Future - News Or Somthn Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Bright light shining all bright on the Bentley
Work the Cadilac, panoramic, no panties
Old school Chevy 55 granddaddy
Gotta throw some salt on it, cause you know I'm getting at it
Throw the fork on it, then put it in traffic
Throw the sauce on it, got it flying out of Dallas
Hope you didn't to it to yourself, that's tragic
Hope you didn't do it but the way we established
Hope you wouldn't turn your back on your family
The way a nigga look round here, they a backstab you
Word from your motherfucking brother, young nigga
I just wanna see you happy, I just wanna see you happy
Coming through the cut like an known grim reaper
Bout to get straight finnesed, trynna get a little cheaper
Hold on to that clip like a doped up needle
Girl hang on that strip with a four desert nigga

Nothing but a bad little bitch in some red bottoms
Where ya' man at? Heard that the feds got em
I see ya crew still laying repping thru the West side go, go
Legs to the tech, yea peripheral
It's a full moon in the middle of the day
Got them Wolves out, rock a little cartier
Got the trap jammed packed like The Masquerade
Know a few real ones ain't gon' see they next birthday
Tell them young niggas grind
Before you gon knock someone down
And they gon shoot, then shoot something
We better hear bout this shit on the news or something
We better hear bout this shit on the news or something
Man down over yonder
Young man came through holding on the K like a drummer
They done took a boss out nigga, no wonder
Niggas getting crossed out nigga, no wonder
Hoes getting X'd out and we on ganja
The police wanna talk, but we won't say nothing
True to these clips, niggas won't say nothing
True to these clips, niggas won't say nothing

[Verse 2:]
Had the parkay jumping out the Pyrex
High definition glass on my pinky finger
Niggas swimming in the water, no powder
Niggas trying to walk with my shadow
The bird on the bezel, I'm a well known rapper
Told a young nigga Freeband, Roc A Fella
Told a young nigga Freeband, Roc A Fella
You can turn this off and I can kick it acapella
We work the frontstreet where mama said gon't go
We went there
Trap house at bomb with that crack, then we went there
Shawty don't fuck with these fo seeds
Niggas be telling these days, be telling these days


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Future News Or Somthn Comments
  1. Lo Grego

    Song still gives me chills ... future the fuckin goat !!!

  2. SUMATRA Henderson


  3. The Fire-Man

    "Its a full moon in the middle of the day"

    Vegeta: This nigga spittin'

  4. O Gizzle

    Mannn! Wish this song was released on a official album for iTunes.


    2020 and forever

  6. D'sGames Zone

    It’s full moon in the middle of the

    Got them wolves out rockin leather Cartier

  7. Spoony Luv

    Known to put a bad little bitch in some red bottoms
    Where ya man's at? Heard that the Feds got 'em
    I see ya cruise the Land Rover through the west side
    Gold Rolex, it'll take your your peripheral
    It's a full moon in the middle of the day
    Got them wolves out, rock a little Cartier
    Got the trap jammed packed like The Masquerade
    Know a few real ones ain't gon' see they next birthday
    2-10-20 still cranking this shit

  8. KeyMajor TV

    Shit sound like the beginning of GTA 3

  9. Chase Money

    This my bro shit ,, long live hardbody Gotti - Readyraw

  10. T3 Klipz

    This is a good song to play in a car ride

  11. Daughterof TheMostHigh

    2020 ... gotta play this every time I travel to Amsterdam

  12. bluntsANDfame

    Playing this all month in Feb 2020 then March Madness all month in March 2020 then repeat every year til I die. Fuck it.

  13. ADG Dee Woods

    Veiws on this video just keep climbing up

  14. Brandon Walker

    Couple real ones won’t see they next birthday
    Rip disma aunt Amy Kobe Gigi and all other real ones that post they life

  15. Emmanuel Anwanaodung

    The realest one, that homie Kobe, ain’t gonna see his next birthday and it hurts like a bitch.

    RIP champ.

  16. Sima O

    high definition glass on my pinky finger

  17. James Dean

    RIP Kobe 💜💛

  18. Keera Criner

    Future snnapped

  19. Dylan Franklin

    This the best song Future ever created don't @ me

  20. Marquita sayles


  21. Michael Ellis


  22. Kameshia Haywood


  23. John clinton roop A Clint

    Because you bought who you are with money

  24. John clinton roop A Clint

    Brick walls all signs and the grass porn in Gulf of hadies

  25. Manhattan Blocks

    Lyrically his best song

  26. A Cole

    He was just goin out to a lil party

  27. E Dogg

    It’s crazy cause it’s literally people on the news every day now for getting bodied😔🙏🏼pray for earth 🌎 an definitely for the United States 🇺🇸 of America cause shit is way beyond fucked up as of 2020 January 19 3:54p.m

  28. Dr. Jeremy J. Gibbs


  29. Landau

    One of the greatest songs ever. I can stand on that!

  30. skelly1207

    2020 still here

  31. Angel Timmons

    Im Still Listen This Shit Future My Nigga

  32. Diore Person

    Niggas getting crossed out nigha know wonder

  33. Diore Person


  34. Diore Person

    Hybernating to the dark crying for the night

  35. Kathryn Hendwrson


  36. Will C

    Here in 2020 period!!!

  37. Darrell Kizer

    Who bumping this in 2020🙈🤍🥴

  38. Makai Taylor

    I'm in Baltimore with broken bones

  39. Makai Taylor

    You wanna wait till dawn to you feel like you got him after dark true to the eclipse

  40. Makai Taylor

    Who with the young boy cycle666

  41. Makai Taylor

    You know you wanna crip

  42. Chalamar Campbell

    This nigga is fucking hollllinggg

  43. Makai Taylor

    I love you future -makai

    Makai Taylor

    Cause you feel when it's savage time by dawn where Jurassic park ain't got key necks but you still can't wait to do him dumb dumb.☻🖤☠💀💿👽

  44. Makai Taylor

    You true to the eclipse niggas want say nothing

  45. Makai Taylor

    Can't wait till get at him till he in ,still can't wait to get at him.hoes getting ex out and we on ganja police want us talk but we won't say nothing true to these clips niggas won't say nothing niggas true to these clips niggas wont say nothing.

  46. Makai Taylor

    Like a I am legend vampire dog I can't go out in the sun...

  47. Makai Taylor

    You what you do after dark.☻👽😈💀☠

    Makai Taylor

    Knowing known black like dog changing after the sun call yall



  49. Gary B

    Kodak's Version Was Better 💯💯 But Dis Fye Too 🔥🔥

  50. Loki Spirit


  51. Damien Boston

    Song really touches you in a spiritual way.

  52. Latizza Plott

    Bumping January 6,2020

  53. AriesBorn 90

    Some songs neva die and this definitely one of dem. Late night vibe 2020...

  54. Sup3r She3p

    "Tell them young niggas grind before you gon' knock some think down"

    - Future

  55. ebk sunny 3431

    Classic future #realtrapgod

  56. AJ Bush

    Still got this mf on replay in 2020

  57. TBL Dually

    2020 vibe 💯

  58. Cash Billionz

    Known for a bad lil bitch in some red bottoms

  59. Alonzo Hewitt

    2020 still going

  60. audi

    Who bumpin dis in 2020?

  61. Kauri Royal

    Who bumping this in 2020?? 🙌🏽

  62. Dee Willa

    Who still here 2020 !!

  63. Dee Willa

    Always my shit go so hard to any real nigga can relate

  64. Clifton Wimbley

    This shit still bumping 2020 - first comment in 2020

  65. Langston Brown

    Beating down the block in 2020.

  66. Crystal Hellm

    2020 anybody!???

  67. ArtsyDee S.

    2020 with it !!

  68. Alex Pelletier

    Who bumpin this in 2020

  69. PRH Eagles

    Roaring 20s we still here

  70. Fanego Onemillion

    Who still bumpin this 2020?

    Lucifer Roberts

    @Sugavoodoo ĺĺ
    Me to


    @Fox Dwd real shit tho 😆😆

    bridgette jones

    This song is as real as it gets still bumping this shit 2020


    First heard it in 2020🤦🏿‍♂️

    Hbc Moe

    Top 3 songs he ever made

  71. Amy Hill

    The Wizard$$$$%%$

  72. christopher cherry

    Who still bumping in 2020 cuz ain’t shit changing

  73. Shwiggity2swooty

    Going into 2020 on this

  74. johnny cash

    2020 Vibez🥴

  75. Ellis Staley

    “Hope you didn’t throw away what we established” damn that shit jus hit me hard

  76. Lil Kurk

    Who bumping this 2020

  77. The Silverback

    “Word from ya mothafucking brother young nigga I just wanna see ya happy” 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  78. Lisa Glover

    Im that bitch

  79. Chris Alfred

    2020 money season so go it don't wait for it to come go get it and become greater than ever

  80. AP The Gauud


  81. Zhane Ross

    Love this song 💙🤘🏽

  82. Cleveland Williams

    I wish this shit was on Apple Music

  83. Youngrush Cabrera

    My shit u ant built like uss

  84. Charger Views Rico


  85. See 'Em

    December '19

  86. HBNPuLLa_ PjH4L


  87. Maurice Isaac

    We better 👂🏿 bout this shit on the news

  88. YSL Jae

    Still bumping in 2019🔥🔥🔥

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    Who in here 2020? 🦅🦅🦅

  90. CDdaBoss

    It took me way too long to hear this song

  91. Debra Glenn

    Few real niggas ain't gone see they next birthday 💯💯💯💯💯

  92. Stephen Hesler

    Bad ass song fer real!!!! High af rite now

  93. Brittany Etchison

    Miss my West Dallas nigga fr this was his shit