Future - No Love Lyrics

Done ran all through the club
Tryna leave a nigga for nothin'
I used to see me as your husband
Even though I'm out here thuggin'
I'm missing all your touching
Ain't fell in love with no pussy
Ain't fell in love with no pussy
Done ran all through the club
Tryna leave a nigga for nothin'
I used to see me as your husband
Even though I'm out here thuggin'
I'm missing all your touching
Ain't fell in love with no pussy
Ain't fell in love with no pussy

[Verse 1:]
You want all my money
You want all my fame
You wanna run to the pole
Tryna fuck up my name
Ain't never been dishonorable
I took a chance on you
I even took you around my homies
Something I never do
I'm drinking and flashing the Rollie
Either you stay or you're going
I'm never gon' toast you
But from the beginning knew I could afford it
Here, carry my forty
And you thought I would... oh, baby

Ain't fell in love with no pussy
Ain't fell in love with no pussy
Tryna leave a nigga for nothin'
I used to see me as your husband
Even though I'm out here thuggin'
I'm missing all your touching
Ain't fell in love with no pussy
Ain't fell in love with no pussy

[Verse 2:]
Fuck you on your bed
Fuck you laying over
Fuck you just there
Fuck you in the car
Fuck you in the club
Fuck you in the studio
Never made love
Fuck you on your knees
Fuck you in the butt
Fuck you drunk
Fuck you, beat it up
Just fuck you everywhere
Fuck you everywhere
Fuck you from the back
Fuck you, pull your hair
Fuck you when you choke me
Fuck you like a teen
Fuck you like a king
Fuck you like a queen
Fuck you like she done
Fuck you like she livid
Fuck you like I'm rich
Fuck you like I'm broke


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Future No Love Comments
  1. LoudTake9

    Only a1 day1 future fans know bout this💯

  2. SerenityLove xo

    Fuck your landlord? I can almost guarantee you he did not say that 😂😂😂

  3. marshall ray II

    This came out after him and Ciara broke up

  4. marshall ray II

    This still my shit

  5. verdele heath

    Lol yo lyrics a joke

  6. Andy Martinez

    This song brings them memories. Blast from the past fam

  7. Omarr Koroma

    All these games

  8. Omarr Koroma

    Run off to the club mehhhnn

  9. Ryder

    2019 still smokin bumping this

  10. Omarr Koroma

    Ran off to it

  11. YHN Reek

    2019???? @ybd_reek FMOIG

  12. Bre Sams

    I be looking for this all on Spotify!!! Looking all through his mixtapes, albums! I cannot find it!! This one his hardest song's!!!!🔥🔥🔥 always been ahead his time. 2018 here banging it;


    Bre Sams unreleased thats why it was only on mixtapes

    Bre Sams

    @crayprism26 Which mixtape???


    Bre Sams it was mixtape on Datpiff called Unreleased came out in 2016 here is the link https://mobile.datpiff.com/mixtape/768733

    Leland Carter

    @Bre Sams HPG by Dj Spinz .

    Leland Carter

    @Bre Sams Or HPG 2 By Dj Spinz

  13. Zhanae Allen

    Still my sht

  14. Stbs Furp

    Still bumping this shit in 2018 going to 2019 😎💯

  15. Sachin Pankhaniya

    Oh my god. Im no. 1 future fan, and listening it first time today. This shit is helllll🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥this beat never leave my mind.

  16. KsI DejI

    5 yrs still on

  17. Xotica_ Simone1719

    "I used to see me as yo husband"😂😂😂😂 he play so much

    Angelo Navarrete

    Ain't fell in love wit no pussy!

  18. Chada Chamberlain


    Marquisee Bosier


  19. Omarr Koroma

    Something I never do!!!!

  20. miishababii

    Never made love! Lol

  21. Art Kannon

    When the rent due “ fuck you landlord “

  22. HoneyKilos xo'

    "Fuck you in the neck, fuck you in the fuck" im so dead 😂😂😂😂

  23. Qzeee6

    Now how in DF they make this beat? This shi got me floating. 😍😍😍😍

  24. Quiet_Guy

    These hoes stay running to the club at the first sight of an argument!
    That's why I #AintNeverFellInLoveWithNoPussy

  25. Keshia Nelson

    Where did u get these lyrics??? They wrong...just a FYI

  26. Lil Dee

    these lyrics so off😂

  27. Antonio Clark


  28. Boohda #S5G Anderson

    done ran off to the club

  29. lauren Devan

    2016 🔥🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘😻

  30. THE GOAT

    Will always be my favorite song of his

  31. Deja Graham

    this still my shit💯

    KsI DejI


  32. $JayBravo$

    Fuck you like sneary...? What you know that ain't what he said. LMMFAO

    Absolute Fitness

    +$JayBravo$ lmfaooooooooooooo he said a celebrity lmao n she got 300,000 views on dis shit lol

    Keshia Nelson

    $JayBravo$ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. TMF

    Idk y but when i listen to this i start crien thinkn bout my firstlove . Now i see her hugged up with anotha nigga. I can relate to this song alot


    @Tavian Fields keep ya head up man


    I hear you, this song reminds me of my ex when we first started dating 2 years ago, we just broke up recently and she got a new dude now but this song reminds me of all the good sex we had lol

    D Dnyce

    U was crying huh 😂😂😋😂

    Audi Allen

    If u love her right u have nuthin to worry bout bro trust me

  34. Ronnie Bowen

    Done ran off to the next nigga tryna leave a nigga for nothing

  35. Rio Da Don

    he had to be high as hell when he maid this cause it off a lot sound like it could have been a banger to it he had came right


           "HONEST" FUTURE ft. YOUNG MIC WEST (remake)

  37. Elysa Fisher


  38. Donnell Bateast

    how can you go from rent to broke I think he said RICH... 2:49 its jst the way he saying it

  39. yari

    I think the instrumentals are to loud Cuz this song you can not hear him what was he thinking..

  40. Brittany Robinson

    The lyrics are off a lil.. but love the song

  41. Betta Than You

    Not to be mean but I couldn't understand what he said without the lyrics

  42. ilady miller

    love it

  43. Kris Crump

    That beat when he talking bout fuckin the best part

  44. Acie Eggerson

    ur lyrics r off


    ace eggerson way before her g

  45. Micheal Campbell

    Love Itt

  46. joshua ragland

    no love

    Eonshae Crawley

    wat did uu fell in love wit denn??? (read the lyrics and no im not talkin bout your girl darniesha)

  47. Bryan Esquivel

    help me get rich! http://needcashclicktohelp.webs.com/

  48. DrizzyBirdz

    I ain't fell in with no pussy :)

  49. Pretty Black

    , my baby go in on ANY song .. RT .

  50. R fammm

    he aint fall in luv wit nun but i like that beat

  51. Torrus Fleetwood

    I took a chance on u I even took u around my Holmes that sum I will never do

  52. Jen Doan

    ian fall in love with no pussy

  53. ms pretty girl

    this is song dope thu and real talk

  54. thil vero

    Such a sad song :-(

  55. Demian Rhymes

    Future eat this Shiit

  56. Maria Garza

    Good song

  57. Kimberly Fernandez

    "I Ain't Fell In Love With No Pussy" ♥No Love♥

  58. Orvay Mitchell

    ~ No Love ~

  59. brandi herndon

    I love the way it sound

  60. brandi herndon

    I the way sound

  61. Johnnie Cash

    Crazy record!

  62. Orvay Mitchell

    " It can Happen Son " !! Tehe**!!

  63. MonteTV

    done ran off*
    do you see me*

  64. YoungMoney Gamer

    Future that's my nigga


    My shhhh

  66. neissa bhadd asx babiee

    Love this

  67. Bob Dread

    Ain't never fell in love with no pussssssyyyyyyyy#turn up

  68. Justin Harris

    you kute af lol

  69. Derrinisha Richardson

    what ? lol

  70. Chris Brantley

    good song

  71. Tonya Matthews

    Niggas stop hatin you put some shit on youtube and see how you sound mofucker lol I'm outt here foolin on some hater lol

  72. MrPoloshoot1

    You knew he wasn't sayin none of that shit in dem lyrics before you put this up

  73. coco johnson

    love this song

  74. Monique Smith

    lyrics all wrongggggggg

  75. Justin Harris

    damn gurl

  76. Victor McCalebb

    Ciara he talking about you

  77. Derrinisha Richardson

    who is he talking bout? lol caria?

  78. Derrinisha Conner

    Ciara <3 Future 4rva

  79. Tpasshioniese Peterson

    Aint fell in love with kno dick haha

  80. Deserai Rusk

    I Ain't Fell In Love With Pussy

  81. Jaylyn

    Whatever lmao he's in love with that pussy

  82. Shalonda Johnson

    i love dis song

  83. fyee arledge

    Future best song ever

  84. Andrew Williams

    Damn this is my sh!t

  85. nita jefferson

    I love it Va love

  86. IA VEVO

    This my workout jam tho ..

  87. Ahmed Alsamet

    Future is the shitt

  88. Millionaj Makaveli