Future - Jumpman Lyrics

Taliban, taliban
Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, them boys up to something
They just spent like two or three weeks out the country
Them boys up to something they just not just bluffing
You don't have to call I hit my dance like Usher
I just found my tempo like I'm DJ mustard
I hit the Ginobili with my left hand up like woo
Lobster and celine for all my babies that I miss
Chicken fingers, french fries for them hoes that wanna diss
Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, them boys up to something
Uh, uh, uh think I need some Robitussin
Way too many questions you must think I trust you
You searching for answers I do not know nothing (Woo!)
I see em tweaking they know something coming (Woo!)
Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, them boys up to something (Woo!)
Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, fuck was you expecting? (Woo!)
Chi-town chi-town Michael Jordan just said text me (Woo!)

Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman
Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman
I just seen the jet take off they up to something
Them boys just not bluffing them boys just not bluffing
Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, them boys up to something
She was trying join the team I told her wait
Chicken wings and fries we don't go on dates
Nobu Nobu Nobu Nobu Nobu nobu
I just throwed a private dinner in LA
Trapping is a hobby thats the way for me
Man they coming fast they never getting sleep
I, I just had to buy another safe
Bentley Spurs and Phantoms Jordan Fadeaway

Jumpman, Jumpman, I don't need no introduction
Jumpman, Jumpman, Metro Boomin on production, wow
Hundred cousins out in Memphis they so country, wow
Tell her stay the night, valet your car, come fuck me now
Jumpman, Jumpman, live on TNT I'm flexing (ooh!)
Jumpman, Jumpman they gave me my own collection (ooh!)
Jump when I say jump, girl can you take direction? (Ooh!)
Mutombo with the bitches, you keep getting rejected (Woo!)

Heard they came through magic city on a Monday
Heard they had the club wild, it was star studded
A bunch of girls going wild when your chain flooded
And I had em like wow, cup dirty
Dopeman dopeman dopeman dopeman dopeman dopeman
Money on the counter, choppers on the floor
I just caught that tempo, DJ Mustard (woo!)
Way too much codeine and Adderall
We just count up paper racks, woooah
I know I'mma get my bitch back, woooah
I count all these racks that I have on me now imma have you like woah
Chanel number 9, Chanel number 5, well you got 'em both

Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman them boys up to something
They just spent like two or three weeks out the country
Them boys up to something they just not just bluffing

Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman
Them boys up to something

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  1. Ferocious :

    eyyyyyyy das still lit in 2020

  2. KiFtY PuBg/MOBİLE


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    Batman Batman Batman...sadman

  4. Vincent Vu

    Drake ????

  5. Kwanda Mbidi

    2019 anyone???

  6. Kwanda Mbidi

    Where is drakes part

  7. TankCatIntoMordor

    Bring back Jumpman with the original Gorillas dancing please

  8. Mr. HoneyAddictedMan

    The fuck 😣

  9. chriette marwan

    Link to original plz sub ☺

  10. chriette marwan

    If it works plz sub to me
    Anyone trying to listen to original song - jumpman 🏀 google jumpman archive.org
    First site has it for free 😊
    Dope man 💊 dope man 🚬 dope man 💉 dope man ..

  11. Andrés Gutiérrez Barrera

    My name is Golden Jet😎

  12. Shotgunner42

    Jumpman aka the beast 🏋🏾‍♂️

  13. Eternity Entertainment

    I don’t remember jumpman sounding like this... 😭

  14. Waleed Usman

    Illuminati shit going on here

  15. Adamator24

    future lookin like a turtle

  16. Ellee Webber

    Only hear cos of Kanye West , Charlie heat - facts

  17. Sadiq Mohammed

    i got the original song if yall want it.ive have it since the first day it came out

  18. jacquie thieng

    I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST 2019-2022

  19. imso happy

    Sounds like Fight Club OST

  20. heartless

    where´s drake at??????????????????????????????

  21. Reviah

    Anyone else like this one more than the one with drake ?

  22. Nose EmirBey

    where is the drake?
    can they someone upload original song??1!1!!!

  23. inxane有害な


  24. Black Erén

    He cut the sound of a Russian artist Pharaoh.😑

  25. Милош

    Soulja Boy

  26. Classy Life

    Original is here 🤘🏻

  27. GMG News

    What a load of shite

  28. хайповые треки

    Кто тут от тайлера

  29. Cosmo Payne

    Everytime I hear this song reminds me of that old man lifting all those weights 😂

  30. Ice Bull

    And the lyrics?

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    I came here because of taylor swift..

    Surovi Das

    Same here

    Giancarlo Cabana

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    Can u not cement on Emma's videos>:(

  34. Kunwar Aditya


    you're welcome.

  35. DA MR Adam

    If young metro dont trust he gioin shoot you

  36. Charles Lamar

    why you like this garbage rip off

  37. JetSetHero

    No one: How many hands?
    Future: No hands no hands no hands no hands no hands

  38. Miguel Joseph

    Never old

  39. T Minor

    This ain't even future

  40. Akiki Skywalker 3xM

    #blackdiamondpresscomix.bk19%********$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!! "i NT yer MON"Nn"!!!!! Gotdamn! wuut?! !yas! jumpman; jumpman; jumpman???? Air Mike Mcee"z jea/word: signed wit Sears f/JrJr lmao gucci

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    Nice try bitch ass nigga imma flag this

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    fuck who ever did it

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    drake cured my insomnia thanks

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    Wow. I actually understand Future.

    mohamed naffati

    wow so original!!

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    Etika like this

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    I was looking for buckethead tbo

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    For those who are asking for the real version.

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    like the original

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    Immigrant Drake OUT pls!

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    Here is the original song ;) https://youtu.be/UhBuBz37Tpo

  71. XP Assassin

    Hey I know everyone here wants to hear the original one right ?
    Well here you go thank me later😉


    It works you only have to press the play button and wait 7 secs

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    yo lol 9 hours ago supppp

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  87. Fortnite Extreme