Future Islands - Vireo's Eye Lyrics

A loose, and hazy time
When you were not my Clementine
And I was not your diamond's eye

Bereft, as daisies lie
For our love was not lost in style
You were strong, I was a child

We, we're not kings here,
We're not kings here
We're just strangers

And Love, has died in song
Carried down by ancient tongues
Ferried around the water's thrum
And winds, along a line
Along a whirl, a lonely girl

To be, to see, to sweat, and bleed
To fall on your sword-on your sword
On your word

We, we're not kings here,
We're not kings here
We're just strangers

Be still, by my side
For you are not my Clementine
And I am not your diamond's eye
To Sleep!

By right of you, I can't endure
In the light of things, I can't ignore
In spite of all the rose's thorns, and hopeless works

We, we're not kings here,
We're not kings here
We're just strangers

We, we're not kings here,
We're not the kings here
We're just strangers

We, we're not kings here,
We're not kings here
We're just strangers

We, we're not kings here,
We're not the kings here
We're just strangers
And angels

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Future Islands Vireo's Eye Comments
  1. treemustach

    One of the best music/video's i've seen in a long time. Amazing.

  2. guildare vanz

    2019 Anyone??


    guildare vanz almost 2020!

    Tess Brewer


    miles styles

    2029 : still listening...

    FLorida Funk



    fuck off with these comments.

  3. Lee 1986

    Fantastic job. Should be the official video to be honest. Works perfectly with the song.Thank you for your effort.

  4. deborah hernandez

    PERFECTO! THank you!

  5. Pitur Reaper

    and love has died in song

  6. Will Boelts

    I played the shit out of Dragon's Lair 3D on the Gamecube. One of those "so bad it's great" games

  7. Robert Dress

    Animation credits, 1983 Video Game, 'Dragon's Lair' Lead animator John Pomeroy a Don Bluth production. Love this song!

  8. Tom Morgan

    To The Top brought me here also.
    What a tune :)


    Man I can just sit and chill in that game for hours

  9. Claudio Mars

    Dragon's Lair, my favourite game

  10. jade theriault

    Dragons Lair = WAY better love story than twilight.

  11. Angie velazquez

    Literally listen to this everyday!

  12. Fabien Nys

    To the top !

  13. Spencer F

    So. Much. Love.

  14. Milo Zabál

    check this out at 0.75 velocity

  15. insipid_rhyme

    Discovered this awesome band from the Shameless US soundtrack.

  16. santi8aranz8

    Snowboarding brought me here: Depth Perception

  17. Pirate, The Creator

    This song is fucking crazy on 2x speed.

  18. Marco Fornaciari

    One of my favourite song, no matter what year is it. Future Islands 😎

  19. eulenwald

    this is so awesome!

  20. brandon bentley

    I played this game all the way through when I was a kid! Very hard game!

  21. conkerlive101

    To the top brought me here


    Same :)

  22. Ben Wilkinson

    This song is amazing I can also hear a bit of joy division here too. Love love love future islands

  23. AC3

    blblbluuu..*up* DUuNK!
    *left* ... *left left left*
    DUNK *whew*

  24. Justin Stacy

    Makes me sick that I just discovered them like a year ago. They're from my state and used to play my city about once a year. Now , not so much...

  25. Eisonhawk


  26. Imil Coker

    fun song to dance to. especially in concert

  27. RETR0JOE

    i love this...One of my fav tunes mixed perfectly with one of my fav games which is the rare dragon's lair 2... did you the original animator has a indigogo campaign to make a dragons lair movie? its smashing the target and raised well over $500k... i can't wait for it. Don Bluth is a legend:)

  28. mark pusha

    what skate part is this from ?!?

  29. Beedy KH

    I always listen to this song!

  30. Amstar Aeropuerto

    Such a great song!!
    Love the future islands!

  31. Beedy KH

    Came here because of TO THE TOP VR
    Great song


    Fucking love this game

  32. Dan Sumpter

    Anyone notice Dragons Lair on the new Stranger Things?? Had to come here straight after.


    Dan Sumpter Haha yeah I did

  33. Avoyd Music

    In the Stranger Things (season 2) they play this game!

  34. diego morales

    Stranger things

  35. Mars Owen

    God this song brings back memories, I can't believe I forgot about it for awhile <3

  36. Angel of God


  37. Chino Bling

    going to see em live next month ! cant wait

    callum Thompson

    Chino Bling there so good. Saw them in Glasgow

  38. Becky Reyes

    this is the theme song to the end of my epic summer into fall

  39. Quackaholics Anonymous

    Man this is awesome.

  40. Peppermint Tea

    Speechless here

  41. Milo Zabál

    Video's theme and this song are the perfect mix, Thnak you *Ovidio*

  42. Diego Garlini

    Stranger Things...

  43. Andy Kolb

    the Shameless Season 1 brought me to this song!!!!!!!

  44. Anthony ROUGE


  45. sexyoliv

    Music is quite good but it doesn't match at all with the video.

  46. Fanghaorn

    WOW I LOVE THIS. FUTURE ISLANDS is my favorite and this does justice

  47. Goran Čanković


  48. adam loa

    Saw this band for the first time live at Coachella on youtube! they kicked ass!!

  49. Chris A

    which dragon's liar is this please?

    Lucas Jackson

    Chris A Dragons Lair 2 timewarp

  50. Outta Kranny

    Sweet God! This is unbelieveable

  51. Juan Zapata

    Well, I woke up from a nightmare. Opened Spotify, went to Discover Weekly and found this. Now, I'm in love listening to this over and over and over again. Thanks.

  52. Mirko Wulff

    new order....or what...Delicious!.

  53. light06lpz

    I love this song, headphone full volume and enjoy ...

  54. RB Xbox

    Last chance to

  55. Ciarán Sweeney

    wyatt jager


    paja canción!

  57. Sonial

    Puta madre, obra maestra

  58. ArmorKing012000

    Thanks Thanks Thanks friend. Hi from Lima Perú.

  59. Goran Čanković

    Олична група. Глас певача подсећа на црначке вокале. Перформанс певача САВРШЕН. Браћо Срби и остали , препоручујем да погледате и преслушате снимке ове групе, који су почели са именом : Аrt Lord & the self-portraits.
    Лудило. А хвала Дејвиду летерману што их је представио у својој емисији и омочућио великој већини да се упозна са овим ЧАРОБЊАЦИМА.

  60. Statik Shotz

    my eyes were glued to the screen

  61. Dana Pie


  62. Owl Eyes

    man, just goes to show how much you can change the tone of something with the right editing and music change

  63. Eric Dawson


  64. Eduardo Tadeu Ferrari Salvalaio

    Sad that some people only knew this band after the hit 'Seasons'. Great song and video. Thanks.

  65. Andy Poochie

    Brilliant song

  66. Andy Poochie

    KoooooLLL Vid

    Andy Poochie


    ricardo arfoca

    It matches perfectly with the song

  67. Eric Mendoza

    No mames. ♥

  68. bob blakey


  69. Collin McDonald

    Best song! Listen to it everyday to get me moving. Cant believe its not more popular.

  70. Taqin Damanik

    Ian & Mandy


    Taqin Damanik Yo i‘m watching Shamless at this moment


    Yes I got this song from shameless too!

  71. Wolf458

    dragon's Lair...

  72. Oscar Lugo

    Noise band, so awesome

  73. stevendark2002

    Shamless US........greetz from Germany


    stevendark2002 hast du sie auf dem Hurricane Festival gesehen?

  74. Sera Terzic

    Great video!

  75. DAS C

    aaamaaaazing..much LOVE FROM GERMANY ! DeaD

  76. Katherine Salgado

    lyrical poetry this band always seems to cut me deep and elevate my spirit

    Petrus Delassio

    You took the words right out of my mouth.. 2019 and I'm still digging the song!

  77. Timothy Boland

    where is the animation from?


    A game called Dragon's Lair, quite a strange click game

  78. Bobby Rowe

    the best

  79. Eric

    This video begins with a guy kissing a blonde girl, just like the video on youtube "SxSW Future Islands 2014 - Vireo's Eye (Live) - The Skinny magazine" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pr2mtWEuuI but with real people. That's a beautiful coincidence, isn't it?

    Ovidio Calvo

    Good eye, good eye <3

  80. Vander Pump

    Favorite Band ever....

  81. Qurida Pearson


  82. goonluv

    My most favourite song by this fantastic band. Very underrated band

  83. halcyonspiral

    Q Lazzarus 2.0

    Marlix Basicneed

    +halcyonspiral exactly !!!!! ;) ;)

  84. Bruno Almeida

    Joey Brezinsky!!!
    Bon voyage

    Barry Zadikoff

    Best song in the video.

    Felipe Parada

    +Barry Zadikoff pj and petes song was good too. Also Daniel.

  85. Damaso Rodriguez

    Oh shit! These bros are from Bmore! That makes them even cooler

    Stokes Liles

    Nah, they're from Greenville, NC. Don't know the Baltimore connection, maybe recording?

    Damaso Rodriguez

    Oh, all right.  It just says so in their Wikipedia.

    Erica P

    +Stokes Liles You should have seen them as the band Art Lord and the self portraits! Miss those days in Greenville.

  86. renton Odko

    cartoon ?

    Hugo H H

    +renton Odko Video game, Dragon's Lair 1983.

  87. Ovidio Calvo

    I made this video 5 years ago in tribute of one of my favorite bands. Glad that people are still diggin it.


    Here from to the top lol


    mate, u choosed the perfect video for the song, every tie i hear it, i remember the video, thank u so much

    jade theriault

    Dude perfect video/song mashup

    C B

    Genius mix up...I remember when the game came out. Best FI song

    Kathy Jackson

    Awesome! Best Band Ever!

  88. wheendar

    breath little keister

  89. Randito Bandito

    I remember trying to play this game at the arcade and wondering what the fuck!!!

  90. Emmanuel Melgoza

    Hey but do they get out of that falling building, ?


    The video just suits this song so well. dark and mysterious.

  92. Saul A.

    I'm sure this video would be amazing to watch high lol

  93. Carnell

    3 Raw Credits. 

  94. 23mako

    Best music vid on youtube