Futuristic - I Be That Lyrics

I be that nigga who shut down the city
I be that nigga drunk as fuck with all my people with me
I be that nigga with alot of groupies
Hella famous, signing autographs on bitches boobies
I be that [x16]

[Verse 1:]
I'm the only one doing what I'm doing, these rappers is all pursuing, Futuristic really did it
Young nigga with a grind so tough can't nobody tell me nothing cause I'm in to the finish
Dropping more records than the guiness, got them skittish niggas sick, I need to take them to the clinic
A couple bitches got me looking like I'm winning, at the studio, I tell them that I'm leaving in a minute
I be that, they know how I does it, these hoes hoping they get invited
She test me all day and I don't say a thing, I send her the address and she getting excited
You can bring friends to the party, they gotta be naughty, my darling is private
Four shots of liqour, enjoying the mali, they all getting naked and showing they privates
I be that, this a sauce man, WTF gang
If you hating, I can make you dissapear, like David Blaine
Five bad bitches in my whip, I don't know them by name, I call them Danity Kane
I'm getting young money, like a nigga chilling with Wayne
I bring the heat, like I'm chilling with Wade, cause I be that


[Verse 2:]
Okay, I kinda got it popping, homie, quitting's not an option
And I'm killing all these rappers, pull up yellow tape caution
And these niggas selling out, like paintings at an auction
It ain't over 'til the fat lady singing, this the opera
I was born to ball, I know you saw
That a young dude got the juice like oranges, dog
You say you the best but you know you wrong
Cole world like J. Cole, y'all bootleg like faygo
My shows look like day glow
I need a chick that move her hips, like J-Lo
Sitting 'til I can't stand up, shine so bright I might tan ya
Who they favorite rapper, they picking me like a teacher
I'm a student who should put they hand up
And I ain't never had a hand out
Even when I'm sitting down, boy, I stand out
Feel clean like I washed it with ShamWow
I be that crowd surfing nigga on my fans, ah


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Futuristic I Be That Comments
  1. Jon Lach

    Fire. I remember listening to this in 9th grade while fried off the triple c's lmfao

  2. Pure Symbolic

    2019 and still is in my travels playlist

  3. Matthew LaMacchia

    Sometimes I feel like the only guy running in a straight line....While alot of others are running in circles....👿😇....

  4. Sling Shot

    1:22 *acts causal so that someone dosent call the police* 😂😂😂

  5. ben Higgins

    I heard this song years ago when I was young and didnt remember what it was called. For years a couple find it and the one day I randomly found it . Then I discovered futuristics other music. I'm not a fan. Thanks for taking me on that journey futuristic😂

  6. RW FIFA

    Am I the only one who thinks he could’ve been huge if he signed for a label and I kinda wish he did

  7. Funnyattacks !!!!

    I miss this futuristic well I like the new one too but

  8. C.Charles K.Knifechief

    any 2019

  9. C.Charles K.Knifechief

    WTF We're the future

  10. Ladymaryann Sou

    He dam good he should do a song with Eminem be dope

  11. peewee studios

    This ni##a need a good endorsement with Nsa contract. They be putting him on they label and Pay his ass to be on the label. Make I'm motha fucking CEO of all dem labels.dis dude a god

  12. Joshua Kooyman

    I be that nigga that shut down the city. Um trump is closer than you he hit the government lol

    Joshua Kooyman

    Anyways good song

  13. Josefina Arredondo

    "Even when I'm sitting down I stand out" 🔥🔥

  14. Corey Hightower

    Yoooo futuristic...u be that nigga I need to chill wit...ur energy is G.O.A.T!!!!

  15. Dalton Daugherty

    Turn the captions on and it says, "I beat it" lol



  17. lil bitch

    Hopefully we'll get a futuristic mixtape soon

  18. robert ocano

    he was chilling with tunche f baby

  19. Matthew LaMacchia

    Hi syn how's the heavens oh yeah your not allowed in. You sell-out. Keep working....

  20. HRGamer 04

    Release this to spotify

  21. Rhys Pearson

    Anywhere I can get the instrumental to these??

  22. eddie ortiz

    How do you rap so good 😭

  23. Ash Stewart

    Why does this video only have 3 mill views? This is my favorite one take 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Yahshua Yahudah Ben Yisreal

    yo bul futuristic i got a crazy track for scream at me...humble p drums landed in Az now

  25. Badparrot 123

    So lit I turned to ashes

  26. Zaniqua Taylor

    You good bro

  27. xx PhyZix xx

    This beat is fucking fire, oh shit call 911

  28. CizreK

    I beat that. I beat that. I beat that.

  29. trever manshack

    Only 8 watching now come on guys

  30. Hayley Calderon

    Ayeeeee 😎👏🏼❤️

  31. adrian.

    I remember watching this when this came out and I noticed that he was near my street and my friends were in the background LIT! 🖒👌

  32. LUkEdUkE

    This is by far the best Futuristic song I have ever heard !

  33. ketty Five

    fucheristic vs eminem

  34. IAW

    i beat that

  35. Sleepyhead

    He's a good rapper im not gonna lying but his voice is lowkey babyish annoying..

  36. Balls So Hard3

    I hate all these fake ass rappers getting all the fame when we have the greatest right in front of us

  37. James McGuire


  38. Jason Helton

    the one takes are honestly his best. big fan of your music bro!

  39. Keegan Halton

    Fucking love this song! Favorite Futuristic song. Wish it was on the album. Surely deserves a place on.

  40. Alan 4247

    Who came here from Ozelous LOL

  41. You have no bitch My Nigga

    he'll no

  42. ActonMOTO

    You need to get this shit on I tunes

  43. cummsies69

    according to captions this song turns into beat it around 1:20

  44. shadownight lufficar


  45. Alexis Morales

    brrruuuh why futursutic so fire , he made me throw away 9 pairs of headphone because they caught on fire from all these one takes

  46. Javin The Sage

    increase the speed to 1.15 and the beat goes hella hard

  47. CJ 101

    You know this was made in the hood, because half of the cars had big or fancy rims.

  48. Luke Lewis


  49. Mr_splashman21


  50. Dāvis Līvmanis

    Yo This nigga lit.

  51. Omar Fokaha

    futuristic cold


    Who is here from oZealous?

    Jose Carrillo



    Me! :))

  53. Logan Bracken

    nice keep it up

  54. Manjinder Khera

    ayy 3 million

  55. Tha Black Cat

    this is how the new skool should do it! Futuristic for Future Hip Hop.

  56. Agustin-KillaZ14


  57. Kirsten Campbell

    futuristic is bea

  58. Kristol Fonseca

    ill be that!!!!!!!$!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😞😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅📹📹📹

  59. Sean Wattsmoore

    Haven't heard this one yet...

  60. Marcelo & logans Spectacular Fishing

    My laptop just ignited into flames!

  61. emiliano garcia

    “why can’t it be like the elementary school days where girls never played you”

  62. Aaron Delaney

    Nearly 3 million views!! 🔥🔥🔥

  63. kid gamer


  64. Daniel Sierra

    please put this on spotify

  65. Justin Smith

    signings autographs on bitches boobies weak

  66. Chris Jones

    yo u got an album out? if so what stores?


    Chris Jones check iTunes or Google play

  67. richard nicalek

    that"s right

  68. Ikanazuイカナズ

    Hey do u think I'd be able to use one of futuristic's song in a video?

  69. Samantha Nielsen

    Futuristicc 😍

  70. Diego Barragan

    what does WTF stand for?

  71. Dallas

    Just click captions and English and thank me later

  72. Sree Charan Shatdarsanam

    Damn, I need a cooler for my PC , 'cause this shit's on fire !!!
    Damn, I think it became hotter like it's stepped on a live wire ! #inspired

  73. Marcel Gränz

    I be That

  74. Dominic Flunder

    i be that


    Someone needs to edit a wand in his hand

  76. Julian Espinoza

    Bro I think you are dope af!!! But u need better beats to fit your songs

  77. Gracie Douglas

    do his arms get tired

  78. Who is sane

    عبيله .. عبيله

  79. Khild Like Khannel

    he likes to walk thru neighborhoods

  80. Efin Baird

    you spit fire

  81. Revvy US

    fuck man my laptop got fried cause this so fire

  82. Joey Cortez

    futuristic the best.

  83. Naveo Was here

    I love his music its fire 😈😈🔥🔥

  84. Yizzle

    If futuristic dies...
    Will we never have iphone 7?

  85. Red Hood

    This song needs a lyric video.

  86. ooshy

    If you listen closely the chorus has the same beat of Futuristics Call of Duty song

  87. MNSTR


  88. Tyler Moore

    2.5 million views drake's view is not this good

  89. ICanBuyPower Gaming

    King speech is my favorite song Eva

  90. Avery Jones

    i feel like futuristic is underated and idk why. he slits flames at 10000mph..😩🔥🔥

  91. alex cagigos

    for a moment sounded like hopsin

  92. Machinegunkelly

    i need yell to lace the fuck up like if u are