Future Islands - Time On Her Side Lyrics

The sea was large today
Just as any other day
But something broke in me
Watching on this winter's eve

Like a voice, that I'd been trying to hide
Pulled me close
And out into the undertow

I can't beat it
Oh! The sirens sing me home
Just can't release it
I didn't have the strength to go

She's a garden rose and blossoms head to toe
And even when she leaves her golden shadow stings

I can't beat it
Every time she goes, cuts me even deeper
If only I'd the strength to go
Like she does

But she's got time on her side
And she's free to decide
Because she's got time on her side
To be young is divine

And scaling the dunes to sea
Where the white wall feeds
Gets me no closer to peace
From the grips that she holds on me

Oh! I can't beat it
Every time she goes
Cuts a lil deeper
So the wound will never close

If only I could beat it
She wouldn't look away for woe
But it finds me when I'm sleeping
And wakes me in a fevered low
Like she does

But she's got time on her side
And she's free to decide
Because she's got time on her side
She's so free, it's sublime

I just wonder if I'm on her mind
As she's on mine, all the time
And I want her to know that I'm on her side
I'm on her side

The sea was large today
Just as any other day

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Future Islands Time On Her Side Comments
  1. Máximo Lanza

    This song blew my mind!

  2. magamat

    easy to praise the bass . . . not easy to to do such a job . . . but . . . seriously . . . what a fantastic drummer!!!

  3. Boss Ricketts

    Funny how all their fans look retarded. Either fat or Down Syndrome looks.

  4. Jo Szyman

    Excellent 👍

  5. Gisselle Fabiola

    😭😭😭❤️ que bonita canción

  6. Kitsune Uchiha

    Why is it that they look different here compared to the official video?

  7. Molly Bricker

    I love the music and his voice!!!!

  8. diesel 13 13

    Favourite future islands song

  9. Miguel Ruiz López

    Wait, this isn't a single? Wow i thought it was because how good it sounds

  10. Manuel Oviedo

    Damn they're good!

    Boss Ricketts

    You look like a rapist cop I know. Just saying. His name is Seth Degelman.

  11. Franck Pichet

    Super groupe

  12. diesel 13 13

    Brilliant song ,brilliant band

  13. diesel 13 13

    Future Islands ,hope u come to Sheffield ,England in 2019

  14. Jahaseer Ferreira

    why i cant stop listening this song?

    q on cbc

    Don't question it, just keep hitting that PLAY button ;) Thank you so much for watching!

  15. J.D. ortiz

    I wonder why this song hasn`t an official video ???, one of the best song of the album...

  16. Steven Cross

    Best song off the Far Field

  17. Bradley Goodwill

    I love Future Islands. Love this song. But every time I see Sam Herring perform all I can see is Jeff Lebowski's landlord.

  18. Claire Clairè

    Super chanteur que j'écoute tous les jours , tellement bien accompagner avec ses 3 musiciens aussi géniaux

  19. Kacie Hackley

    This is my favorite song off this album. It speaks to my soul.

  20. Sonia Taylor Kinrade

    Love this group

  21. Noelia Comesaña

    Samuel es como una mezcla de Morrissey y Marlon Brando. Sus directos son desgarradores.

  22. Jeffrey Che Enden Marilyn Pinay

    Top 5 male singers xoxo love you future islands so much heart break hurt freedom.

  23. Brew Ster

    Great music, i would think they can ever reach a higher mental buzzz when they ad a nice woman's voice for the one or more refrains just to spice things up. Maybe only backing vocals. I get a real kick out of this music as it is. Many thanks.

  24. w0mbles

    The whole thing is fabulous, but boy, that keyboardist knows his stuff. It feels like the good side of the '80s again, but without being a copy.

  25. Peter Rawcliffe


  26. D Saints

    i love this song!!!!

  27. Alex Castillo

    She's a garden rose and blossoms head to toe, and even when she leaves her golden shadow stings ❤

  28. MiJaiL Gorbachov

    ;( great feeling ....

  29. Kevin Shiels

    love it.

  30. Ana Isabel Hdez García

    Where I found this original song here in youtube? HELP! D:

    SD Bullion

    just youtube search [ Future Islands * The Far Field ] or simply [ Future Islands The Far Field full album [ this song is track #2.

  31. cantforgetyou

    Very good song!!! I love synthpop.

  32. Raúl Francisco Tipiani Vidal

    Que buen tema me encanta los sonidos y la voz

  33. Erssie Major

    Love it. Listened to it continuously for days. Fave track on the album, it's got the sea, the English accent,emotion, tears...everything. Wish I could see them live but doubt they'll play somewhere I can get ready access to a toilet, so will just have to live vicariously through the audience...just like any other day...

  34. goonluv

    Best band in he world

    Debs Rud

    goonluv he world?

  35. Lawz Green

    One of my fav songs on the album

  36. Degs Dexter

    Dont get me wrong. Im a huge fan but when are they going to make the drummer a full band member instead of just being a 'touring' drummer. They sound so much better with a real drummer instead of that horrendous drum machine they use on the albums.

    Cesar Santellana

    Degs Dexter you wouldn't happen to be related to Taylor Dexter would you?

    Puppet Yoda

    They've been using the real drummer since Singles.....

  37. Ian

    I love Lowrys unusual hi-hat technique.

  38. Ed Pitts

    Best song on the album!

  39. Laura Lynn Franco

    This track at Coachella was amazing! I wish I could find that on here. I keep hearing it on SiriusXM.

  40. Goran Čanković

    Ja njih pratim od početka kada su bili Art Lords &.... Oduvek sam voleo avangardu a Sem je osobena ličnost. Glas, ponašanje, mimika , tekstovi... Zaista su odlični. Pozdrav.

  41. Goran Čanković

    лепо. фино. у стилу.

    q on cbc

    Хвала вам! Драго ми је да сте уживали!

  42. estala

    i love love love ..................................................................

  43. James Pearce

    At 2:55 his face. At that point it goes beyond music and into pure emotion.

  44. James Pearce

    This song is amazing

  45. Jesus Gallego

    Que buena es!!!!!!!!

  46. GMHD54

    This should have been the single!

    Puppet Yoda

    GMHD54 uh, nah. Aladdin is a far more complex and interesting tune.

    Boss Ricketts

    Should have never existed is more like it

  47. jonnyfartpants1969

    Is Mr. Herring God?

    Daniel Erhard


    Boss Ricketts

    No. He is the most worthless excuse for a musician imaginable.

  48. Kevin Harris

    Simply brilliant.

  49. Maria Pratiwi

    I just wonder if I’m on her mind
    As she’s on mine, all the time
    And I want her to know that I’m on her side
    I’m on her side

    Sr Rog

    Maria Pratiwi

    Time on your sude is agood thing. Hope we have plenty of Time on our side. Happy Holidays Steve

    Maria Pratiwi

    Thanks Steve Merry Christmas! :)

    pungky nugroho

    @Maria Pratiwi maklum lah kite² kan orang indonesia dapetnya yg sampahan doang 🤣

    Roman Marshall

    Always have to resist the tears at that point

    Maria Pratiwi

    @pungky nugroho haha bisa aja

  50. P G


  51. Travis Wycislak

    your edit is off by half a second

    q on cbc

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Travis Wycislak

    q on cbc gorgeous video though! and sound quality is primo!

  52. Maria Pratiwi

    God I love this song!!

  53. Football expert for the Gowdall Gazette

    Vic Reeves style of a club singer.......

  54. boogiman007

    such a grovey bass player...

    Skylar Aum

    He's the backbone so hard.

  55. leighton lee

    saved me from many a storm Wat a band ffs future islands you are amazing

    Boss Ricketts


  56. Julie

    wow awesome song!!! this song gives me a huge television marquee moon vibe

    Donald Smith

    gave me goose bumps


    Yes, that’s what I feel too. Thank you, for that!