black out, then I act out
Said that I was done, give me some then I'm bound to relapse
Bound to relax when you got a few million
Honestly I'd prolly rather have few children
Honestly I'd prolly rather have a good wife
But I always pull back when the love start building
Called my Pops for advice
Man he's had three wives, he should prolly have it down
Then I see myself makin' the same mistakes
I guess it's somethin' in the blood that always come back around
I know I made him proud, he know I'm living a dream
I know he wanted the same, he wanted to be on a team
Brody be trying rap, the other be trying to sing
The other be sellin' shows, they all lookin' to me
Like, how can we do this?
How can we all get the money like you did?
How can we capitalize off the music?
I ignore the calls and feel bad that I do it
I be at the pad makin' hits with the pool stick
I be at the pad makin' hits like I'm Q-Tip
Then I hit the gym with a couple old friends
Put points on the board, man that shit's therapeutic
They see how I do it, it often get imitated
I don't try to hide it, it always be demonstrated
People in my state don't know me but they they be hatin'
They want me to put 'em on, I tell 'em the steps I'm taking
Let 'em up on the shows and introduce them to fans
Let 'em give the hugs and let 'em go shake the hands
Let 'em drop a verse and post it up on the 'gram
But it takes so much more, they really don't understand
There's a price on my head for my green and my time
Price on my head, man, they greedy for dimes
Price on my head over your insecurities
Hurting me 'cause I'm still dealin' with mine
Price on my head by my family and friends
Price on my head for my girls and my cribs
Price on my head since I rapped out in Compton
I promise it ain't been the same ever since

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    If you see this you owe me a subscription or a penny ( thats a lot), your choice. I don't make the rules I just follow them.

  2. MR.L

    This beat from this song sounds like another song can y'all help me

  3. Darryl Smock Jr

    Most underrated artist of all time.

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    I fw this. Issa vibe. 🔥

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    This is ture rap

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    This is my faded song also when I'm like time to get my stuff together

  7. Joseph TB

    Thank you.


    Missed this guy. Really wanna work with him

  9. REAL Productionz

    Only 500k views?makes me sad how a fruity haired guy who screams gets more good luck futuristic👌🏾🔥

  10. Nhlakanipho Nhlaka

    You are the future of hip hop

  11. Get Futuristic

    good sound, bro! Blessing to You!

  12. dSoult

    what hoodie is he wearing?

  13. Wolf Viking

    "but I aint been to church since I was learning division"

  14. SLATR 24

    Bro you killed it and I think you only used 1 curse word. Props!

  15. Roy Gonzalez

    Damn this is slept on

  16. Dennis. R

    Super omg lit!!!!1!1!!11!🤘🤘🤙🤙💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏👌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Straight fire shots fired owoeowowoowowowo cool

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    how do buffnerds not have 5mill????????????? underrated

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    the truth. hate it or love it. he touched your soul

  20. J King

    futuristic still blazin up the tracks, whenever i want to hear new music hes definately up there on the first artists i look for, thanks for the fire man!

  21. My_Potatoes

    I don't really comment a lot on videos anymore, let alone songs. But this song is fucking beautiful and hits pretty close to home. Keep up the good work, Zach.

  22. Slayyy

    Damn I just heard this song goes hella hard 🔥

  23. Rashaad Ladd

    I fuck with the song but I don't relate to it

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    Futuristic go in. I would like to play your music on my radio station. #sub me in,Talk,Vision,the greatest.

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    Love the song brother. Hits the soul. You may not miss it but blono love brother

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    Muito foda essa música

  32. DR.C 03

    Listen futuristic I know that making a commitment is hard, when u on the road, but man wait you mentioned that you used to go to church that's an even harder commitment to make but the LORD'S always with you bro he is by your side no matter what so if you are ever felling down and you about to drown dude I got you I'm just a boy in a man's world but I need you to realize just like everyone else I can make it too you did but o lose faith in myself and at the same damn time God but I realize that he still loves me and you no matter our sin so I just want to tell keep your head up and stay in faith if you need me you can find me in your fans

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    Between the visual and the message, this is on point🏆

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    Late to this but best song futuristic has ever dropped, this and epiphany are fucking bangers to vibe to.

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    Shout out your music got me out of bloomington and ima aim for something big.

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    anyone know where to get this instrumental?

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    Sazid Rahman 3am

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    I fuck with your song but I would think it be kind a hard for you to get into the industry because it sound like Drake

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    Notification gang WYA!?!?

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